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What do you mention to a doctor to get benzos, beta blockers, or even therapist recommendation? by Eugene Worthingford - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 20:04:58 EST ID:cPzvstN8 No.134493 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1490054698316.gif -(242417B / 236.74KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 242417
And how do you even make the appointment? I can't even say hello to someone without going into a panic anymore. Maybe it's part of working in solitude for the past year, or not having alcohol as a crutch anymore, perhaps even a series of severe panic attacks breaking me down.

I'm thinking of getting drunk, having dab and walking to the walk in and see where it goes from there. But even then I don't know.

Fuckk. I can't even have sex anymore. I'm pretty fucking broken.
Ian Fanstone - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:33:36 EST ID:vmie1p+R No.134496 Ignore Report Quick Reply
> I can't even say hello to someone without going into a panic anymore

Lol like that guy who had a panic attack because his computer started acting up and had to drown it with pills

Don't turn to drugs man. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and face the music. Exposure therapy. Hike your skirt up and just stick it through. Don't go back to your crutches. You'll come out a better and stronger person.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:52:56 EST ID:3gvCI+xA No.134498 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That's my boy High Strung. He's well...high strung.

At least he comes up with excuses for his usage lol.

Ebenezer Blackbury - Tue, 21 Mar 2017 19:23:58 EST ID:a+Wb8jGR No.134507 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I just got back from my psychiatrist and I told her that I need to take oxazepam every evening because I start to feel this muscle tension and general feeling of shittiness.

I told her that I wanted to get off that shit, she told me that I just needed to take higher dosage of effexor(that shit that turns you into low libido and takes the way your ability to even have feels, so you're kinda in this unnatural mental space of not reacting and becoming apathetic) .

But the reason why I don't want to up my SSRI dose is because I know what I'm having isn't related to anxiety, it's more a direct linkage to my benzo usage.

She was shilling upping my SSRI dose so hard and passive aggresivly when all I wanted to do was to get out of this cycle of benzo dependency and the fact that I over exercise because I'm so afraid of becoming out of shape again. I don't even take a brake from working out for weeks.

Now I've taken 30 mg oxies and 14 mg lunastia and I finally feel like I can relax.

I really don't see how taking more SSRI should help anxiety when genuinely depended on benzos and over work my body.
High Strung - Tue, 21 Mar 2017 19:41:23 EST ID:/YluKyww No.134508 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeaaaaah that'd be me.... lol

Without Klonopin I'm a mess of constant panic attacks and PTSD flashbacks. It's funny cuz I have absolutely no social anxiety and am the extroverted life of the party among my friends.... but even a blue screen of death or an unexpected knock at the door can cause me to break down into tears.

asuka - Tue, 21 Mar 2017 19:45:00 EST ID:sKvW6TLT No.134509 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>hey i have severe anxiety issues
>"lol dont use anti anxiety drugs for that"

like, that's their intended use when prescribed as such, that's the fuckin IDEA and esp with how there are different ones for different uses, the way sense influences phenomenology and anxiety-as-sensed, anxiety-as-being is complicated and benzos can help. "Just GET OUT THERE!" is fucking difficult if you feel like you can't even make it to a therapist appointment.

like seriously, the idea of a benzo is often to remedy symptoms in order to allow one to work on habits, to allow you to deal with the symptoms and use the two in tandem to reach other therapeutic ends.
Fanny Sibblelock - Tue, 21 Mar 2017 20:39:40 EST ID:v6PJQ+77 No.134510 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Like seriously, people dealt with their anxiety problems head on before benzos were even invented. OP is freaking out because he's lived a work life with no social contact.

He's not some broken being. This is clearly a case of stepping outside your comfort zone and dealing with it. This isn't severe anxiety case.

It's the same shit with kids who raised themselves in front of a computer and not stepping out into the world to experience life outside their internet bubble
Sophia !0R/XnN1IK. - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 00:14:35 EST ID:f0mAG6KC No.134513 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1490156075348.jpg -(17161B / 16.76KB, 460x345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Gah. I'm like this too! I'm an extrovert. No problem presenting my papers in front of the class.

Phone rings, and it's not a text?? WTFFFFFFFF.
Priscilla Hungerden - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 11:25:52 EST ID:4nMg4T+U No.134520 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Leave her practice. It's an SNRI not SSRI and it could be causing some of the problems. Ditch the bitch.
Sophie Gummerfoot - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 12:35:13 EST ID:cPzvstN8 No.134523 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1490200513424.jpg -(94137B / 91.93KB, 640x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well I mean it goes deeper than what I've stated. Getting into confrontations, compulsions to stab random people, driving like I'm in an F1 or some shit, remotely pitting people against eachother, living on edge to the point I'm willing to fuck other peoples lives over, messing peoples shit up, I can crash a bike at 30mph and not give a fuck but if I have to talk to people in any form I'll go into full panic mode, or fight mode.


I took SSRIs 8-14. Fucked my brain up good. Don't do it.
Martin Grandhall - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 07:04:21 EST ID:4w9hDGyz No.134532 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>I took SSRIs 8-14. Fucked my brain up good. Don't do it.

That's a shame, and fucked up that they'd prescribe them to an 8 year old. There's no real solid evidence for using them in teenagers, let alone children. That said they did kind of help me as an adult. I can see how you would want nothing to do with them though
Martin Grandhall - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 07:13:47 EST ID:4w9hDGyz No.134533 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1490267627160.jpg -(132367B / 129.26KB, 629x944) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
> This is clearly a case of stepping outside your comfort zone and dealing with it

...Clearly. I wish I was gifted enough to psychoanalyze and pass judgement on someone's entire life based on a single forum post. What you say is true for a lot of people but you're assuming a lot.

Could be OCD (it can manifest as resistable compulsions or obsessive thoughts about harming people, or many other things, a personality disorder or any of a hundred other things.
Just saying what you've said here (and in the OP) to a doctor/shrink isn't the worst starting place. You can always get a second opinion if you don't get along with the doctor or therapist. I found it took quite a while and several different doctors/shrinks/psychologists to find ones who I could relate to.
TinyTrip !5pb17tfZto - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 14:24:54 EST ID:vo38VrHV No.134538 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Speak with a health care professional and explain to them how your anxiety has negatively impacted your quality of life and ability to function.

If it is a crisis go to emerge, otherwise go to your family doctor or reach out through public services.

Just be aware not every situation requires medication and often can be dealt with through therapy or a combination of both.

Best of luck and stay safe. You may wish to reevaulate your usage of other drugs and alcohol as well.
asuka - Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:26:06 EST ID:rSk8JXOp No.134546 Ignore Report Quick Reply
some people dealt with them...and some didn't and were reclusive their whole goddamn lives. or hey, drank, like OP mentioned!! like if they're fucking able to use benzos to ease themselves into a life that they enjoy more then why the fuck not take them as a component in therapy?

anyway whatever lmao
Jarvis Cummerham - Sun, 26 Mar 2017 11:08:09 EST ID:paeA0zak No.134568 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This. Of course, popping loads of caffeine from any source before the consult also works wonders. I have super high BP/heartrate and such for my age so of course it didn't take much in the way of caffeine to seal the deal.

Normally doctors only care about the "fun" stuff which is all arbitrary and retarded anyway so if you're seeking heart pills even though it is more dangerous they're way easier to get and you won't be classed as a seeker even if you really do have use for benzos and they're safer.

Sadly the way the stupid drug laws are set up any encounter with law, medicine, and/or psychiatry should always be taken as a game of lies and manipulation and don't leave a trace of it on your record if at all possible. If you do, move states/countries and never sign off on any disclosure forms.
Dextrolord - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 01:09:24 EST ID:mmnM7dPE No.134584 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I read your first 2 sentences OP and thats all u gotta say just do online research or via phone to find a psych that takes ur insurance and say basicly exactly that
Albert Bunstone - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 12:59:12 EST ID:cPzvstN8 No.134592 Ignore Report Quick Reply
First I just got to smack the pussy out of me and set the appointment. Apparently you can do it all online now. So just got ot find an open date.
TinyTrip !5pb17tfZto - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 17:12:17 EST ID:9BCcSDoL No.134594 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Good man, with anxiety even baby stepa like that can be hard. Keep on pushing to makwe your quality of life improve.
Dextrolord - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 17:59:44 EST ID:mmnM7dPE No.134595 Ignore Report Quick Reply
whats up with who mods this board?? I posted in this thread yessterday with my 2 cents and now its gone like wtf y

anyways yo tell ur psych, find a better one if u gotta, that u cant even make appointments etc without paniciing was just about that easy for me
Dextrolord - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 18:01:03 EST ID:mmnM7dPE No.134596 Ignore Report Quick Reply
my bad Im guessing my pc fucked up somehow now both my posts show my bad nb
TinyTrip !5pb17tfZto - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 18:56:32 EST ID:9BCcSDoL No.134602 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Its OK you can post while bwnzd here

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