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There are some people who tell you there is nothing worth fighting for by Fuck Pellerford - Fri, 24 Mar 2017 15:36:15 EST ID:I5RV8fro No.45792 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1490384175376.jpg -(50994B / 49.80KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 50994
There are some people who tell you that what you are doing, is foolish. That it is impossible to stand up against the system, that the system is always right, that there is no point in resistance, no point in fighting back.

I say that the kinds of people who win, are the kinds of people who fight back! The kinds of people who take risks! How many of you take a risk just by coming here? How many columbians, brazilians, and other south americans, take a risk of getting deported, just for speaking their mind about drugs?

After all, you're not a suspect until you speak your mind about something! When you open your mouth and you say, "What sense does that make? Why do something that way?"

I say we push back! Little things at first. Pranks. Increasingly more aggressive and shocking pranks designed to elicit media attention. Then protests. But not stupid protest. Not gathering in front of a town hall and hoping somebody calls the media on us. Not getting your school newspaper to write about you in your college news letter. No. Targeting protests. At places where they will be forced to acknowledge our presence. We must block traffic, we must disrupt their infrastructure. People are too hypnotized to acknowledge anything is happenning until it happens in THEIR neighborhood.

They must see us, and they must be afraid. They must be afraid of us, of what we represent. The peoples Ultimatum. Either you clean up your act, either you allow us to hold you accountable for what you have done, or we will no longer respect your governments laws and authority. We will do what we please, where we please, and be damned of the consequence!

We are not slaves! We are not here to be you little gear or your little wheel in the big machine! We have lives! We have dreams of our own! We must continue our protests, we must push forward, we must prevail! Because without the appoval, without the consent, of us, the people, our government is in violation of the natural law and the natural order of democracy!
Fuck Pellerford - Fri, 24 Mar 2017 15:54:20 EST ID:I5RV8fro No.45793 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You may wonder why it is I choose this picture.
Its because to me, the mountainback gorilla represents a peaceful creature. It tends not to fight unless provoked, such as when being removed from its natural environment and being placed in captivity. It will beat its chest to demonstrate against a predator, and when a sufficient threat to one of his communities young, it will fight back.

Expeditions to capture mountain gorillas are some of the most dangerous, because if they stay over night, get caught in a storm, or have a run of bad luck and their rover stalls out in the wild, there is a risk the mountain gorillas will track the kidnappers back to where they came from by following the tracks in the mud, then attacking them when they camp at night.

So you see, even a peaceful creature, like a gorilla, will fight when it thinks it is being provoked, when it thinks it has no other options. There have been reports of apes stealing assault rifles while they are sleeping or on guard duty. They have even tried to use such weapons against us by firing them into the air and trying to drive us off with the loud sounds of the gun firing!

This is not news. Gorillas have been known to steal human tools and use them for hundreds of years. But the remarkable thing is, that after stealing these weapons, instead of discarding them when they get bored with them like they usually would, they actually remember to keep these things for themselves, burying them in case they need them.

This reminds me of an old man, buying a gun for his young grandson. His son's generation didn't need a gun, because he was still there to protect him. But now he is old, and he does not have faith in his son, and feels his grandson might one day need protection. In fact, he makes it his last request, because his grandson has his grandfathers spirit.

He asks that he "protect his father and his fathers estate, that he look after and care for his father, for his father was a good man and raised you right, and you came out all right, so just do that for me, would you son? Just do that for me."

Those were my fathers last words to me.

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