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penis pump

Now Playing on /mtv/tube -

My Little Pony Season 6 by Darren Aronofsky - Sat, 26 Mar 2016 05:30:15 EST ID:tHVhMW75 No.359840 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1458984615768.webm [mp4] -(5096836B / 4.86MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 5096836
Starts in 5 hours and 15 minutes.
Official trailer related.

Which stream do you guys use?
14 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sarah Michelle Geller - Sun, 03 Apr 2016 17:23:04 EST ID:Vl/0M8mD No.360623 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The new ep was a bit more entertaining than the premier, but it wasn't as ambitious. Still doesn't feel quite as good as S5 yet though. Maud is always dope.
Lisa Ryder - Sun, 10 Apr 2016 02:01:14 EST ID:Vl/0M8mD No.361256 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Bump for new episode. This one was pretty good. It felt like a meta-episode about the writers not knowing what to do with the CMC anymore. Best so far this season.
Alex Kingston - Mon, 11 Apr 2016 19:22:00 EST ID:tHVhMW75 No.361367 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1460416920117.webm [mp4] -(5096314B / 4.86MB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Eh, decent for a CMC episode at moments, but still mediocre.
I'm surprised how many secondary/background characters they managed to include while making them totally superfluous to the plot.

I really hope things pick up.
Lump Beefbroth - Mon, 23 May 2016 14:59:19 EST ID:jxjoS6gY No.364771 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>get caught up
>still no Changelings
At least the Dragon episode was cool.
Spike got to be useful! And moderately badass!
Smash Lampjaw - Mon, 23 May 2016 19:27:42 EST ID:Vl/0M8mD No.364790 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Overall I think I'm enjoying this season less than season 5. Last season each episode reliably made me laugh at least once per episode, this season hasn't felt quite as sharply written. They're doing a lot of stuff this season though, so I suppose that make it harder to focus. It's good to see a show shake up its status quo a little bit and stick with it, so good on them for that.

This season's alright, but if I was watching this season without being high I doubt I'd enjoy it. Last season was good enough to watch as a legit adventure cartoon, lately I feel like it's reverted back to just a guilty pleasure

Mr Robot Thread by Danny Boyle - Sun, 22 May 2016 20:11:12 EST ID:kMX8RGic No.364704 Locked Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1463962272514.jpg -(364869B / 356.32KB, 1200x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 364869
Is Season 2 gonna ruin everything?
Thread has been locked
Thread was locked by: C_Higgy
Reason: http://boards.420chan.org/mtv/res/355235.php

The Big Lebowski and Incest by Kyoma Hooin - Sun, 22 May 2016 01:33:16 EST ID:WrG/5DzN No.364661 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1463895196163.jpg -(78191B / 76.36KB, 625x571) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 78191
So I just realized that Maude in the Big Lebowski shares the same last name as The Dude himself. Given that they live in roughly the same area, and have the same last name, isn't there a high chance that they're somehow related?

They fucked in the movie, so now this seems pretty fucked up.

Doesn't make the movie really any worse, but I Googled it and realized nobody has pointed this out before.
Stan Smith - Sun, 22 May 2016 02:01:38 EST ID:8XJ9vJ7C No.364663 Ignore Report Quick Reply

yes op because everyone with the same surname is related.
Phil Ken Sebben - Sun, 22 May 2016 02:22:16 EST ID:GDbPIJfg No.364665 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Threads like this need a small toilet icon in the corner that I can press to drop it one page back.
Polly - Sun, 22 May 2016 03:28:29 EST ID:MZfboLp9 No.364668 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1463902109100.png -(1051874B / 1.00MB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
LA doesn't have the smallest gene pool...

Ghost in the Shell by Larry - Fri, 13 May 2016 19:58:20 EST ID:qiiqhON8 No.364035 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1463183900875.jpg -(165448B / 161.57KB, 1271x658) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 165448
Is Ghost in the Shell worth watching?
32 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Tuck Pendleton - Mon, 16 May 2016 17:36:36 EST ID:U+midCdA No.364265 Ignore Report Quick Reply
don't really like a lot of anime but i saw the first film and thought it was a sick film
Theodore Logan - Sat, 21 May 2016 20:44:59 EST ID:tTTlj6l/ No.364648 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just read Neuromancer.

Nothing will ever come close.
Karen Gillan - Sun, 22 May 2016 00:13:31 EST ID:VObKVFd/ No.364656 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Necromancer is dope as fuck and essentially credited with creating the cyber punk genre. Also, space rastas.
R2-D2 - Sun, 22 May 2016 00:57:40 EST ID:c+iDTfmg No.364658 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Damn it I still need to read the second and third books.
Therm0ptic !cyBOrG7t12 - Sun, 22 May 2016 01:20:09 EST ID:Y6PFttD3 No.364660 Report Quick Reply
1463894409602.jpg -(408279B / 398.71KB, 915x897) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yes it is. Watch it, you fucking jolly african-american.

Not even funny.

Banshee season 4 by C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Sun, 27 Mar 2016 00:51:32 EST ID:WM3SoyOv No.359938 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1459054292976.jpg -(3375463B / 3.22MB, 1944x2880) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 3375463
The wait is finally over for television's most action packed and adrenaline feuled show to return for its final eight episodes. What will become of Hood now that Job's been captured and he's resigned as Banshee's sheriff?

The final season premieres April 1 at 10pm EDT on Cinemax
68 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Leeta - Sat, 21 May 2016 10:20:00 EST ID:H8wdw5bt No.364601 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I also thought it was a good finale.

A little shocked no good guys died. And Carrie sitting in the back of the truck like Harley Quinn was rather odd, but overall it finished up the show nicely. Kai went out like a gangster.

I didn't get a close enough look at the FBI file, but did we ever learn Hood's real name?
Alan Rickman - Sat, 21 May 2016 10:37:34 EST ID:RweNhena No.364602 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Not a bad finale but not the best either.
My biggest complaint is the underwhelming final battle between Burton and Hood. The Nazi bros fight was much better. Burton could have killed Hood in an instant, the fight was poorly written. Why would he choke Hood for minutes when we know he has that windpipe ripping technique?
Also, has Hood's daughter always been such a ginger? She has so many freckles that I thought she had skin cancer or something.
I assumed the same thing until they started rusing us with Satanists
Alan Rickman - Sat, 21 May 2016 10:42:15 EST ID:RweNhena No.364603 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1463841735504.png -(868216B / 847.87KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
His name is John Smith LOOOL how fucking lazy can you get?
C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Sat, 21 May 2016 11:11:39 EST ID:3ZXlqy+m No.364605 Report Quick Reply
But if you remember, one of the FBI agents he ran into before complained that they never learned his name even after they arrested him. Hood kept telling the guy doing the interrogation his name was John Smith just to piss him off hence why it's
on his file.

I do wish the fight had been better but Antony Starr (Hood) had said he couldn't take any more of Banshee's brutal stunt choreography, which is probably one of the reasons why there wasn't as much action this season.
Randy Bobandy - Sat, 21 May 2016 15:20:49 EST ID:GDbPIJfg No.364618 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I always assumed Job created that alias after he got away from his blackbag handlers.

Halp pls by Peppermint Larry - Sat, 21 May 2016 02:17:23 EST ID:gKyjEp2a No.364586 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1463811443406.png -(265798B / 259.57KB, 600x322) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 265798

There's a song playing during the #REHASH episode of South Park that I'm trying to find...but can't (video completely related).

Is this another "I'll do it " Sia original, or actual song? I can't find ANY information about it! Love it. But it just seems exclusive to the Iggy vs. Lorde backstage scene. Which, awesome. Dayum. Good little tune. Just kind of hooked and need a better way to get a fix :/
[name redacted] !h55/E7mIo6 - Sat, 21 May 2016 02:35:10 EST ID:saMiWE3F No.364587 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I think it was supposed to be a rip-off of Party In The USA because it's Miley Cyrus singing it and it sounds a lot like the chorus of it

Peppermint Larry - Sat, 21 May 2016 03:09:14 EST ID:gKyjEp2a No.364589 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Oh wow. Definitely has that similar beat...and also Miley.
Thanks :)

It's a good a little song in the South Park episode and they haven't done an "original soundtrack" release in forever. Sounded like a legit pop song song lol. Who knew. Thanks

Seduction movies! by Dean Winchester - Tue, 17 May 2016 07:47:50 EST ID:ZiHudtvA No.364291 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1463485670754.gif -(978587B / 955.65KB, 248x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 978587
So my girlfriend and me are having someone over tonight that we wanna seduce into a threesome. We've been flirting for some time and it shouldn't be a problem, but what are some good "moodsetting" movies?
24 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
John "Kindergarten Cop" Kimble - Wed, 18 May 2016 21:53:39 EST ID:YnBWnq4a No.364454 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Start making out and undressing with your gf with next to no preamble and the third party is just expected to tag along without even considering her feeling or wishes on the subject.

Yeah. That sounds natural as fuck.
Napoleon Dynamite - Wed, 18 May 2016 22:46:28 EST ID:SokvURZf No.364457 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1463625988007.jpg -(18872B / 18.43KB, 477x268) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I mean if you had been paying attention, you would know that they've been buttering her up for this already.

Also you have to be pretty fucking thick not to understand the implication in a situation like this.

They're basically asking her to come netflix and chill.

My 2 cents, you could watch just about any movie with sexual tension in it, the earlier the better because I doubt you're going to be able to wait more than 20 minutes before you whip your cock out.

My personal recommendation would be either Secretary or if you don't like Maggie Gyllenhaal's weird face Dirty Dancing.
John "Kindergarten Cop" Kimble - Wed, 18 May 2016 23:11:07 EST ID:YnBWnq4a No.364458 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That sounds pretty rapey.
Napoleon Dynamite - Wed, 18 May 2016 23:15:44 EST ID:SokvURZf No.364460 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Whatever you say man, why don't you share your wealth of knowledge about how to properly initiate a threesome instead of just shitting on everyone else's ideas like a fucking pedant?
Dr. Sam Beckett - Wed, 18 May 2016 23:50:47 EST ID:5t6Spr72 No.364462 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This thread and Napoleon Dynamite guy in general made me laugh so hard

Film, Television and allegations of Paedophilia by Tony Soprano - Fri, 13 May 2016 08:51:45 EST ID:KqD54oqW No.363977 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1463143905246.jpg -(19909B / 19.44KB, 408x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 19909
So we all have that one director or entertainer that has or has been alleged to have sexually assaulted a young person. Examples include Polanski, Allen, Saville, Crosby, Rolf Harris et al.

My question is, how does this affect your appreciation of their art? Do you assume it's not true because he's such a good artist ? Do you pretend you've never liked their stuff? Do you assume it is true because pedos are bad? Please discuss all of your thoughts relating to criminal artists if you will and whether or not it affects your appreciation of the form.

Personally I just assume the guy is a pedophile because that shit is rife, but you can't prove that shit normally so I let it go. Take Mr Woody Allen for example. Like OJ he most likely did it but who gives a shit right because it's ambiguous and this sort of fruitiness lends itself to art. So yeah I'll watch me some rosemarys baby.
47 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
SeVeNaD !v/GMq0JQd2 - Wed, 18 May 2016 19:39:03 EST ID:78v9LM3E No.364440 Report Quick Reply
1463614743053.jpg -(133246B / 130.12KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

While I can't stand the stuff after all of that noise, this album and thriller are fucking timeless masterpieces.


I mean, c'mon..
Maggie Beckett - Wed, 18 May 2016 19:52:46 EST ID:e0rWJ/rk No.364441 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Man, even I'm willing to admit that Bananas is a quality film. Funny as shit. Great social commentary. 10/10 a mastapeece
Chuck Finley - Wed, 18 May 2016 19:53:44 EST ID:GDbPIJfg No.364442 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I like What's Up Tiger Lily. That's about it. Sleeper was okay. I barely remember Bananas except being a kid and seeing titties. You know. The way you guys react to stupid HBO titties.
David Lean - Wed, 18 May 2016 20:16:29 EST ID:e0rWJ/rk No.364445 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You should try watching Bananas again, I really think its great.
I mean the opening scene features the real Howard Cosell covering a political assassination being carried out by America as though it was just another sporting event like a baseball game.
Paul Reubens - Wed, 18 May 2016 21:43:16 EST ID:5M+F57d8 No.364453 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You didn't like Zelig?

Game Of Thrones season 6 hype thread by Ruby - Tue, 15 Sep 2015 19:19:17 EST ID:RweNhena No.339873 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1442359157152.jpg -(136451B / 133.25KB, 600x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 136451
Last Game Of Thrones thread is full. Let's get a new one going. Feminism edition.
515 posts and 119 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
The Warden - Wed, 18 May 2016 23:28:22 EST ID:yd5YgGH6 No.364461 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Lol no, I'm claiming that her apparent immunity has nothing to do with her lineage.
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Thu, 19 May 2016 06:03:29 EST ID:3IGo5C+X No.364470 Ignore Report Quick Reply

That's not exactly true tho. Fire resistance isn't some genetic trait, but it is a part of the prophecies. Her family is meant to do great things, but not every family member was great. Most were average. But given the circumstances of the icepocalypse, the remaining Targaryens are clearly meant to play an important, magical role.
AC !QqL8nX9URE - Thu, 19 May 2016 08:46:13 EST ID:iMg5BTes No.364472 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dont forget about the Tragedy at Summerhall, Aerion Brightflame drinking wildfire and the Mad King trying to burn the City down to be reborn as a dragon.

The Targs have a long history of thinking they should be immune to flame.
KLEZ.fml !!cEQLOiCj - Fri, 20 May 2016 00:27:06 EST ID:C0UZlbkt No.364513 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That I know is false. The show alluded to her fire immunity twice before she ever met the witch. The hot bath and she touched something hot and didn't burn irrc. No one will read this anyway cause NOBUMP thread
Larry Clark - Fri, 20 May 2016 18:53:00 EST ID:GAw4fIgs No.364556 Ignore Report Quick Reply
she is NOT flame resistant, everyone involved with the show has confirmed, she must have just walked out of the flaming building in time lool

Bates Motel season 4 by C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Sat, 05 Mar 2016 13:18:30 EST ID:jMwaGNVh No.357776 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1457201910302.jpg -(64951B / 63.43KB, 579x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 64951
Bates Motel returns with ten new episodes that further reveal Norman’s continued downward spiral and the effect it has on the family. This season Norma becomes increasingly fearful and desperate, going to great lengths to find Norman the professional help he needs. This further complicates their once unbreakable trust while Norman struggles to maintain his grip on reality. Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) once again finds himself drawn back into Norma and Norman’s lives. Will things finally heat up between Norma and the other man in her life, Sheriff Romero, and just how much further will he go to protect her?

The season premieres March 7 at 9pm EST on A&E
31 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Zed - Tue, 17 May 2016 02:15:39 EST ID:YbHRlyjL No.364283 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1463465739822.jpg -(27294B / 26.65KB, 235x221) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Am I the only one that laughed when norman opened the car door and her body just flopped out
Stephen Moffat - Tue, 17 May 2016 02:33:25 EST ID:3IGo5C+X No.364286 Ignore Report Quick Reply

The entire thing was hilarious. Except for Norma's funeral... seeing it empty made me want to cry.

I was browsing the subcirclejerk and apparently there are people who despise Norman. I don't get that. This is a show where you kind of have to root for the villain. If Norman doesn't bring you a morbid joy, why watch?
Stephen Moffat - Tue, 17 May 2016 06:28:05 EST ID:3IGo5C+X No.364290 Ignore Report Quick Reply
So, it's confirmed (spoilers for next season): Season 5 will reimagine the film. Marion Crane and the shower scene is happening! Dunno how I feel about it... just worried it's too soon. I still feel a lot has yet to happen. But they've done a decent job making the story their own, so I trust.
H. Jon Benjamin - Tue, 17 May 2016 09:07:09 EST ID:RweNhena No.364295 Report Quick Reply
>The entire thing was hilarious.
Essentially. I loved when Norman was fighting a television, then a cop snuck up and he's all "Hi, I'm just taking this to the dumpster. It was already broken."
C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Wed, 18 May 2016 08:56:30 EST ID:pf01cnSU No.364392 Report Quick Reply
I was skeptical about the show killing off Norma but after seeing the finale and the vision of what next season will be, I'm on board with it. There was a lot in this finale I liked like Norman digging up Norma's body, Romero punching Norman and telling the funeral director after "I am the police dumbass," and Chick seeing Norma's body and just telling Norman how everyone handles death in their own way. I'm not really sure where characters like Emma, Dylan and Romero will end up with Emma and Dylan moved to Seattle and Romero arrested by the DEA for perjury will end up. Still there's no way of telling how they'll adapt Psycho in their own way next season.

This post was edited by C_Higgy on 18-05-2016 08:57:07

VENTURE BROTHERS SEASON 6 JAN 31 2016 by Eric Northman - Wed, 06 Jan 2016 18:44:11 EST ID:D27mA05r No.352174 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1452123851695.jpg -(61262B / 59.83KB, 650x345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 61262

>the long-awaited sixth season of The Venture Bros. will premiere on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at midnight ET/PT

>Location, Location, Location! Perfectly situated in the heart of New York City, season 6 of The Venture Bros. is a billionaire’s dream come true, offering the discerning buyer top-of-the-line drama and panoramic danger in every direction. Super-scientists, bring your loofah! Relax and unwind from a long day in the lab in your luxurious, spa-like, master bath, where floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular views of approaching enemies from every direction. This eight episode, 3 BR, 2 BA stunner comes with its own dedicated robot, plus servants’ quarters for live-in bodyguard.

I AM SO EXCITE. I remember watching season 1 back in HS in 2004 and then losing touch with the show due to its long production cycle. Finally caught up with everything last year when the All That And Gargantua 2 special.

Freaking love this show.
249 posts and 47 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Frank Miller - Wed, 23 Mar 2016 22:12:34 EST ID:C0UZlbkt No.359618 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Maybe, not necessarily. We know that he and Fat Choice don't escape through Fat Choice's warmhole during Gargantua 2 Zero himself is dead again, hopefully permanently. They could have possibly left with Professor and Sally Impossible though. The implication seems to be the only people who died in the Gargantua 2 explosion are Traister and JJ so I'm betting both are still around.

Also, fuck that dime store Dr. Doom.
Richard Lao - Tue, 17 May 2016 14:11:31 EST ID:JNj4Bdna No.364327 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1463508691020.jpg -(132722B / 129.61KB, 500x535) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Brock Samson = my fave chaaracfer. Consequently I feel compelled to ask who can beat him in a 1v1 fight?

Jefferson Twlight maybe? Yes slightly biased bc he sounds like Samueol L Jackson. How hard are blaculas to kill? Is he even in alot of episodes?

Obviously his new GF can destroy him. This new female Thor character. Tho as I recall Brock is the one wearing the dress in their relationship(nothing wrong with that just dunno if GF is the right term haha)

Dr.Orpheus obviously wipes the floor with Brock's brains in this fight

I don't watch nearly as much of this show as I should. Red Death I guess? That dude looks pretty hard to kill
Punch Rockgroin - Tue, 17 May 2016 14:27:10 EST ID:fYSIsnnf No.364329 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1463509630023.jpg -(36917B / 36.05KB, 504x412) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Easy question
Klaus Kinski - Tue, 17 May 2016 15:52:27 EST ID:as8FA5fM No.364338 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I don't feel like Twilight or Orpheus could beat Brock in a straight up fight, Tracester in his prime maybe, but as an old man I think Brock has him as well.

The only one I see winning is Red Death who seems like a pretty unbeatable badass.
Punch Rockgroin - Tue, 17 May 2016 16:05:03 EST ID:fYSIsnnf No.364339 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1463515503023.png -(84114B / 82.14KB, 250x229) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Did you forget him knocking Brock out in hulk mode?

Got another one.

John Safran's Race Relations by Lando Calrissian - Tue, 17 May 2016 11:16:34 EST ID:t8OcZbBh No.364305 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1463498194134.jpg -(54825B / 53.54KB, 470x313) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 54825
Sniffing eurasian panties. Swapping Palestinian and Isreali sperm at sperm banks. I want to watch this series, but all my usual avenues are failing me. I would buy this series if I could find a source.

All my love goes to the generous anon who helps me in this search.
[name redacted] !h55/E7mIo6 - Tue, 17 May 2016 12:19:47 EST ID:saMiWE3F No.364312 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's on iTunes for $15 or on Hulu for however much that costs or has a free trial if you wanted to go the legit way. ABC shows are hard to find online since not many people watch Australian TV, and even fewer watch ABC. Episode 2 and 3 are in split parts on YouTube though if you just search them up.

Could ask anyone here on private trackers or something if it's still seeded thrtr but it's not on the one I'm on for TV shows.

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