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DCK by Clara Hattingwater - Fri, 12 Jan 2018 20:16:26 EST ID:gZf9365J No.358513 Ignore Report Quick Reply
why is it so strong? did iget something else? couldnt move for 4 hours off 20ish Mg. not enjoyable either no euphoria etc
Frederick Brookhood - Fri, 12 Jan 2018 22:07:20 EST ID:WOZSEPG1 No.358514 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Maybe it was o-pce


Check the thread labeled PSA.
Emma Hedgehag - Fri, 12 Jan 2018 23:42:14 EST ID:/AxbUTn1 No.358516 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Check out /noveldissos/ on red. dit there's a thread about this with many responses about the exact same issue. The thread singles out only one specific vendor (which I have ordered from numerous times and always received high quality DCK) but they all describe what you have.

I have personally gone through 7 grams of the particular batch they claim is o-pce and while I have a large dissociative tolerance, I've simply found it's just really potent DCK. I definitely didn't have to dose so high to achieve significant effects but that just made my 7g's last much longer than they normally would. I had absolutely no complaints other than it seemed more anesthetic rather than stimulating and always made my hands and feet very cold compared to other batches. I actually have ordered more to arrive early next week as I enjoyed the batch.

Granted I don't know anything about your particular batch, its appearance, etc. But if it's from the vendor singled out in the novel dissos thread I personally believe its just really potent DCK.
Emma Hedgehag - Fri, 12 Jan 2018 23:51:03 EST ID:/AxbUTn1 No.358517 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Scratch that, just read the PSA below and rechecked the noveldissos thread. My batch was from the 'aforementioned' vendor, which seems to have tested positive as o-pce. If that really was o-pce then I enjoyed it. Provided great dissociatiation and euphoria at half the doses I'd normally have to use. More expensive too so I got a deal, even if I didn't want one. My saving grace was starting at very low doses and working my way up to a comfortable dose. If id of started with my typical DCK doses out of the gate I'd of been in blackout city.
Clara Hattingwater - Sat, 13 Jan 2018 13:15:41 EST ID:gZf9365J No.358523 Ignore Report Quick Reply
its actually from a now defunct vendor that went under this past summer actually. its tan in small crystals. I haven't tried it more than a few times due to the extreme strength.

I have no other experience with DCK to compare it to. But it is extremely potent.

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