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Cambrige Analytica, or Why you Should Delete Your Facebook by Esther Sunkinbone - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 16:59:36 EST ID:1fIHantD No.166772 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1521838776984.jpg -(88019B / 85.96KB, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 88019
So Cambrige Analytica. Why is there no thread about it here? We all here probably already knew how SoMe shit is completely unreliable manipulatory "information", but this case just shows the depths of the crap we've all been exposed to the last years.

This is no single company using your online profile to microtarget Yes that is a word you specifically according to your online history. This is already wide spread, Cambridge Analytica is just the one to fall first. These guys made money on using big data to specifically target potential Trump voters during the election, not necessarily by showing propaganda in their meaning yours faces, but actually push any image related to this up in your feed, be it general or commercial parts. We're talking so specific that they put Ivanka's face if you were potential sofa voter, and Trump if you were a potential actual voter.

Human nature is predictable. You'd be surprised how predictable you actually are, even when just judging from your browsing history.

Delete your Facebook account.
Reuben Sengerman - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:02:59 EST ID:8c32w9KN No.166773 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Delete your Facebook account.
and Instagram, and Amazon, and Google accounts
Throw your phone into the trash.
Shred your loyalty cards
Don't surf the web
Esther Sunkinbone - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:06:53 EST ID:1fIHantD No.166774 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Don't be such a contrarian. You know as well as me why this shit is important.

Especially, we got a huge 40+ population of digitally illiterates running around running our countries. Have you even seen how your mother or father use Facebook?
Phineas Siddlelet - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:22:21 EST ID:kFmX3/Gj No.166775 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I know it's in the US news cycle now but put a link to a story or two if you're going to go through the trouble of starting a new thread otherwise it's just your opinion. I bet you predicted me telling you that.
Fuck Blatherridge - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:35:18 EST ID:Kqy6qVio No.166776 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1521840918086.png -(1961176B / 1.87MB, 1200x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Will king boomer goes anti trust on Big Tech?
Remember the meeting he had with Silicon Valley's CEOs and he straight up mogged the other Execs? Jazz Bezos started rubbing that Androgel right after. There's corporate warfare brewing.
Priscilla Dudgelick - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:50:07 EST ID:RNKWiFx6 No.166777 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I find this story very weird. They're just datamining and microtargeting ads, which is the stated model of all the Big Data companies. But it's being talked about like they were hackers exfiltrating secure data. Really, they were just following the model of Farmville, but were political, not commercial.

The timing of the story is just because we have a nutter in the Whitehouse, and entrenched power is pulling out all the stops. They're willing to highlight this toolset that they also leveraged, to paint Trump as a big baddie.

I'm glad it's happening. It gives people who've been wary of Big Data for a while a vocabulary for talking about it with people who haven't understood it as well. Hopefully way down the road, it will lead to substantial consumer protections.
Esther Sunkinbone - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 19:43:09 EST ID:1fIHantD No.166782 Ignore Report Quick Reply

The big thing with this story is two-fold.

One is the leaker showing this company are targeting susceptible parts of the population with what is internet-age propaganda. Which should scare the fuck out of anyone considering the huge part of the population that are actually completely dependent on the generated feed of Facebook for their "news".

Then there's the fact that this same company where organizing actual honey-pots for the highest bidder. Not such a surprise in itself as this is somewhat common in the political game.

Together though you get a company which is actively a direct threat to democracy as we know it.

Facebook itself is not directly at fault here besides their failure of secure data keeping, but their commercial microtargeting is the perfect tool for any propagandist and the way the company is set up means anyone can exploit their platform together with the fact that their platform exploit itself and creates echo-chambers. By design mind you, intentional or not.
Shit Cacklebury - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 19:54:39 EST ID:4BwT8+Qj No.166784 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1521849279140.jpg -(61914B / 60.46KB, 576x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If you did NOT notice Kojima sempai, you earned it tbh.
Shit Niffinglit - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 20:05:02 EST ID:1fIHantD No.166786 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Hell I guess we get what we deserve after all.
Charlotte Clubblehood - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 20:58:09 EST ID:14AQYYW4 No.166787 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1521853089518.jpg -(117508B / 114.75KB, 680x959) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My great aunt actually shared a picture like pic related and wrote something about how sad this is. Not as a joke.

Its both hilarious and terrifying when you realize how gullible a large portion of the population actually is. This is obviously a joke and most people who aren't 70 years old will probably figure it out, but its easy to make shit like this that looks and sounds real, especially when it plays into whatever the crowd wants to believe.

Its self-disseminating propaganda. You can put some text over an image and it will be shared and retweeted over and over.
Lydia Suckleridge - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 22:07:07 EST ID:xdmTIq9E No.166788 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah, I noticed recently they implemented some improved facial recognition algorithms, ostensibly so "no-one else can use your photos" (y'know, besides them). They kept being like "it's coming, it's coming; you'll be able to opt out of it once it's here - you can't yet, just wait... but it's going to be on by default." And it was.

I mean, I already don't put much on there, and use it maybe twice per season for keeping in touch with old/faraway friends, but even that limited extent increasingly feels like a liability.....
Hedda Drarryspear - Fri, 23 Mar 2018 23:33:41 EST ID:DmhWJ1AF No.166791 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It kind of blows me away that it's 2018 and any of this is news to people.

I remember talking about this shit with my friends back in 03/04 when myspace and Facebook were first rolling out. Coming from an older generation of Internet users we thought the idea of people using their real names (let alone posting personal photos) openly on the web was just insane. I was paranoid enough that Google was tracking my search history.

We never believed myspace and Facebook were anything other than massive data mining operations. Shit myspace even asked you for your height and weight. I personally never thought Facebook would get as big as it has, never even had an account. But people uploaded their entire lives on to the site, hundreds of millions did. How could anyone not believe they were using all that data to mine from day one? Anyone really think Zuckerberg made all that money off ad revenue?

Doesn't matter if you delete it now. If you posted your life on there like most people you already gave them what they wanted. Just cause you delete it doesn't mean they don't save it on the back end. Google's openly admitted they've never deleted an email, Facebook probably just doesn't advertise it.
Hugh Porringnack - Sat, 24 Mar 2018 00:07:29 EST ID:8c32w9KN No.166792 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This isn't a Facebook problem. Deleting Facebook doesn't solve this problem. It doesn't even help.
Nigel Clezzlestare - Sat, 24 Mar 2018 00:23:09 EST ID:O7R8jdys No.166793 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1521865389651.jpg -(151177B / 147.63KB, 800x2076) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Lydia Brookshaw - Sat, 24 Mar 2018 02:30:53 EST ID:tlilhxRg No.166796 Ignore Report Quick Reply
To be honest, reeaaaaallly old people will see this is a joke too.

Remember the guy on /b/? The guy cleaning his grandma's house after she passed away and found some antique turn-of-the-century hashish smoking device together with a piece of 80 year old hashish? That his grandma used when she was a young girl? Back when cannabis was still an unknown exotic substance and not a drug demonized by radical christian fascist racists?
Emma Huddlekedge - Sat, 24 Mar 2018 04:48:50 EST ID:vRgRN8dW No.166800 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well let's say I don't delete my Facebook account and just stop using it instead. Wouldn't that be the equivalent anyway?
Henry Clizzletet - Sat, 24 Mar 2018 07:18:31 EST ID:KyjAomeI No.166801 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The problem is a lot of people didn't upload their lives. Their friends did. Which this whole fiasco is just a microcosm of. It's been going on for ages and will continue until people address that.

As a non facebook user you probably don't realise. I mean you're not tagged but at some point those bots will be able to identify your face and your data will be there anyway. Your avoiding facebook does buy you a decade or so more though.
Phoebe Buzzford - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 11:37:44 EST ID:w9cLgcCZ No.166838 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I talked to this professor who’s been working in cybercrime for about 25 years and runs this lab at my school, he works with a lot of Facebook data specifically tosniff out domestic terrorists.
He said Cambridge Analytica didn’t do anything illegal. Definitely sleazy and even deceptive, but they made sure they knew the laws.
They put out a bunch of those dumb quizzes like “What Pokémon are you!?” and before you take that quiz there’s an agreement saying they can access your Facebook data and collect it.
I think the fault overall lies with Facebook for not giving a shit about fake news, but it is sleazy to base your campaign on data collected like that and Trump’s a piece of shit.
Albert Sanderstock - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 12:36:49 EST ID:hPXU206k No.166841 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1522082209116.png -(121159B / 118.32KB, 1154x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Obama campaign data mines the shit out of facebook to microtarget voters
>Hailed as the most innovative digital campaign in history

>Trump campaign data mines the shit out of facebook to microtarget voters
David Crenningman - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 13:20:01 EST ID:WXUWSia2 No.166844 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>Obama campaign data mines the shit out of facebook to microtarget voters

And you have proof of this, or are you just trying to claim THE OTHERSIDE IS JUST AS BAD?
Albert Sanderstock - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 14:33:54 EST ID:hPXU206k No.166846 Ignore Report Quick Reply


Christ what the fuck were you under a rock or something during the Obama campaign or were you 18YOSENIOR at the time and just not paying attention?

Obama's first campaign was lauded for its intensive and fine-grained use of social media. At the time it was considered innovative, since the McCain campaign was sticking with the 20 year old method of shotgun-blasting television and radio commercials then putting their ear to the ground hoping to get back the tiniest little bit of voter resonance.

But since he was on "our side" then it was totally fine, right?
Phoebe Gadgehall - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 15:08:37 EST ID:LRXmtQMd No.166847 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Willfully handing your data over to the official Obama Campaign App is completely different from CA breaking Facebook's TOS (without much of an objection from Facebook), and possibly British law (pending ICO investigation), by taking data from a personality quiz app with no advertised ties to any political campaign.

But don't let the facts of the matter ruin a good WHATABOUTISM distraction.
Isabella Turveyfield - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 17:17:07 EST ID:NVABe+Zf No.166852 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1522099027294.jpg -(1166073B / 1.11MB, 1920x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You gave your consent and forfeit privacy once you agree to ToS. Facebook is about surveillance for marketing purposes and a huckster would obviously use it in the commercial arena and political space once necessary.
Augustus Boddlehall - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 21:11:23 EST ID:tlilhxRg No.166857 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Fuck off back to circlejerk, you the future immigrant.
Graham Deddlewill - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 22:01:44 EST ID:H+NkmjUi No.166860 Ignore Report Quick Reply


Conflating the two is foolish. I'm guessing you're doing it on purpose, though.
Jack Fobberteck - Mon, 26 Mar 2018 22:44:11 EST ID:TbjHpHWH No.166861 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1522118651393.png -(377461B / 368.61KB, 1026x593) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I genuinely like how people were being warned literally for YEARS that facebook abuses user privacy and harvests every little morsel of data it could get its hands on without your consent, and people just hand-waived it away as "derp I've got nuthin to hide, muh staying in contact with everyone!!!!!"

But now because the trump campaign used their data once, now all of the sudden it's fucking egregious and everyone is freaking the fuck out, like their house got robbed or their dog got raped or something.
Graham Deddlewill - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 00:32:05 EST ID:H+NkmjUi No.166862 Ignore Report Quick Reply

You kind of answered your own question, People were subservient for years because they figured "It don't matter", then a reality TV star got elected President and they realised "Oh wait, it does matter".
Sophie Smalllock - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 05:34:03 EST ID:DTJRk/wK No.166870 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This, and even then when you mention google data-mining you get the same reaction, if you mention whatsapp being part of facebook people get confused because the man on the screen didn't tell how they should feel about that.
Lydia Bebberville - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 10:15:10 EST ID:O9dBNYXI No.166876 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>when you mention google data-mining you get the same reaction
It's great that the media is fervently covering how poorly Facebook protects your privacy. It sucks that they're leaving out the fact that pretty much every other internet service/mobile app does the same.

I just hope people aren't lulled into a false sense of security by not using Facebook anymore.
Cyril Lightridge - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 12:39:16 EST ID:WyI01ii/ No.166882 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>I just hope people aren't lulled into a false sense of security by not using Facebook anymore.

People are mostly saying it's okay for Google because they provide a good service.
They won't have a false sense of security, they just don't give a shit.
Thomas Pecklehood - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 13:33:03 EST ID:Hwi0ppMQ No.166889 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1522171983211.jpg -(29606B / 28.91KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Normies don't care they bug their own homes with Alexa, Google home and Siri which are even more egregious.
Thomas Pecklehood - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 13:33:03 EST ID:Hwi0ppMQ No.166890 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1522171983211.jpg -(29606B / 28.91KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Normies don't care they bug their own homes with Alexa, Google home and Siri which are even more egregious.
Reuben Crurringfoot - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 14:44:16 EST ID:0agNkt4C No.166904 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1522176256386.jpg -(48869B / 47.72KB, 700x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
American Normie's actively want to be spied on. We've turned participation in the electronic panopticon into a form of patriotic public service.
Cyril Lightridge - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 15:11:49 EST ID:WyI01ii/ No.166908 Ignore Report Quick Reply
To be fair I have a smartphone too.
I did do efforts to block googlestuff but I know they have backdoors and shit
Fucking Pommerstod - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 15:41:28 EST ID:E7NxBPGR No.166910 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1522179688553.jpg -(87679B / 85.62KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Apparently, this thread is now about people's casual disregard for their privacy. Spy harder, daddy.
Hannah Peshlin - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 17:01:02 EST ID:xGICsQzB No.166916 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What else should it be about?
Priscilla Pinningback - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 18:28:20 EST ID:jajGWUvR No.166917 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Basically all that facebook knows about me is that I like to shitpost on certain pages, my musical taste, political affiliation and what my hobbies and interests are. It's not like they know my deep dark secrets or anything.

So long as you don't post personal stuff on social media or follow pages that are extremely specific and deal with personal problems it's not that much info that's very important.

Tbh I don't give a fuck about the politcal stuff because it doesn't affect me in any way.

I do care that facebook would sell info to someone outside the US to influence our elections but that's on them and the targeted media shit probably didn't do much besides liven up my shitposting.
Jack Mucklespear - Tue, 27 Mar 2018 18:48:22 EST ID:SSqz6Nbl No.166919 Ignore Report Quick Reply
America is in fact not the leader.
Ant people Chinamen are.
Truman show is real there and people watch feeds of CCTV the places that don't censor youtube watch youtube.
Ernest Nullerbury - Thu, 29 Mar 2018 19:24:24 EST ID:IxKjqirO No.166990 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I guess you didn't know that Facebook also tracks where you go outside of Facebook as well. They can track where you go and what you visit on any site that has Facebook integrated on the page. If you see a "share on Facebook" button on the page they are tracking you and your interests there as well, which is just about everywhere these days. They know a lot more about you than you realize.
Nicholas Crondlebanks - Sat, 31 Mar 2018 02:17:09 EST ID:rTr48MXc No.167024 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Literally everything regarding politics affects you. That brand of 2cool4schoolFGGT attitudes are a big part of why the country and indeed the world are in such a goddamn mess.
Jack Pickcocke - Sat, 31 Mar 2018 19:13:29 EST ID:1fIHantD No.167042 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1522538009757.png -(1099690B / 1.05MB, 1013x673) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>I like to shitpost on certain pages, my musical taste, political affiliation and what my hobbies and interests are.

So they have enough to profile you. By machine, not hand.

This is what they use to target commercials directly at you, or a political campaign ad in the case of CA. Oh did I mention the time when facebook themselves did a social experiment by pushing negative related posts up in your feed to see your reaction?

You're no special, such meta-data about what interests you and who you know is fucking effective at manipulating you, be it commercial aims or political. Delete your facebook account.
Rebecca Doshbark - Sat, 31 Mar 2018 20:01:40 EST ID:tlilhxRg No.167043 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The system isn't infallible though. If you enjoy enough obscure subculture shit, the algorithms can't properly target you. I've never gotten proper ads ever.

Just occasionally ads about things that are somewhat related to my interests. The equivalent of saying "I like Lego" and getting ads for Knex or Playmobile.
Alice Secklebut - Sat, 31 Mar 2018 20:27:31 EST ID:M6dL3wIr No.167044 Ignore Report Quick Reply

the other day i opened up youtube for the first time in a couple weeks and the first recommended video (one i had never seen before) was the first suggestion. it was too convenient to make me angry. i suppose i have resigned myself to be cattle.
Samuel Pembledale - Sat, 31 Mar 2018 22:20:04 EST ID:jajGWUvR No.167047 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I use adblock and no political or news worthy event has ever changed my political opinion. I'm a rock in that regard.

This is why I don't use the facebook app, I only use it on my computer at home.
Facebook even collects data on who you call if you're dumb enough to sync it with your contacts on android and who knows if they actually record your conversations and send that to third parties as well.

I'm not saying that I'm okay with what they're doing, just that most people leave themselves much more open to manipulation than I do. And most of the stuff that's on my facebook profile is also on my google profile so there really isn't much to be done to prevent it anyways. Years without a vpn and they've already got a shitload of info anyways.

I do think it's better to not let either of those companies have a profile on you but it's not that easy to avoid.
Rebecca Nivingtock - Fri, 06 Apr 2018 13:54:42 EST ID:rtO8zSPd No.167228 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523037282707.gif -(1837391B / 1.75MB, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Graham Wuffingdale - Fri, 06 Apr 2018 17:15:04 EST ID:1fIHantD No.167235 Ignore Report Quick Reply

That's good news tbh.

Maybe Zuckerberg agree with the general EU view of online privacy, but honestly it doesn't matter. EU has always been relatively tough on these kinds of things, and after CA I think Facebook simply doesn't wanna risk loosing a 500 million market. Even they must bend to state concerns, it seems.
Thomas Murdville - Mon, 09 Apr 2018 03:09:56 EST ID:Tmo0iZhY No.167327 Ignore Report Quick Reply
He's probably lying I think. I don't trust that sack of rotten aspergers in the slightest.

I guess its a start though? Idk i'm pretty cynical about billionaires promising stuff
Eliza Gavingtut - Mon, 09 Apr 2018 09:17:37 EST ID:tlilhxRg No.167334 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Seems like he's telling the truth though.

With Facebook's worth dropping pretty bad because of #DeleteFacebook and the EU coming down from it's ivory tower with a big fucking baseball bat called privacy protection, I think Zuckerberg is pretty scared of some upstart European social media going full on in on the privacy and taking Facebook's spot.

Social media power is a frickle thing. In the past, a social platform could die in a few years. Nowadays, a social platform can die in months.
Nicholas Haggleseck - Mon, 09 Apr 2018 09:53:06 EST ID:ojjwPRrO No.167335 Ignore Report Quick Reply
ths, though i don't blame you for not trusting the zucc, thomas.

facebook is hardly invincible. remember good ol' myspace.
Priscilla Cellyfield - Mon, 09 Apr 2018 12:06:47 EST ID:2Hr/IZa6 No.167341 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>I think Zuckerberg is pretty scared of some upstart European social media going full on in on the privacy and taking Facebook's spot.
That's a nice thought, but how would that start up make money? According to Facebook financials, they say they make about $40 a month on European users and that number is going up. This is largely thanks to invasive ads and selling user data.

Now, let's add to this the fact that the cost of doing business in Europe is about to go way up thanks to GDPR. I like where the EU's head is at, but sometimes big regulations like this help incumbents and severely hurt start ups.
Doris Snodwill - Mon, 09 Apr 2018 13:14:47 EST ID:Igx0Y+xU No.167342 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I think the biggest obstacle to startups isn't that. Why would startups be hindered by how much supernormal profit can be made? If not using those ads and data is the only way to make money then facebook will be on their level.

The biggest issue is momentum. Social media can die in months but maybe it can't. Community products do well if everyone is using them. Something where the value to the user is entirely based on the userbase will usually win if it has almost everyone on board. The biggest issue is people not wanting to leave somewhere everyone is to go somewhere no one is.

I guess they can do what facebook did. Target a particular market segment, one that will remain loyal and tends to lead rather than be lead. Facebook didn't suddenly usurp myspace though, it took years of working its way up. When those first student members started graduating that's when it exploded. I remember when it was all academic networks.
Polly Shittingstone - Mon, 09 Apr 2018 16:28:33 EST ID:iKrMAJrW No.167345 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Would Facebook have survived it's early days of they made one slip up in following the very arcane GDPR and had to pay ridiculous fines, for each user? Doubtful... It can afford the fines now. A new company? Eh, I don't know
Shit Blatherfuck - Mon, 09 Apr 2018 16:57:47 EST ID:NVABe+Zf No.167347 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523307467281.jpg -(32196B / 31.44KB, 701x394) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Zuckerberg puts money where his mouth is about universal basic income. I want my royalties.
Esther Bummerdetch - Tue, 10 Apr 2018 15:49:13 EST ID:YV5SguIn No.167388 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Nobody posted a thread about it because MSM networks won't cover it, from FOX to NPR, and everything in between (CBS, PBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Sinclair). I had to dig to even find a story on it, and I found this independent news outlet based in Baltimore:

Also Lee Camp covers it on Redacted Tonight (in a more comedic way):
Nicholas Dicklecocke - Tue, 10 Apr 2018 16:04:29 EST ID:2cGW+VRz No.167391 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>About 5,800 results

Look, I don't care where you get your news, but maybe ask yourself if it should really be Youtube.
Fucking Hendlebury - Tue, 10 Apr 2018 19:58:17 EST ID:8Ym2ION5 No.167409 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What. PBS has had at least a story a week for the past month on CA. I've seen stories on CNN too.
Hugh Pockwater - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 08:37:29 EST ID:rtO8zSPd No.167418 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's been major news around Europe. The Germans especially are refreshingly anal about being spied on.
Lillian Fottinggold - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 09:15:49 EST ID:qGAVHluK No.167420 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>The Germans especially are refreshingly anal about being spied on.

Well, Americans in general dont mind being spied because " I dont have nothing hide mentality". Hey, man thats all good and dandy but I dont my workplace to know where I go to see midget porn.
Fuck Drennerstone - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 13:24:23 EST ID:M+YmEreU No.167434 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523467463319.jpg -(102457B / 100.06KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hmm I wonder if the difference is down to Germans knowing what the fucking Stasi were.

The problem with this "nothing to hide" attitude is that it completely ignores how much power your information gives to random government employees and any personal enemies and business rivals who may be friends with random government employees.


The Stasi employed 20% of the East German population in order to spy on the other 80%, and they used that information to shut down political dissidents by DESTROYING THEIR FUCKING LIVES.
They'd break into your house and rearrange shit so that you'd think you were going crazy. They'd intercept your mail to fuck up your business. They'd send sex toys to your wife so she'd think you were having an affair. They'd do anything they could to get you either committed to a mental ward or completely broken emotionally.

>…the Stasi often used a method which was really diabolic. It was called Zersetzung, and it's described in another guideline. The word is difficult to translate because it means originally "biodegradation." But actually, it's a quite accurate description. The goal was to destroy secretly the self-confidence of people, for example by damaging their reputation, by organizing failures in their work, and by destroying their personal relationships. Considering this, East Germany was a very modern dictatorship. The Stasi didn't try to arrest every dissident. It preferred to paralyze them, and it could do so because it had access to so much personal information and to so many institutions.

Imagine how much easier this would be to do digitally.
Betsy Honeywell - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 16:26:40 EST ID:1fIHantD No.167441 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523478400013.jpg -(23893B / 23.33KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>Imagine how much easier this would be to do digitally.

The STASI, while effective in its days, would fucking jizz over the capabilities of the net. One thing is gang-stalking and all that, the internet offers a much more insidious strategy of manipulation borne by modern advertising industry.

A large part of the aging population are taking the shit they get up into their feed at face value. We're talking up to 40% of Westerners getting their news for Facebook. And thanks to Facebook's algorithms, you can target susceptible individuals with propaganda on the basis of their behavior online. All of these techniques developed by advert-firms, and now used to full effect by propagandists. Echo-chambers have become social engineering.

So we have this weird situation where politicians, frightened by the prospect of their own private data getting out, calling Zuckerberg to testify, while the same fucking clout are exploiting his company to reach possible voters and manipulating the fuck out of them.
William Fanwill - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 17:42:15 EST ID:tlilhxRg No.167443 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Why have the secret service in your shitty banana republic murder opposition members in your society, when you can just tell their neighbour with anger issues and three kids that the political activist next door is a fucking child molester? Whammo, just let the neighbour do it, and he won't even know he's being manipulated.

Yeah, that's some fucking scary shit.
Alice Gogglepack - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 20:19:27 EST ID:ar9mMa8V No.167447 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Your reminded me of these articles.


Makes me wonder about the weird events at the US embassy in Cuba.
Alice Gogglepack - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 20:59:42 EST ID:ar9mMa8V No.167448 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Also: interesting article on the Cuba "event". https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/ldquo-sonic-weapon-attacks-rdquo-on-u-s-embassy-don-rsquo-t-add-up-mdash-for-anyone/
Ian Worthingridge - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 23:28:25 EST ID:Lmiy54A7 No.167455 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yes everybody knows the Cubans have super secret military technology no other nation in the world has. lol. What the Cubans do have is world class physicians, their account of the events is probably true.
Shitting Fudgeford - Thu, 12 Apr 2018 07:20:59 EST ID:M+YmEreU No.167464 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Two things:

  • Every nation probably has this technology. Ultrasonic and directed microwave tech isn't new. There's relevant whitepapers going back to like the 70s at least, and giving people headaches and brain damage isn't exactly something that takes finesse. Even private industry has similar stuff: I work with next-gen AR/VR shit; you can move shit around a room with sonics, and you could probably fry a brain if you dialled up the microwave crap used for sensory feedback. And speaking of the Stasi, they supposedly had a truck-mounted radiation gun they could use to dose people from the street. Fucking with people from a distance is something spies have been doing for a long time.

  • Cuba doesn't need to develop anything themselves. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Cuba didn't have a nuclear programme, dude.
Nigel Handleman - Thu, 12 Apr 2018 12:54:40 EST ID:hPXU206k No.167473 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I've always assumed that the cuban "sonic weapon attacks" was actually just them using ultrasonic transponders in order to activate passive bugs in the US embassy. The soviet union used to do this to us all the time ... they'd sneak passive bugs into foreign embassies and use a microwave transponder to activate them and listen in.

But the cubans probably have super old soviet built equipment that went haywire and inadvertently dialed up the power to ludicrous levels.
Barnaby Fubblecocke - Thu, 12 Apr 2018 15:43:03 EST ID:tlilhxRg No.167476 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yes, I think some physicists proposed that theory.
Simon Chundlewag - Thu, 12 Apr 2018 17:50:42 EST ID:rtO8zSPd No.167477 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523569842506.jpg -(70198B / 68.55KB, 751x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Don't sell the gestapo short mate. Then there's the NKVD/KGB ect. Quite frankly the debate over in Vinland seems a bit behind the curve. I voted for these guys -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNbxd30vo0E (and still do). Europe in general has complained about it as early as the millennium shift https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECHELON

you are making me feel old...
Sidney Murdhood - Fri, 13 Apr 2018 13:21:05 EST ID:M+YmEreU No.167507 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Not really sure what your point is. Yeah, the Gestapo existed and pioneered some of this stuff (actually I have a feeling that it might even have been primarily the British, they just never got busted), but the Stasi perfected it and are a lot more recent--only shut down in the 1990 and with a major aftermath into that decade--and are therefore much more relevant to modern German sensibilities.

I'm a Pirate Party member myself, although I have a feeling they're pretty thoroughly infiltrated and controlled in my country since they appear to be utterly retarded, ineffective and irrelevant, and a year or two ago moved their base of operations to a fucking island just to make sure nobody can actually get to their meetings.
Molly Conningnetch - Fri, 13 Apr 2018 15:26:56 EST ID:rtO8zSPd No.167511 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Not really sure what your point is.
Yeah, my bad. I was kinda wasted when I wrote that and it shows. Sry.

My point was that the debate really should have been broached when mass-surveillance was being set up as opposed to when it's at an unremarkable point in an established trajectory. The reality is that government spying is as old as man and only very incompetent authoritarians don't make use of it (so you're probably more ok under Trump than Obama ironically).
>I have a feeling they're pretty thoroughly infiltrated and controlled in my country since they appear to be utterly retarded, ineffective and irrelevant,
Yeah, depending on where you live you have different democratic options. I'm lucky; the Swedish pirate party has turned out to both competent and quite influential in both national and EU politics. In a way they are now victims of their own success as others have copied significant parts of their original platform.
>a year or two ago moved their base of operations to a fucking island just to make sure nobody can actually get to their meetings.
lolwut? Have they explained why?
Cornelius Decklechot - Sat, 14 Apr 2018 05:13:05 EST ID:M+YmEreU No.167548 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm sure they gave some explanation. I'm sure it was lame.

Hopefully they're going to roll out the secret robots, seize control and turn it into an ocean fortress. That'd be a pretty piratical thing to do.

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