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Treating Severe Alcoholism by Terminal - Tue, 09 Jan 2018 00:25:26 EST ID:Ah5oTXzO No.55218 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1515475526768.jpg -(20293B / 19.82KB, 324x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 20293
Hi /med/ , I almost posted this in /drank/ as it's a busier board but I reckon here is more appropriate.

My father is an alcoholic, has been for at least 30 years if not longer, he's in his mid 50's now. He drinks first thing in the day to stop the shakes, and his physical symptoms have become worse since his retirement 6 months ago. Presumably, because he couldn't drink that much on the job and now he has more time on his hands. He's commonly anxious, irritable and forgetful, his eyes are often red and his eyesight is failing him. He doesn't eat as much as he should and is often sick afterward. His stomach is severely swollen and has been for many years. Perhaps not all of these things are due to his alcoholism but it has obviously been a massive strain on the family over the years.

My mother had given up on making him change, and my sister is apathetic. However since he has gotten worse we've collectively put more pressure on him, talked about his problem more openly, and although it didn't seem to be getting through to him at first he has now told my mother that he will finally go to the doctor and be truthful with him/her.

We live in the UK so the cost of treatment is not an issue. My question here guy's is what will the doctor recommend? Total abstinence and benzos? Treatment in the hospital so they can supervise his detox?

I realise that he must want to stop and I truly hope him going to the doctor is a sign that he does. I've basically told him I refuse to watch him kill himself and will cease contact with him if he doesn't take steps. Pretty much bluffing as all I really want is as many days with my father as possible but hopefully he is serious about this doctor visit. Sorry I know this isn't /qq/ guys.

Thanks for your help

tl;dr - what treatment will a severe alcoholic receive if he visits a doc
Hamilton Gingerdet - Thu, 11 Jan 2018 22:20:28 EST ID:Cluwbnwo No.55224 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm not very familiar with British healthcare but if it's anything like my experience he'll go to rehab. 28 days in a facility to detox and basically reboot his life. I liked it because there were a lot of cool and crazy people in there. The one I went to also had a psych home which was separate by a couple of doors. It was a big deal when one of the patients from the rehab side went to the psych side ("I knew that bitch was crazy," etc.).

It was nice to not have any responsibilities other than working on myself. I learned a lot in classes and counciling. I want to go back actually. (I really should.)
Shitting Foshville - Fri, 12 Jan 2018 19:34:32 EST ID:+xzzjtsO No.55226 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1515803672246.jpg -(89428B / 87.33KB, 900x986) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
He needs to go to a hospital detox. They should give him Librium 30mg 3x a day or Valium 10mg 4-6 times a day. They will give him potassium and magnesium . 12-28 day detox should be good then. When he gets clean get him to take vivitrol shot it lasts 28 days prevents wanting to drink or getting any good feels from drinking. Good luck
Terminal - Sat, 13 Jan 2018 04:56:49 EST ID:Ah5oTXzO No.55227 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The hospital detox sounds like it would be good for him.

Does anybody know if this is a treatment that will probably be suggested by the NHS?

Basically, will this be the obvious way forward to any GP Doctor?

If so we as a family will be able to offer him support through it and tell him how much we believe in him and that... no medical records are paltry to the rest of the family either btw due to UK privacy rules
Terminal - Sat, 13 Jan 2018 05:06:57 EST ID:Ah5oTXzO No.55228 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Also is there any chance he might die from the shock even with the correct medication? Even if it's pretty small it'd be best for me to know.
Terminal - Sat, 13 Jan 2018 05:11:58 EST ID:Ah5oTXzO No.55229 Ignore Report Quick Reply

You should just do it mate if you know you need it, sorry I missed your comment there on a lot of drugs due to a recent motorbike accident. Just do it, not even for yourself, do something for everyone who's ever loved you. Sorry for being soppy lol
Phoebe Greenford - Thu, 25 Jan 2018 23:01:03 EST ID:z8aiqwlu No.55251 Ignore Report Quick Reply
OP any update?
Terminal - Fri, 02 Feb 2018 17:43:56 EST ID:qwrPZPCM No.55261 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Yeah, I went to the doctor with him the first time, told her all symptoms. She put him down for some blood tests and sent a referral letter to the psychiatric hospital, which also has a drug rehab centre in it. He returned for a second visit after the bloodtests however this time he wouldn't let me go with him. He told me he's surprisingly healthy however that appears to be a lie.

My mother says the doctor diagnosed him with dry beriberi, and he's now taking thiamine and b vitamin supplements. He has an appointment on the 7th of February that I'll be insisting on coming along to at the rehab centre.

Here's hoping this is the start of his recovery, I'll give you guys a shout with how the 7th goes.
Nell Murddock - Fri, 02 Feb 2018 23:31:26 EST ID:z8aiqwlu No.55264 Ignore Report Quick Reply

vitamin B-1 is thiamine just fyi. honestly it sounds like you have a competent doc, that diagnosis is spot on and i was actually thinking of beriberi when i asked for an update. this is an entirely reversible condition providing he doesnt relapse or whatever. i am sure your father feels embarrassed about this, and while you should respect his modesty regarding his health and problems, it sounds like your continued presence is a very positive factor in his willingness to try to detox and make a recovery. although im a random stranger on the internet, based on what you have said thus far, i would encourage you to try to accompany him with the doc for future visits with this issue. try to be completely nonjudgmental and calmly focus on the facts, not calling any of his actions "good" or "bad" but just refer to blood levels etc. maybe do some random social shit with him after like grab dinner or watch a movie to make it less awkward and possibly embarrassing for him.

good on you anon for pushing a family member to address a problem. this will be one thing you wont regret later in life. lots of people torture themselves saying "what if i reached out to them??" well you are doing your part.
Oliver Drublingford - Sat, 03 Feb 2018 02:07:15 EST ID:G19Rzgjk No.55268 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well, at home treatment is OK. The main issue is intake to begin with. Say I drank a pint a day, same through the night. Sleeping in between. Wake up kinda sick, moments later you really just need a drink, fast. a few drinks changes everything and start to feel like normal in just merely 5, 10 minutes. Wide awake, clearer thinking and minutes after waking up.

Problem is people don't stop there because they suddenly just feel good, maybe start feeling sick again pretty quickly, so they drink more. Which usually is enough to keep a steady feeling. But then after take a shot every so often, and it's drink again time after a few hours of this. So it's back to drinking all day, sleep, wake up and drink all night.

Not sure how bad off he it but it' all not good at all.

SO by the time this cycle waking and drinking to feek Ok starts going though, one is closer to being as drunk as the night before. Felling good, but then just drink again in a couple few hours. It's a strange cycle.

Overall simply limiting the intake can make a difference in a day and even better two days later. 3 days.
Benzos, can basically detox in 3, days, still feel crappy, day 4 is almost normal. Can detox at home as easily unless one is really about to actually need to get to an emergency room very quickly. Benzos work welll I understand but if they aren't helping one must get them to an ER.

Tranxene (Clorazepate) is a good drug for detoxing and minimizing detox symptoms in a short time. librium, valium.
Just have to have enough on hand to take when one starts to feel 'off.' Don't ignore the off feelings. They can creep up and could have serious complications really fast. So taking more pills when needed is the best option instead of waiting.

zofran injection or pill form Ondansetron as somebody mentioned, this drug my keep a person from really wanting to drink. If one does not drink while taking Ondansetron for like one two weeks after not drinking other things will fill
in the empty spaces tat alcohol left open.

Anyway, most every Dr I have talked to, some are kinda like well people just drink, and others are like
keep up this level of drinking or drinking (binge drinking) period you will simply die. And yes, the DRs I have ever talked to about the subject who were dramatic about alcohol abuse, had have a brother, father whomever die strictly from alcohol overuse. Not much more to say but alcohol is very hard on you body. Not just your liver, lives are genrlly resilient, even self-repairable if one quits drinking in time.. The body as a whole though. It can only handle soo much, so even starting reducing alcohol intake on an daily nightly basis, even just a bi. Each day night makes a massive difference between really physically needing a drink or feeling fairly ok waking up and not needing a drink within
a few minutes .

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