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The Cage by Deanna Troi - Wed, 21 Feb 2018 17:28:10 EST ID:0f+rF4sg No.63987 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1519252090292.jpg -(140892B / 137.59KB, 880x660) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 140892
Can we get a thread going about the pilot that started it all?

Is it Canon?
Is it good?
Did you enjoy it?
Xerius - Wed, 28 Feb 2018 23:17:47 EST ID:l5TvN503 No.64059 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I don't believe I've ever seen it. We don't have it on the playlist in /1701/tube and when I watch TOS on Kodi, The Cage isn't on there under the first season. I guess it's canon but a seperate entity from TOS.
Michael Jonas - Thu, 01 Mar 2018 09:24:34 EST ID:wxvIFlM0 No.64063 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Wow those parentheses are pretty extreme and I hope you're just being ironic or alternatively can fuck off. Anyway, no, they don't have nothing to lose. US copyright law says that if you don't defend your copyrights enough, you no longer have them. They can't just simply let someone use it, they have to charge for it. Now, it could be that they are charging an unreasonable amount, or that CBS/Bad Robot are being unreasonably stingy, but just letting whatever happen isn't an option for them (that's unfortunately also why they stepped on Axanar, Continues and the rest.)

At least it hews more closely to the format TNG established. Yes it cranks out stinkers that way but it also cranks out genuine decent Trek episodes that hang with the best of them. Enterprise mulls about for three seasons 'uhh do we actually want to do a Trek show or not?' 'well....I mean I guess, we're not doing anything else' and then finally realizes hey I'm a Trek show just before it gets shitcanned (with the most unanimously bad finale of any Trek series.) ENT is not your go to guy if you want to call VOY bad.
Borg Queen - Thu, 01 Mar 2018 16:38:53 EST ID:TinR0Zso No.64068 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Advantage of ENT is if you want to watch a good episode you just go to S4, voyager has them scattered around. It's like a pavement that has both various denominations of cash everywhere and dogshit and you've got to wade through dogshit to get to the cash. ENT tries to be trek for the first couple of seasons, it just fails badly. The technological and in universe "ropey newbies out their depth" ends up applying on a meta level. That is not a saving grace it's merely an observation. It's to TOS and TNG themes the same way its tech is to their tech. Voyager has the doctor, seven of fine's character ass (I mean arc) which was badly paced but actually pretty good and er.... TNG has Shran and Phlox and Titpole is one of those characters who grows on you as they develop her like Kira I guess. But without a permanent foil (Kai Hilary) or 7 seasons in which she can both grow but also be explored better.

Someone posted a webm of torres saying to take the cheese to sickbay and it's glorious.

Anyway what I've completely become distracted from is that neither series is that great or completely awful. Both have some very good episodes and some episodes that have all the energy and flavour of half dead RACHT
Tekeny Ghemor - Thu, 01 Mar 2018 17:22:19 EST ID:sov4E+0Z No.64070 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Watch every single Shran episode. Jeffrey Combs is a pissy little shit on DS9 but he knocks it out of the park with Shran. Shran is the redeeming feature of Enterprise.
Khan Noonien Singh - Fri, 02 Mar 2018 13:21:23 EST ID:TinR0Zso No.64073 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I name checked Shran. Coombs throws himself 110% into every role and I like his portrayal of the salubrious Weyoun, ruthless Brunt etc but the pure ham of Shran is definitely the most fun character he's played. I hope he enjoyed it as much as he seems to have.

But if she'd not been involved at all she'd also have avoided being on Picard's watch list and would probably have been posted to another ship and also would have lived. There are a lot more timelines, even only altered by different outcomes of that event where she's alive.
Ensign Wright - Thu, 03 May 2018 03:46:18 EST ID:znfJJ+je No.64453 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1525333578248.jpg -(59916B / 58.51KB, 570x759) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ah, well we all have our roles in this world, dear Guinan - some of us tend to the thirsty, while others make those little figurines that Picard likes to get with his tea sometimes. Though this window of perspective does raise a few questions, I am grateful that you ultimately found a more... constructive outlet for such impulses.

Nevertheless, surely we can both appreciate the merits of forcing someone to attack the neutral guards before making off across the surface of Booty Bay like some sort of hitman Jesus.
Guinan - Sun, 06 May 2018 08:39:55 EST ID:b048m/L8 No.64500 Ignore Report Quick Reply

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