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Chief miles O'brien appreciation thread by Silik - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 00:26:20 EST ID:L3E9v1HE No.58312 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1489551980411.jpg -(19030B / 18.58KB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 19030
Okay. So I know you took a look at the title and your wondering why. Let me explain before you turn around and arm the photon's. See in a world as big as outlandish as star trek is. It needs normal characters. People who seem much more well, basic.

Think about it. Star trek is filled with people who have can accept making universe changing decisions. Obrien is so diffrent, he does things out of a sense of duty more than anything. He cares about his family. He isn't concered with the layers behind everything.

And that's what makes him such a great foil. Against the back drop of star trek where drastic universe changing things happen on an episode by episode basis its nice to see someone just have simple family problems. And while this doesn't make him the most interesting character, it makes him an important element.

Its easy to forget that even in a world where humanity has moved on, improved so much, that people are still very much people. That people can live relatively normal lives (never mind the random perils of space thats just part of working for startfleet). Sure, there's a little bit of this with a lot of trek characters, but miles is different.

What people forget is that so many of the other charters in trek that we get to see in basic capacities are less than basic people. Captains and their ilk have this romanticism to them, that's not obrien at all. Piccard will tell her we'll always have paris, and a guy like miles will tell her shes a swell girl.

It's important to note that the humanization of treks world becomes a little more plausible through someone like miles. That even if he's not that exciting that he helps step the stage for believability. Its a big universe but, hey someones gotta be at home arguing with their wife.
Porthos - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 01:08:07 EST ID:q3XMUiXr No.58313 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489554487931.jpg -(288959B / 282.19KB, 550x790) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's why Broccoli is my favorite character in TNG. He's the most interesting because he sticks out the most. He's the only character that has any serious character flaws. By that I mean he's the only one that has character flaws serious enough to impact his productivity. Nobody else on the crew has serious issues that they have to deal with just to do their job. Everyone else is perfect, just like the Federation during that time period.
I know that's kinda a tangent, but that's what your post made me think of.

You are right though, I hadn't really noticed it before that Miles is basically the most normal character.
Emperor Reclaw - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 09:02:33 EST ID:6C6kcMFd No.58322 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I get this kind of vibe off Kira. Except she isn't nuts, and she's rather competent. But compared to the regular Federation people, she's just one step above a caterpod farmer. She's the best from a wartorn planet that they blow past on a one-episode basis in TNG.

And she's torn between this provincial mindset of "hur dur Bajor best" and having to deal with the complex intergalactic issues that are normal in the Federation. What keeps Kira from doing her job occasionally is simply the insecurity over what might be the best thing to do. A lot of episodes focus on how she longs for the days of the occupation, because at least then she was 100% convinced that she was doing the right thing every single time. Kill some Cardies? good stuff. Kill some civvies too? They were collaborators anyway. And I do feel for her when her usefulness often winds up being the sort of low cunning a resistance fighter developers, and her cultural background as a Bajoran. I mean, O'Brien steps on her toes just by being a veteran of the Cardassian War. And he's not a major or anything. He just used to run the transporters on the Enterprise.
DaiMon Bractor - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 14:21:08 EST ID:xy5uBKLm No.58323 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I always felt that her opinion on her time as a terrorist became nuanced over the series. She has one of the more subtle arcs. She doesn't regret or change her belief in what she does but she realises how utterly shit and dark some of it was. In time she comes to be glad she doesn't have to do it and then eventually even when she becomes a resistance fighter again she does it because she recognises the moral imperative not the desire to go back to those days.

She always seems pretty handy in a scrap. Now she is a first officer so compared to Riker or Spock she isn't shit but she's better than Chipotle. She's also hugely experienced in guerilla warfare and small scale fights and one of the best at that but doesn't have shit on any proper academy trained fed outside her domain. She never hugely fucks up either. guess you're right that she doesn't know shit about warships, science or bigger scale tactics though. And while she's a good experienced fighter, so are Sisko, Worf, Odo and O'Brien and they all bring something else that comes up more often than guerilla warfare to the table like being a good strategist, tactician, security/shapeshift or engineer respectively.
Tal Celes - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 14:39:17 EST ID:mww+T01j No.58324 Ignore Report Quick Reply

best o brien episode is "hard time." great idea and very powerful. Also the episode with the twist in which a replicant is made of him that is programmed to assassinate an alien delegate.

I love his no-nonsense attitude and hands-on quetessenpy.
Q - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 16:22:52 EST ID:Iv0NusqN No.58325 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm not attempting to derail or anything, but I'm starting to like Chipotle. I started re-watching voy and found a new appreciation in Chipotle. By the end of season 2, he's established as a shit fucking garbage horrible first officer, and you know what? Fuck it I'm in. Cayenne is asked to handle some Maquis insubordination, and he does this:
WARNING: that video is obnoxious at the end and cuts out a bit of dialogue. For the full and enhanced video, here:
Captain Tel-Peh - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 17:52:40 EST ID:JE8n9rce No.58327 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Falcon punch was a nice touch in the 2nd vid
Lysia Arlin - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 20:34:17 EST ID:Iv0NusqN No.58329 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Grimp - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 22:16:18 EST ID:MZhfxrBx No.58330 Ignore Report Quick Reply


Yeah. You envision yourself as being Kirk or Riker in the star trek world- "man if I had a starship I'd be the biggest badass and fuck all the space bitches".

The reality is you'd be O'Brien or Barclay.
Gul Darhe'el - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 22:19:55 EST ID:fPYETXZN No.58331 Ignore Report Quick Reply
All shows need a relatable character. O'Brien does that well. It's one thing to talk of philosophy or get caught up in gritty shit all the time, but characters like O'Brien show us that at the end of the day there are still regular people doing regular things like the extras in the background. He just wants his family and to do his job and go home. Not everybody is some idealist and he really shows a more pragmatic side to things. Just a common sense kinda dude who wants to live his life. He's in Starfleet so I'm sure he knows all about those principles and values, but people can afford to be that idealistic because everymen like O'Brien are doing the grunt work and using common sense to get shit done rather than worrying about the moral implications of everything, or being involved in espionage and other shit.

Reminds me of Scotty in that sense. Just a regular dude who's doing his job to get shit done and ya gotta respect that when most characters are there to make some kind of point.
Donik - Fri, 17 Mar 2017 02:06:36 EST ID:SpkphYvS No.58342 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489730796118.jpg -(216168B / 211.10KB, 600x336) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Legate Kell - Sat, 18 Mar 2017 05:16:13 EST ID:xuBcumf2 No.58350 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Thought she was a scientist and sheit.
Lwaxana Troi - Sat, 18 Mar 2017 08:04:29 EST ID:xy5uBKLm No.58351 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I know I'd be broccoli. I even hid from real life in computer games and it didn't make things better. I had to rescue myself, in real life there's no Picard and Geordie to compassion you back to sanity. I guess that's the real evolution of humanity in star trek. People do give a fuck about each other, even the losers like us get a chance to contribute their value.

And it's the same with O'Brien. He is an ordinary guy but he's a genius and master tactician. He's relatable but he still is exceptionally talented and deserves to be there. But he's grounded and knows what he likes.

I mean O'Brien still grew up working class but in modern society that's it. In the 24th century it took 40 years but eventually he got the recognition he deserved and the opportunity to use his talent.

Also his wife is awful. No.
Mot - Sat, 18 Mar 2017 10:10:00 EST ID:6C6kcMFd No.58352 Ignore Report Quick Reply
O'Brien reminds me of my father. Same kind of attitude, and the same sort of skillset. My father can also fix everything he gets his hands on, often better than the professionals. O'Brien has his kayaking, my father rides dirtbikes. Occasionally he falls off and comes back black and blue. Other people his age are beginning to worry about breaking hips.

Me, I'm more of a Barclay, too. Though I used to identify with Data a lot, because muh autism. But I'm seeing more and more in Worf, and beginning to appreciate his trouble of being between different worlds, and how it often just means that he is different. Worf is Worf, and a lot of his episodes are about him balancing his internal sense of honour between what the world expects. The joke is that Worf is permanently disgruntled... and he is. But I think that's what I like about him.

Weird, how on rewatching you suddenly start liking characters you never really liked. Already had it with Kira, Odo too. It's good that they brought Worf to DS9. He really shone, there, while on TNG he was actually kind of weak.
r-e-b-a-r-t - Fri, 24 Mar 2017 05:24:47 EST ID:ExRDbmGR No.58426 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I'm finding the same, I'm coming to appreciate Worf more and more in TNG. He's a funny character, and has many great moments.

Same thing happened in DS9, I never really appreciated Dax, but she's great.
Lwaxana Troi - Thu, 06 Apr 2017 03:19:18 EST ID:z0xs5r47 No.58721 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I think you're just terrified of admitting that in the future, humans will no longer be humans. They will still do many of the same things, but in many ways will be very, very different, maybe even fundamentally different.
Lwaxana Troi - Thu, 06 Apr 2017 03:20:50 EST ID:z0xs5r47 No.58722 Ignore Report Quick Reply
but transhumanism aside, i agree, O'brien is a great dramatic element that adds a lot of charm to the show. He keeps everybodies feet on the ground. I wonder if hes like that as an actor, too, like a no-nonsense stick to the script method actor..

He does his job and collects his paycheck, just like everybody else.
Lwaxana Troi - Thu, 06 Apr 2017 03:22:19 EST ID:z0xs5r47 No.58723 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hardly anyone from Star Trek ever goes on to have good careers. Its like a career death sentence, once you end up on star trek, you're on Star Trek forever, thats the only work you are getting.
Persis - Sat, 08 Apr 2017 15:17:30 EST ID:k4sWA7J/ No.58791 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I think this is sort of true. However the advent of video games means that voice actors are needed and having a nerdy resume and the ability to ham it up are strengths in that field. Same with cartoon stuff. A lot of the actors have a LOT of work there. I think for most of them Star Trek is the best they'll have once they do it. It's like moving to UAE. You can get a lucrative job but it's nearly impossible to move up as a foreigner. You go there when your career has otherwise gone as far as it will usually.

While Patrick Stewart is the obvious exception, Kate Mulgrew was critically acclaimed in orange is the new black and has kept busy. I didn't realise she's also Flemeth. Colm Meaney does alright, but yeah does a lot of graft. He co starred in the Alan Partridge movie which I almost forgot. Poor Pat. Levar Burton has a shitload of awards but reading rainbow predates TNG so there's definitely an element of him going no further there. Most of the rest have done a lot of voice acting but they don't do much more on TV or film.

What I'm saying is it doesn't kill your career as much as limit it.

Though hopefully someone else can think of some "oh shit really?" exceptions now.
Deanna Troi - Sat, 08 Apr 2017 15:52:23 EST ID:NsYbbNZU No.58792 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1491681143893.png -(119264B / 116.47KB, 326x306) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Though it doesn't count as an actual 'gig' Brent Spiner's web series 'Fresh Hell' is pretty hilarious in that Brent plays himself and accurately portrays how much of an unrepentant asshole he is. In one episode he is bumming money from LeVar all the while making fun of how he used to rub his balls on the visor. It's great stuff
Lt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 17:02:40 EST ID:jo7nUZ1k No.58958 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492808560574.jpg -(169932B / 165.95KB, 636x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Siddig made it on Game of Thrones for a season, and is playing Ra's al Ghoul on Fox's Gotham next season. Good job on being a handsome vaguely foreign guy in hollywood whose uncle is Malcolm McDowell. Real horrorshow.

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