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Alien Rendezvous by Lydia Sablingdock - Wed, 15 Feb 2017 04:24:30 EST ID:zzQurSQx No.45493 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1487150670075.jpg -(505783B / 493.93KB, 359x269) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 505783
I went into this museum at night, and down in the archives all these fossils and stuff were coming back to life and crawling around. There were three tall aliens in the center hall, and from the mezzanine I could see the stuff below moving around, like giant lizards and bugs/sea creatures. They wanted me to give them something but I wanted to know what they were going to use it for, and like... get something for it. And they just said that it was for humans and I was ultimately helping myself by giving it to them. They didn't speak with their mouths, they just kind of answered me telepathically. But I guess I was followed because a swat team busted in the entrance- I panicked and gave the data to the aliens on this little chip thing, and they were like "you did the right thing, good luck tho" and just kinda blinked away. I had to jump down into the flooded archives to escape, but there were giant crocodiles and shit so I ran into some sewer tunnels. There were stairways leading down and all the water was flowing down the steps. There were also all these mirrors on the walls as I went down, I couldn't see myself in them though so I broke through one and it was a one-way mirror with an empty office on the other side. I went through the office and came out in a hallway, there were swat officers in there telling me that there was sensitive information and I couldn't be back there. I started shapeshifting and attacking them with my tentacle arms but that's where it fades and I don't remember what happened, which is usually the case when I shapeshift too much.
Does anyone have an analysis or opinion on this that they'd like to relate? I don't have lots of people irl that I can talk to about this stuff.

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