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Rolling indoors by Sophie Bluzzleville - Tue, 05 Jan 2016 13:35:02 EST ID:04aAlREv No.222753 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452018902483.png -(440172B / 429.86KB, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 440172
Anyone ever try taking M at home? Not in a party situation, just to chill and enjoy yourself like it was weed or something.
I obtained a gram from my best source today but I don't really think there are any parties which I'd like to go to happening later. I've been entertaining the thought of lone rolling for a while, would anyone recommend this or do you think I'd just chew through the walls?

If things get too intense I can go hang out at a nearby bar or an open square where people gather that's also close to my place.
12 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Martha Gillyridge - Mon, 11 Jan 2016 17:45:33 EST ID:oaKuRUmi No.222807 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Posted a different one before, but yes-same guy.

I like to take a picture every time I roll as a souvenir lol
Nigel Blummercocke - Thu, 21 Jan 2016 06:47:28 EST ID:qWKwTJsj No.222896 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>zeds dead
My nigga
Nigel Drirringstudging - Thu, 21 Jan 2016 09:19:35 EST ID:0qEHmQ8i No.222901 Ignore Report Quick Reply
most of my rolls have been like that with maybe 2 more close friends those are probably some of my best drug experiences ever, I also rolled at big and small raves a few times and it was good too but I'd rather roll at home with close friends, you can't go wrong really
Jack Niggerfuck - Sat, 23 Jan 2016 21:19:23 EST ID:EPvgMY0t No.222917 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Be careful down the road. My homie had a seizure so try to have a friend or two there, not necessarily blaming mdma but you know man. Be careful
Simon Puvingfon - Sat, 30 Jan 2016 08:59:42 EST ID:uTRSoaHG No.222967 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oh, shut the fuck up you fuckin' moron. As long as it isn't their first time and they don't overdo it they should be just fine, BITCH. So FUCK your friend.

What logo is this by Phineas Nicklefield - Wed, 27 Jan 2016 20:32:41 EST ID:wQqX7YYm No.222946 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1453944761044.jpg -(79370B / 77.51KB, 579x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 79370
Found this in the bathroom of the club the other weekend, any info on what it is? It was already cut in half so I can't see the logo. If someone can identify it, is it good?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Angus Debberfoot - Thu, 28 Jan 2016 00:05:45 EST ID:UuMv6sm5 No.222949 Ignore Report Quick Reply
*sad trombone*
Orange Teslas were pressed by a Belgian dealer seller named Checkpoint up until recently when he's believed to have been arrested. The pill's definitely past it's prime and you can look for it's genuine successors, the Yellow Snapchat and Red Supremes (200mg) and the Green Starbucks (100mg). There are a lot of fake Orange Teslas because it really caught on (dealers initially bought in bulk so supplying bulk to end users wasn't a problem, pills were consistently high dosed and tested true, pills glowed under black light and had a clean break line). Fakes can be easily identified because the guy pressing fraudulent pills doesn't own an industrial-power press (the pills have flat or near-flat sides other than the text, genuine Teslas have a very noticeable curve), if the press breaks unevenly, or if the text looks faded or incomplete (the genuine presses were made with clean and unworn stamps).
Phineas Nicklefield - Thu, 28 Jan 2016 04:50:34 EST ID:wQqX7YYm No.222950 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well it was cut in half unevenly so that's a bad sign. Guessing there's probably at least 140 in the whole thing, so I guess it's just best as a booster or something, Passed the test so it should be str8 m8
Priscilla Ballerhadging - Thu, 28 Jan 2016 13:21:24 EST ID:wAeDTLZm No.222952 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Looks like real tesla. Good score OP. You got one of the strongest pills on the market.
Shitting Honeyshit - Sat, 30 Jan 2016 02:36:20 EST ID:wQqX7YYm No.222962 Ignore Report Quick Reply
UPDATE: Took out this bad boy in the club and noticed it glowed under the blacklight, which I heard is a signature mark of this press. Safe to safe only a half had my eyes rolling in the back of my head all night. Wish I didn't find it by complete luck :/
Emma Drinningworth - Sat, 30 Jan 2016 03:54:29 EST ID:UuMv6sm5 No.222963 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Good on you, I forgot to mention that. A lot of fake pressers don't know that the Orange Teslas are pressed using riboflavin and screw it up.
Good on you, glad you had a nice night.
Godspeed Phineas. May you find a many bags of suspicious unlabeled white powder and half-pills in club restrooms for years to come.

Molly questions and such Mufukkas by JTP - Sun, 24 Jan 2016 05:04:55 EST ID:fWrO2Odp No.222931 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1453629895213.jpg -(271947B / 265.57KB, 747x742) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 271947
I've done Molly a a lot as a teenager, always being a crystal with a murky yellow tint and nearly see through (I rarely had pink and I've had some caps but the was undefinable because obviously powder) Recently ran into someone who was some murky white crystal, which I have never ran into. I haven't partook in her in at least 4 years.. Concerning these intervals I have a few questions:
  1. He claims it's pure, the other products he has is quality, and insulating it feels like a little bit longer lived Coke high. I don't have testing kits anymore but I was wondering what the factors of this means. ( what's it cut with, if it may be a designer drug, etc.)
  2. I've nearly done a half a gram with him saying I need a .1, why haven't I gotten that good old rolling feel?
  3. The taste is actually somewhat more pleasant than I remember. It's got no smell but a weird not too chemical taste and it's a rocky crystal. It's got a
Similar comedown to cocaine, unlike the "super bad come down" most people have. The high makes music sound better and my hand and feet freezing. I hardly feel different other than feeling my heart beat a little heavier(not faster though) but the sensitivity of touch and shit isn't any different. This is more of a question of quality and if it's worth to get more.
JTP - Sun, 24 Jan 2016 05:09:03 EST ID:fWrO2Odp No.222932 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ps; I have been insufflating it (aka sugar boogers) Im constant but decent doses
JTP - Sun, 24 Jan 2016 05:11:30 EST ID:fWrO2Odp No.222933 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ps:ps; I've been doing it like ever 15-20 mins from 1:30 to 4:45am still kickin it so if I don't feel much by the time of any response I'll just look for the answers regarding if it's worth acquiring again
Angus Pickville - Mon, 25 Jan 2016 20:26:39 EST ID:ItkMg42D No.222941 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>He claims it's pure
Man, this guy could hook you up with 400ug LSD tabs and not have real pure mdma. Most regular people don't even know the diff between mdma and methylone, or even meth. You may very well have some shitty meth for all you know, or it could be methylone, or it could be fuckin cut MXE or something who knows lol
You only need 100mg to roll on real mdma. Half a gram is SUCH overkill that it's clearly not legit mdma.
You don't want a pleasant taste if you want real mdma :^)

tldr test kit man, tldr test kit. All I can say. That, and that it's not mdma
Cedric Chandlefoot - Wed, 03 Feb 2016 03:56:26 EST ID:lNE6jVbS No.222993 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I doubt it was meth. Half a gram of ice in one night would probably explode your heart.

Test Kits? by BMO - Sat, 23 Jan 2016 21:53:30 EST ID:XGbISbl/ No.222926 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1453604010607.jpg -(15578B / 15.21KB, 624x351) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 15578
Where's the best and cheapest place to get test kits?
Jack Duckhood - Tue, 26 Jan 2016 15:11:43 EST ID:qB6A+Xkv No.222942 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1453839103495.jpg -(168762B / 164.81KB, 878x547) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dance Safe/ Bunk Police/ E-Z test? or something like that.

Raves by Matilda Dravingforth - Fri, 15 Jan 2016 09:16:15 EST ID:us/oVTqw No.222831 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452867375278.jpg -(168061B / 164.12KB, 1038x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 168061
>inb4 where do I get Molly at raves
>inb4 how do I know it's legit

Not really concerned with mdma usage and consumption nor am I really concerned with finding it. All that's taken care of. So /mdma/, where the fuck are the raves at? I mean real raves, not that shot you paid 30 bucks to get into in downtown DC. DO Do real raves even still happen? I live in Virginia. I know that doesn't help much given that it's the south, but I look and see all these batshit cray raves on YouTube from the 90s and the music is 1000% better than what goes down at ultra,connection, etc. Is this still a community that is alive? Or has it been swallowed up by mainstream media completely? Pic related. Old school flyer from Cali
15 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Ernest Borryforth - Thu, 21 Jan 2016 03:10:22 EST ID:zcrr1W6R No.222895 Ignore Report Quick Reply
WHAT ABOUT SYNTHETIC MDMA, like 5-MAPB ?? any good or should i stay away
Barnaby Giddlekudging - Thu, 21 Jan 2016 07:54:06 EST ID:ktygzZE4 No.222898 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Do your own research there's plenty info on the web, weigh the cons and see if it's worth it
Hannah Porrybick - Fri, 22 Jan 2016 14:34:16 EST ID:ldPSGHli No.222906 Ignore Report Quick Reply
OP, I don't know what kind of social media you have, but there are accounts I follow that throw local raves and promote them through instagram and maybe fb. Talk to friends and coworkers, meet people who listen to that kind of music and ask if they know of anything or media accounts. Also, try google or circlejerk. I know there are websites that post events or allow others to discuss as well
Thomas Shakestock - Sun, 24 Jan 2016 23:53:14 EST ID:LWYwf5pk No.222937 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1453697594352.jpg -(47942B / 46.82KB, 960x712) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
come to Australia and hit the doof scene
Fanny Basslehood - Mon, 25 Jan 2016 16:46:17 EST ID:TMrZ4rWJ No.222940 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Go to a really good festival

Are the friends you make on MDMA real? by Emma Wuttingwater - Thu, 03 Sep 2015 19:31:25 EST ID:3ZsqVkt3 No.221675 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1441323085967.jpg -(2830B / 2.76KB, 148x83) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2830
I did MDMA with a guy who was previously just a little bit of a friend, but afterwards, we really became closer and eventually best friends. We were doing everything together and we were like peanut butter and jelly.
But recently we had one argument and our entire friendship fell apart.
Was any of this real? Was our friendship based on a lie?
16 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nicholas Hezzledare - Fri, 25 Sep 2015 08:37:45 EST ID:3ZsqVkt3 No.221853 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ebenezer Sollerlet - Fri, 25 Sep 2015 10:08:26 EST ID:HH5zRihH No.221854 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Sort of. This happened to me a few years back:

>meet girl at a party, we chat and eventually exchange phone numbers
>few days later we decide to go to a party together and try mdma
>I had the best experience of mdma I've ever had (tried it 7/8 other times after that)
>we talked about almost everything and danced together
>we spend the day after lying in my bed smoking weed and cuddling
>fast forward a few days, we are together 24/7 either at my or her place
>we feel so in love, we think we were made for each other
>weeks pass by
>suddenly something doesn't work anymore
>she tells me she doesn't understand me
>I tell her I was trying my best
>she left me because she had "many things going on in her life"
>I'm like "well ok"
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ebenezer Blumbleforth - Sat, 23 Jan 2016 22:03:57 EST ID:TK08pGeG No.222928 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've quickly lost every friend that I've made exclusively through Molly, not on bad terms though. I just, as a person, am a lot more particular and anxious when I'm sober so I'm sure that if you're in a bit better shape than I mentally, you should be good! With that being said, I did find a lot of good in people that I would have never bothered to look for.
Betsy Chemblestitch - Sat, 23 Jan 2016 22:44:01 EST ID:l2YTdX2B No.222929 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That fucking necro bump
Ian Beshson - Sun, 24 Jan 2016 19:10:39 EST ID:zuqgAtxW No.222936 Ignore Report Quick Reply
naturally any relationship that flourishes very quickly wont have the foundations required to support itself against any potential conflicts

its not the molly/mandys fault you lost your friend, its your fault for forming the relationship under such conditions

I use the term "fault" very sparingly though

Panic attacks while rolling??? Help by Schmitty Warbenjager - Sun, 05 Jul 2015 16:14:02 EST ID:EWYPMQP+ No.220860 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1436127242266.jpg -(174738B / 170.64KB, 960x539) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 174738
My bf got a hold of some pure MDA. The first time I tried it he recommended snorting it because it was stronger and faster but I really didn't feel anything besides being a little more energetic. I thought it was bunk. A while ago my bf picked me up on a movie date and said that we were going to eat it this time. I remained skeptical because the snorting failed. 15 minutes into the movie I got the most overwhelming body sensations, rushes, tingling throughout my body, cold sweats, trembling, heart racing, I had a death grip on his arm and I began to hyperventilate slightly. (From what he said) He was concerned so we left and once I went outside I felt a lot better. We decided to go to his friends house and I was fine for a little while until the feeling of panic overcame me again. I didnt want to socialize with anybody but my lover. I sat outside in a hammock alone till we left. Once I got home I felt completely fine, and was rolling quite nicely and knew exactly that this was how It was supposed to feel. Nothing but love for him and everything felt completely fantastic. The second time I rolled I had a lot of the same sensations as before but a little less intense I had to lay down on the ground and "meditate" but after 20 minutes of that I stood up and I felt indescribably amazing and chatted with my best friend the entire night. Does anybody else experience incredibly difficult come ups? Is there any way to avoid this next time I roll? I do have a history of social anxieties so I wonder if that has something to do with it..
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Frederick Fanham - Thu, 09 Jul 2015 07:11:53 EST ID:PTPEbi4S No.220927 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Come ups always fucking suck for me. If i take my dose at the event I just feel uncomfortable/don;t know what to do with myself/can talk to people as usual ect. like a psy come up.

I think some people are just more sensitive to come ups than others

So usually I'll take my dose 45mins or so before arriving to the event so by the time Im there the rolls in full swing.

Also I use Opiates a lot and since I started the come ups for mdma and psys have been more uncomfortable. I guess Im more sensitive to uncomfortable headspaces now since Im used to being in a opi glow all the time
Nigger Clobbleshit - Thu, 09 Jul 2015 18:48:26 EST ID:VEbVWuqN No.220931 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yea rolling 10 times is not experienced at all. A nooby leading a nooby. No big deal but for the future do something that is fun. Notable ideas that aren't parties: go to the beach, set up a comfy space and listen to music and cuddle, play minigolf, go bowling etc
Schmitty Warbenjager - Tue, 14 Jul 2015 02:04:01 EST ID:EWYPMQP+ No.220994 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I feel like you know what I'm talking about. Its such an overwhelming sensation, it almost makes me just want to lay there for a while until I settle into it. I too wonder if I should dose before leaving the house.
Doris Bundock - Tue, 14 Jul 2015 08:22:45 EST ID:9jY/gwRM No.221000 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ok first of I hate snorting molly (MDMA) it's all speediness and no body high for me. Second MDA is even weaker snorted. He obviously doesn't no a lot. Eat your mda if you wanna snort mdma Ok but doing so with mda is a waste.
Ebenezer Blumbleforth - Sat, 23 Jan 2016 21:54:25 EST ID:TK08pGeG No.222927 Ignore Report Quick Reply
No fuck you man. Bowling is a no go, no one listen to this guy. It's like taking Molly on Molly

many drugs by Doris Gobbersodge - Wed, 25 Nov 2015 14:07:38 EST ID:RBtaMGrw No.222422 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1448478458861.png -(520696B / 508.49KB, 500x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 520696
I took about 5-6 dutch pills (200-300mg´s) each, 4 tabs highdose acid (mayas),
20 x 2mg clonazepam, a bit of 2c-b, 1 g of speed and a few bottles red wine over the last 3 days.
Was somehow hoping i would die while being in a feel-good state, but i´m still here.
Now i feel an overwhelming depression, i´m having tears running down my cheeks like a little bitch (haven´t cried in years) and i feel something like electrical shocks all over my body and it is going away since at least 24 hours.
Since i did not have the guts to actually kill myself with a knife or something and tried it the cowardly way, i´m ashamed to go to a doctor and tell him, but i feel like i have some serious damage on my CNS.

Anyone knows this feel?
14 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Edward Worthingfield - Thu, 17 Dec 2015 18:28:36 EST ID:UCHGwJIt No.222585 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Sorry, buddy, I don't use drugs as a crutch or for escapism or any of that shit. I just love a night out with some molly.
Sophie Billingstock - Fri, 18 Dec 2015 20:32:29 EST ID:cegTY6e7 No.222590 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Right so if the movie's that good then you shouldn't really need popcorn.
Ian Murdhood - Sat, 19 Dec 2015 10:29:06 EST ID:F7c5IT7Y No.222601 Ignore Report Quick Reply
haha, nice argument you got there!
Ian Clallerham - Sat, 23 Jan 2016 18:31:06 EST ID:KcXMI8Cf No.222911 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Jack Niggerfuck - Sat, 23 Jan 2016 21:15:57 EST ID:EPvgMY0t No.222915 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I was super fuckin late, and this is only anecdotal evidence but a group of friends and I (6-7) people took such a similar dosage of things that it was uncanny. I had zero tolerance as well, and while I didn't feel the zaps too bad, everything did get better.

ööööööö by Thomas Sickledure - Thu, 21 Jan 2016 07:49:36 EST ID:TiyCJcC5 No.222897 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1453380576890.jpg -(97728B / 95.44KB, 768x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 97728
Anybody know some good dark net market pages ? I hope it isn't against the rules if i ask.
Thomas Sickledure - Thu, 21 Jan 2016 09:12:12 EST ID:TiyCJcC5 No.222900 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Sorry for dumb question, i just found a ton with TFSE, ignore me
Cyril Bapperstock - Fri, 22 Jan 2016 00:33:48 EST ID:J+6WRR+d No.222904 Ignore Report Quick Reply
tfse eh?

this aint no home for abbreviations you methsquid

Eesti, keegi oskab aidata? by Fucking Lightdale - Sat, 16 Jan 2016 02:45:21 EST ID:ziaz/guY No.222837 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452930321534.jpg -(20776B / 20.29KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 20776
Midagi puhast.
Augustus Poshware - Sat, 16 Jan 2016 03:44:45 EST ID:DMMIar9p No.222838 Ignore Report Quick Reply
s - Sat, 16 Jan 2016 10:01:20 EST ID:ziaz/guY No.222842 Ignore Report Quick Reply

aga päriselt?
s - Sat, 16 Jan 2016 10:14:36 EST ID:ziaz/guY No.222843 Ignore Report Quick Reply
minu number, nii on lihtsam, kes abiks.
Augustus Poshware - Sat, 16 Jan 2016 16:52:03 EST ID:DMMIar9p No.222845 Ignore Report Quick Reply
lowkey as fuck 12 hrs later
Esther Ginkinwod - Wed, 20 Jan 2016 18:26:23 EST ID:kBnW1EGN No.222889 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1453332383008.jpg -(371274B / 362.57KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is this BWH?

Fluoxetine & MDMA Interaction. by John Pivingweg - Mon, 18 Jan 2016 16:35:01 EST ID:JbkSfXWA No.222857 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1453152901792.jpg -(292925B / 286.06KB, 900x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 292925
My girlfriend who had been on anti-depressants for a year and a half decided in the last 2-2 1/2 months she wanted to taper down and eventually stop taking them. This is how her tapering off has worked so far.

Fluoxetine 40mg down to 20mg for 2 months.

20mg down to 10mg on Tuesday 5th January

10mg to 0mg on Tuesday 12th January

Want to take 0.2g (maybe less, she's a super lightweight) of MDMA on January 22nd with me.

Is this safe? She tapered off safely and will have had zero contact with any meds for 10 days when she wants to do it.

Her safety is my main priority though. Is Fluoxetine's half life very long?

Thanks in advance!
Chris Crängle - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 20:19:37 EST ID:us/oVTqw No.222881 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1453252777145.jpg -(51474B / 50.27KB, 408x439) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'd say give it a month to get out of her system AT LEAST. Prozac is one of those that has to build up in your system before it begins to work hence why you need to taper to get off it. I'd say a month and a half is a good wait period in between and possibly talking to her psychiatrist about rolling if they're cool with that. And I just assume she has one as that's how you get meds in America and that's where I'm from
David Sommercocke - Wed, 20 Jan 2016 15:34:26 EST ID:oz5XmB5o No.222888 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Prozac has an incredibly long effect timetable and changes brain chemistry. 10 days isn't enough time to get a good roll and she may never be able to get a good roll again. Downregulation of serotonin reuptake transporters lowers your brains maximum serotonin concentration and she'll still have the active metabolite nurfluoxetine. Because fluoxetine builds up in the brain with chronic administration, she'll have a shitload of nurfluoxetine, which has a half life around 8.6 days, so by the time you plan to roll she'll have a little less than half as much nurfluoxetine, which, based on the length of her tapper, will probably inhibit a roll. (((# of months taking prozac-12)+7)*16)=the number of days approximately that you have to wait to get a real roll again.

MDMA SUPPLEMENTATION POST ROLL RECOVERY by Alice Clashwotch - Fri, 08 Jan 2016 22:04:10 EST ID:b+xaNug9 No.222789 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452308650855.jpg -(115075B / 112.38KB, 1440x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 115075
So I followed this

Not quite 100% but relatively close, took the Na-R-ALA, Magnesium, GSA, and followed up the following nights up to a week (which is tonight) of 5-htp+EGCG nightly.

Would this be able to decrease my recovery time to next roll? Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to be able to do minimal damage and have nice rolls a bit more than seasonally.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Henry Billingdale - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 12:19:18 EST ID:InMhmFxz No.222864 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's a good idea certainly, I always drink a Lucozade (similar thing) before I drop
Fucking Hunnerbet - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 16:44:51 EST ID:RZ7fPXtW No.222866 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Don't drink caffine while rolling, particually if you aren't tolerant too it --- it'll increase damage

Don't listen to people who say healthy diet is the way to go

Make sure you dose at the right times, anti-oxidants are a double edged sword that can possibly make the damage worse if not dosed at the right time.
Edward Dudgetut - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 17:06:05 EST ID:sAqYnz9V No.222867 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>dont have a good diet

Samuel Fobberdale - Tue, 19 Jan 2016 17:27:48 EST ID:MqB2Njj4 No.222870 Ignore Report Quick Reply
what are the "right times" to redose? there are many different opinions
Nell Hubberville - Wed, 20 Jan 2016 02:54:48 EST ID:VC14Cfg9 No.222887 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1453276488713.png -(301161B / 294.10KB, 620x660) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Taking magnesium to help clear neurons is a dipshit move
>Taking 5-HTP to recover serotonin is a dipshit move

>Healthy dieting is a bad thing

I didn't want to believe in the natural selection thing with ravers but fuck how dense can you be?

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