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disso visual comparison thread by Betsy Dirringkut - Wed, 15 Mar 2017 05:18:05 EST ID:8iovWXuI No.352665 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1489569485898.jpg -(133457B / 130.33KB, 605x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 133457
I copied this from the hole thread, sorry about that, but I'm curious how it fits with other people's ketamine and general disso visual experiences:

On ketamine I know I'm holing when a usually bluish spiral galaxy looking vortex appears and I go through it, ending up sightseeing in some seemingly random corner of the universe for a while. From that point the cevs completely dominate my attention. Sometimes earth like places, frequent plants and forests of all types (eg, pic related is vaguely similar to a k plant visual), gas or liquid clouds in space. But at least half the visuals are of the indescribable, things that might be other dimensions and the creatures living in these places. There is no sense of scale so these could be galaxy sized things or glimpses into the microscopic, seeing the inside of my own body maybe. Sometimes I go through other vortexes while I'm already in one. Having holed many times I don't think I've been to the same place twice but there are similar motifs, such as the mostly dim twilight like light level, and the purple and occasionally blue or red clouds or liquids in constant motion. I come out of it enough to know it's time to bump, maybe 20m. The when I've had enough, maybe 30m after the last bump, my cev eventually usually take on a view like a parachutist slowly and silently decending to earth at night, that's how I know the hole is over.

While I'm at it I'll describe my average nitrous experience. I have 3 bulbs over 15m or so a couple hours into any psy trip. One of the initial visuals is usually a vaguely human shaped thing of composed of purple panels on a purpleish red background, a heavily altered image of myself from above. Euphoria and bliss comes with this. The visuals fade within 30s except for everything having a bit of a rainbow hue. The euphoria fades over 10+m. Doing more than 3 bulbs muddies the waters, does more harm than good, but the euphoria after 3 usually lasts for a good 3 hours, a perfect mix with all psys.

The other initial nitrous visual I get regularly is more interesting and makes me wish I was a chemist. It appears to be a visual of the nitrous molecules mixing with the other chemicals present, going into receptors, doing their chemical business. All are labelled in some way and have different shapes, colors and behavious to the others. Generally they combine in a beautiful dance until one is depleted, then the visual fades. These kinds of visuals change depending on the accompanying psy. The combo with shrooms showed me a planet sized shroom in space, both oev and cev, the strongest nitrous visual I've experienced. Though again it lasted for maybe only 30s

Anyway, do any of these descriptions gel with other disso users experiences, particularly k or nitrous users?
Jenny Sinkintuck - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 17:07:17 EST ID:B6533SGF No.352790 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489957637402.gif -(202606B / 197.86KB, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
DCK puts my bed on rails and I ride it around like a strange rollercoaster through a distorted version of my home and often through purple-leaved trees and thick bushes. Sometimes the ride goes high enough that looking down gives me vertigo, which is pretty fucking weird considering I'm actually laying in my bed at the time. One time I was flying over a dark neighborhood at night, though there was some sort of fractal element to it. I would zoom in on a bright window and end up in the sky zooming into a down house's window. Pretty cool shit.

Basic CEVs for DCK, DXM and sometimes 3-Meo are just swirling colors of yellow, purple and blue. DXM is on a whole other level though. I've typed it out a few times but I can't find it otherwise I'd just copy/paste it here.

DXM visuals manifest anywhere that is completely pitch black. So behind my eyes (obviously), cupping my hands around my face as I press it into my bed (and I'd usually just see my wood flooring underneath which is still pretty rad). My entire room in the dark will be warped and fucked, a new window at the foot of my bed, one to my left on the wall, etc. I've had the wall to my left be completely coated with kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling. And it seems to take subtle visual queues for what to take the form of as well. For example the window behind my head lets a small amount of light through a vertical crack on the side from the street light so I've seen that light be anything from a solid, thick white pole reaching up into space to a weird round robot with intricate mechanics. I even saw it as a white wind serpent from WoW hovering over me.

There's been times where I'd end up in a weird moving landscape like pic but not often. And then if I really take enough DXM it'll transport me to a time and place in my memory. It looks 100% real and I can look around for only a second or two before I break the illusion. But it's so unbelievably realistic. Whether I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a car looking out the window at the street lamp outside, or laying on the floor at my father's house looking up at his treadmill. I have never seen another human in any of my DXM hallucinations though, I wonder why that is. Also I'm unsure how much of this is affected by me taking 25-50mg dph beforehand. Sometimes I take it, sometimes I don't. I never kept track.

I've been sober for about 2 months but I'm getting an urge to jump back into it.

Oh and nitrous gives me red and green pixel patterns covering up my whole vision (even open-eyed in daylight).

I've never combined any dissos with weed but I hear they are a very visual combination.
Charles Pockcocke - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 23:38:16 EST ID:IQxjHucz No.352900 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You make dxm sound appealing, hopefully I'll get to it one day. In the meantime I had another ketamine experience, this one very different from any other k experience I've had. It was about 8h into a mild acid trip, the acid seeming to make all the difference.

No more than 30 seconds into the 1st of 5 40mg doses, the african bush appeared. A black woman crying, being beaten and raped, seemingly by the guy whose eyes I'm looking through.

Having never seen people, let alone violence in my k holes, my response: "no I don't want this in my trip, what the bloodyfuck, stop it you cunts!"

The visual disappeared to be replaced by pure black, also unheard of in my k experiences. A question came from the blackness, "Well, what are you going to do about it?"

I thought about it for a bit, difficult, being high as fuck in a k hole. My eventual response was to say that I would prevent such actions occuring in my vicinity with any means at my disposal. That seemed to function as passing a test and the beautiful images flowed, first the most beautiful meditation glade then the ketamine machine, the giant cartoonish purple entity, and a cascade of more normal k images, though enhanced by the acid.

2nd 40mg dose brought more entities, the first resembled a floating brain, like an mri image with certain areas lit up. "Hi, i'm bill from pasadena" or something similar was communicated by it. Uh huh says I and walked on. I saw a circle of bigger brains maybe like octopi, didn't try to mess with those. Again followed by more normal k imagery, soothing forests and plants, what I've come to think of as placeholder k images, just filling in time between the more meaningful visuals.

3rd 40mg dose and images of a dude jumping out of a plane, bungee jumping, sitting with his pals on the top of a waterfall, his photo album basically, treasured memories, except it seemed I was seeing them through his eyes. Quick glimpses into other memories or brains followed. One was of a trucker driving at night, the image of designs on his leather wallet and his cigar clear as he drove thru the night sky somewhere in the flyover states by the feel. Other briefer ones followed. Fuck, am I ... reading other ppls memories or is this an illusion?

This seemed sort of funny, again, an acid thing. Nothing ever seems funny on k alone. I joked to myself about getting internet access in the k world. I glanced down to find my phone in my hand "no internet access" on the screen. Oh well. Then I looked up and was seeing a person through a tablet pc. Not through the camera, but through the screen itself. Who needs the internet when I can see this?

A vision of "real" world followed that showed just how hollow and pointless all this concern about trump and other real world dramas are. This is nothing but confetti and will have no influence on the future of the species. It's something that's pointless worrying or even thinking about. Another vision of "heaven" followed though different from the previous vision of heaven. This was like a perfect valley leading up to a mountain and which I was observing from the base. I guess it was "heaven" more by the feel of perfection and integration than by the image itself.

Finally this was over, nearly 2 hours of k holing, and like none I'd had before. Felt like time for a shit actually. "You are shitting out the old you", came the voice. After that and a shower, I needed to find out what was meant by that so did the 4th of 5 doses, then the 5th but all that was a more k like blur of comforting imagery, the acid seemingly having worn off completely, and no more answers were forthcoming.

The next day, thinking about the experience, I thought that just maybe the experiences that appeared to be mind reading were actually a response to the q and a at the start, specifically the "in my vicinity" part. Was the hole showing me that actually, everything is potentially in my vicinity? That discouraging human on human violence is something that can be done from the comfort of a k hole in bed?

No idea but to be safe I have to assume it all happened in my head and was nothing more than a particularly vivid dream state, knowing full well that my next acid and k experience might prove me wrong on that.

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