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Panic attacks on MDMA+dab pen prevention by Fucking Closslewig - Tue, 25 Dec 2018 22:00:46 EST ID:QBa7bdHR No.226792 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1545793246134.jpg -(33369B / 32.59KB, 488x563) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 33369
I went to the ER twice in the past half year because I did either coke or adderall + hitting a dab pen a decent amount of times. Yes, I know, "so don't use a dab pen then". When this happens (stims+high amount of THC), I start to concentrate on my heart rate, and then I get worried, but the biggest symptom I get is this prickly tingly sensation around my neck and hands (and possibly chest) that gets worse the more I get worried. I start taking bigger, fuller breaths, and for some reason I think that because my heart is beating faster, I need more oxygen (+I think it will make my HR go down) Then I go into full hypochondriac mode. The only thing that calmed me down/got my heart rate down was sitting in a white ER room with saline solution in my arm. I recognize this as a panic attack, and am someone who is a little more nervous than most, probably to my detriment (ex checking my HR when on drugs to make sure I'm 'safe', etc)

****This tingly feeling^ happened just a bit the last time I rolled, and I'm worried it will happen on New Years when I roll.****

The obvious solution is to not hit the dab pen so many times/at all, but I'm curious if anyone has any advice or similar experiences? Is it 100% mental? How do I prevent this? How do I get out of my mind (thinking if I'm ok, thinking about my heart rate, worrying about this slight feeling in my chest, starting to freak out about these tingly sensations, am I ok?) and get into the moment where I can forget about this? My apologizes for the duplicate post on /stim/, I didn't know there was an MDMA board.

Should I just stick with a pure MDMA roll, and nothing else? Seems like THC really enhances it. My friends will be hitting their dab pens a lot before the show, maybe I should just stay away and stick to a moderate/small amount of weed? How do I calm myself if I (say, in my high state, decide it's a good idea to rip my friends dab pen and) start freaking out/getting the tingles?
Samuel Snodwell - Fri, 28 Dec 2018 09:02:02 EST ID:nNZ4KtD+ No.226794 Ignore Report Quick Reply
what you describe is just basic anxiety.
just dont go to the ER and deal with the discomfort until you realize that maybe these drugs arent for you.

Its not 100% mental, but going to the ER is 100% your own decision and if youre unable to rationalize that you are in no physical danger you should lower your doses or not take the drugs at all.
Angus Mugglemat - Sat, 29 Dec 2018 09:05:03 EST ID:ajKjPbYl No.226796 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It happens to me with just mdma, I have panic attack for a few minutes during the come up, I guess it's because I'm too nervous/anxious. I try to focus on the music and tell myself it'll just go away and it works.

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