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Kirtaner & Spardot's 420chan Wedding

To all guests, live viewers, and our Internet family, THANK YOU.
VODs will be edited soon, we are all so tired.
Wedding Gifts
Tips on sprouts by Thomas Crallerridge - Sat, 10 Mar 2018 15:58:59 EST ID:2OBN8yYA No.145830 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1520715539510.jpg -(63372B / 61.89KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 63372
What are all the dos and don'ts for after your little guys poke through the soil?

It seems like a pretty important period.
Barnaby Pittville - Sat, 10 Mar 2018 18:11:13 EST ID:ol/Sob4l No.145831 Ignore Report Quick Reply
leaving them alone
Graham Duckstock - Wed, 13 Jun 2018 01:53:56 EST ID:HZqG2M4Z No.146057 Ignore Report Quick Reply
To expand on this, they're really really tender, and any rapid change in humidity/light/pH can just fuck them right up.
Graham Dallerstock - Fri, 15 Jun 2018 00:22:56 EST ID:B0kZyQRI No.146061 Ignore Report Quick Reply
if they're outside than you might want to do something to protect sprouts from slug attack, but one the first pair of jagged leaves grows out the slugs won't eat them.
other than that leave them alone.
i lost one sprout to slugs this year, caught the slug in the act but there was nothing i could do to save the GG4/Bubba/Jesus baby other than start a couple more seeds.

autoflowers and these LED planels by Norton Newbgrow - Sun, 25 Mar 2018 09:39:54 EST ID:PvHIQzyH No.145853 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1521985194643.png -(651579B / 636.31KB, 538x539) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 651579
is it possible to grow a half decent plant under only this light for its entire growing process?

or how many days/weeks would it be beneficial to introduce CLF after sprouting

thanks for any input, Norton
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Graham Grimhood - Tue, 29 May 2018 19:31:10 EST ID:ol/Sob4l No.146026 Ignore Report Quick Reply
there is no quality 100w led and driver for 12$ you buffoon
Pablo clusterfuck - Thu, 31 May 2018 20:11:00 EST ID:mD0+rCVv No.146037 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ey guys just curious for some opinions, say I'm using a 450w viparspectra led with the aluminium heat sinks, and growing 4 plants in a tent sized for 5 what would be the average yield you'd come to expect roughly? I've been told that between 0.6g and 1.6 per watt is the range to be aiming for. Pretty wide range admittedly but this is my first venture, so a fuck tonne of good intentions just not alot of experience.. Also any recommendations for decently priced carbon filters?
Emma Nonningfield - Thu, 31 May 2018 23:55:08 EST ID:Lo7Co/Tg No.146038 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Its no osram yes. Its not a 50$ cree chip YES. But it will grow your weed and you will yield good with 300W. I can promise you that much

Buy chinese. Banggood.com is a good place to buy LED COBs. Or just Ebay, but ebay is too sketchy for me. And remember. An LED COB needs an LED DRIVER. (12$ total for 100W)
Edward Blatherwill - Sat, 02 Jun 2018 04:45:50 EST ID:RoIGzPYx No.146041 Ignore Report Quick Reply
OP's light is fine for flowering a plant for personal use. As long as you get nutes, oH, temps right you should be pulling down up to an oz behind an LED like that. People ITT are LED snobs LOL, bad advice all round.
Emma Gazzlenere - Fri, 08 Jun 2018 15:44:33 EST ID:ol/Sob4l No.146053 Ignore Report Quick Reply
fuck off 14watt isnt good for anything
absolute minimum for a bonsai grow is like 50watt quality brand led

repot by Edwin Fuckingson - Mon, 21 May 2018 23:39:41 EST ID:nuAvRuU8 No.146012 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1526960381612.jpg -(237199B / 231.64KB, 887x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 237199
Do plants always need to be growing or can they find a good size and be healthy? I have a tree looking plant I love but it is definitely root-bound it is quite big and quite small pot but I don't want it to be bigger and love it but is it healthy to not repot to a bigger pot? same with a alovera plant I love its gotten huge do i NEED to repot it?
Charlotte Clubberkane - Tue, 22 May 2018 10:14:47 EST ID:ol/Sob4l No.146014 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It works for a while
I have a chili for 3 years in the same pot all roots and now it start to look bad
Bonsai dudes take the plant out, cut and comb the roots

Growing in a Greenhouse by jellyman - Mon, 14 May 2018 12:15:17 EST ID:wGXR00wF No.145992 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1526314517466.png -(1423B / 1.39KB, 124x112) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1423
So by July 1st I plan on growing pot in a greenhouse. I live in new england and this structure would be facing towards the sun. I plan on adding fans and maybe lights for overcast/rainy/no sun days. The pot will also share this greenhouse with other pot plants and normal vegetables like tomatoes

This all being said, anyone here have experience growing outside, in a greenhouse? Will give more information if needed
1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eugene Muddlehood - Tue, 15 May 2018 09:29:57 EST ID:RMgFBSmM No.145994 Ignore Report Quick Reply
He said New England, not England
jellyman - Wed, 16 May 2018 04:07:12 EST ID:wGXR00wF No.145998 Ignore Report Quick Reply
to clarify, i live in vermont, US.

to be fair, it might as well be as cold as england here, especially near the fall
Graham Blusslestock - Fri, 18 May 2018 00:16:49 EST ID:55peluM6 No.146000 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Good rule of thumb is "knee-high by July" for a lb per plant in my region, but I'm on a lower latitude so it probably ain't gonna be a pound without a quick flower
Graham Blusslestock - Fri, 18 May 2018 00:16:49 EST ID:55peluM6 No.146001 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Good rule of thumb is "knee-high by July" for a lb per plant in my region, but I'm on a lower latitude so it probably ain't gonna be a pound without a quick flower
Simon Handerdale - Fri, 18 May 2018 06:26:46 EST ID:WmMVwVjQ No.146003 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Be careful with the humidity in the greenhouse. I've switched b ack to outside growing because of mold issues.

Roots growing out of soil by Jenny Sugglewure - Sun, 22 Apr 2018 04:34:33 EST ID:IhyN55A4 No.145927 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1524386073739.jpg -(376981B / 368.15KB, 1280x848) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 376981
My auto has been flowering for about a week, and roots are starting to come out from undearneath the soil. She is in a ~2.7 gallon pot, should i just cover the roots with soil or is a transplant necessary?
Barnaby Blackstone - Sun, 22 Apr 2018 18:52:20 EST ID:Lo7Co/Tg No.145929 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Necessary? No.
Would repotting enable faster root growth? Yes.
Samuel Blythestock - Sun, 22 Apr 2018 21:12:29 EST ID:ol/Sob4l No.145930 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You probably flushed the top layer away with your watering
would ad a bit more soil to cover them up so they keep working.
Angus Blackman - Thu, 10 May 2018 23:23:55 EST ID:yzT47bf2 No.145982 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Not gonna do much root growth in flower
Barnaby Hollerwut - Sat, 12 May 2018 20:01:16 EST ID:B0kZyQRI No.145988 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i haven't seen too many autoflowers that will occupy much more than a 3g pot. a couple years ago a friend put an auto in a 45g pot and it was really funny looking next to the 12' tall trainwreck that was put in the 45 next to it. more than 2p out of the TW, less than 2z out of the auto, so you'd have to guess that the auto was using less than 1/16 of what was available in 45g of soil. 45g/16 = 2.8g
so i think that you'd probably be best of not disturbing that plant. like >>145982 said that plant might not need to grow much more rootwise. during flowering and senescence the plant is putting everything it can into growing reproductive material.

Fucking Powdery Mildew by Priscilla Devingham - Sun, 22 Apr 2018 16:16:09 EST ID:5Z1LQmOS No.145928 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1524428169442.jpg -(307342B / 300.14KB, 1195x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 307342

Just completed week 1 of flowering.

So I had four different strains growing, and one of them had a bit of dust on its fan leaf. looked closer, oh shit its powdery mildew. I'd read about it, but never dealt with it until this grow. shit.

So i cut that leaf off, disposed of it, looked the plant over, and noticed two other dust spots on other fan leafs in different locations. shit. apparently that strain was just vulnerable to powdery mildew.

So I looked the other three plants over really closely, no visible signs of infection.

I didn't feel comfortable smoking the infected plant. And I didn't want it to infect the other plants. So i trash bagged the entire thing.

My airflow is high and i've got fans in room. But I am living in a region that has PM. Here's my questions:

I've got three more plants in the grow room that have no signs of infection. What do I do to make sure they stay that way?
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Isabella Shittinghall - Wed, 25 Apr 2018 13:32:41 EST ID:SPUhyQ3d No.145937 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What's your average humidity? You can run a dehumidifier to reduce ambient humidity...
Are you familiar with Organocide? It's an organic pesticide, basically canola oil, a touch of fish oil, and lecithin to emulse it.
Mix as instructed and mist your plants with it thoroughly.
Good for mold and bug control.
Sidney Chindlechane - Fri, 27 Apr 2018 22:50:45 EST ID:DzEhHoT9 No.145943 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1524883845489.jpg -(139516B / 136.25KB, 736x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Peroxide as a curative. Oddly enough, foliar feeds applied in a mist over the leaf surfaces.
Hit the tops and bottoms of the leaves the best you can. When it dries, the salt film left behind alter the leaf surface pH, making the area non-conducive to PM growth/infection. PM tends to stop infecting leaf tissue when the plant is passing through week 8 flower and leaves begin to change color, but it does then start infecting sugar leaves if you don't have it under control by the last flowering days.
Jack Gablingford - Sat, 28 Apr 2018 06:37:18 EST ID:gJvnmZd7 No.145945 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i spray with vodka lemon juice mix, PM is a fungus and fungus don't like PH changes like that. the vodka and lemon i spray is the same stuff i drink so it all cool for sure. i try not to spray flowering ladies at all if possible though.
Graham Coddleput - Fri, 11 May 2018 05:59:51 EST ID:WmMVwVjQ No.145983 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Wiping mildew off with a 1:1 mixture of water and milk is a very simple organic remedy supported by scientific literature. Paradoxically, mildew likes high humidity but can't grow on wet leaves.

What you use for shroom growing by Reuben Senderstick - Sun, 06 May 2018 20:33:50 EST ID:8KhE34Zy No.145964 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1525653230137.jpg -(91074B / 88.94KB, 640x440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 91074
Been reading up a lot on growing mushies since I realised it will be a lot cheaper to grow my self rather than keep on buying kits and risking having them seized.

I'm thinking I'm going to start right off to mono tubs but dunno what substraite to use.

I've read rye is ye best.
But I live in the U.K. And can't seem to buy big bags in any shops.
Same goes for popcorn
I've read bird seed is a good one but I've ha a look in a few garden stores and they all seem to be loaded with sunflour seeds what's supposed to be shit.

I've looked for manure but you can only use fresh right ?

Same goes for brown rice flour.No big bags any where and I think it was rather dear.

If it comes to it I'll order online but my long term thinking has me paranoid because I know someone who used to grow small amount of weed for years on end got caught and ended up getting jail instead of let off because they went back on his bank statements and seen he had been ordering bits of soil and fertilisers on line.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Bonsai by Eliza Banderwuck - Fri, 04 May 2018 14:20:30 EST ID:86iLzzIh No.145960 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1525458030670.jpg -(715141B / 698.38KB, 1200x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 715141
Does anyone here do any bonsai growing? Got this little guy as a cutting from my cousin's husband and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it
Shitting Cronningshaw - Sun, 06 May 2018 18:36:52 EST ID:Lo7Co/Tg No.145963 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1525646212392.png -(967486B / 944.81KB, 1000x736) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have an Idea. Its kind of exotic though so don't freak out. Nuture it.
If you dont have space, like a living room or garden, plant it somewhere in the wild where you think it'll grow and come back in a decade

NOOT-NOOT by Jack Nopperstock - Tue, 03 Apr 2018 05:42:33 EST ID:PvHIQzyH No.145873 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1522748553593.jpg -(31061B / 30.33KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 31061
1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Priscilla Hucklewotch - Tue, 03 Apr 2018 07:52:40 EST ID:ol/Sob4l No.145876 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If you water with a bit of run off you never risk nutrient salt buildup in the pot
Shit Conkinville - Sun, 15 Apr 2018 17:21:27 EST ID:yNpCpPlX No.145903 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That actually varies on your water quality. Still a good rule of thumb.
Simon Dimmernetch - Tue, 17 Apr 2018 18:40:02 EST ID:4jVsBXRd No.145911 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I don't know about seasol specifically, but if it's like kelp tea, it's pretty mild and more for promoting good soil microbes than a straight "plant food".
Their website didn't really list it's analysis or contents, beyond "seaweed extract", so I dunno.
Cedric Blatherbanks - Tue, 01 May 2018 10:23:39 EST ID:PvHIQzyH No.145950 Ignore Report Quick Reply
got a combo seasol pack, 500ml 'health treatment' along with 500ml 'plant food'. Ive been using them about every second day. Also have some test-tomatoes going to test limits of watering along with other things.

Plants (autoflowers) have begun showing the hairs off the small growing bud sites. only one plant at this stage but none of them have had LST/supercropping or anything (and theyre small plants) so will only have one main bud cola. How long should I wait before swapping lights and lighting for flower?

they've had 23/1, with an hour cooldown for the lights. When I swap should I go to 12/12 or 18/6? or some people have said leave it at 23/1
Eugene Blatherlock - Thu, 03 May 2018 13:33:24 EST ID:GCBrChGD No.145955 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ordinarily I'd drift it down to 18/6, but I've never done autos.

kira white thunder by Henry Goodbury - Sat, 24 Feb 2018 13:06:36 EST ID:bHL1WYz9 No.145792 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1519495596999.jpg -(47881B / 46.76KB, 431x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 47881
I picked up some kira white thunder seeds yesterday. Is it possible to just stick them in a pot and grow them like a house plant?

Apologies if this seems like a stupid question, the only thing I grow on a regular basis is beetroot.
Hamilton Blatherforth - Sat, 24 Feb 2018 23:30:06 EST ID:eeJc5w1V No.145793 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1519533006597.jpg -(224987B / 219.71KB, 500x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
yes, but they like a lot more light than your spider plants do. if you start them inside now you can always transfer them outdoor later because flowering won't happen for a 6 weeks or so regardless. disregard if you're not talking about pot seeds, i just realized KWT might be poppies or kratom or something else
Oliver Sengermire - Thu, 01 Mar 2018 14:02:48 EST ID:bHL1WYz9 No.145800 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Cheers m80
Isabella Crunningbury - Sat, 14 Apr 2018 07:50:33 EST ID:bHL1WYz9 No.145900 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523706633734.jpg -(54853B / 53.57KB, 600x342) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've been growing her in the green house for the last couple of weeks. When she gets a bit bigger I will move her inside.
Frederick Dondleweg - Fri, 20 Apr 2018 10:10:58 EST ID:bHL1WYz9 No.145921 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1524233458258.jpg -(932109B / 910.26KB, 1440x2560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
She's been growing pretty quickly.

what do you think by Samuel Wundleway - Thu, 12 Apr 2018 11:47:08 EST ID:ol/Sob4l No.145898 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1523548028908.jpg -(105690B / 103.21KB, 1024x685) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 105690
looking dank ?
Charlotte Hubblefoot - Thu, 12 Apr 2018 17:16:34 EST ID:HwosKtR0 No.145899 Ignore Report Quick Reply
looks like a dank onion or whatever.

How much more time ya think? by James Pickson - Mon, 09 Apr 2018 12:51:54 EST ID:NRWdWlcN No.145891 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1523292714633.jpg -(2939622B / 2.80MB, 2448x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2939622
Lmk what YOU think! It is an indica dominant strain

Also I don't have a microscope to see trichs so that's out of the question. I'm always so indecisive on when to cut. I know it's not ready yet but I never know for sure when it really is
Martha Tillingspear - Tue, 10 Apr 2018 01:53:45 EST ID:Lo7Co/Tg No.145892 Ignore Report Quick Reply
use a magnifying device to find out the color of her trichromes.

>Transparent -> not ready
>milky means -> okay to harvest
>some milky some amber -> perfect time to harvest, (at least I think that)
>Mostly Amber trichromes -> harvest now
Martha Tillingspear - Tue, 10 Apr 2018 01:54:28 EST ID:Lo7Co/Tg No.145893 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Your phone under very good light will maybe suffice as a magnifying device

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