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Lifting heavy without burning out by Wesley Wevingnetch - Tue, 12 Apr 2016 13:30:59 EST ID:SfHF+0+x No.93257 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1460482259067.jpg -(20061B / 19.59KB, 615x409) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 20061
Rotor cuff is a bit fucked at the min so only really heavy lifts are deadlift and squat.
I'm weighing like 82kg..deadlift 165kg for 3-4reps and squat 120kg for 5 reps

Innormally aim for 5 reps then lower the weight and do like 3x8-12 reps.

But I'm burning out because of the way I'm lifting because I'm always aiming for my MAX and probably because I work construction and I'm riding my bike to work(which is fucked sorts like 20% harder to ride)

What sort of technical rep/set range could I do so in not always but if out?? I've see. 5/3/1 and it looks ok but the way my shoulder is on ohp and bench in thinking I should leave it..also doubt I'll keep up with the same thing after about 3 months

Do I have a decent torso/upper body? by John Nunnerwill - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 09:27:20 EST ID:/zR+J7V2 No.93049 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1453213640557.jpg -(191402B / 186.92KB, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 191402
I don't really lift or anything like that but I do a lot of cardio and anaerobic stuff, training related to MMA.
I've always been a very self conscious and somewhat on the "low" side When it came to self esteem and confidence. As when I was younger I was pretty chubby and belittled and bullied about it so I've always held a great deal of shame towards my body.
The only reason I'm posting this is to get honest opinions from people I don't know. About my body type and if it's even decent or not. Thanks
22 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cornelius Gennerstone - Sun, 03 Apr 2016 12:29:59 EST ID:C9sumJCG No.93238 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I be lurking still, I took that pic a loooong time ago so I have bulked up since than. I'd say in pic related I was about 135-140 and I'd say now I'm 146-149
My diet back than was pretty shit, lotta spinach lotta spaghetti, steaks and chicken erryday
Now its basically the same but everything doubled and I eat a shit ton of eggs every day too, supplemented by peanut butter and jelly tortilla wraps...and since Im going to a gym that has a booster juice in it, I get a high protein smoothie after every workout. Havent really fucked with protiein powder

How did you know? I have a reunion with my forest family every summer, I always win in the sparrow catching contest
Hannah Peffingdat - Mon, 04 Apr 2016 05:11:13 EST ID:lSifhqte No.93241 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Actually, as long as you can fatigue your muscles within a reasonable amount of time your body can't tell the difference of weights. It doesn't care how you do it.
Sophie Fottingfat - Thu, 07 Apr 2016 03:57:06 EST ID:BnowC67E No.93246 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1460015826257.jpg -(1120262B / 1.07MB, 2402x2514) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
torso thread
Archie Pennerfield - Thu, 07 Apr 2016 11:54:24 EST ID:Z6ZS1clo No.93247 Ignore Report Quick Reply
There isn't really such a thing as "toning". Spot reduction isn't possible. The only way to look more toned is to have a lower body fat %.
James Hunningneck - Fri, 08 Apr 2016 14:53:20 EST ID:nY58NDDX No.93249 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1460141600724.jpg -(447636B / 437.14KB, 1267x565) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1 year between first pic and last, April to April.

I'm still losing weight, which I need to stop. I guess my metabolism is rocking now, can't eat enough to keep up.

Moving on to 5/3/1? by Cornelius Gacklestadge - Mon, 28 Mar 2016 22:22:46 EST ID:p+g2is97 No.93215 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1459218166412.jpg -(163725B / 159.89KB, 540x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 163725
So I've been doing 5x5 with some accessory work since September of last year. I made some really good progress with it. However around January I had to take a 2 month break from the gym to train for a new job. During the 6 weeks I neglected the shit out of my diet and pretty much lost 80% of the progress I made (I pretty much have to force myself to eat most of the time) When I got back, I I built myself a new routine to try to regain what I had lost. My goal is to use my current routine to get my weight and lifts back to what they were or stall consistently and then move onto 5/3/1. My question now is should I stick with my current plan, or should I just go straight to 5/3/1?
Btw, my goals are to bulk and bodybuild while having enough strength to back up my looks
Ebenezer Greenlock - Sat, 02 Apr 2016 20:52:43 EST ID:z+j6qM78 No.93234 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Do texas method or go from 5x5 to SS which is 3x5

Do 531 and replace overhead with front squat and make frojlnt squat day have some shoulder accessories or leg ones

Then, lower percentages on 531 by 5 to 7 percent and do 864.

Literally a cycle of strength > hypertrophy > add weight on amrap hyperteophy until stall, repeat

Post Workout Drinking Urges by Sophie Nacklewill - Mon, 11 Jan 2016 07:46:55 EST ID:+x2Ey+y7 No.93020 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452516415936.jpg -(1120134B / 1.07MB, 700x3070) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1120134
I do not know why but if I workout in the morning or afternoon for example I will feel the obvious strain and then the afterglow due to all of the endorphins dopamine etc, but then when evening hits I start to get mad prangs to get myself a few beers. Now I know this is really bad for body form and your health in general post workout, anybody else ever get these kind of urges and how do you deal with them?
1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Alice Drottingkeck - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 06:55:55 EST ID:BoEdZuWR No.93027 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I drink like 2-3 times a week.. but exercise seems to make me feel as if I need a reward lol, messed up I know. messed up the entire workout almost
Isabella Ninningbedge - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 20:49:19 EST ID:N6jPiMzB No.93030 Ignore Report Quick Reply
unless you're trying to be an elite athlete, it's not really that big a deal. i mean, drinking like an alcoholic is, but that's because of alcoholism... if you're taking supplements, just look into what gets metabolized in your liver too.

afterall, if you watch those michelob ultra commercials, they practically treat beer like a sports drink!
Bill O - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 23:55:10 EST ID:nF7BlJaS No.93033 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's not like it cancels the workout or anything. Through my personal extremist ideology though, anything even diminishing it's returns by even 1% might as well cancel it out. That, and alcohol tastes like shit and I never enjoyed the effects of it or any other drug for that matter.

Most people going to the gym in general don't have to worry about a couple beers. The issue at hand is his problem for craving booze every time he works out. If he's working out 5 days a week then that's way too much alcohol to be drinking even for general mental/liver health reasons, not even getting into muscle gains at this point.
Eugene Puzzlecocke - Wed, 30 Mar 2016 23:11:09 EST ID:d/xMBiX/ No.93217 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1459393869393.jpg -(31806B / 31.06KB, 400x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
a beer post workouts supposedly not a bad thing. dont get wasted, but 1 to 2 beers have shown to be good for recovery

wish i could find real muscle beer
Ebenezer Greenlock - Sat, 02 Apr 2016 20:49:32 EST ID:z+j6qM78 No.93233 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>memes fitneas mag

It has carbs, and carbs are good bro
It has protein, and protein is good...bro
Just ignore the poison that. Inhibits protein sythesis and blunts your REM cycles when you sleep even in its half life, bro

Marijuana and Fitness by Arnold McDuckpants - Fri, 01 Apr 2016 04:36:36 EST ID:ootKB8TB No.93218 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1459499796598.jpg -(88712B / 86.63KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 88712
Hello /ana/, how doyou guys keep up healthy eating and fitness regimes with a drug habit? If I seriously want to get into shape will I need to kick it?
Henry Sollyforth - Fri, 01 Apr 2016 19:52:57 EST ID:m+gRCSII No.93219 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Kick it? No. You just need to use it responsibly. There's no reason for you to be smoking when you get home every day anyways. You can smoke after you work out, or save it for weekend nights or something. Also, eating healthy is incredibly easy on weed, man, fruit is one of the most taste-amplified things when you're high. Now being a dirty drunk will ruin you much more; it's much easier to go sloppy with the food and the empty calories do not help the situation
Beatrice Worthingshit - Fri, 01 Apr 2016 22:12:23 EST ID:HInp9ce+ No.93220 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You sound too stupid to deserve fitness or weed

Repetitive Strain Injury by John Gimblehig - Sat, 19 Mar 2016 06:46:42 EST ID:hXgsMIie No.93193 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1458384402433.gif -(30865B / 30.14KB, 550x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 30865
Ive taken the week of work cause my right hand/wrist feels weak as shit. Just overworked it I guess.

Any advice? Dont want useless arthritis hands.
Esther Boddleford - Wed, 23 Mar 2016 11:05:32 EST ID:Azf1yHAm No.93202 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Get a brace mate, or learn to wrap it up in Ace bandage
go to physical therapy

Is it a plateau or has my body just maxed out? by Charles Shakeson - Thu, 03 Mar 2016 01:45:04 EST ID:CekaWGUT No.93156 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1456987504187.jpg -(134128B / 130.98KB, 822x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 134128
So I've been doing press ups (various types) and pull ups (normal and wide grip) 5/7 days a week since around October/November. At first it seemed to make a difference, not huge (I'm naturally a very slim person) but none the less I saw progress.

Now however nothing has happened the last couple of months, or at least seems like it hasn't. Have I plateaued which I need to push through, is my body just used to my routine even though I switch it around or am I just used to seeing myself in the mirror and no longer see progression as the progression is now "normal"..

Any training tips/advice?
Barnaby Gicklepadging - Thu, 03 Mar 2016 18:54:55 EST ID:G008Dho6 No.93157 Ignore Report Quick Reply
add weight, like a backpack wtih some textbooks in it to increase resistance and get more gains
David Shittingway - Fri, 04 Mar 2016 15:00:27 EST ID:UkiT4/o0 No.93160 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This. After a point you're doing billions of reps and it's not really challenging your muscle, just your general ability to exert yourself. If you literally just want to do those two exercises then do some cardio to increase endurance and drop your body weight further for more reps.

Also supporting exercises. Start doing dips as those will help your push ups. Climb as well that'll help with pullups.

Now the question is what are you trying to achieve?

If you just want to do those two exercises that's about it. Do you want to get a bit more definition? Do you want to be fucking ripped? Are you broke as fuck and just want to get as ripped as you can on bodyweight? Are you serious about getting fit and want to change your body type? Or do you just want to stay a slim person but be fit while being that guy? Lay it down. Be honest with yourself. I mean we could advise you lift weights, have a programme, do fewer but harder sessions and eat a small surplus with a load of protein but if you can't afford half that and don't want to go that far then don't.

I guess what I'm saying is what are your goals and what are your limits? Then you can get proper answers. We all have different goals (some want to be huge, some lean, some fast, some strong, some have a particular aesthetic in mind (pictures won't hurt).

We have limits. Some of us don't have money or time, for some of us fitness is just one of several hobbies and we are simply going to be happier not making every possible sacrifice. Some of us complete in sports which demand certain forms of fitness so we have to fit our routines and goals around those. Plenty of people won't juice, or don't eat meat or whatever. You get the idea.
Bill O'Reilly - Sat, 05 Mar 2016 14:22:05 EST ID:nF7BlJaS No.93164 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Resistance needs to increase and so does caloric intake.

Not really sure why you were doing calisthenics and planning on adding any real mass. They're good to keep you limber and not some garbage fat shit, but that's about it.
Nigel Pevingchat - Sat, 19 Mar 2016 15:54:34 EST ID:Va3Dlf4y No.93199 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Youbneed to add resistance in the form of weight
Reps over 20 is basically cardio

Nootropics not working by Ernest Muffingtork - Wed, 03 Feb 2016 08:52:46 EST ID:qCZCarQo No.93085 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1454507566853.jpg -(122452B / 119.58KB, 640x807) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 122452
So I bought these a few weeks ago to see what nootropics are like to,to improve concentration and I've read they can help increase brain plasticity.

I don't feel a thing from them except maybe the bacopa (which I know should take 3months for the full effects to work)
I Give my friend a couple of noopeat and he said he felt something but he wasn't studying or anything(neither I'm I)
I've took up to 4 of them noopeat tablets and I've taken up to 3 or 4 grand of oxiracatam.

With the bacopa I started of taking a gram a day then missed a few days and then started to take 2g a day.

Now the reason I think this could be working is because I haven't really had any depressed feelings lately or slight anxiety problems.tbh i don't know if it is called anxiety.i can talk to people fine but I normally get this like dread like I cba with any one,guess it's probably more mild depression.
Which was probably caused by
partying every weekend or every other week.i have stopped this year but I've done it befor for a longer time but never really felt this good mentally.so I'm unsure of the supplements are helping or not in that regard.

This is another reason i bought these sups to sort of repair any damage what may of occurred over the years of me taking alcohol cocaine and mdma.
2 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shit Clayridge - Sun, 07 Feb 2016 20:48:48 EST ID:G08dx+gT No.93106 Ignore Report Quick Reply
theres four main types of tea (i think its four, could be more) it all has to do with how the leaves are processed after they are picked. green tea, black tea, white tea and I think the fourth is oolong.

black tea is allowed to oxidize and ferment (not totally sure what the fermentation process is, this is just how they refer to it), green tea isn't oxidized. oolong i think is like a cross between black and green and white is pretty much just dried and has as many of the original characteristics of the fresh picked leaves preserved as possible or something like that

iunno I read the wikipedia article on tea a long time ago.
Eliza Cepperway - Fri, 12 Feb 2016 13:22:41 EST ID:epHYgbxl No.93116 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I thought white tea was just young tea leaves, so I looked it up and it turns out we're both right. Apparently there is no agreed upon international definition. Looks like most common tea comes from two varieties of the same plant anyway though so I guess it's all about the fermentation process.
Jack Wuzzleforth - Sat, 20 Feb 2016 22:57:48 EST ID:G08dx+gT No.93129 Ignore Report Quick Reply
there's pekoe grade tea, and theres like several different grades that count as pekoe but the highest grade is the young leaves/leaf buds. Orange pekoe typically refers to black tea, I could be wrong but if the pekoe grading applies to all varieties of tea then there is most likely white tea that is considered pekoe and is made from solely the young leaves.

but also given my rudimentary at best knowledge of botany, most plants produce pretty much all the active chemicals, or the majority of them anyways, when they're young or when the part of the plant containing those active chemicals is young. So if white tea is meant to preserve as many of the original characteristics of the tea leaf then it kind of makes sense you'd want to use the youngest leaves as they would have a higher ratio of actives to plant matter. fuck if I know honestly im rambling now anyways. Tea is pretty interesting though
Nigger Sepperseck - Sat, 19 Mar 2016 10:53:58 EST ID:mjJwIwkr No.93195 Ignore Report Quick Reply
op here
Soo nootropics are getting banned in april for us brits.you think there is anything I should order befor this happens ?
Martha Smallham - Mon, 04 Apr 2016 22:16:41 EST ID:Vep4sCaz No.93242 Ignore Report Quick Reply
lmao brits go blow up a government building or something

Is my job enough exercise? by Nigger Crickleson - Wed, 23 Sep 2015 11:08:58 EST ID:JdgIHiCp No.92420 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1443020938576.jpg -(10543B / 10.30KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 10543
I work in a warehouse where I pull at least 10 hours a day, walk 10-15 miles a day and lift appliances from 100 to 1000lbs all day. My intake should be about 2200Kc and I usually have 1700Kc daily and see no loss. I'm 6'0" and 260lbs and on strict doctor's orders to not run or jog. Any suggestions?
12 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Matilda Gandlespear - Sat, 10 Oct 2015 09:02:48 EST ID:/73sMuAm No.92594 Ignore Report Quick Reply

You work in a place where it's common to carry around 800 pound appliances?

Are your co workers all ex WWF wrestlers and bodybuilders?
Martha Suttingford - Thu, 15 Oct 2015 23:47:53 EST ID:TKzMjisL No.92633 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1444967273627.jpg -(83833B / 81.87KB, 426x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I just looked up GE Monogram.. I have never wanted an appliance before now.. holy shit thats a nice fridge
Edward Hazzledale - Tue, 08 Mar 2016 00:59:28 EST ID:MFWnguRh No.93173 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>I see no loss

Well obviously your doing something wrong. I work warehouse too and didn't see any real progress until I started an actual lifting program
William Bardcocke - Fri, 11 Mar 2016 17:01:31 EST ID:efvUXnaN No.93176 Ignore Report Quick Reply
do sprints
dr ferret feld - Thu, 17 Mar 2016 10:00:24 EST ID:Z4G5TLBs No.93190 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1458223224891.jpg -(7320B / 7.15KB, 256x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lifting 1000lb appliances? yeah that should be enough exercise, except you might need to get your height and weight checked again?

are you sure you're not actually 3.6m/12ft tall and weigh 600kg/1320lbs? also you should expect to see losses while eating 32,000 Kc a day (maybe like a 55 gallon drum full of curry/pasta?

i'd stay hundreds of miles from the nearest military base. if you're identified they'll most likely want to put you into a test chamber to try and clone millions of you.

also when you're driving to work and there's alot of traffic, do you get out of the car, pick it up over your head and sprint over the top of all the other cars?

Getting rid of puffy chest? by Nigel Wangerman - Sun, 13 Mar 2016 20:52:32 EST ID:qartc9ou No.93180 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1457916752822.jpg -(198569B / 193.92KB, 757x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 198569
Any exercises I can do to have a normal in-shape looking chest? Sort of like what youd see on a swimmer.

When I'm at the gym I always see guys where their chest is the most dominate feature because it's so puffed out.

I fear that's where I'm heading if I keep lifting. Should I be lifting less weight?
Nigel Wangerman - Sun, 13 Mar 2016 21:20:18 EST ID:qartc9ou No.93181 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Also meant no offense to anyone who has a puffy chest, a lot of people find that look attractive because it shows strength, but it's not the look I'm going for.
Charles Worthingman - Mon, 14 Mar 2016 09:08:40 EST ID:Jcgk1mVV No.93182 Ignore Report Quick Reply
lower body fat and stop working your pecs. Simple as that.
Bill O'Reilly - Wed, 16 Mar 2016 19:09:10 EST ID:nF7BlJaS No.93187 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Lol, can we please see some pics of this overwhelmingly puffy chest?
Fucking Semblehutch - Mon, 28 Mar 2016 07:49:24 EST ID:7CFc1R0d No.93213 Ignore Report Quick Reply
yeah i wanna see some

Wake, Bake, Bike by James Bunbanks - Wed, 10 Feb 2016 19:46:32 EST ID:7WxbVyzS No.93112 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1455151592060.jpg -(281170B / 274.58KB, 853x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 281170
Had a spliff before going into some climbs, and oh shit. Once you get past that rubbery leg filling from the high, there's so much focus going into every single push of that crank. No cares about how slow you're moving up that never ending hill. You're just there taking in the air.

Haven't really ridden in a few years, been getting fat and drinking after work. Now I'm inbetween jobs, dropped $150+ getting it moving again, after a week of hunting down tools and slowly getting things working. It's fucking time to wake 'n bake this shit(even if there's a fuckton of tuning left).
Hugh Manningkig - Sun, 13 Mar 2016 01:51:43 EST ID:XSjud//0 No.93179 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I used to smokea bit before going to the rec center at my school. Weight lifting would be slower but felt more invigorating. Stair master was where it was at.. getting past the initial lethargy/tiredness was tough but then the zone you get into is amazing. One with the body. The machines would also have real life trails making the session like an outdoor adventure

Hypertrophy focused program by Albert Bibbledut - Wed, 24 Feb 2016 08:33:40 EST ID:nCHLY6jp No.93140 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1456320820580.jpg -(22124B / 21.61KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 22124
Hey guys I have done strength training for years for athletics and such and since I'm out due to injury I figured I may aswell try a hypertrophy focused program out.

So far I have most of it worked out including diet and was just looking for some help on exercises and general critique. Obvious exercise would be included such as BP, OHP (seated), Squats, Deads, Rows.

Main constraint is a weak right hand grip (nerve damage) which means I have to use straps on pulling exercises.

3-4 days a week and 4-5 sets

Week A: 12-15 reps
Week B: 10-12 reps
Week 6-9 reps
Week 4-6 reps
Then go back to Week A

The only lifts that will remain fairly consistent in reps (5-8) will be deadlifts, squats and other compound lifts.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Sidney Nickleshit - Wed, 24 Feb 2016 14:24:04 EST ID:9QalxOWJ No.93141 Ignore Report Quick Reply
why are you reducing reps as you go? For hypertrophy, you want lots of volume in your routine.
4 or 5 sets per exercise, failure in the 10 rep range, and at least 3 exercises per muscle or muscle group.
That's how you grow.
Lillian Shakespear - Fri, 26 Feb 2016 17:09:04 EST ID:49L7P74t No.93143 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I think OP wants to see somewhat linear growth and as a result would require some strength progression too. What he posted allows for this.

I would more interested in seeing what OP would be doing for a 2 week period, including how the compounds would play into this and how progression on those would work too. How would bodypart groupings work? etc.

Make sure you eat enough and focus on using the muscle through the entire ROM
Matilda Sovingmick - Tue, 01 Mar 2016 21:42:37 EST ID:67/pcFmi No.93152 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1456886557554.jpg -(56939B / 55.60KB, 990x685) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've done some more research now so I have a better idea. The reason I am going for the reducing reps is to get some linear strength gains and just changing things up to keep my muscles in shock.

I'm looking at doing 5 sets per exercise (except for deads) and trying to hit those 3 exercises per muscle group. I'd like to squat every day and do deads every second day but I don't really know how I should be splitting up my week. I am thinking of doing 4 days a week and am unsure what exercises/muscle groups to allocate on those days.
Alice Fuckingville - Tue, 01 Mar 2016 22:30:08 EST ID:lkK3I5pj No.93153 Ignore Report Quick Reply
"muscles in shock" isn't a real thing, but since you want size and strength, and 4 days a week routine (5 days if you take the rest/bodyweight day), here's a plan for you; do day A heavy, day B light (insert optional rest/bodyweight day here) day A light, day B heavy

Day A (pull days): deadlifts, pull-ups, seated rows, vertical rows, dumbell rows, horizontal rows, shrugs, reverse flys, dumbell curls, hammer curls, preacher curls

Day B (push days):squats, bench press, leg press, calf raises, dips, pec flys, skull crushers, incline press, shoulder press, front raises, lateral raises, push ups, tricep extension

This is a push/pull split; some people prefer an upper/lower body split. Push/pull probably works better since you want to squat/deadlift every day. i missed a bit and you definitely don't have to do every exercise here each session. Just go into the gym with a plan and a goal, and leave tired.

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