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Pickup lines at the gym by Eliza Pickfield - Wed, 13 Jun 2018 00:21:57 EST ID:OGaH7Vuk No.94773 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1528863717695.jpg -(165680B / 161.80KB, 639x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 165680
I know people say don’t try to hit on girls at the gym but hey its worth a shot. But seriously how do you approach a female with headphones and say somthing interesting to her. Please share your wisdom. Thanks.
Edward Blatherdock - Wed, 13 Jun 2018 17:08:16 EST ID:SpYZcHhe No.94774 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>using pick-up lines at the gym
>approaching girls wearing headphones
>I know people say don't do it
>I'm gonna do it

people like you are the reason why girls are fat.

seriously, you have no fucking idea how often girls get stalked, harassed and interrupted at the gym.
you know why girls wear bright colored, big headphones at the gym? to signal to other people that they want to be left alone.

just fucking put yourself in their shoes for once. would you like to be approached by some creepy ass dude in the middle of your set?
how about being forced to talk in between your sets when you're trying to catch your breath and concentrate.

just think about what you are doing. are you at the gym to get laid, or are you there to get stronger, leaner and/or more attractive? how are you going to break your personal record, or be concentrated on your next lift when you're putting all your energy into something completely unrelated to WEIGHT TRAINING?

you're trying to do 2 things at once, which can only result in your failing miserably at both.
you don't go to a boxing gym to beat up your training partner. you go there to learn, then you go there to prepare and after that, you step inside a ring and APPLY what you've learned.
you don't go to school and take your final exam in the middle of your curriculum.
you don't start wiping your butt in the middle of a shit.

you don't go to the gym to pick up chicks. you go to the gym, so that you can build strength, discipline and physique. you are then free to use those qualities OUTSIDE the training area.
Fanny Pickdale - Thu, 14 Jun 2018 00:29:34 EST ID:fyo/PJha No.94775 Ignore Report Quick Reply
fuck it OP
dont listen to the above poster

girls are at the gym to hook up ,they're working out to look better to attract dat dick

Just make eye contact first an go in braahh
Hamilton Sevingfack - Thu, 14 Jun 2018 19:26:36 EST ID:9Pn7LD6W No.94777 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I know we're all autistic here but I'm sure we can read the signals. If she's got headphones on probably don't approach, if you smile and she smiles back that's good. If you walk over to her and she removed the headphones you're in. If not then terminate.

And if you find that it's really hard to line up eye contact that's probably deliberate. Don't bother. Leave her alone. I suspect most of the time this is the result.

She is probably self conscious about working out or being hit on or both. Leave her be. Find her at the bar because you even have something in common then. If you go make the few women who do make an effort to stay in shape feel uncomfortable you're why we don't have nice things. I don't want to stop some guy getting laid at the gym but I think most of the time its probably obvious its not going to work before you say a word.

I feel like the details being omitted are the important ones.
Doris Sodgeteck - Mon, 18 Jun 2018 10:18:16 EST ID:hPORbZ3R No.94785 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1529331496747.jpg -(92290B / 90.13KB, 634x625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OP unless you look damn good yourself or your game is tight OR the girl in question is already eying you up, I urge you not to do this. As stated, most girls are just going to workout, not find a date.

Do what I do, set your tinder location dealie to one mile and start swiping during your warm up. I also have a pic of me in the gym I lift at on my tinder so it's even easier. But yeah DO NOT APPROACH A GIRL IN THE GYM unless it's quite clear that she's interested in you. If you're good at small talk and you're by someone in the free weights (without headphones on), you can give that a shot but if they ain't biting, they ain't biting.
Doris Sodgeteck - Mon, 18 Jun 2018 10:24:37 EST ID:hPORbZ3R No.94786 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I will say that there is a bit of a generational difference as well. It's probably not the best idea to approach anyone under 35 but I actually had 2 women in their mid 40's(?) start chatting me up the other day about something I was working on. They were really playful and flirtatious and I'm actually kinda pissed I didn't get one of their numbers tbh. Anyways yeah, you'd be better served going to a singles bar to pick up girls. Go to the gym to improve yourself or don't go at all. Also if you're not getting the hint from these girls and they complain to management, you can get kicked out of your gym soooooooo just don't be stupid man.
Jenny Wellyman - Fri, 22 Jun 2018 01:40:21 EST ID:ryGNpiKd No.94790 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>people like you are the reason why girls are fat.

you can eat in a caloric deficit without ever going to a gym

Normal people can handle social interaction thanks

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