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Can you guys help me verbalize/understand what has been happening to me? by Caroline Sippermin - Wed, 29 Mar 2017 21:04:12 EST ID:4mt7bCxW No.54893 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1490835852727.jpg -(47787B / 46.67KB, 500x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 47787
I have been losing small chunks of time. I will be going about my business when suddenly time seems to jump ahead 30-60 minutes. I have no memory of this time but I can find evidence that I was up and moving about, doing pretty crazy things, such as putting things away in the wrong places and taking apart appliances with a screwdriver. It has happened three times so far in the past month and a half, and had never happened to me before: the closest experiences i have had in the past were alcohol blackouts (which seem inexplicably different to me).
I have an appointment with my gp in a week and a neurologist appointment at the end of the month. I want to bring this up because I am very scared that I will do something terrible while in this state. Was wondering if I could get Some advice on how to get this across without being assumed to be on crazy drugs or drunk.
Some things about me:
I am male
32 years old
very overweight with bad cholesterol but good blood pressure
On antidepressants: cymbalta 60 mg a day for anxiety, depression and muscle pains
I was recently diagnosed for fibromyalgia, which as I understand it just mean a cause was not found for the chronic pain and stiffness in my arms and legs that gets stronger and weaker and then stronger again. I am on 300mg gabapentin thrice a day for this. This pain started becoming noticeable all the time in 2014.
I have also been getting sharp headaches. One side of the head, behind the eye. Usually right side. They started years ago but have become much more frequent and longer lasting in recent years.
My job is full time and has become much more stressful lately. I also do not make much money and am falling into debt because of that which adds more stress.
I am happily married but the Cymbalta has mostly destroyed my sex life: the few times a month I get horny either my wife is not interested or my penis does not cooperate. So more stress, but honestly my wife and I enjoy our time together even without the sex and I think it's worth it to not have such extreme mood swings and panic attacks. Sex isn't everything to a guy in his thirties like it was to me a decade ago.

Could be the stress? Could be the medicine? Could be whatever is causing my chronic pains?
Any ideas? I don't want my medicine taken away if they are not causing this. I have been on cymbalta for over 6 months and on gabapentin since around new years.
Shitting Dandlebed - Wed, 29 Mar 2017 23:23:02 EST ID:VzEPtqlW No.54894 Ignore Report Quick Reply
what do you do for physical activity?
Caroline Sippermin - Wed, 29 Mar 2017 23:31:07 EST ID:4mt7bCxW No.54895 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Lately not much. Up until about 8 months ago I had a very physical job (a lot of walking/running/lifting) and went to the gym pretty often to do cardio and some strength exercises. In the new job I do a lot of standing/walking and work with my hands but nothing heavy. It takes up a lot of my time since I commute an hour away to work and usually get more than 40 hours a week, and while I know I could/should find time to go to the gym, as my muscle pain increased I found it harder to get myself to move around when I don't have to and became embarassingly lazy. My wife and I do a couple hours each on wii fit u about twice a week but that is definitely not a strenuous workout. I have some weights around the house i need to start using while hanging out at home.. But yeah, not much physical activity. I have become insufferably lazy.
Caroline Sippermin - Wed, 29 Mar 2017 23:53:22 EST ID:4mt7bCxW No.54896 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Some more things about me that might be pertinent:
I used to drink booze and do dissociatives quite often but pretty much quit both because they interfered with the Cymbalta.
I get spasms often that move like a strong chill from my left arm to my right leg and cause them to rapidly contract. I have always had these as far back as I can remember and for all i know most people experience similar things but since the fibro or whatever got bad it hurts now when the spasms happen.
James Hevingdin - Tue, 04 Apr 2017 01:09:05 EST ID:VzEPtqlW No.54903 Ignore Report Quick Reply

not trying to be some miracle cure hippie faggot, because miracle cures dont exist, but physical activity is critical to overall well being and mental status. i would suggest implementing a regular stretching routine, or regular walks/jogs, swimming, something that you like doing and makes you feel pretty good. doesnt have to be pumpin the iron or sweatin like a pig, can be moderate intensity and still have profound positive effects on mood, mental status, cognition, etc.

i am not qualified to give advice regarding all the meds. but... seems like you are on a bunch of shit that is probably affecting you in some way... ive never met anyone taking antidepressants who it made them happy. ive met a few that it helped them stay "neutral" but most i felt it was overprescribed...

how is your sleeping and diet? are you taking recreational drugs?
James Hevingdin - Tue, 04 Apr 2017 01:10:13 EST ID:VzEPtqlW No.54904 Ignore Report Quick Reply

also fibromyalgia is the doctor's way of saying in latin "your muscles hurt"
Thomas Lightbury - Tue, 04 Apr 2017 10:16:26 EST ID:9/f3NjIl No.54905 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I can fall asleep fine but can't stay asleep. On a good night I wake up every 2 or 3 hours but sometimes I wake up every 15 minutes or so. I slept better when I exercised more, but I was definitely overworking myself because I felt painful and exhausted well into the next day after a workout. I definitely need to find a middle ground. Right now I seem to be in the middle of a "flare-up" or at least the bad part of the pain cycle I am in and exercise sounds like a terrible time.
Dietwise, right now aside from avoiding overeating, I am not really paying much mind to what I eat. I tried a low fat high fiber diet for a long time to try and lower my cholesterol, and more recently I tried to go gluten free for a while (which is much harder than I thought it would be). Neither special diet affected my pain in any way but I suppose I could be missing something nutritional that could have some hand in the blackouts.
Aside from a few experiments with deschloroketamine in January, I have avoided recreational drug use while on the antidepressant.
I had similar feelings about antidepressants before, and feared that they would just turn me into a zombie, but I have had very positive results with cymbalta so far; like I talked about above, I had mood swings that kept me in a cycle of anxiety>suicidal despair>emotional numbness, and eventually with this antidepressant I was able to think more clearly again, and find enjoyment in simple pleasures again. You are right to be wary of antidepressants, because they are powerful and addictive substances, not a magic pill that makes people happy, but for me they really help. I'm only on two prescription drugs, not a whole lot of stuff.
Fibromyalgia is a Greek word, but yeah, that's exactly how I feel about it; it's just an acknowledgement of my symptoms that doesn't help me get to the root cause of them.
Thank you for responding. I really appreciate that you took the time. I hope my reply does not read as being antagonistic.

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