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FUCK THE POLICE! In multiple languages! by David Deshduck - Mon, 15 Sep 2014 19:35:08 EST ID:vwn4pbtv No.11709 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1410824108119.jpg -(110980 B, 960x570) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 110980
Let's do something useful with our linguistic knowledges!

Post "Fuck the police," in as many languages as you can.
Bonus points for "Smoke weed every day."
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Fanny Finnerstod - Mon, 13 Oct 2014 20:29:15 EST ID:J54QiHBe No.11780 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Wie meinen?
Whitey Buncocke - Sat, 18 Oct 2014 13:33:33 EST ID:rlMtwplv No.11791 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Als Österreicher habe Ich noch nie in meinem Leben "Kiwara" gehört.
Charles Shakecocke - Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:02:35 EST ID:bKnu9+CV No.11802 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I saw some amusing graffiti here in Brussels the other day that said "fuck la police!" even though if the made the effort to say "la" in French they could have also said "nique" which is the French equivalent to fuck.

To be specific, it's fuck in the profane use, the actual slang verb use to engage in the act of fucking is a different word
Hugh Gommlecocke - Thu, 23 Oct 2014 17:16:29 EST ID:vetNu4d3 No.11806 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1414098989701.png -(272130 B, 640x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 272130
>"A Kiwara is ka Hawara"
thanks man
Hugh Gommlecocke - Thu, 23 Oct 2014 17:18:16 EST ID:vetNu4d3 No.11807 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Wo kommst du denn her? Vorarlberg? Im Osten hört man das doch überall.
Auch >so viele Österreicher auf /lang/

Esperanto by Fuck Crigglegold - Sun, 25 Dec 2011 11:39:13 EST ID:X+Qx/ohQ No.5234 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1324831153514.png -(5524 B, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 5524
Esperantistoj, venu en cxi tie!

Mi ne estas finavenkisto aux io, sed... mi amas esperanton multe. Gxi grande helpis min kiam lernanta hispanan kaj cxinan. Neniu sxajnas paroli gxin tamen. Ho ve.
83 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Albert Tootforth - Wed, 06 Nov 2013 17:00:08 EST ID:Ja2Uvh2J No.10167 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Saluton malnovgejulo

ni kreu novan fadenon baldaux, tiu cxi acxigxas de la angla...
Reuben Sundlebadge - Thu, 07 Nov 2013 05:15:19 EST ID:njJSJ3la No.10168 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1383819319461.jpg -(48552 B, 750x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 48552
Via lingvo estas la plej senutila fekinta rubo. Ĉu vi ne scias, ke la angla lingvo estas nun la vera internacia lingvo? Ĉesu & kabeu!
George Buzzgold - Thu, 07 Nov 2013 15:34:26 EST ID:Ja2Uvh2J No.10169 Ignore Report Quick Reply
hahaha...sxajne ni sekvis unu la alian el Lernu kaj the future...
Graham Nannerherk - Sun, 24 Nov 2013 22:31:41 EST ID:XJeoAQLR No.10357 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This would have been useful six months ago.
Martha Gavingdale - Wed, 22 Oct 2014 15:45:11 EST ID:J4bxtBTK No.11805 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1414007111671.jpg -(1282851 B, 2592x1936) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1282851

Also bump

I Need Immersion by Zaku Kashaku - Fri, 19 Sep 2014 04:59:23 EST ID:GZrW1Uha No.11737 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1411117163262.jpg -(33983 B, 537x537) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 33983
Please help me find japanese audio tracks of just people talking. nothing more. thanks in advance!
Rebecca Niggerhall - Fri, 19 Sep 2014 17:58:15 EST ID:Z1v+SCTB No.11738 Ignore Report Quick Reply
look up radio dramas

or turn on anime and don't watch it
Reuben Challyspear - Sun, 21 Sep 2014 14:55:30 EST ID:qqFv6N96 No.11746 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1411325730459.gif -(499379 B, 342x193) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 499379

this has some dramas "dorama" if you ever translate it please tell me what they're saying
Rebecca Blumbledadge - Sun, 12 Oct 2014 17:24:26 EST ID:j4Qk1zGk No.11778 Ignore Report Quick Reply
watch NHK and anime with subtitles
Isabella Narringson - Mon, 13 Oct 2014 08:32:17 EST ID:qBI904is No.11779 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Look up whatever interests you in Japanese in iTunes, then hit up podcasts. You'll be set for years with how much free content there is. Also, you don't need to switch to the Japanese iTunes store to search podcasts since they're all free.
Cornelius Cettingsotch - Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:44:56 EST ID:qqFv6N96 No.11804 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1413996296997.gif -(2420022 B, 297x378) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2420022
and we can't stop and we won't stop

Learning Mandarin by George Snodway - Fri, 26 Sep 2014 17:19:18 EST ID:03QHJwUF No.11757 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1411766358498.jpg -(102028 B, 1150x645) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 102028
Hello, is there a site similar to that I can use to learn to speak Mandarin?

(I am just trying to learn conversation and pinyin, learning the characters is quite an undertaking)
Cedric Gaggleway - Fri, 03 Oct 2014 01:30:46 EST ID:KH/FTpAA No.11760 Ignore Report Quick Reply
There's a nice app on iOS called ChineseSkills that is basically a duolingo clone
cursive !M6R0eWkIpk - Fri, 03 Oct 2014 13:27:26 EST ID:29HOrGFb No.11762 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1412357246322.jpg -(3013 B, 240x60) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 3013
yellowbridge dot com
byki dot com
Nigger Ginkinway - Tue, 14 Oct 2014 11:02:05 EST ID:YpxqR+QJ No.11782 Ignore Report Quick Reply

ChinaPod, though it used to be free, it is now paid I believe.
Not that you couldn't find it.. somewhere.. \

Happy learning. Wo xi huan ni de shuo hua

Wo ye zai xue xi zhong wen, danshi wo bu hue kan de dong characters..
Graham Hoshbury - Tue, 21 Oct 2014 23:17:57 EST ID:dJPTibKY No.11803 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1413947877016.jpg -(265515 B, 1025x1372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 265515
hskflashcards com is pretty good if you decide to learn some characters.
This is a pretty slow board so might as well make it /mandarin/ since there are never threads for it on /int/

Ni hao!

Any success stories? by Fanny Pivingwell - Thu, 16 Oct 2014 19:35:58 EST ID:8Xo2pqDl No.11789 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1413502558919.jpg -(237148 B, 694x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 237148
Seems like you guys just ask each other "what language should I learn" or "What is a good movie in X language?"

Any real success stories here? Becoming fluent? To the point where you can read/write/speak/watch/listen as if it were your native tongue- anyone use it to travel or perhaps meet friends/lovers? Impress and inspire me guys.
4 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nell Sushfuck - Mon, 20 Oct 2014 01:13:17 EST ID:aTqGpc1Y No.11796 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Learning a language isn't like winning the lottery man, there are no success stories or anything like that, there are people who are willing to put in the time and effort and people who aren't. I've taken up french again and I've been at it about a month so far and already have learned WAY more than I did in 10 years of public school classes, because I'm putting almost all my time into it, I've changes all the settings on my computer to french, I only watch tv in french, I only read french, I try to speak it as much as I can.

You get what you give. Put in the effort and you can have your own success story.
Fuck Fubberkidge - Mon, 20 Oct 2014 04:31:58 EST ID:rpK/jr8E No.11798 Ignore Report Quick Reply
B1 level took 1 year
Started studying in a Spanish Open university after studying for 2 years,
Passed B2 level exam at end of third year of study
This is my fifth year, I would say I'm fluent now, can understand any normal book without a dictionary, talk about anything. Still make mistakes. Still need to use a dictionary if I want to understand every word. Spanish grammar etc. is easy but it has a massive massive massive vocabulary. English boasts having more words than any other language, but a lot of of them are archaic and not used. Spanish seems to have far more words in use. That could just be my perception as a learner, but it certainly has at least as many.
Don't let that discourage you though, just like in English, not understanding one word doesn't void your whole understanding of everything else that was written.

Language learning is just time and effort, someone said already. You meet people who say "I've been studying for 30 years and I still can't speak it" well they've been studying an umbrella.. no.. What I mean is they haven't been studying every day. They've maybe come back to it every few months and watched the odd subtitled film.

You also have to study a range of different things or in a range of different ways. Studying one book over and over isn't going to help you learn because you'll be bored and you forget everything if you're bored.
Fuck Fubberkidge - Mon, 20 Oct 2014 04:34:55 EST ID:rpK/jr8E No.11799 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Also i read a stupid blog recently that said you can't study 5 hours a day. you should study 5 minutes a day. BULLSHIT. that's fine if you want to be able to order a fucking coffee. If you want to speak fluently 5 hours exposure to the language in a day A START. I can't believe anyone would dare write a blog telling people to work LESS in order to learn more. Fricken TOURISTS
Betsy Ficklegold - Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:29:42 EST ID:RYQ9LXTa No.11800 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1413836982811.jpg -(31604 B, 656x487) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 31604
>How long did it take you to be able to use this site or watch American/British TV?
That's really difficult to say, because I started watching cartoons in english as a child, before I could even read, and then later there were mandatory classes in school. So it's been a loooong gradual process.

What I do know for a fact is that everyone can learn. It's just a matter of "how much" and "to what level". Devoting time and effort WILL pay off, but learning a language to fluency is a thing achieved not in "months" but in "years". (I speak three foreing languages, but only english fluently.)
Betsy Ficklegold - Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:45:52 EST ID:RYQ9LXTa No.11801 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just to reply to myself, the upper should read
>"how much EFFORT"

Korean & Japanese or Korean v. Japanese by Nathaniel Brookspear - Thu, 16 Oct 2014 15:11:26 EST ID:jJy382Y2 No.11787 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1413486686195.jpg -(98814 B, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 98814
I'm trying to get my life together after many months of idle alcoholism. I've basically been on an extended gap year. And I am wondering if it is worth the time to take Korean and Japanese together for business and cultural purposes. Or just one language.

I already know enough French,German,and Spanish to travel or if need be enough to practice and become fluent enough to conduct business. So should I study both Japanese and Korean for the winter semester since I would be going to class everyday in a condensed amount of time. Or just one.

I live in Los Angeles and there is a huge Korean Community and a sizeable Japanese community.
Basil Snodhood - Thu, 16 Oct 2014 19:30:29 EST ID:Z1v+SCTB No.11788 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'll give every bit of advice I can, but my experience with Korean is mostly academic and impersonal.

They have very... tense relations. Not that that should matter.

Both languages are drastically unlike French, Spanish, or German, though the phonologies and grammars are a little like the mixed.

They're at similar difficulty levels, though Korean is just a little harder. They have very similar grammars, similar phonotactics, and similar pitch/stress/timing patterns, but they have different phonologies; Japanese is like a simpler Spanish, but Korean has a lot more, including altaic vowels (an ö and ü broken into we and üi, an unrounded u, which to be fair is the default allophone of /u/ in Japanese). Japanese has a very rigid 5 vowel system, but Korean has a 7 vowel system where the near open vowels have slid to more close positions. Korean has 3 rows of stop consonants - ptk and bdg like us, but also a set of tense consonants in the places of ptk too where you tighten your throat. (graphically, <pp><tt><kk> and the non-stop <ss>; eg dal means moon, tal means mask, and ttal means daughter). Korean even has traces of vowel harmony, but that's simple enough.

Writing systems add a whole bunch of difficulty points back to Japan, evening things out. Korean uses an alphabet like ours, except the syllables are scrunched up into blocks. Chinese characters are used only very rarely now in SK, usually in scientific things to distinguish homographs (like boohoo tear and shred tear). There's usually 1:1 correspondence spelling wise; their alphabet, and thus their writing system, was historically put down but today championed as a writing system you could learn in a day.

Japan on the other hand uses a syllabary, where each "letter" represents one whole unique syllable (it's simpler phonology, though, means this isn't quite as crazy as it would be for English or even Korean). Except it doesn't just use one syllabary, it uses 2. And to top that off, it uses Chinese characters unsparingly, so you have to know those. There's some patterns you can gleam from the Chinese-derived pronunciations of the characters (oh yeah, there's usually two, often more pronunciations of the characters), but because Japan evolved independently, most of the characters have no patterns whatsoever to their pronunciations. You really have to suck it up and memorize.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Martin Nattingstone - Sun, 19 Oct 2014 01:16:57 EST ID:RTil2obd No.11792 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just a hobby/academically go for it, they are difficult and will consume a lot of time. I did a year of Japanese in college and have since forgotten most of it, the 3 alphabets thing didn't really bother fsr it just kinda clicked with me, because only certian types of words are spelled with a certain alphabet.

Both culture are extraordinarily xenophobic and your chances of living/working there are basically zero, but being so isolated they produce a ton of their own media, no I'm not just talking about anime, so you'll have lots of ways to absorb the language/culture.

Uploding Latin course. by Thomas Trotville - Thu, 14 Aug 2014 16:32:53 EST ID:fGC+CkpF No.11610 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1408048373263.jpg -(52694 B, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 52694
Hello, /lang/. Are any of you interested in learning Latin? I've been recently cleaning out my house and stumbled upon some of my old Latin textbooks. If any of you want, I can put all the information into a pastebin to share with you all.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
NinKenDo !GEcKEyOqGA - Sun, 24 Aug 2014 01:09:43 EST ID:6gimAog7 No.11626 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Sounds great OP.
Thom Yorke - Wed, 27 Aug 2014 23:48:58 EST ID:f9IhLl1l No.11639 Ignore Report Quick Reply
And then OP never delivered
Edwin Fisslelin - Sun, 21 Sep 2014 21:38:46 EST ID:zDy+3X47 No.11747 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1411349926686.jpg -(49917 B, 640x376) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 49917
Your thread makes Caesar die.
Jenny Desslehood - Thu, 16 Oct 2014 10:02:11 EST ID:ix0FBFjU No.11786 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Interested here, but WHERE IS OP
Charlotte Femmlegold - Mon, 20 Oct 2014 02:44:55 EST ID:Z1v+SCTB No.11797 Ignore Report Quick Reply
OP est canaedus

Corpus Linguistics by Nigger Ginkinway - Tue, 14 Oct 2014 10:59:12 EST ID:YpxqR+QJ No.11781 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1413298752346.jpg -(1691587 B, 2560x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1691587
Have you heard of it?

Tried it?

I'm very curious.. It's a systematic breakdown of single paragraphs/phrases in order to learn the context of vocabulary and sentence structure of that language? It seems that anybody with a true willingness to learn a language will inevitably end up doing this. It's why one would want to watch a foreign film in the language they're learning, attempt to read newspaper articles, write poems, songs, etc.
Clara Candergold - Tue, 14 Oct 2014 12:36:07 EST ID:OCB4hcwz No.11783 Ignore Report Quick Reply
just reading about what it is scared the shit out me. this looks hard as nuts, and its something i wouldnt touch with a 20inch pole.
Graham Soshtere - Tue, 14 Oct 2014 15:25:28 EST ID:dgpaNSaa No.11784 Ignore Report Quick Reply
OP, you do understand that linguistics is not the learning of languages, right? When people talk about corpus linguistics, they're talking about analyzing corpora with an emphasis on the analyzing. If you're doing things like POS tagging, it is a truly awful way to study a language that's already well documented.

German translations for me? by Phineas Winkinwodge - Tue, 02 Sep 2014 18:41:10 EST ID:8cqzfMaE No.11664 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1409697670568.jpg -(44308 B, 357x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 44308
Would someone proficient in German be so kind as to translate the song names from Crystal Castles II?

>Fainting Spells
>Celestica (do it the best you can)
>Doe Deer
>Year of Silence
>Violent Dreams
>Pap Smear
>Not in Love
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Jack Gonkindock - Wed, 03 Sep 2014 12:58:08 EST ID:NqJL1ymG No.11668 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm bad, not familiar with the source and my german's atrophying but I'm gonna try just because I can. But let me be overruled

>Ohnmachtzauber (fainting magic) Ohmachtsweile (fainting period of time)
>Himmlisch (heavenly) or Himmelland (heavenland) idk Zelestika geht auch
> Hirschkuh (literal, sounds like deercow, maybe like Hinde or Hindin would be better for a female deer)
>Taufe; Baptismus would be understood but it's not as common
>Jahr der Stille or Jahr des Schweigens if it's silence in the shut up sense not the outerspace or frozen tundra sense
>I don't know this off the top of my head, I wanna say Asphyxie (Asphyxia) but that's too scientific. *Suffikation would be the word if the word Germanized normal but no guarantees and it's frenchie anyways and no one likes that
>Gewältige Träume
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Augustus Niggerville - Wed, 03 Sep 2014 14:46:44 EST ID:8cqzfMaE No.11669 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Jack Gonkindock - Wed, 03 Sep 2014 15:26:19 EST ID:NqJL1ymG No.11670 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ohmachts Episode for the first I think I was drunk when I typed this
Priscilla Biblingson - Tue, 07 Oct 2014 20:36:46 EST ID:144YlSuj No.11772 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Suffocation = Erstickung
*gewalttätige Träume
*Ich bin aus Kreide gemacht

Learning Arabic in a year by alkemest - Sun, 27 Jul 2014 06:35:43 EST ID:86jrGCuF No.11565 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1406457343026.jpg -(83787 B, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 83787
What's up guys, quick question, how do I learn Arabic at least passably in about a years time?
I'm graduating Uni in a year or so with a degree in journalism and polisci, and Palestine has been on my heart and mind for years. This current slaughter is really pushing me towards volunteering to teach English there when I graduate. The thing is that I'll probably want/need some understanding of Arabic before I head over. I can take classes, but I may also need to buckle down and get my required classes done this next year.

What are some tools that are available to learn Arabic? Primarily I'd want to be able to speak it with passable basic writing skills.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Thomas Micklenock - Mon, 25 Aug 2014 19:21:55 EST ID:UP0WbMeJ No.11627 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That's pretty awesome. Is it frowned upon if you're agnostic/atheist (but not hostile)?
Fucking Chindlehall - Sat, 27 Sep 2014 05:16:35 EST ID:Z1v+SCTB No.11758 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Okay, not that Alice is being untruthful, but it really does depend on the teacher in question. Do make yourself known to your teacher ahead of time as not so receptive to Allah, because some of the more strident sorts will be offended, just like you might imagine with any religious thing spending their time on you (also hint: Jehovah's Witnesses believe in predestination, so if you make it clear you don't believe Michael is Jesus that'll be the point where they'll be just as disinterested in you as you are them).

Though I suppose they might choose to charge you if you do that, fair warning. Just, you know, be very cautious and respectful. Oh, and clean - they like that.
Emma Dorrywill - Mon, 06 Oct 2014 18:56:31 EST ID:WjmbZth5 No.11767 Ignore Report Quick Reply
So, I'm on the verge of converting to Islam (seriously). I'm also homeless and have no intention of being not homeless anytime soon. I can and absolutely will travel anywhere in the US that will give a convert 1) a place to sleep, 2) food (one meal a day is plenty), 3) instruction/immersion in Arabic, and 4) guidance in becoming a good Muslim. Can you recommend anywhere? I will literally scrub toilets to earn my keep.

P.S. it's too bad that 420chan doesn't have a /religion/ board. Are there any places to go online to ask/learn about Islam? I received an English language Qur'an recently and I've been reading it every night, but reading and understanding aren't the same thing.
Matilda Brenkinbanks - Mon, 06 Oct 2014 19:44:37 EST ID:zugpJ0bV No.11769 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1412639077598.jpg -(102468 B, 752x1063) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 102468
Same guy as before, I am Muslim, Ok here goes nothing.

A bad option is the Tabliki Jamat (different spellings exist). They will take you in and travel around, think of them as the Jehova's Withnesses of Muslims. They go from Mosque to Mosque, sleep in them and eat there for a few nights, and during the day go around the neighborhood soliticing. Annoying. However, what they will teach you is not good, sound iman (faith). They use books full of false hadith (oral tradition) and will lead you on the wrong path. There is a lot of information about them on the internet.

Living off the state when you're able to work is frowned upon in Islam, the hadith present a consevative, macho view that a man should work for his living. I won't go into your private life. If you are a drug addict I hope Islam will help you overcome your difficulties. If you are American, there are some good places with thriving communities that will help bring you in and will be unlikely to judge you, such as Dearborn MI, NYC, DC, Atlanta, Southern Florida, etc. If you are British to to London or Manchester, if you are Australian go to Melbourne or Hobart.

Anyway, I too have been homeless and I hope with winter coming you can get your life together. Salaam brother.
Alice - Tue, 07 Oct 2014 19:34:59 EST ID:EfO0fZbV No.11770 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1412724899166.png -(417630 B, 720x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 417630
If you have any questions about the Qur'an. Anything that you dont understand or need to interpret please come back and post it here and we will help you with it as best as we can. If you need any help with Arabic in general id love to help you go through it.

Peace Brother and good luck

ITT explain why english is the best language by Oliver Blatherdock - Sun, 07 Sep 2014 14:54:36 EST ID:Zc5d8Gm+ No.11675 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1410116076295.jpg -(44081 B, 397x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 44081
in your own opinion, plz don't stay a shit war about Spanish and mandarin again for the billionth time
15 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eliza Bardson - Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:14:59 EST ID:ODcMPuW0 No.11756 Ignore Report Quick Reply
ya hablo espanol como me da la putas gana maricon, y punto.
Samuel Crandersick - Sun, 28 Sep 2014 07:24:04 EST ID:xLUi03Ty No.11759 Ignore Report Quick Reply

This is going to sound ignorant, but english is a very versatile language.
Polly Sevingwadging - Mon, 06 Oct 2014 09:54:12 EST ID:yUAAF9AA No.11765 Ignore Report Quick Reply
money and culture.

disproportionate amount of the worlds wealth is controlled by english speakers.

disproportionate amount of the world's culture is communicated in english.

england and america to thank for this.
Nigel Trotshaw - Mon, 06 Oct 2014 11:48:57 EST ID:OCB4hcwz No.11766 Ignore Report Quick Reply
spot on.
Emma Dorrywill - Mon, 06 Oct 2014 18:58:15 EST ID:WjmbZth5 No.11768 Ignore Report Quick Reply
pray for the rise of China?

WRITTEN Language by Sidney Sinkinkare - Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:16:11 EST ID:24ygmyw9 No.11555 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1406160971467.png -(204324 B, 2714x1256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 204324
Native Hindi and English speaker here . However I am learning the north Indian script . I can read Urdu - which is mutually intelligible but uses Arabic alphabet .

So got to thinking . Even tho i only speak 2 languages i can read 4 scripts : Latin Greek Arab Devnagar

So what spoken languages and what scripts are you fluent and what you want to learn ? Aside from the above I know a little spanish and franch but nowhere near fluent. As far as writing chinese interests me .
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Trotworth - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:39:47 EST ID:p2ujFQVr No.11731 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The alphabets of India / southeast Asia are for the most part language specific. E.g Thai alphabet for Thai language . Tamil alphabet for Tamil language . I think this shows the cultural influence and diversity of brhmic but causes a cluster fuck for mobility.

Where as Latin Arab Cyrillic Chinese are the the alphabet for many spoken language . Eg arab for arabic persian . And latin for the western world and beyond .I think this shows the influence of these military religious political etc . Most of ancient scripts discovered through out the world are where Arab alphabet is now used . Fertile crescent Indus valley .
Walter Blirringfoot - Wed, 17 Sep 2014 20:35:19 EST ID:jlgKRZMK No.11732 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Even though I'm Muslim and exposed to Arabic constantly, I don't really like the alphabet. It's complicated (every letter has 3 forms based on if it's first, last, or a middle letter in a word) and seems to artistic to be functional. Like it's beautiful yes, but for means of communication you don't want beauty you want functionality. For this reason I am also not a fan at all of cuneiform.

I find the Greek alphabet to be very appealing, also the Cherokee which was somewhat based on Greek, sorta ish.

The Chinese / Japanese Kanji concept of one character = one word is interesting but again, very intricate and artistic.

And to be quite honest I find Hebrew writing to be a good medium.
Archie Nagglechad - Mon, 22 Sep 2014 18:40:41 EST ID:XvPUcrbo No.11750 Ignore Report Quick Reply
In high school, I learned the Korean alphabet. Not the language. Just the alphabet. I've since forgotten it. But it's by far the coolest alphabet.

Each symbol is a syllable. Unlike japanese, each symbol is actually composed of letters from their alphabet. It's a pretty awesome concept.
Archie Nagglechad - Mon, 22 Sep 2014 18:44:54 EST ID:XvPUcrbo No.11751 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oh yeah, it's just 24 letters. So it's comparable to latin/cyrillic alphabets in complexity, but it looks dope like chinese/japanese characters.
Albert Gaggledale - Tue, 23 Sep 2014 12:23:07 EST ID:Wrogz3dW No.11754 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I am trying to learn Japanese kanji, plus their hiragana & katakana scripts..

Good luck with Urdu, OP!

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