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Pregabalin taper schedule by Fuck Fuckson - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 16:32:59 EST ID:/jM1nV05 No.134047 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487626379663.jpg -(347646B / 339.50KB, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 347646
Hello there, my sleepy friends

I've been put on pregabalin after abusing clonazolam heavily for a month and getting physically dependent, what lead to panic attacks, hallucinations and a home tapering with powder, which didn't go too well. Sooo, then I got put on pregabalin and now i've been taking it for around 4 months. I take around 150 mgs now, but i have been using 135 mgs for around two weeks with liquid measuring and today i took 115 mgs and felt just fine, only little "side effects" when it started to work.

So, now my question or a very big request, for which i would be very grateful, is how fast can i taper or can i get or set up a tapering schedule? First i wanted to do 10% per week, then after reading that it was a small amount of time which i have been using it, i can go quicker, so i thought about 15% or 20% per week, but i'm still concerned if i shouldn't spread it over two weeks or something.

Any helpful answers or questions would be very appreciated, as i preffer my little-anxious character over the state that GABAergics put me in and would like to kick them as soon as i can.
Fuck Fuckson - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 18:16:50 EST ID:/jM1nV05 No.134053 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Also, pregabalin gets its effects from acting on GABA receptors, so tapering should be the same as for benzos i think, so dont get scared by the name and FUCKING HELP ME YOU BASTARDS. Doctors where i live would suck my weewee for me to buy more prescriptions so i cannot get much help here, thats why im tapering this way by myself and need some info
Edward Gurryhall - Thu, 23 Feb 2017 19:05:47 EST ID:tw07yDbL No.134139 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Get some weed and some gabapentin... watch the liqour intake and remember you may seem a little manic to others at first. You'll be fine

etizolam euphoria by Martha Capperhall - Thu, 09 Feb 2017 09:17:38 EST ID:o8Lv+PG/ No.133840 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1486649858685.png -(1925174B / 1.84MB, 1366x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1925174
whats up with this
i take a few of these and the euphoria is underwhelming
is 2-3mg alot?
should i try smth like 5mg?
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Jack Haffinglock - Sat, 11 Feb 2017 01:39:19 EST ID:6ODsxsBP No.133863 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Benzos aren't euphoriants, hence the lack of euphoria. I get euphoric like a neckbeard on benzos only because I lose my inhibitions and can naturally be happy.
Nathaniel Biddlewater - Sat, 11 Feb 2017 13:20:20 EST ID:91A91tdy No.133867 Ignore Report Quick Reply
People respond differently to benzos

For example, this study showed that children of alcoholics experience more euphoria from benzos

Also xanax in particular has been shown to elicit dopamine production

disclaimer: I wouldn't recommend taking benzos for recreational or euphoric purposes, if you want some euphoria go smoke some weed or drop acid
Isabella Bunbanks - Sat, 11 Feb 2017 17:22:16 EST ID:2VuzatlL No.133868 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Benzo euphoria really does come down to neurochemistry, some people experience incredible euphoria others don't. Some of it's certainly that some people have undiagnosed anxiety problems or something similar but plenty of people without any diagnosable mental illness claim to experience euphoria on benzos.
Jarvis Bemmledutch - Sun, 12 Feb 2017 07:04:40 EST ID:xUrTeLBA No.133885 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I get euphoria from 3-5 mg, but it isn't an overt euphoria like i'd get from something like morphine or weed, more just the enjoyment of being so relaxed. It's worth noting that I have really bad anxiety normally, so that's probably why.
Wesley Blandertet - Thu, 23 Feb 2017 06:19:41 EST ID:Mkjul+gl No.134101 Ignore Report Quick Reply
never gotten euphoria from benzos alone, but mixing low doses of alcohol and benzos makes me feel fucking amazing... the buzz is very similar to the one I get from opiates

it seems to depend entirely on the person if they get euphoria or not though so your mileage may vary

Ethyl Loflazepate by Edward Drundleteg - Wed, 22 Feb 2017 10:16:47 EST ID:qBv6/VlN No.134080 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487776607562.jpg -(66432B / 64.88KB, 811x495) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 66432
Anyone tried this one already?

It's a benzodiazepine derivative with a biological half-life of 51-103h. I get it from my doctor and it's fairly common here in Portugal but I don't think that it's common in other countries besides Mexico.

I've tried other benzos such as alprazolam, diazepam, cloxazolam and zolpidem and this one is good because it doesn't black me out and is an amazing anxiety relief... plus it doesn't seem to be as addictive: I'm at risk at being addicted to benzos since I was already addicted to diazepam and last time I checked my father was taking about 10mg of lorazepam / day but I find ethyl loflazepate easy to quit and the last time I took it was about 2 months ago, and before that I had a period of about 3 months without taking it.

Anyway, I can't wait to get a prescription for this tomorrow. Been a long time since I was able to sleep and get some rest. I'm still afraid to get addicted to it and/or do stupid shit under the effect tho but I've been so tired lately and I just need to sleep.

Meclonazepam??? by Charlotte Henderdale - Tue, 14 Feb 2017 23:40:38 EST ID:HXB1mnb0 No.133930 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487133638642.jpg -(73243B / 71.53KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 73243
anyone here tried this stuff?? looks really really similar to kpins but its fucking hard to find any firsthand accounts of the diff between the two
Shit Pickway - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 05:31:16 EST ID:JR5ojBL+ No.134039 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dude I'd really love to hear more about this stuff but unfortunately I've never tried it either. Can't find much else on it.
Rebecca Clungerworth - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 18:40:08 EST ID:2OLQZf6Q No.134054 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's an excellent benzo, it's more recreational feeling than clonazepam, less cold and clinical. The anxiolytic potential is about equal to clonazepam but it's less potent (3mg is equal to about .5mg), however around 9-12mg you feel a lot more muscle relaxation and feel more benzed out beyond what clonazepam will do at 1.5-2mg. It always made me feel surprisingly euphoric for a benzo, a step above most of the long-acting pams. I would say it might even be a bit too fun to be used as a regular anti-anxiety medicine, it's like a sweet candy, hard to practice moderation when consuming it.

Lorazepam questions by Caroline Chummerhat - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 17:11:25 EST ID:P0pnndxS No.134049 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487628685777.png -(304726B / 297.58KB, 416x448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 304726
I recently acquired some really small white pills with a score line on one side and an "A" on the other. Apparently it's Ativan (Lorazepam) can anyone confirm?

Aside from that my experience with benzos has been mostly limited to kpins, Etizolam and I had a hookup for Diazepam for an extremely short amount of time (oh how I miss that). It's been a couple months since I indulged, what kinda dosage should I be taking to feelsgoodman
John Sarrystone - Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:01:51 EST ID:v6PJQ+77 No.134067 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Did you google the pill id?

Benzo addicts sign in by Ian Dizzlehall - Wed, 08 Feb 2017 17:09:27 EST ID:0/03DvoT No.133824 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1486591767406.jpg -(17190B / 16.79KB, 300x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 17190
Sup /benz/,

Survey time, genuinely curious to hear your answers. Particularly people who have accepted the fact they have a habit / addiction and not casual users.

How long have you been on benzos?

What benzo do you take and what dosage per day (average)?

Do you mix your benzos with alcohol or other drugs?

Are you a recreational / black market user or do you get a script from a doc?

Do you still take benzos to "get high" or just to prevent withdrawals and maintain stability?
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
16 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cornelius Saddleshit - Wed, 15 Feb 2017 13:57:43 EST ID:/gapAjce No.133939 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>How long have you been on benzos?
I've been taking etizolam daily for going on 3 weeks now. Usually around 1.2mg, sometimes a bit more, but I'm starting a taper in case I've developed a dependence of any sort.
i started with xanax, valium, kpins. i found the goldmine of drugs while dogsitting and that sparked my love for benzos.

>What benzo do you take and what dosage per day (average)?
etizolam, 1.2mg

>Do you mix your benzos with alcohol or other drugs?
everytime. i love some beer or a joint when im on benzos.

>Are you a recreational / black market user or do you get a script from a doc?
clearnet, i dont trust the quality from the usual darknet spots.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ebenezer Climmerforth - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 00:14:59 EST ID:XKLOrVA6 No.133996 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>How long have you been on benzos?

2 years ago i had ordered and abused aroundb15 gramsn of etiz powder. I also ordered etiz and flubromazolam pg solutions andn had lots ofnblackouts. I took a break for almost a year ans a half then last summerni started usining xans and kpins and as fall came i started using etiz and during the winter clonazolam.

>What benzo do you take and what dosage per day (average)?

I take around 4-8 mg as needed total everyday.

>Do you mix your benzos with alcohol or other drugs?
Yes. A beer or 2 with clam will have me super drunk. I smokd weed everyday with my clam whan i can. I occaisionally take adderall plus clam and benzos help with the comedowns.

>Are you a recreational / black market user or do you get a script from a doc?

Started out therapeutical, ended up more recreational. My tolerance is so high. I dont have a script
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Augustus Dabberhall - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 16:53:22 EST ID:J/R6RgXH No.134003 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1487368402056.jpg -(54783B / 53.50KB, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>How long have you been on benzos?

uh binges on & off for going on three years

>What benzo do you take and what dosage per day (average)?

back before rcs were stolen from us by our lizard overlord i was heavy into etiz & fflubromazepam, using the latter's half life to keep the buzz going this was on top of IV crack & heroin use for a good three months. more recently valium.

>Do you mix your benzos with alcohol or other drugs?

see above

>Are you a recreational / black market user or do you get a script from a doc?

cant get it for anxiety in the uk its fucked i've been shaking & in literal tears & have been handed a suicide hotline number & a "useful website adress on ton of propanalol for physical symptoms all topped off with a rehearsed look of pity. it's actually the reason i started, trying to self medicate but you know how it goes.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Charles Snodham - Sat, 18 Feb 2017 11:38:00 EST ID:z4kb5Zzk No.134009 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>How long have you been on benzos?
I don't remember, I think about 2-3 years.
>What benzo do you take and what dosage per day (average)?
Mostly oxazepam (20-50mg a day) and/or diazepam (15-25mg a day).
>Do you mix your benzos with alcohol or other drugs?
Yes, I wouldn't dare go out drinking without popping some benzos just before leaving. I also often mix them with uppers, especially at parties.
>Are you a recreational / black market user or do you get a script from a doc?
I get my oxazepam from a doc, other benzos are black market.
>Do you still take benzos to "get high" or just to prevent withdrawals and maintain stability?
Mostly to prevent withdrawals, but also to prevent my inherent social anxiety from kicking in, I use them in recreational dosages sporadically (I actually haven't used them recreationally a single time between last year August and this January, but my bipolar disorder returned from dormancy with twice its original strength a month ago, together with my impulsive and irresponsible behavioral patterns).
>What's the underlying reason you take benzos or started taking them?
Social anxiety, extremely low self-esteem and agoraphobia, also to control my manic episodes.
>Do you see yourself quitting any time soon?
I think I'll keep on doing benzos till I die (which might be soon).
>Do you see your habit at this point as a benefit to your life or a burden?
A little bit of both, on one hand I realise that without benzos I wouldn't have as many good friends as I do now and that my social standing would be waaaay lower than it is, but on the other I'm sick and tired of having to munch on pills to be a socially bearable human being and not an awkward piece of shit. I'm also tired of the strain my (ab)use puts on my memory and cognitive functions.
asuka - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:20:48 EST ID:sKvW6TLT No.134042 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1487607648979.png -(516977B / 504.86KB, 640x1002) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>How long have you been on benzos?

Fuckin uuuh, i started taking them regularly end of 2013-14, did them habitually for fun and whatever around then, stopped for a bit, then got a script lol

>What benzo do you take and what dosage per day (average)?

Clonazepam (1mg x2 daily) on my script, and i cant get recreational benzos much as i used to so like, whatever the fuck i have for that but that doesn't count for average

>Do you mix your benzos with alcohol or other drugs?

and i say hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah, fuckin' right, damn right, alright. i mean im scripted them so if i just have something else then ill take them when itll help with whatever else im on but i dont like getting drunk unless i have benzos, i like having some if im doin some dope or whatever, and clonazepam with heavy drinking and cocaine is the way you make some lack-of-memories. shit, now i want some coke.

>Are you a recreational / black market user or do you get a script from a doc?

i mean recreational off the black mart when i can be but the kpins are a script
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

do you enjoy black outs by green monster - Wed, 15 Feb 2017 20:45:32 EST ID:ZSTK9qw2 No.133948 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487209532712.jpg -(7646B / 7.47KB, 300x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 7646
Do you like blacking out? If so, Why?


I like blacking out because I don't enjoy being alive and love the feeling of loosing grasp of reality. I cook, commute, and do many other things while blacked out on benzos, and also completely fall asleep. I enjoy it. I was wondering if you guys enjoy this or if you just take enough to get you relaxed.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 18:05:37 EST ID:baWA5M8l No.133972 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1487286337759.jpg -(62327B / 60.87KB, 750x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have too much to lose these days to enjoy blacking out. I've got a cornucopia of drugs that could easily kill me or get me arrested if I'm not coherent. All the guns might be a problem. One time I was pointing an empty jammomatic shitty .22 rifle at the ceiling because I thought I was at one of those carnival shooting games. Bear in mind I was on like 5-7g of indoor shrooms (cubes) but still that's not good.

One time my friend sort of broke into my house that I shared. Apparently he had been hitting me up all night for bud and because I got super drunk and was hungover and barred out I never answered. He basically was trying to get inside with a key I lent to his roommate so that he could leave cash on the table and break down his 2oz and slide.

Well I could barely sleep from 5 days of 24/7 drinking and the weed+xanax had me out of it. I heard someone I didn't notice talking on a phone in the living room and I come out in boxers and a shotgun to handle it (it really was a dangerous environment, countless thefts and a few armed robberies or teenagers pulling a pocket knife over a quarter, stupid shit) I never pointed it at him or touched the trigger as I'm told but it sounds like I was so out of it from 6mg xanax that apparently he saw me peaking behind the corner and said don't shoot me Mario it's me and supposedly I started laughing super hard and came out to see him. Next thing I know maybe 5 hours larer another friend is bringing over some girls from the boring sorority and they say I was passed out on the couch in the same boxers and shotgun on the floor. I remember almost none of this.

Sure it's funny and noteworthy when nothing happens. But imagine waiting up in holding cell when you don't even remember talking to your lawyer or how you got there. Imagine coming to in jail and finding a few etizolam pellets and footballs in your shorts.

Just no. Maybe in a different country. When I was in India I was getting benzos from the pharmacy, liquor from an illegal corner store where you had to say a special word to buy, and managed to get like 300g of GARBAGE weed for $15+15 tip. With the whole Holi Bhang ceremony and some benzos I forgot an enti…
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
green monster - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:36:18 EST ID:ZSTK9qw2 No.133978 Ignore Report Quick Reply
blacking out is risky like you said. I was just purely wondering if people enjoy that feeling. I know it has consequences depending where you are or what's going on
Alice Cemmleway - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:59:20 EST ID:1/Dg7nv+ No.133980 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Blacking out is fun, because I'm a weird fucker that enjoys trying to piece together the events of the blackout.

But blackouts sort of make me wonder if I even enjoyed myself during the time on the drug, lmao
Hannah Bremblemick - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 00:30:28 EST ID:Exm3v3Al No.134033 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Back a year or so ago and prior i didn't really "like" blacking out, but it happened to me a lot and i didn't really mind it, or try to take steps for it not to happen to me. Nowadays i really despise it and it only happens to me really rarely. Before i used to easily blackout 3x a week due to alcohol and benzos. Idk what changed in me to hate blacking out so much more but something did. It might have been because i started doing more opiates
Sophia !0R/XnN1IK. - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 01:42:05 EST ID:kvIkOmm8 No.134036 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I really do empathise with you OP. Not wanting to be "in reality"... And not suicidal, but not caring if I got hit by a bus tomorrow. It does get better. I won't lecture you about the blackouts and shit, because I know how enjoyable it is, but I wish you luck and happiness.

Nifoxipam by Shitting Sugglebury - Wed, 15 Feb 2017 23:00:00 EST ID:nSIeHLPG No.133951 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487217600444.jpg -(203795B / 199.02KB, 660x495) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 203795
Hey /benz/, how many of you guys have tried NIfoxipam? I've only heard a few things about it, but I'm a bit concerned about the duration and potency. Is it worth a purchase?
2 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cedric Grandhall - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 23:22:03 EST ID:nSIeHLPG No.133994 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've only tried pharms, clonazolam, and etiz. How would you compare it to clonaz?
Ebenezer Climmerforth - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 23:23:26 EST ID:XKLOrVA6 No.133995 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I thought it was good for sleep but etiz is better imo
Alice Cemmleway - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 02:12:45 EST ID:1/Dg7nv+ No.133997 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I haven't tried Clonazolam myself, but its got a bit of a euphoric body high sort of feeling reminiscent of Midazolam, at least to me.

Compared to Clonazepam, it's less headspacey and more chill, I think I would describe it. But I'm like, really benzed right now, so that not make sense. Sorry haha.
Basil Brookwill - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 14:45:16 EST ID:paeA0zak No.134002 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Shorter half life. Little to no "euphoria" although benzos aren't euphoric anyway. Okay relaxation, lower end muscle relaxation, lower end sedation, not as easy to blackout on. Extremely high issues of delusions of sobriety however, and highly intoxicating compared to other benzos (you will appear drunk in public).

All in all quite shitty albeit fairly strong.
Hannah Bremblemick - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 00:33:04 EST ID:Exm3v3Al No.134034 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I never was able to get any effects from nifoxipam i only took 1mg though maybe it was too low of a dose?

1st time etiz by Jack Funkinleg - Sun, 19 Feb 2017 17:57:54 EST ID:HXB1mnb0 No.134028 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487545074756.png -(1315212B / 1.25MB, 848x865) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1315212
really dig kpins so i figured i'd try etiz out since its pretty easy to get ahold of, how does it compare? also dosage info would be appreciated
Dr. Katz - Sun, 19 Feb 2017 19:07:55 EST ID:fxIkwqoW No.134030 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Etizolam is about half as potent as clonazepam and alprazolam. Etizolam has a much shorter duration of action than clonazepam. Actually, etizolam has an even shorter duration than alprazolam. Etizolam hits quickly and dissipates quickly. Clonazepam, as you know, comes on slowly and lasts for hours upon hours. Because etizolam does come on quickly and doesn't have a very long duration (it lasts 60-90 min. for me), compulsive re-dosing is quite common.

Etizolam is a thienodiazepine that has exhibited slight reverse tolerance in at least one study on lab rats that I read a couple of years ago. There isn't much of a punch compared to other short-acting anxiolytics, but it will have more of a "punch" than clonazepam.
>Short-acting thienodiazepine
>About half as potent as alprazolam and clonazepam
>Shorter duration than alprazolam and much, much shorter duration than clonazepam

Clonazolam is great dudes. by Ernest Harrywutch - Sat, 18 Feb 2017 15:08:25 EST ID:56i3WTNV No.134011 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487448505491.gif -(1466842B / 1.40MB, 230x172) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1466842
It is.
Wesley Suddlewell - Sat, 18 Feb 2017 19:16:18 EST ID:tPSzuW3v No.134017 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You're on clam aren't you ;)

And yes it is indeed great.

Musik while benz'd by Martin Popperfuck - Wed, 01 Feb 2017 16:47:18 EST ID:RomBFTch No.133740 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1485985638864.jpg -(3272799B / 3.12MB, 4128x2322) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 3272799
What's your favorite music to listen to while benz'd out of your skull?
16 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Dr. Katz - Sun, 12 Feb 2017 14:56:13 EST ID:fxIkwqoW No.133887 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Spectrum - Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)
the first song is not a good representation of the album's ambient sound

anything and everything by the band is incredible. Here's Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.

>Lotus Plaza - Floodlight Collective

>Built to Spill - Perfect from Now On
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Eliza Hiffingkat - Mon, 13 Feb 2017 19:09:28 EST ID:fK18tgjD No.133911 Ignore Report Quick Reply
right now? okay let me fuckin make you HEAR this temazepam up in me you beautiful fucks:

sylvan esso - cold coffee

pusher - clear ft gothic (SHAWN WASABI REMIX)

DA BANG - love becomes the ghost in the back of your head

first song most of all though for sure.

gorillaz. all drugs. yes. for me the benz song for that is easily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qB_6wpoXTk but that's just me yo
Fuck Fogglemark - Wed, 15 Feb 2017 20:41:46 EST ID:ZSTK9qw2 No.133947 Ignore Report Quick Reply
quick guise, get benz'd and listen to Sampha's new album. It's his debut and it's beautiful
Walter Drurryson - Sat, 18 Feb 2017 00:47:52 EST ID:v6nEdBdc No.134007 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've been listening to that Cold Coffee song for days now, holy shit is that good! Thanks for showing me the way.

Here's a few of my suggestions -
Emancipator - Soon it will be Cold enough to build fires

David Gray - Sail Away

Dissidenten - Instinctive Traveller
Walter Drurryson - Sat, 18 Feb 2017 03:42:39 EST ID:v6nEdBdc No.134008 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Wolf Alice - Silk

Clonazolam drug interactions by Basil Bimmerham - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 18:41:15 EST ID:EnbSNnFL No.133973 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1487288475915.jpg -(85771B / 83.76KB, 750x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 85771
Just got some c-lam pellets today and I'm eager to try them. I've been on prednisone for 9 days cause of an awful rash I had, took my last dose today about 6 hours ago.

Would it be safe for me to take some c-lam in about 4-5 hours?
Alice Cemmleway - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 20:01:12 EST ID:1/Dg7nv+ No.133983 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Should be fine. Have fun!
Albert Lightcocke - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 21:03:31 EST ID:Nhih8bA6 No.133986 Ignore Report Quick Reply
alright thanks. hopefully someone else replies so I can be a little more sure I won't die
Albert Lightcocke - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:03:30 EST ID:Nhih8bA6 No.134000 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I did it and didn't die, pretty sure I ended up taking 1mg cause I can't find the other half of the pellet :((((((

nb cause resolved
Matilda Turveyhall - Sat, 18 Feb 2017 21:47:45 EST ID:1/Dg7nv+ No.134021 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Sorry you couldn't find the half pellet, but glad you didn't die! :) nb

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