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GIANT Dogs by Gorilla Ass - Mon, 10 Apr 2017 02:22:11 EST ID:b3oIznim No.33354 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1491805331341.jpg -(166638B / 162.73KB, 952x942) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 166638
Like the Kangal
I also like Commondores
Charles Blallyfoot - Wed, 12 Apr 2017 06:39:40 EST ID:XbOmuvsS No.33357 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1491993580621.jpg -(61340B / 59.90KB, 490x473) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
they're like little black bears that are dogs
Albert Grimhood - Mon, 29 May 2017 04:27:34 EST ID:WvwyawWd No.33405 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496046454214.jpg -(59896B / 58.49KB, 440x318) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cyril Nabblecocke - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 08:46:41 EST ID:28OxTlxh No.33408 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496321201819.jpg -(139600B / 136.33KB, 350x485) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OP, they're spelled Komondor. You're talking about the gigantic sheep-protecting mop of a dog, right?

The plural is Komondorok. I like 'em too. I always wanted one but the grooming is a huge hassle, they're very wary of strangers and they probably shit like a horse at that size.

Basset hounds can be giant, relatively speaking. European Basset Hounds are HUGE, just short.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCJQV8fdI8M Look at them studs. They're big as fuck. Hard to tell because you can't see how long their bodies are.

But they're like 30% bigger than my basset hound and he's like 60 pounds. But I guess that's not giant.

How about Irish Wolfhounds and scottish deerhounds? I like those too. Short lifespans though. But at least they can chase down deer/
Eugene Furringmack - Sun, 09 Jul 2017 19:51:00 EST ID:0FLdtjfE No.33452 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1499644260343.jpg -(74908B / 73.15KB, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I grew up with an Akbash OP

I used to ride it like a horse, it was the best dog

Lord knows what these turks are feeding their dogs
Eugene Furringmack - Sun, 09 Jul 2017 19:58:19 EST ID:0FLdtjfE No.33453 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It actually ate the neighbors dogs now that im remembering

Maybe thats what they feed them, smaller dogs
Fuck Fandock - Thu, 27 Jul 2017 14:09:22 EST ID:r+52N8W7 No.33455 Ignore Report Quick Reply

its a dog eat dog world

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