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SCNT != an exact copy. by Ebenezer Tillingwell - Tue, 26 May 2015 20:42:41 EST ID:uIXBnvmm No.76600 Report Reply Quick Reply
1432687361685.gif -(58115 B, 572x381) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 58115
So, how much variance does mitochondrial DNA give to a clone? Is it just how the cells make ATP? Or, does mitochonrial DNA add any more phenotypical variation in said organism born via SCNT?

Also, Is SCNT asexual? I've read essays claiming it's asexual because you're only using the nuclear DNA from one organism, which seems sound to me. But would you have to use somatic and gametic cells from the same woman in order for SCNT to ever be fully asexual?
trypto - Wed, 27 May 2015 10:29:52 EST ID:xYeF8coT No.76604 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Also, Is SCNT asexual? I've read essays claiming it's asexual because you're only using the nuclear DNA from one organism, which seems sound to me.
I suppose so, yeah.

> But would you have to use somatic and gametic cells from the same woman in order for SCNT to ever be fully asexual?
I think meiosis's shuffling of genes is the hallmark of sexual reproduction. Meiosis doesn't effect mitochondrial DNA to begin with. The egg cell *is* produced via meiosis. But it lacks the genetics that make meiosis unique.

It's just a semantics issue, I guess. If you could make an egg cell without meiosis, it would definitely be asexual. But any process that makes an egg cell might be considered meiosis by definition (IDK).

I think it's asexual, but it depends on the precise definitions. semantics.
Ebenezer Tillingwell - Wed, 27 May 2015 12:11:03 EST ID:uIXBnvmm No.76605 Report Quick Reply
Yeah. I think it's more of a /pss/ question, tbh. But I thought maybe the people here might be more informed.
Simon Niblingfuck - Thu, 28 May 2015 10:36:10 EST ID:uGD5aNS6 No.76611 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>So, how much variance does mitochondrial DNA give to a clone?
Not much. There are only a handful of mitochondrial genes, half of these give rise to some tRNA, the rest are involved in the electron transport chain. There are some diseases associated with mitochondrial genes but they are very rare, so typically mitochondrial DNA is just a minor player in phenotypic determination.

For instance, there is a protein, HMG-CoA synthase, we have 2 versions of it, one is mitochondrial and one is cytosolic. Both are encoded by the nuclear genome, though. So a lot of mitochondrial genes are totally removed from the mitochondria.

>Also, Is SCNT asexual?

>But would you have to use somatic and gametic cells from the same woman in order for SCNT to ever be fully asexual?
No. There is no genetic shuffling of any sort in nuclear transfer, no multi-source DNA, no crossing-over events. Its totally asexual.

DPT HCl -> Freebase Stoichiometry by Ian Gemmleworth - Thu, 14 May 2015 12:34:37 EST ID:RLSN+6eM No.76523 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1431621277988.gif -(68358 B, 150x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 68358
If you have DPT HCl and you want to add a base to convert it to freebase, how do you determine how much base to add?
Using Lye as an example. Would it simply be for every molecule of DPT, there is 1 molecule of HCl attached, and so you only need 1 molecule of NaOH to grab that HCl?
And so how do you figure out the weights to use in that case?

Also, Lye or Baking Soda? What's the advantages of either?

Also, what happens to the Na+ from that NaOH?
15 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
trypto - Fri, 22 May 2015 17:49:25 EST ID:xYeF8coT No.76568 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just so you know, he wasn't doing the 'ol trying to make chlorine gas trick. It's still dangerous and probably not practical. But it wasn't really trolling.

BTW, are you an AXE member? Or just a Paracelsus fan?
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Sat, 23 May 2015 16:56:17 EST ID:V1Ngvki3 No.76572 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Chlorine gas trick? I'm not sure what you mean.
Acetone + hypochlorite produces chloroform and was typically what I did in starting days when I couldn't find any cheap non-polar, halogenated solvents. It was nice cus I could make it from a simple paint-can distillation setup.

I googled it. Not much when I just google AXE, lol. What's that?
Yes to Paracelsus. I just interboard post a lot originating from /opi/ and don't bother getting rid of my trypcodes when I'm on different boards.
Fanny Gasslegold - Sun, 24 May 2015 09:06:08 EST ID:+0Ci6TLP No.76577 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Are you entirely clueless? It's a common meme on chans to give harmful "advice", especially in regards to chemistry. The most common one is to mix ammonia and bleach in an enclosed area to create chlorine gas.
This leads to the knee-jerk reaction that any advice involving bleach is meant to kill the ignorant.
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Sun, 24 May 2015 12:38:31 EST ID:7kmiNKnL No.76579 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I was clueless on that, actually. I did not actually know that. Anyway. A simple google to whether or not I was being serious could've helped.

Sorry making my good advice sound like an attempt to OPdeath. That was NOT my intention
Jack Billingdock - Sun, 24 May 2015 13:22:30 EST ID:xYeF8coT No.76580 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's a chemistry professional fraternity in the US. They like paracelsus.

Theory of Everything by Nigerian Scientist - Sun, 24 May 2015 06:26:20 EST ID:66LysKmZ No.76575 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1432463180171.gif -(1407143 B, 256x191) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1407143
Mathematics to unite general relativity and quantum mechanics is not required. Quantum physics is simply our universe interacting with a parallel dimension. Like how one electron can be in two places at once, so were two universes born simultaneously. This is how the multiverse has always worked. Two are required to complete the physics of both, so there is an infinite number of universes with one parallel dimension each.
1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Sun, 24 May 2015 12:35:10 EST ID:7kmiNKnL No.76578 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Whitey Duddlesutch - Sun, 24 May 2015 21:43:35 EST ID:66LysKmZ No.76589 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Making up retarded theories to science has nothing to do with conspiracies. Go fuck yourself m8. nb
Thomas Fonkindurk - Mon, 25 May 2015 02:20:37 EST ID:st1K9a/U No.76590 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You're right, half-baked "theories" that rape the subject matter and glue the resulting traumatized and diluted mass of sciency terms together doesn't have anything to do with conspiracies. It obviously belongs on /spooky/.
Whitey Duddlesutch - Mon, 25 May 2015 06:36:48 EST ID:66LysKmZ No.76591 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You ride that mod dick to the moon.
Nathaniel Pickbanks - Mon, 25 May 2015 12:52:52 EST ID:xYeF8coT No.76592 Ignore Report Quick Reply
There's no mods in this thread.

Fracking? by Basil Fedgeway - Sun, 12 Apr 2015 22:57:13 EST ID:T3+BR5r7 No.76377 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1428893833943.png -(449819 B, 589x760) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 449819
This might get some feathers ruffled but I (hope) this is a smart enough community to look at the facts. I'm not say that you'll have to agree with me but anyway.
First some facts about fracking:
  • It's been practiced since the 1950's. There is an increased amount of fracking going on today however than in the past.
  • As to my last point, the majority of natural gas wells in the US use fracking.
  • As one can imagine, there's a large variety of different types at different depths.
  • There is also different kinds of fracking. Different chemicals are used as well.

just a lazy source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_fracturing

On to my point now. If fracking was discontinued then the majority of natural gas production in North America would shut down or be reduced. Now, with this might be a dream to some, the reality is that there would be more natural gas and oil being sold to the US from other foreign countries. I don't think would solve anything.
There is also differences in how fracking is being conducted. In some parts of the US, wells are drilled around the ground water. In other parts the wells are much deeper than ground water.
So, in some cases (assuming that there's no leaks in the pipe) it's very improbable that that fracking could affect the ground water in any way. In other cases, there's a real concern that it's polluting the ground water.
Also, if fracking so bad, than why has no one noticed that many health problems yet. It's been going on for quite a while and it's wide spread. If fracking was really causing a huge amount of damage then most in the US would have health problem due to water not just a few isolated cases.
I'm not saying that fracking can't cause problems, it probably has. Likewise, there are area's that probably shouldn't be fracked. I think having more government oversight in the matter would be good but, it pisses me off when people have a knee jerk reaction and say that fracking is horrible and should be stopped!
17 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Sun, 10 May 2015 00:58:22 EST ID:uL2dS0GQ No.76493 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Other chemicals in fracking solution
I fucking love this one. They say most of the fracking water is just plain water... And 1% is just simple, household chemicals. Yeah... 1%. I'll phrase it like this: 10 000ppm!

How about for every two cups of water you drink, you swallow a teaspoon of bleach? Or every whole rotisserie chicken, just swallow 5g of pure drain cleaner Sodium Hydroxide?

That one isn't THAT bad. They're tracers so non-alpha emitters. This one is the only risk that shouldn't really be a risk. You get injections from Moly Cows safely so this groundwater is fine. I think they mainly use an isomer of Molybdenum so they can measure Technetium compounds in the long run. It's not that bad.
Augustus Nadgekone - Tue, 12 May 2015 12:05:03 EST ID:I5OGM6QQ No.76508 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Not the first guy who said it's radioactive, but I have personally tested fracking flowback water for radium content, and it was extremely radioactive for an environmental sample.

Even after remediation, when it is released into the environment the waste water is still radioactive. On top of this the removed radium is obtained as solid waste, which will last for quite some time (half life of 1600 years).

Vengosh, Avner et al. "Impacts of Shale Gas Wastewater Disposal on Water Quality in Western Pennsylvania." Environmental Science & Technology 47.20 (2014): 11849–11857.
Augustus Nadgekone - Tue, 12 May 2015 12:07:13 EST ID:I5OGM6QQ No.76509 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Also, note the water becomes radioactive as well from the marcellus shale containing Uranium and it's daughters. Radium, a daughter of Uranium, is highly water soluble and an alpha emitter which ends up in the water after fracking.
Nicholas Dadgekodging - Tue, 12 May 2015 20:32:25 EST ID:F23hgi0z No.76512 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Tracking killed my well. Had to walk five miles to buy water from Walmart. Fuck tracking, it destroys the water table. Burn some fucking coal.
Walter Blatherstock - Thu, 21 May 2015 18:07:41 EST ID:fmmZ+QO0 No.76564 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1432246061016.jpg -(154958 B, 1376x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 154958
Seconding this. Shale in general (and black shale in particular, because of its high organic content) carry high concentrations of radioactive elements like U, Th, and K -- don't remember the particular isotopes. They're all moderately chunky cations that fit nicely into the crystalline structures of most clay minerals, and shale is nothing but layer after layer of clays.

Pic related -- those potassium ions in-between the clay mineral "Sandwiches" can be replaced by radioactive K or any of a large number of radioisotopes.

Ullmann's Encyclopedia and DNP by Emma Gipperson - Fri, 15 May 2015 08:28:49 EST ID:u1i/7CUK No.76537 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1431692929558.jpg -(74408 B, 750x557) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 74408
Someone is trying to synthesize DNP . The wikipedia page says it can be synthesized by hydrolysis of 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene. He would like more info on this and the wiki cites Ullman's as a source but he can't find the book on #bookz or #ebooks (except from FlipMoran but he's never online). The only other options are a public library 100 miles from him or buying it.

Please help him /chem/
William Badgestone - Fri, 15 May 2015 11:09:04 EST ID:5rbJvqan No.76538 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Wasn't this the stuff they used back in the 30's to uncouple the electron transport chain in mitochondria? This will make you burn more calories, but it will also tend to cause you to overheat easily. Also cataracts. Please tell someone this will give them cataracts.

Nell Bummersidging - Sat, 16 May 2015 01:13:44 EST ID:mPxNc9mh No.76544 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Someone is
You can just say it's you. Nothing illegal with interest.

Search on libgen.org . http://libgen.org/book/index.php?md5=aed4b08ed12644d338de0fc47408c6f1

Ullman's is great, but you could probably find another source on google scholar.
Hamilton Foddlepudge - Mon, 18 May 2015 07:06:56 EST ID:rEjKbJW9 No.76552 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Thanks a bunch friend. You got me out of a pinch


There's only a small chance of that.
Hamilton Foddlepudge - Mon, 18 May 2015 07:43:02 EST ID:rEjKbJW9 No.76553 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I just read that PDF and it said that these people were taking DNP for up to 24 months the shortest time being 9 months. The recommended cycle is 21 days. What the fuck

DXM Agent Lemon Extraction help by Phyllis Bellymidging - Fri, 13 Mar 2015 23:17:42 EST ID:o89teyo5 No.76246 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1426303062235.jpg -(165821 B, 640x1136) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 165821
By living in the tight ass country of Australia I am not able to buy clear non-scented ammonia. Which is required to convert the hydrobromide salt to freebase. Is there any other easily obtainable chemicals that can do the same? Apologies if this is a really really easy question
Alice Wonderford - Sat, 14 Mar 2015 22:11:40 EST ID:31mK/U3c No.76253 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>>76246 baking soda + heat
Interested Chemist - Fri, 15 May 2015 02:44:58 EST ID:XFLuI0jL No.76534 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Alice in wonderland is correct. Simply heating sodium bicarbonate in a regular oven at about 400 degrees for a few hours will cause it to break down into C02+Sodium carbonate, and thus gives you a vastly more alkaline substance. So you could try actually forming the salts, which is significantly more complicated. Otherwise if you want to do agent lemon, clear ammonia really is required
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Sat, 16 May 2015 13:56:46 EST ID:k2MucbUr No.76547 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Quick question :
Is DXM illegal in OZ? We in the commonwealth across the pond can get it in the pure powder without issue ; the powder, that is.

But aye. The bloke above me is correct. Sodium carbonate is a strong alkali. Ammonia is weak.
This means that you will have a small product loss when you use ammonia. It can still work, but it's much cheaper/ easier/ safer to use sodium carbonate or hydroxide.

Contemporary Science; Recommendations for a dropout ? by Nigger Cliblingpune - Tue, 05 May 2015 21:02:21 EST ID:ARAmUcAp No.76473 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430874141891.jpg -(29014 B, 719x457) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 29014
Sup / CHEM /,

I'm a high school dropout whose looks to further his understanding of chemistry and biology for a well-rounded foundation pertaining to my career interest, which is Journalism.

I love philosophy and critical thinking; I've recently studied into the structural development of racism of sexism in contemporary US society (since it has become such a relevant topic), but my understanding of science has always lacked from my adolescent years of substance abuse, lethargy, and nonattendance of class.

I'm now a couple years into college, soon to lock down my AA and transfer, but, for my major, these classes are not relevant. I'm wondering if there are any books that could bring my up to date for a practical understanding of things? I just want to be more confident with these things in the academic and elitist arena.

tl;dr: Classes cost almost $1000 if I were to take Chemistry, Biology, and another in addition; Are there any entry level texts that would give me a fundamental understanding of these subjects as they pertain to modern-day philosophical conundrum and up-to-date expertise?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
James Blazzlemerk - Thu, 14 May 2015 10:41:55 EST ID:mPxNc9mh No.76522 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>implying high school is worth anything
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Thu, 14 May 2015 18:42:24 EST ID:+pkBPT96 No.76525 Ignore Report Quick Reply
How's it ignorant? Most people who drop out of highschool don't even know what philosophy is. It might've been a touch arrogant - and I'd apologise for that, but it's definitely not ignorant.
I was just wondering as OP is a really special case. A good case.

Of course it is. It's where you establish many and most of your skills. Writing, socialising, maths, etc. High school is a cut off for most people and if you can't get through it, either you're an asshole or the system failed you.
Full, certified retards pass high school. If you drop out, you either have a sad story (like one of my good mates who developed MS) or you're just an asshole. The latter includes violent people, people who are smart enough to not be retarded but not smart enough and think they don't need high school, and people in jail.
Green Fox - Thu, 14 May 2015 19:26:53 EST ID:0YyKnwjY No.76528 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I would suggest learning the fundamentals as other people say. All the books I've read summarizing "how science shapes the world", etc, are too broad, shallow, and really only highlight the interests and biases of the writer.

Even organic chemistry is inextricably linked to every facet of nature, as well as human industry/technology, and obviously technology shapes basically all aspects of society.
Thomas Honnersut - Thu, 14 May 2015 20:01:43 EST ID:03y+T8R4 No.76529 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Do not respond to tripfags. Responding to them is like feeding birds.
trypto - Fri, 22 May 2015 18:00:41 EST ID:xYeF8coT No.76569 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oh, I see. You're british. You have a better secondary education system than here in the states. Really, in most communities it's glorified daycare.

High school is worthless unless you were able to keep great grades for a college scholarship.

>The latter includes violent people, people who are smart enough to not be retarded but not smart enough and think they don't need high school, and people in jail.
And fuck your generalization. I don't have the time to explain to you the different paths one can take through life.

>Most people who drop out of highschool don't even know what philosophy is.
>Full, certified retards pass high school

Are you tired of wind farms? Y or N? by James Bivingferk - Thu, 18 Dec 2014 08:27:56 EST ID:ctdJAZb6 No.75884 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1418909276841.jpg -(39909 B, 930x620) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 39909
Wind Farms - Yes or No. UK Poll by David Cameron. Do you support off shore wind farms? Or in David's words, are you tired of them?

5 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Hedda Snodlock - Sun, 21 Dec 2014 14:55:38 EST ID:DIZp74tV No.75905 Ignore Report Quick Reply

nice to see feral cats still holding it down though lol
Frederick Smalldale - Mon, 22 Dec 2014 00:01:36 EST ID:hJMJM/Qw No.75906 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oh my god, who the hell cares if you're "tired" of them.
It's not a matter of "Feeling" it... it's a matter of i dunno,
keeping your country in the 21st century.

Hamilton Suzzlehood - Mon, 22 Dec 2014 05:53:05 EST ID:JANiHDME No.75908 Ignore Report Quick Reply
actually, use of wind power is pretty ancient, and electric turbines are a 20th century technology.
21st century will be thorium reactors or something even safer and cheaper
Cyril Bicklepuck - Sat, 09 May 2015 04:34:19 EST ID:9FLQiANc No.76485 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>drinking the thorium kool-aid

Lydia Gaddlekag - Wed, 13 May 2015 18:40:51 EST ID:ShXhfJnW No.76520 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Cameron's fed up cause he's not making enough money from them. Fucking cunt.

Substituting PEA by Walter Fuckingham - Sat, 02 May 2015 17:33:13 EST ID:QeJd6BiV No.76454 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430602393860.png -(2897 B, 220x91) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2897
I recently impulse-bought a large amount of phenylethylamine (PEA). Anything fun I could make out of it with easy-to-access reagents?

PEA on its own doesn't affect me, but my girlfriend gets her ass kicked on about 2g. I want to do some kind of simple substitution with it so it actually does something to me. Any suggestions?
Green Fox - Sat, 02 May 2015 18:57:06 EST ID:0YyKnwjY No.76455 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The 2C's come to mind, the parent compound of which is 2C-H

You would need to introduce 2 methoxy groups at the 2, and 5 positions on the ring. This could be accomplished by chlorination of the ring using FeCl3/Cl2.

This first step is straightforward and has easy reagents, but not great regioselectivity as the alkyl chain would direct the chlorination more to the 2,4, and 6 positions. You would probably be left with a mixture of about 8 compounds with differing distributions of chlorine atoms around the ring.

Assuming you resolve this mixture, you can then functionalize the chloride groups with sodium or potassium methoxide to give 2C-H.


There are other electrophiles you could use in step 1, and later turn them into methoxy groups, but they all will suffer the same problem of poor selectivity (ortho/meta selectivity is pretty much unheard of in electrophilic additions to benzene).

Shulgin always started with 2,5-dimethoxybenzaldehyde to make 2C-H, (and really everything else in the book), so that is the chemical you want to build up from.
project2501 - Mon, 11 May 2015 16:11:06 EST ID:muMoQJT9 No.76503 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1431375066315.jpg -(29552 B, 720x510) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 29552

i think steric factors might also hinder the substitution at those positions, not to mention that Cl or any halogen will deactivate. and seperating those regio isomeres from eachother would be a pain in the ass, taking into consideration they dont have a big difference in symmetry. and AlCl3 is a lewis acid, so i think the free amine might interfere aswell.

and the williamson wont work if you try to use arylhalides, it would work with phenolates. youd have to react those with a methylhalide and i dont think anything besides methyliodide would be that easy to handle. but thats liquid cancer
theres a reason why shulgin used the aldehydes, a henry reaction with a following reduction is much more elegant while also being feasible.

buuut you could use your Phenethylamine to make fentanyl or carfentanyl, or maybe use it as a rodent repellant
im already impressed that your girlfriend gets a kick out of it
project2501 - Wed, 13 May 2015 16:12:05 EST ID:muMoQJT9 No.76516 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1431547925170.jpg -(412454 B, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 412454


im very sorry to sound like a bloody douchebag of massive proportions, but i just read through your post again. and i seriously cant see anything but a desperate desire for shulgin stuff. reminds me of the time when i read pihkal and didnt figure out what the heck LAH meant, i mean no sincere disrespect its just that everything about your comment is either farfetched or wrong, pic related.

regarding the OP, if you procured PEA without getting raided, you should look up the list of monitored and/or controled chemicals in your region + the region of your vendor. depending on what you actually want to have a vendor that hands out chemicals - at purities suitable for synthesis- is worth every penny.

you just have to decide what you want and how much you want it.
just out of curiousity and in the case you havent forgotten about this, what would be available to you without getting your door kicked in?
Green Fox - Wed, 13 May 2015 18:12:50 EST ID:0YyKnwjY No.76518 Ignore Report Quick Reply

No offence taken. If you were able to string a sentence together I might take it more seriously.

>>i just read through your post again. and i seriously cant see anything but a desperate desire for shulgin stuff

What does this even mean? I'm taking the time to assist this person. What exactly am I desperate for? Shulgin spent a lifetime not just developing, but critically reviewing and choosing the best of existing synthesis for all these chemicals. His books are used as a go-to reference for academic chemists to this day.

Yes, Williamson was a shot in the dark. Probably no good. There isn't a good way to do what OP wants is my point, and I think we're in agreement on that. So why all the sass?
project2501 - Fri, 15 May 2015 06:03:45 EST ID:muMoQJT9 No.76535 Ignore Report Quick Reply
not just the williamson was an impractical idea.
and while we both agree on PEA being a bad substrate for any psychoactive PEA -its basically a dead end- i dont really get how you assisted that person. might aswell suggest to reduce phenylalanine to a amphetamine.

looking for shulgin stuff means that you were trying to force yourself to come up with a way to turn the substrate to anything of interest. and the chemistry in pihkal isnt even that advanced while i do think that shulgin was a prodigy, but more in a biochemical way.

im mighty sure youre not an academic chemist so im fairly uncertain as to how you get the impression the book would be a go to reference for anybody with a scifinder account or any bigger reference data base. there are actually quite a few steps in pikhal that could use improvement.
his fucking contribution wasnt coming up with a synthesis but discovering the activity of those chemicals.

Zinc reaction by Betsy Blunderfuck - Mon, 11 May 2015 09:09:05 EST ID:UpWcBVS1 No.76498 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1431349745536.jpg -(284515 B, 900x896) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 284515
In which state of matter, powder or solid form, will zinc dissolve the fastest in hydrochloric acid? And how would you prove it, aswell as explain it?
Betsy Blunderfuck - Mon, 11 May 2015 09:23:03 EST ID:UpWcBVS1 No.76499 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1431350583536.jpg -(419641 B, 1400x875) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 419641
What I meant by "powder or solid form" is that some the zinc is in powder and some is just a bit of zinc.

The powder should sit at the bottom of the container and react. And the piece of zinc is also completely submerged and should also react.

Which leads us to my original question.
Matilda Chonningfuck - Mon, 11 May 2015 15:38:09 EST ID:muMoQJT9 No.76500 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1431373089818.jpg -(9540 B, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 9540
in order for the reaction to take place both reactands have to meet, therefore whatever form offers the greatest surface area - where both can meet - will react the fastest, kinetics.
even with the powder sitting at the bottom, without being disperged in the solution, it should still offer a surface much bigger.

if this is your homework, jokes on you for not learning anything.

theres a really easy way to monitor the progress of the reaction if you think about the state of the products

pic realted to kinetics
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Mon, 11 May 2015 16:06:44 EST ID:uOXI+vIR No.76502 Ignore Report Quick Reply
When you cut a cube of zinc in half, it increases its surface area by 33%. Cut those in half again, another increase by 33% (basic geometry). As you go down all the way, you will have increases in 33%*x ; x being how many times you cut it down.
Mesh cutting can cut it down thousandfolds or millionfolds depending on the original size. But we can be gratuitous and say it cut it down by 1000x.
An increase of surface area by 33 000% or 330x is much better than 1x by itself. Also, the concentration should really be the same at the top and at the bottom. Remember that as it reacts, bubbles of H2 gas emerge which act to stir the reaction vessel.

NOTE: Zinc doesn't "dissolve" in HCl; it reacts with it.

Gene Identification and Isolation by Lillian Pallersine - Fri, 24 Apr 2015 22:42:36 EST ID:FtFxl1sj No.76426 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1429929756381.jpg -(278703 B, 600x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 278703
Yo, /chem/

I'm gonna guess this is the rightest place for me to ask this.
Say I want to take one trait from a plant (Red pigment?) and put it into another plant. How would I go about identifying which DNA sequence I need to cut out of the genome of the red plant? I know we use restriction nucleases to get the job done, but I need to find out which gene is the one I want.
Thanks for any help.
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eugene Fobbleforth - Wed, 06 May 2015 21:18:02 EST ID:MGk6oodA No.76479 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>>76426 op here
I kind of had a dumb. I forgot to search the gene that codes for the enzyme. I admit I am being relatively secretive about this because I think it has potential for the profits. My objective isn't actually pigments. I'll look into some other stuff. I appreciate the help, y'all.
Faggy Smallham - Thu, 07 May 2015 05:35:23 EST ID:+0Ci6TLP No.76482 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Are you trying to make THC-producing E.Coli, and then growing mad batches of pure hash in a tank in your back yard?
Because that would be a really cool idea.
trypto - Sat, 09 May 2015 13:41:00 EST ID:xYeF8coT No.76488 Ignore Report Quick Reply
> and then growing mad batches of pure hash in a tank in your back yard?
Think bigger, dude. Get those 420 E. coli to colonize your intestines.
Augustus Hittingnork - Sun, 10 May 2015 21:44:56 EST ID:uGD5aNS6 No.76496 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Get those 420 E. coli to colonize your intestines.
No, think even bigger.
Isolate the genes, clone them into lentiviral system and do genetherapy on yourself. Make your liver make the THC, pack it right into LDL and be high forever.
trypto - Sun, 10 May 2015 22:48:14 EST ID:mPxNc9mh No.76497 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I feel it

Propylene Glycol by 42 Years at Bernie's - Tue, 07 Apr 2015 04:21:03 EST ID:5QgPgi6n No.76352 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1428394863310.jpg -(28107 B, 265x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 28107
Where to find Propylene Glycol at the grocery store? I got 4 local grocery stores at my disposal, 1 being Wal-Wart. What would it be grouped with?
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Clara Honderchatch - Sat, 11 Apr 2015 21:02:08 EST ID:OLYBuKMu No.76366 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Doubt this is what you're looking for, but you can find propylene Glycol in the baking isle in flavoring concentrate(works great in vapes) you might be able to find some plain stuff among that, but just ordering it off amazon would no doubt be more likely.
James Drennerstot - Sat, 11 Apr 2015 21:39:23 EST ID:6TZ93eBn No.76367 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Nobody will have it, buy drums of it online.
Jack Pickbury - Tue, 28 Apr 2015 21:30:49 EST ID:DKtUI/mA No.76439 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dissolve polypropylene rope in some antifreeze (lol dont)

You might have to to a food service store and look in the flavor concentrates. It'll be with the MSG, artificial flavors and colors probably.
Augustus Clummlechat - Mon, 04 May 2015 21:46:14 EST ID:OujNiejy No.76466 Ignore Report Quick Reply
We use it in HVAC, check an air conditioning parts house.
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Sun, 10 May 2015 00:51:01 EST ID:uL2dS0GQ No.76490 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Cigar stores. I shit you not. They sell a 50% with water for an okay price. Then you can just distil it.

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