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A few general questions by Barnaby Fanson - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 03:03:12 EST ID:/tG3XTtC No.144614 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1492758192782.jpg -(92253B / 90.09KB, 600x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 92253
Hey guys,

A few quick questions. I have 1.2m * 1.2m * 1.8m setup that is in a concealed area with a door for access surrounded by insulated double bricking. I purchased a carbon filter but I believe I may have been oversold. How large a filter would I need if I'm not expecting anyone to be able to smell it but still remain as safe as possible.

Secondly, should I be using an intake fan as well as an outtake fan or would general airflow from a doorway be enough?

Thirdly, I have experience with expanded clay in hydro setups with drip and feed but I've seen new aeronponics setups which seem interesting. What's the general consensus on that from you folks?
Edward Brookstone - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 18:57:02 EST ID:+3Hg3jBe No.144621 Ignore Report Quick Reply
  1. Be paranoid.
  2. Roll your own filter. Make a huge box and fill it with activated carbon and run the air through some desicant first. Long ago i did this so we could smoke slow blunts in my apartment without my neighbor knowing. Worked like a champ and I imagine it would work for skunk smell too.
  3. Fog ponics dude. Its fucking idiot proof as far as i can tell, its quiet, uses half the water and is the most efficient use of root surface area. Its the future of small to medium clandestine growing.
Edward Brookstone - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 19:18:32 EST ID:+3Hg3jBe No.144622 Ignore Report Quick Reply
ill post a few links to give you an idea. I would just use pvc pipe and make the carbon from charcoal. Also, you dont need all those holes, just some big ones and some chicken wire. What cfm is your fan rated at? i would err on the side of caution and seal it all up with an intake fan honestly, but i dont know what your site is like.

Edward Brookstone - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 19:28:30 EST ID:+3Hg3jBe No.144623 Ignore Report Quick Reply
start here for fogponics. The naming is kind of inconsistent, but im only refering to using ultrasonic piezo transducers for making the fog, not a pump system. Same as in a fog machine like you would see at a concert. I think the only reason this is not more mainsttream is that good cheap piezo elements compatible with the nutrients only hit the market lately, or maybe that people have just already invested in other gear.

Fuck Drunkinstone - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 23:21:39 EST ID:/tG3XTtC No.144624 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I'm just off to my local hyrdo store to have a chat with them about the fogponics, it seems incredibly interesting. Thank you so much for the heads up, I was reading about mixed medium setups but I wasn't sure about it so I figured I'd ask.

As for the carbon filter itself, there's a market for that product at a much cheaper price so if I could utilize a little experience with building them and 3D printing components I need, I might be able to sell them to the store at a discounted price. Nobody in the store has any idea about fogponics from what I can gather, but we'll see.

Once I get back I'll make a 3D model of the room with the dimensions so you can see the general space in a more intuitive form then I can explain more for you as well as show some pictures of the actual physical space.
Phoebe Murdbury - Sat, 22 Apr 2017 02:36:51 EST ID:+3Hg3jBe No.144625 Ignore Report Quick Reply
best overall explanation and demo vids are probably here. I may someday be competing with these guys, who knows.

to Be clear though, your biggest prioity is probably smell, maybe heat. You better have a good filter setup with a backup filter and a plan for excess heat, flooding, fan noise, and electrical disaster. If you are in the US, tell no one, no matter where you live. Growing is still illegal and if you step on somebodys toes, who the fuck knows what could go down in the next few years.

Phoebe Murdbury - Sat, 22 Apr 2017 02:49:16 EST ID:+3Hg3jBe No.144626 Ignore Report Quick Reply
also, just use a 5 gallon bucket for the filters. Spend your time making a fixture to spin them around on a drill press while drilling holes out with a hole saw, if no one is already selling buckets modified like this. I dont know how 3d printing can help here given the envelope and time involved. Plus, you need surface area and drying capability man. You need something at least as large as a bucket and more importantly something to dry the air out so the carbon stays dry and does its thing. if this is a closet grow and is indoors, maybe make your filter as a piece of furniture and blow air outwards through it... make it fucking big and dry, basically. Big is quiet.

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