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Substitution Method by Augustus Bammershaw - Mon, 02 Oct 2017 21:33:02 EST ID:FDwlmyZ6 No.29503 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1506994382319.jpg -(8529B / 8.33KB, 350x190) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 8529
I just found out I have a urine screen sometime this week. I have been smoking weed regularly and as recently as yesterday and would also fail for amp, meth, and maybe opi. I have passed with substitution before, and have the procedure down involving stealth and temp...

...but it's always been with a male friend's real urine, collected within 12 hours of my test. This time I have to use synthetic urine (no clean ppl who know I use drugs atm) and don't have time to order online, so I got UPass v.8.4 at the same gas station where I get my drug paraphernalia. It has creatine, pH of 7, and uric acid.

Also, It will be processed at a 3rd-party who may or may not do extensive tests. The only thing that concerns me is the 'specific gravity' test. A site on the internet says that the writer failed that test with this urine, but the site may or may not be a fake blog created to funnel readers to buy a different brand.

I doubt I'll get a good response, and I'm not too worried... but is this something I need to be concerned about? I have type-1 diabetes which can cause both low and high spec grav but I figured I'd ask.
Eugene Crungerstone - Fri, 20 Oct 2017 00:27:35 EST ID:9ncndAPv No.29518 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Passed even though it was a lab test w/ nitrites!
Eugene Crungerstone - Fri, 20 Oct 2017 02:16:44 EST ID:9ncndAPv No.29519 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1508480204680.jpg -(58219B / 56.85KB, 470x319) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Go to the last paragraph for a handy temperature trick for subbing.
I never microwaved the bottle. I had a hand warmer on each side with a rubber band around the whole thing and hid the bottle under my balls wearing the tightest goddamn underwear I had. I practiced walking in front of a mirror before going to make sure I didn't look like I was hiding anything.

They made me wait in reception for 85 fucking minutes and despite needing to actually pee, I never told the receptionist. A red flag for ppl subbing is when the patient gets to the place and immediately asks to give their sample, citing "I gotta go," and some places like to 'test' you by making you wait because they assume you just microwaved the sub and it'll cool off. Also, they almost always listen to you; I heard someone put their ear up to the dbl-door window where you escrow the sample but usually they just listen outside the door.

Anyway, I sat with these goddamn hand warmers and bottle by my gooch (incl the drive) for 2.5 hours. So by the time the door was closed on me to give my sample, the temp strip on my bottle was over 100°(!). Not one to freak out, I shook my belt just a little and murmured 'come onnn' under my breath for the listener to make it seem like I couldn't pee to buy me a sec. I twisted the top off the bottle and started lightly blowing into the opening and slowly moving the bottle around in the air - It rapidly dropped to 100° in ~10 sec. I started pissing in the toilet while pouring 90% of the bottle into the cup. They checked it at 97°, made me sign the bottles, and I was on my way. A day later HR at my company said I passed and now I've got a $30/hr job! Best $12 I've ever spent at a gas station.

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