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Having hard time keeping it in by Beatrice Ginkinpack - Thu, 11 Jan 2018 06:42:16 EST ID:F/3q7gjJ No.138937 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1515670936201.jpg -(51871B / 50.66KB, 509x654) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 51871
Hi all. I scored 20 mgs in xanax from a friend roughly a week ago. I've been using it 0.25mg-0.5mg a day to make days at work easier (yay, 34 more days!). Everything has been great BUT I've noticed I'm having a hard time keeping pee in. I'm a man and I'm pretty used to holding it in. Before I could go easily for hours if I didn't have a chance. For the last couple of days (I've been taking 0.5mg-1.0mg a day, 0.25mg dosages) my bladder has started to leak quite literally.

Today I had the urge to pee while I was working on some urgent stuff. I decided to wait until I've finished with the work. The urge kept getting stronger and stronger and actually started to feel like it was coming to go out involuntarily. So I headed for the upstairs bathroom. Theres two flights of steps to get there and when I started climbing I knew immediately I was in trouble. A teaspoon of pee already leaked out. Keeping it in felt harder and harder as I climbed the stairs and once I made it into the bathroom, the front of my pants was already pee soaked. I stripped and even more pee came gushing out. I managed to get the most of it into the bowl, but my jeans and underpants were ruined. I managed to get out of the situation without further embarrasment but this is not the first time this has happened while I'm on benzos. This is the worst case by far. Othertimes I've just managed to get my pants of and my dick out, but it feels like benzos make holding it in much, much harder.

Do I need to start peeing more or stop benzos for good? Is this even normal? Could there be something else I should be worried about. I'm nearing 30 so I sure as fucking hell hope I'm not experiencing life-long bladder problems.
TinyTrip !5pb17tfZto - Thu, 11 Jan 2018 08:04:34 EST ID:f/QzuUjS No.138938 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Coincidentally, I happened to be prepping something indirectly related to this for work and have some sources in front of me.

It is a symptom of benzo wd but it has been noticed in the usage of several classes of drug with the phenomena being associated with their shared metabolic moa. Based on that oxidative agents like alprazolam, are more likely to cause this than non.

Basically, benzos can increase urinary incontinence in some individuals by decreasing urethral resistance through relaxation of striated muscle because of their effects on GABAA receptors in the central nervous system.

Not common to my knowledge and there are obvious issues with frequent urinary problems. I'd probably avoid taking them, you don't want to end up with urinary issues as a result.
George Blathershit - Fri, 12 Jan 2018 00:26:18 EST ID:YbHedzW2 No.138959 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Thats the least of your worries starting daily benzo use, guy
I mean this is a drug discussion board and I'm not your mom but purposely getting yourself dependent on benzos for the fuck of it to make work more fun is a dumbass move

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