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children's books...aka all ages by Phoebe Grandspear - Sun, 19 Feb 2017 22:31:35 EST ID:3gLiaHu/ No.69035 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1487561495230.jpg -(84621B / 82.64KB, 446x570) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 84621
i like the way youth geared books can drive a message though the simplest means. intellectualism and elaboration on complex ideas are nice but theres something about the directness and emotional appeal of an easy read.

any suggestions of titles i should keep my eye out for?

'Johnathan Livingston Seagull' is my absolute favorite and i hope everyone gets the chance to read it. obligatory second is 'the little prince'

Johnatan li
Isabella Blackdale - Fri, 24 Feb 2017 16:30:00 EST ID:gzTaKzPW No.69062 Ignore Report Quick Reply
50 shades of grey
Charlotte Greendale - Sun, 05 Mar 2017 04:30:55 EST ID:nP/XVrh9 No.69079 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The Little Juggler by Barbara Cooney
Where the Wild Things Are
and Frog and Toad of course...
Emma Brunningstug - Sun, 05 Mar 2017 23:25:53 EST ID:JK3oY1oG No.69080 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The jungle book, wizard of Oz, Alice's adventures in wonderland
Phyllis Changerville - Mon, 06 Mar 2017 10:29:35 EST ID:8fVk5qQ9 No.69081 Ignore Report Quick Reply
"Momo" and "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende

Momo is actually a children's book that has much more impact if you read it as an adult than if you read it as a child or young adult. A must read.

From Wiki:

Ende claimed, "It is for this child in me, and in all of us, that I tell my stories", and that "[my books are] for any child between 80 and 8 years". He often expressed frustration over being perceived as a children's writer exclusively, considering that his purpose was to speak of cultural problems and spiritual wisdom to people of all ages.

He wrote in 1985:
One may enter the literary parlor via just about any door, be it the prison door, the madhouse door, or the brothel door. There is but one door one may not enter it through, which is the nursery door. The critics will never forgive you such. The great Rudyard Kipling is one to have suffered this. I keep wondering to myself what this peculiar contempt towards anything related to childhood is all about.
Cornelius Cizzlegold - Tue, 07 Mar 2017 01:05:40 EST ID:+mb2swwL No.69082 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I thought Peter Pan was very dark when characters started dying. It was written in a way that a child would find it funny but would shock an adult. The way the book describes the Pirates dancing and singing in their excitment of finding out the location of the Lost boys base and how their going to gut them and hang the put a smile on your face.
Henry Hullyfuck - Sun, 12 Mar 2017 21:29:35 EST ID:RwN36K4g No.69091 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The Jungle Book! I read this a few years ago and I was very happy with the quality of writing. As an adult, I did not feel I was reading a children's story, but a timeless collection of fanciful tales. I remember I kept stopping every couple of stories and thinking: wow, this is outstanding prose! Maybe it was just unique to me, but there is something very cool about The Jungle Book that is untouched by the passing of time. Jump into that universe and go live there for a while, put your mind at ease and follow Mowgli and the rest.

Lillian Sacklemit - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 18:57:43 EST ID:z628orwU No.69095 Ignore Report Quick Reply
hatchet, its sequel river, and any other gary paulsen books i have read were phenomenal material for a young reader. it really drives home "nature is brutal" and the fact that city bitches will get fucked right in the ass if they try to play with nature unprepared.

same for jack london.

also im a sucker for the redwall series. its a little childish sometimes but it delivers on the "good always beats evil" trope which can provide some fuzzy feels
Edward Duckfuck - Fri, 17 Mar 2017 09:10:59 EST ID:KR9kNGQv No.69100 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you ever read The Transall Saga/Blue Light by the same author? I loved that shit as a kid.
Ernest Blackson - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 10:43:59 EST ID:z628orwU No.69102 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489934639972.gif -(1783754B / 1.70MB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

YES MY MOTHERFUCKING NEGRO I MOTHERFUCKING DID!!!! i was just pondering those books like 2 days ago, that shit was some BRILLIANT god damn writing.
Ernest Blackson - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 10:45:11 EST ID:z628orwU No.69103 Ignore Report Quick Reply

also if you liked those books you would definitely enjoy

And the Devil Will Drag You Under by Jack L. Chalker
Simon Monnerstock - Tue, 21 Mar 2017 14:10:05 EST ID:cW+QvEl+ No.69108 Ignore Report Quick Reply

If you like that you shout read Kim by Kipling too. He's one of my favorite authors

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