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Fluoxetine & MDMA Interaction. by John Pivingweg - Mon, 18 Jan 2016 16:35:01 EST ID:JbkSfXWA No.222857 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1453152901792.jpg -(292925B / 286.06KB, 900x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 292925
My girlfriend who had been on anti-depressants for a year and a half decided in the last 2-2 1/2 months she wanted to taper down and eventually stop taking them. This is how her tapering off has worked so far.

Fluoxetine 40mg down to 20mg for 2 months.

20mg down to 10mg on Tuesday 5th January

10mg to 0mg on Tuesday 12th January

Want to take 0.2g (maybe less, she's a super lightweight) of MDMA on January 22nd with me.

Is this safe? She tapered off safely and will have had zero contact with any meds for 10 days when she wants to do it.

Her safety is my main priority though. Is Fluoxetine's half life very long?

Thanks in advance!
Chris Crängle - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 20:19:37 EST ID:us/oVTqw No.222881 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1453252777145.jpg -(51474B / 50.27KB, 408x439) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'd say give it a month to get out of her system AT LEAST. Prozac is one of those that has to build up in your system before it begins to work hence why you need to taper to get off it. I'd say a month and a half is a good wait period in between and possibly talking to her psychiatrist about rolling if they're cool with that. And I just assume she has one as that's how you get meds in America and that's where I'm from
David Sommercocke - Wed, 20 Jan 2016 15:34:26 EST ID:oz5XmB5o No.222888 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Prozac has an incredibly long effect timetable and changes brain chemistry. 10 days isn't enough time to get a good roll and she may never be able to get a good roll again. Downregulation of serotonin reuptake transporters lowers your brains maximum serotonin concentration and she'll still have the active metabolite nurfluoxetine. Because fluoxetine builds up in the brain with chronic administration, she'll have a shitload of nurfluoxetine, which has a half life around 8.6 days, so by the time you plan to roll she'll have a little less than half as much nurfluoxetine, which, based on the length of her tapper, will probably inhibit a roll. (((# of months taking prozac-12)+7)*16)=the number of days approximately that you have to wait to get a real roll again.

MDMA SUPPLEMENTATION POST ROLL RECOVERY by Alice Clashwotch - Fri, 08 Jan 2016 22:04:10 EST ID:b+xaNug9 No.222789 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452308650855.jpg -(115075B / 112.38KB, 1440x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 115075
So I followed this

Not quite 100% but relatively close, took the Na-R-ALA, Magnesium, GSA, and followed up the following nights up to a week (which is tonight) of 5-htp+EGCG nightly.

Would this be able to decrease my recovery time to next roll? Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to be able to do minimal damage and have nice rolls a bit more than seasonally.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Henry Billingdale - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 12:19:18 EST ID:InMhmFxz No.222864 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's a good idea certainly, I always drink a Lucozade (similar thing) before I drop
Fucking Hunnerbet - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 16:44:51 EST ID:RZ7fPXtW No.222866 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Don't drink caffine while rolling, particually if you aren't tolerant too it --- it'll increase damage

Don't listen to people who say healthy diet is the way to go

Make sure you dose at the right times, anti-oxidants are a double edged sword that can possibly make the damage worse if not dosed at the right time.
Edward Dudgetut - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 17:06:05 EST ID:sAqYnz9V No.222867 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>dont have a good diet

Samuel Fobberdale - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 17:27:48 EST ID:MqB2Njj4 No.222870 Ignore Report Quick Reply
what are the "right times" to redose? there are many different opinions
Nell Hubberville - Wed, 20 Jan 2016 02:54:48 EST ID:VC14Cfg9 No.222887 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1453276488713.png -(301161B / 294.10KB, 620x660) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Taking magnesium to help clear neurons is a dipshit move
>Taking 5-HTP to recover serotonin is a dipshit move

>Healthy dieting is a bad thing

I didn't want to believe in the natural selection thing with ravers but fuck how dense can you be?

THINGS by Schepperschop - Sat, 16 Jan 2016 23:38:36 EST ID:OAaonQWg No.222849 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1453005516252.png -(949709B / 927.45KB, 1221x861) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 949709

illness and drugs by Lillian Sonnerham - Fri, 15 Jan 2016 20:24:07 EST ID:MqB2Njj4 No.222836 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452907447189.jpg -(86562B / 84.53KB, 1027x543) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 86562
i was just watching that film "Biutiful" and kind of started wondering about terminally ill people taking drugs. i've heard something about cancer patients taking psychedelics to help them enjoy everyday life or even find peace with the thought of death. which sounds like a risk to me because i imagine myself just freaking out uncontrollably..
i thought if there is one drug that could help one find inner peace, that would probably be mdma.
any stories of terminally ill people taking mdma or something else? i'd love some thoughts on this subject

Ecstasy with penicillin injections? by HajHo - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 22:00:17 EST ID:vY0dm1Va No.222817 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452654017732.jpg -(5946B / 5.81KB, 265x190) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 5946
Is it safe if I drop 1 pill (contains 220 mg mdma) while taking penicillin injections once a day? Could something bad happen?
Archie Gittinglet - Thu, 14 Jan 2016 14:57:38 EST ID:Cjmq6Yr8 No.222826 Ignore Report Quick Reply
no, this will be fine. There are no interactions between penicillin and any illicit drug.
Eliza Buzzwell - Thu, 14 Jan 2016 15:13:12 EST ID:DMMIar9p No.222827 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you could spread your stds

Lets talk distribution. by Cornelius Blenkinfield - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 15:12:32 EST ID:p1cSSGp6 No.222812 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452629552284.jpg -(118219B / 115.45KB, 946x625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 118219
Lets have a thread about experiences with trading goods. I'm not talking about story time but just stuff like what you like about your dealers, what do you hate? What would you change, whats the best way to do business in your opinion and such.
If we talking MDMA in pills, whats the right dose in your world to sell?
Where, why, how?
Just simply discuss. I'm interested in different cultures and eager to learn strange and maybe better ways.
Shitting Creggledock - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 16:47:38 EST ID:04aAlREv No.222814 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1452635258076.jpg -(82363B / 80.43KB, 720x460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I usually buy crystal, which usually comes at high purity since it's imported from Europe 9 out of ten times. A gram of the powdered stuff may range anywhere from BR$100~150 (25~35 american dollars).
Pills are notoriously shitty down here in Rio. Drug cartels have them made locally and they often don't even contain X at all, just stims. Prices go about BR$10~30 (2,50~7,50 american dollars). Sometimes friends come around and tell me they got hold of these nice "pure" pills - usually some good european shit - they got a roll off of; then I'll ask for their connect and buy some. These nicer pills cost BR$40~50 (10~13 american dollars) and are more often than not breddy stronk stuff.

As far as obtaining them goes:
>crystal/import pills
Have friends who do drugs and ask for their connections.
>methcrack chernobyl what-am-I-taking-now pillz
Go up the favelas and ask people who act suspiciously (walkie-talkies, riding backwards on a motorcycle someone else is driving) about the "movimento", lel.
Shitting Pombleded - Wed, 13 Jan 2016 10:53:14 EST ID:fAiaqhK3 No.222820 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Almost every time I find somebody who sells ecstasy in a club they expect the drugs and the cash to be exchanged with that stupid fucking dealer handshake. You know the one. Middle three fingers holding the baggie or money and grabbing the other person's goods with the pinky and thumb.
I've got nerve pain in my wrists and suck at handshakes. I couldn't do that shit in the middle of the day under sunlight, how can anyone do it in a dark and hazy venue with musclebros with pacifiers and tank tops bumping into you from every angle?
Christ, just hand me the drugs and I'll give you the money. This should be very simple. I'm not going try to to run and get my ass beat for $20-worth of pills.
David Pallyham - Wed, 13 Jan 2016 16:37:22 EST ID:4FhkQLCZ No.222821 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>doesn't understand the possibility of security seeing such a deal take place
>eveyrone is wrong but me

i feel bad for your nerve pain but dont be a fucking moron and blame the system
Shitting Pombleded - Thu, 14 Jan 2016 06:42:06 EST ID:UuMv6sm5 No.222825 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Thought I'd just add some specs.
Most pills are home-pressed garbage. I never swallow them without a test kit and if I was to guess, the ones that are MDMA contain 60-90mg. Such is life in rural US. Every once in a while somebody has a batch of dutch pills exported to them and they take their rounds with the local dealers, you have a week max to snatch as many up as you can before another eight or nine month drought.
Business is best done outside of a venue. For the reason mentioned above and because the odds of getting a methylone or speed pill skyrocket just be the virtue of looking like a schlub (wearing refraction glasses, drinking from a waterpack, etc.).
I get it, people like to steal drugs and in a packed warehouse it wouldn't be hard to sink into the crowd. There's just a more intuitive way to go about this, the time-old classic
>show buyer pills with one hand
>take cash with the other
>hand buyer the pills
One in a million times is a dealer going to run. The odds are just absolutely insane. If I don't want to get beat up for $20, do you think he wants to get beat up for $20 of pills with no cash value?
It's funny, I hung around with some junkies for a while and never saw that infamous handshake. Maybe the dealers knew their synapses were too fried to do anything with their hands other than hitchhike or prepare a needle, maybe dopefeens and dope dealers just have a mutual understanding.
>"If you were going to stab me for my heroin, you probably would have done it already"

Electronical stimulation by Walter Pendlegold - Wed, 13 Jan 2016 01:38:01 EST ID:Pt7NYtN3 No.222818 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452667081051.png -(2948942B / 2.81MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2948942
I am genuinely interested what you guys think of this. Just general opinion and also the biological aspect, they say it isn`t harmful to use for longer periods of time, yet thought mdma was especially harmful when you use it often and delete yourself of dopamine?
Please let me know what you guys think about this
Walter Pendlegold - Wed, 13 Jan 2016 01:39:32 EST ID:Pt7NYtN3 No.222819 Ignore Report Quick Reply
These typos, I`m sorry guys:
yet I thought mdma was especially harmful when you use it often and deplete yourself of dopamine?

Acetone washing MDMA by Betsy Brommlestock - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 20:35:17 EST ID:b+xaNug9 No.222816 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452648917306.jpg -(1437093B / 1.37MB, 1920x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1437093
How important is an acetone wash?

I just bought 2g from a darknet vendor, says it's 84%, would acetone wash even be worth it? I've done it before at this percentage and it's been dandy, but curious to know if it'll be better if I do an acetone wash.

Safely eye-balling MDMA? by >:3 - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 14:13:52 EST ID:m4eKKJP0 No.222811 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452626032802.jpg -(730853B / 713.72KB, 2560x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 730853
I got 1g of the good stuff from a reliable vendor, however i do now own a scale, is there any great tricks to "safely" eyeball 150-200mg doses? Planning on rolling with my sister who is a first timer. Thanks!

Picture is pizza, pizza is always relevant
George Fuckingcocke - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 16:20:19 EST ID:U1EqScR6 No.222813 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1452633619230.jpg -(38044B / 37.15KB, 561x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dilute it in water. Probably not suitable for long term storage though.
Betsy Brommlestock - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 20:32:39 EST ID:b+xaNug9 No.222815 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If it's 1g then separate into 5 piles, but tbh fam just buy a good scale.

You can get ones that are accurate to around 3mg (they'll say 1) for about 50 bucks. Or get a different one for 30 or so.

There's no such thing as safely eyeballing, no matter what anyone tells you, you'll always be +/- at least 20mg, so separate into 5 even looking piles, then shave some off.

My pick-up by Krave Jerky - Mon, 11 Jan 2016 03:22:39 EST ID:kB1DlHJV No.222799 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452500559011.jpg -(1432798B / 1.37MB, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1432798
I picked up exactly 0.3g of pure MDMA, though this is the first time from this source. From what I can tell, it's the real deal, but I won't be taking any until later this month.

I will post a few pictures for you guys to judge whether it looks legit (as much as you could with only a few pictures)

First pic is exactly .15 (black surface is scale)
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Krave Jerky - Mon, 11 Jan 2016 03:26:44 EST ID:kB1DlHJV No.222802 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1452500804334.jpg -(1353052B / 1.29MB, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

and here is the smallest rock cut up
Martin Dronningstock - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 01:01:11 EST ID:faTvPsjv No.222808 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Rebecca Dicklenut - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 06:20:42 EST ID:UuMv6sm5 No.222810 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>swearzies brah it's only pearl white 'cause i triple purified and recrystallized it
If I was to guess by those pictures it looks like he sold you a rock of baking soda.
Molly Ballernirk - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 02:55:09 EST ID:ZngFux9k No.222860 Ignore Report Quick Reply

if that's honestly the shit you bought you fucked up lmao

buy a test kit. test it then cry.

and 0.3 isn't very much, why are you having us legit check a nights worth of md?
Eugene Hallerford - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 17:17:38 EST ID:/vReZOj9 No.222869 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Buy a test kit dumb dumb.

also that looks like some bullshit to me.

..// MDMA with WEED or with SHROOMS **//..>>--(<3)--> by Hedda Sirrysen - Sun, 10 Jan 2016 19:51:50 EST ID:ycLgZ73I No.222798 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452473510194.jpg -(620264B / 605.73KB, 2556x1767) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 620264
Much respect,
Which combination do you prefer and why?
What aspects of the molly experience will be potentiated or reduced by the weed or the mushrooms?
Jarvis Bavingcocke - Mon, 11 Jan 2016 07:45:57 EST ID:tQgLzzDx No.222803 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I feel like Buddha just did to much deep contemplation during the night and he never slept, that is why he is always chill.
Hamilton Fimmerkork - Tue, 12 Jan 2016 04:00:37 EST ID:mBBMcBLg No.222809 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Mushes and Molly are better than acid imo. Try .1 and 1g first time by yourself. I had a girl take the same dose as me and she was shaking in fetal position saying I don't want it to stop but I want it all to go away at the same time. I'd recommend it either way tho

an MDMA experience like no other, should I be afraid? by Cornelius Shakeson - Fri, 01 Jan 2016 14:10:26 EST ID:mRz1bhOC No.222710 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1451675426607.jpg -(23757B / 23.20KB, 377x228) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 23757
> new years eve
> no party to go to
> chilling with 3 friends at my place
> 12:45am we decide to get some MDMA
> we get it and do it until 6am
> 9am arrives and we finally decide it's time to sleep
> nothing happens
> this is weird because usually we manage to fall asleep pretty easily
> we try to sleep every 3 hours until it's 5pm.
> awake for 32 hours at this point
> heavy heart, kind of feels damp in my chest (weird to explain)
> muscle spasms in my hands
> heavy anxiety
> hallucinating slightly due to lack of sleep
> completely detached from reality
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Fucking Chendermat - Sat, 02 Jan 2016 09:52:24 EST ID:mRz1bhOC No.222721 Ignore Report Quick Reply
meh, if it was meth then it wasn't as bad as I thought, I understand now why people constantly redose though.

Also it was pure white, after we broke it up reeeaaaal fine it could be mistaken for coke it was that white
Fanny Fendletit - Sat, 02 Jan 2016 20:22:33 EST ID:cegTY6e7 No.222731 Ignore Report Quick Reply
meth probably
Fuck Druttingwell - Sat, 02 Jan 2016 21:22:45 EST ID:MqB2Njj4 No.222732 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>meh, if it was meth then it wasn't as bad as I thought
you thought meth was even worse than the experience you described here? sounds like you had it pretty rough tbh, so how was that not so bad?
Fuck Gallertedge - Tue, 05 Jan 2016 11:35:13 EST ID:mRz1bhOC No.222752 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I feel pretty fucked physically and mentally anyway, it just felt like your normal comedown just without being able to sleep, which exacerbated everything. People make meth out to be really really bad
Wesley Deggledale - Sat, 09 Jan 2016 11:44:41 EST ID:BJ8urv1b No.222795 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I remember the first time I accidently bought meth thinking it was MDMA too.

Don't worry. In the army we went longer without sleep and under more pressing circumstances. Just ride it out.

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