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Using these bags for mushrooms by Lillian Fammerbanks - Fri, 29 Dec 2017 22:10:07 EST ID:9v3eEv8Y No.145672 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1514603407113.jpg -(165347B / 161.47KB, 640x1019) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 165347
I bought my shroom spores the other mo th and still haven't got around to buying all the equipment for it so for now I'm just going to buy and use these bags.

Now when I do use them once they are colonised do I just open them up and spray them daily and put them on top of a heat matt.
Or should I open them up and put them into a tub sort of like what you do with the monotubs ?

Also how much of the spores should I inject into them ? Syringes I have are 9ml and they're only cheap so I was thinking of just putting all that into the 4 bags.
press !AX.nZBombY - Sat, 30 Dec 2017 17:03:57 EST ID:mpZJc5wU No.145673 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1514671437145.png -(819052B / 799.86KB, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
huh, didnt even know anybody used BRF/ vermiculite substrate in such ammounts.

you could fruit in vitro (i dont know the latin word for plastic bag) once its fully colonised but id normally recommend to go with a bulk substrate such as coco coir/verm to maximize yields but ive never done anything but PF tek for cubensis or small spawn prep for azurescens with BRF, so im not really an expert on BRF

id use less per bag than 2.25 mL you can flame sterilize the syringe and then store it, with MS innoculations you want the spores to be close at first and only really spread out the mycellium once you get to 30-40%colonization, i dont even know if a BRF bag is comfortable to break up and mix up.

whats your room temperature like? with bags heat mats arent normally required for fruiting

id personally recommend that you buy presterilized rye or millet bags, 'noc those up and spawn to coir/verm in a monotub but im sure youll get enough out of in vitro bag fruiting with a casing layer to colours that humans normally cant perceive. but im cofident that BRF will work just as good, all you really need to decide is wether to spawn to a bulk substrate or to fruit in vitro

no matter how you spawn please be sure to take spore prints or even tissue samples (if you have enough drive to set up agar work) should the strain perform well. theres really no need to keep on buying spores unless you want to try out new strains, and even then i suspect that strains are often nothing but a marketing tool, although ive had a few that performed way better than others and showed a drastically different phenotype. currently trying to selectively breed a strain that always has a nipple on top... for no reason other than having an excuse to waste petri dishes

im sorry if none of this makes any sense
Cyril Hickledale - Mon, 01 Jan 2018 11:57:23 EST ID:HfaeZ/PN No.145675 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1514825843947.jpg -(76318B / 74.53KB, 391x582) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What does fruit in vitro mean ? Is that like I said just open the bag and spray it with water until the mushies appear ?

if so that's what I'll do while I'm trying to do it all clandestinely and cheap.

Once I can have a proper go at it though I plan to do this
Pressure cook rye to jars then put them in the monotub with Verm and coir and maybe even get a co2 machine for them.and also start making clones with them.

A question about that route
If I'm going to be doing monotubs in the long term should I buy these bags sepertly and pressure cook the rye in them instead ?

For the advanced grower what do you find to be the best substrate ? Rye,horse poop,popcorn, hay ?
press !AX.nZBombY - Tue, 02 Jan 2018 09:34:51 EST ID:em0reObb No.145678 Ignore Report Quick Reply
if theres still some room in the bag you can do that just be sure to give them a good fanning after each misting and read up on in vitro or in bag fruiting, shroomery ought to have a bunch of grow logs or "teks"

in the end itll be cheaper to buy rye berries and the bags seperately but keep in mind that a good PC can cost you. i think a 21qt presto is like 250 something usd

i dont think youd need a CO2 machine since funghi arent plants and CO2 build up only matters during colonization

i use rye for spawn since its the cheapest grain for me, but wheat should be just s good if you can find that cheaper.
pop corn is rubbish since i can hardly ever get the moisture correctly and it offers less innoculation points
horse poop is great if you dont mind pasteurization and mix it with something to make it a wee bit fluffier(verm or hay)
i hate hay but many people have made good experiences with it
Isabella Dartspear - Tue, 02 Jan 2018 11:21:25 EST ID:CdeKassd No.145679 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1514910085852.png -(1580722B / 1.51MB, 1136x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Don't think I'll be buyin a 250 pressure cooker any time soon man was looking on somthing a lot cheaper.

Any suggestion on brands I could buy on the U.K. For like £80-100
Priscilla Barrybid - Tue, 02 Jan 2018 14:50:08 EST ID:4mFRqsgu No.145680 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1514922608069.jpg -(345876B / 337.77KB, 1280x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If you are bulk growing and buying hm and filling them bags separately then how do you make them your selves.

Do you just fill the bags and pressure cooker them then heat seal them ?
In the grand scheme of thing are you beater of starting with bags than jars ?
Martha Webbershaw - Wed, 03 Jan 2018 04:00:31 EST ID:0e27SPVt No.145682 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1514970031389.jpg -(66385B / 64.83KB, 640x940) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is it worth me shelling out on an exspensive PC ??

I was just going to get this (pic and link )

http://www.argos.co.uk/product/6984285 As I am rather poor at the moment.How many jars or glass could i fit in that ?

ive found these two bad boys,but do I really Even need this size right now.

Here's an even bigger one 22 litter

I could just splash out on my credit card but I don't know if it's worth getting in debt for them just yet Espicaly when I need to go out and buy everything else to go with it.
press !AX.nZBombY - Wed, 03 Jan 2018 10:34:33 EST ID:KZGG68Zd No.145683 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1514993673420.jpg -(44358B / 43.32KB, 450x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i mightve been exagerating the price, my first PC was 9 litres at like 60euromons. but the good shit that saves a lot of time can cost ya

this. clean spawn is the most important. if your spawn is clean and youre using coir/verm then your chances of trich or cobweb are quite low.
thats another reason to shake spawn at 30-40% colonization, to make sure that there are no hidden contams where you couldnt see them before.

i think with a mini "green"house as many people use to establish a mini fruiting room youd use trays with bulksubstrate on a metal grate shelf. you could just go with trays of rye(or whatever) spawned to coir/verm, let them colonize, and then fruit them in a shotgunfruitingchamber or in a modified monotub

the first one looks good but the pressure is a bit low, youd ideally want one with 15psi / 100kPa pressure to get the shortest sterilization temp, but with 80kPa you could just extend times a wee bit.

never buy a PC without knowing its operational pressure!

if youre really just starting you might want to look into PF tek which is a low price entry point but if youre certain that you want to grow a buncha shrooms you could try to directly go with bulk substrates. dont get into debt for something youre not yet sure about.

what are your goals at the moment, OP?
OP, have you seen rogerrabbits aka marc keiths video series? its a nice starting point and im sure there are torrents or whatever available
Angus Seggleture - Thu, 04 Jan 2018 01:00:56 EST ID:CdeKassd No.145684 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1515045656614.png -(1210784B / 1.15MB, 640x1136) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've read and watched videos on a couple of different teks and the reason I want to bulk grow is because for the most part it doesn't seem extremely difficult to do compared to the basic pf tek.
Hardest thing for me is just getting extra funds and finding all these items in the shops rather than buying online.Ive been reading shroomery and even all the rots there say half the stuff is a pain in the ass to get over here.

>pressure cookers
So one thing I've found out is that the European standard is 14.5 psi and most pressure cookers here don't seem to list the psi,if it doesn't list it then it's normally around 10-12 psi(info from a random forum)

I've also now found out the big ass beasts what they use for catering may not work well on a standard cooker.

I'm now wanting a half decent one and will pay £100 in total.im thinking I could actualy use it for food(actualy sounds good way to cook) I'm also thinking maybe I could legally start making these substrate bags like in my pic and sell them cheap and slowly make my money back.Not many uk sites do this.

>jars or bags
If I go the mono tub route should I buy bags like in the first pic and fill them with rye grain what I'm going to use or jars like in this picture.(these jars are the ones where when you unscrew it the side comes off but the top is covered with a circular disk (why are they actualy made like that ?)

>I'm eager to grow
I have 3 different syringes so for now I'm just going to buy them 4 premade bags (still waiting to find out weight of bags) or I may buy his horse manure ones.

I'm going to inculcate the 4 with maybe just half a syringe in total in each one.Peobably use my koh Thai strain.

Then once that is done I'll just open the bag up place then into a sterilised container.have it place on top of a tea towel and heat Matt.

Then should I cover the top with cling film with a. Few holes in ?? And open it up and spray each day ??

I've only ever used grow kits and they where actualy very good.

>The substrate was in a box with a weird lid with a pink type filter thing on it.
>To make that work all you done was soak the substrate in the box for 24 hours.
Drain of all the excess water.
>Place the box into a bag like pic related,what also had a weird type of filter on it.
>Close it with paper clip,place it onto of a heat mat,spray with a tiny bit of water every day.Which causes the bag to steam up.
>Then 2 weeks later harvest the shrooms.

For years I read they where a waste of money but I managed to get about 26g dried weight from one box and that only Cost £35

Any way I've just explained that procedure because that's how I'm thinking I should use that bag but I'll need to improvise slightly.

Oh an thanks for the advice guys really appreciate it
Angus Seggleture - Thu, 04 Jan 2018 14:09:30 EST ID:CdeKassd No.145687 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1515092970614.jpg -(91992B / 89.84KB, 1080x1350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ok so use are saying sterilisation doesn't matter past inoculation,so does that mean the Verm or hey I use as a beddding for when I break up my bag and put them in a tub DOESNT need sterilising and can just come right out from a store bought.pack ?

Asking because this guy who is selling bags also sellers sterilised Vern and hey for what he says is used for the bedding.Dont know wheather to pay like an extra £5 and get that or just get store bought stuff
press !AX.nZBombY - Fri, 05 Jan 2018 16:12:32 EST ID:o9aGuJB4 No.145688 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1515186752491.jpg -(354031B / 345.73KB, 1507x818) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i dont know anything about selling substrate but keep in mind that they should be stored refridgerated and not too long after sterilization since you can never kill everything and sooner or later the remaining bacteria will spread

i use bags for monotubs since once a bag is colonized its colonized whereas with jars they almost never finish at the same time

ill try to look up a good affordable PC on amazon.co.uk, ill give you a shout out should i find something
what i find really entertaining is the whole "customers also bought" section. "whoa these guys really like their organic brown rice cooked fast"

again no idea about in bag fruiting but you basically got the jest of it.

concerning vermiculite, some people sterilize their verm for casings or bulk subs since it often conains a bunch of cobweb spores. for coir verm i normally bake the verm at 250°C for half an hour

what strains did you get?
press !AX.nZBombY - Fri, 05 Jan 2018 16:35:40 EST ID:o9aGuJB4 No.145689 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1515188140572.png -(64766B / 63.25KB, 1000x885) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


this one looks fine but i just skimmed through amazon. does this count as sourcing pls no ban me mods. do mods even ever come here.
might be a bit low on the diameter for bags but i recommend wrapping bags in a cotton or linen bag anyways to prevent it from melting.

another tangent while were already on the topic of vapour pressure, you can also use rye to make your own whiskey
Matilda Bummlechatch - Fri, 05 Jan 2018 20:53:49 EST ID:CcpnH60q No.145690 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1515203629124.jpg -(43224B / 42.21KB, 620x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ok so I've found out properly of a friend what to do.

You can either be lazy open the bag when full colonised,soak it over night,drain it,place on heat mat then just open an spray it daily until you have your goodies.But you won't get many this way.

Best way is once it's soaked you just making a fruiting chamber.Get a 25L rectangle type tub,put a few inches of perlite in it then put then put the cakes in it but on a bit of tin foil.
Wet the perlite daily,let it get some light even from a lamp and oh ye put some holes on the side of it.
Unsure if it needs a lid or not,if it doesn't then why more holes on the side

What sort of yield would I expect to get from this ? Using my Thai koh strain first.

Cheers for that find think I'll buy that at the end of the month.

Think I've got cubes,equidors and this Thai strain.
When I had my grow kit last year the cubes and equidor produced the most mushrooms.Cubes where the biggest and the equidor ones seemed more denser.

What's the script on extraong pailocybin from the cake after you've got as many shrooms from it as you can ? Seen it could be done but just skimmed over it on shroomery.

Another question how do truffles compare to shrooms ?

I'm going to Amsterdam very soon and I was just going to buy the strongest box (because I think it will be hyped up.Ive done acid many times and low dose shrooms about 10x(2-3.5gs)

press !AX.nZBombY - Sat, 06 Jan 2018 10:29:22 EST ID:vuCZupgC No.145692 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1515252562383.jpg -(41634B / 40.66KB, 537x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
aaaand now you lost me
are you talking about a shotgun fruiting chamber?
and in said fruiting chamber youll put your big bag blocks of mycellium?

no idea about yields with that approach, with regular half pint PF cake the common MAX yield is 5g dry per cake. since a block with such a volume has a lower surface area than individual 1/2 pint cakes youre probably getting more flushes over a longer time

>Think I've got cubes,equidors and this Thai strain.
those are all psilocybe cubensis, commonly called cubes?
like shibes and dalmations are both domestic dogs

i think the most practical approach to get pure alkaloids would be to dry, pulverize, stir in dilute heated acetic acid, basify with sodium bicarbonate, extract with ether, reduce the extract and rerystallize the extract with heptane/chloroform.
but that was for fruiting bodies, extracting a block of spent BRF Verm mycellium will be a waste of time and love. just dry it and use it as fertilizer for your garden.

sclerotia is less potent by dry weight and normally is sold wet, so youd need a lot more weight to get the same amount of alkaloids. but on a positive note it normally tastes way better. a bit nutty with citric tones. since sclerotia is produced by different psilocybe species you might have to google a bit, and dont rely on the bullshitty labels they put on there, like: 4/10 emotional trip, 7/0 philosophical trip etc

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