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Nancy Pelosi Rams Austerity Provision Into House Rules Package Over Objections of Progressives by Beatrice Serryson - Sat, 05 Jan 2019 14:43:41 EST ID:Ne+xpFuK No.173379 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1546717421877.jpg -(46820B / 45.72KB, 455x456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 46820
Ayy yo fuck Nancy
>Despite pressure from progressive Democrats, the House rules package for the 116th Congress will include a pay-as-you-go provision, requiring all new spending to be offset with either budget cuts or tax increases, a conservative policy aimed at tying the hands of government.

>Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who will be sworn in this week to represent a district in New York, will vote against the package, her spokesperson told The Intercept. Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., announced Wednesday that he would oppose it.

>Presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who will be sworn in on Thursday, has promised for months to restore the pay-go rule, which she instituted when first taking over the speaker’s gavel in 2007. She ran into resistance from progressives, who believe that the rule would make it more difficult for Democrats to pass a host of liberal agenda items, from “Medicare for All” to a Green New Deal to tuition-free public college. Critics also argue that pay-go creates an unlevel playing field, where Republicans get to blow giant holes in the tax code, as they did with the 2017 tax cuts, while Democrats must pay fealty to the deficit.
Albert Dronderbanks - Sat, 05 Jan 2019 15:22:12 EST ID:qCxcaTiN No.173383 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Idk what the real bottom line is, but social security is set to bankrupt america in like fifteen years. Prospects due to this come into effect prior than that date, so even in a backwaards fiscally conservative way, balancing the budget seems important right now. but not as important as a big wall
Angus Blackbanks - Sat, 05 Jan 2019 17:11:35 EST ID:KMrlwqCD No.173385 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1546726295647.jpg -(68960B / 67.34KB, 800x577) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Social security in the holding it is in will go bankrupt but it will be transferred so it won't matter anyways. Also the entirety of entitlements the US Gov't pays out is still pretty manageable. In addition, you pay out into social security a fraction of what you actually receive. Given the fact that you pay for 40-50 years before you get SS, the gov't get interest on that money the entire time they hold it from you. Social Security the very definition of a scam. They get and save far more money than they give out. Don't be fooled into thinking working the minimum 10 years/40 quarters and then getting back maybe 5 years of benefits after they collected hundreds of percents from compounding interest for 40-50 fucking years.

If anything, the Social Security system is going to help keep the government solvent in coming years than bankrupting it. Only a very tiny fraction of the US population actually receives what they put into it. So that money is going somewhere eh?
Phineas Drellerpeg - Sat, 05 Jan 2019 19:37:40 EST ID:8pt/AtPX No.173390 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It was hilarious to see Dems falling over themselves to pat themselves on the back for making Pelosi Speaker, when she can't wait to work with Republicans to fuck people over.
David Pisslesure - Sun, 06 Jan 2019 11:16:13 EST ID:8c32w9KN No.173400 Ignore Report Quick Reply
> In addition, you pay out into social security a fraction of what you actually receive
Got any info to back this up or are you talking out of your ass?

>they collected hundreds of percents from compounding interest.
Whoops, nevermind. That answered that question.
Ian Tillingstone - Sun, 06 Jan 2019 18:06:30 EST ID:5eT0woC/ No.173402 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Her and Schumer have thoroughly fucked fatman with his shitty billions of dollars wall project so I am presently happy with them for once. None of the constant anti-Pelosi spam here is going to make me feel otherwise. The top dems are doing a good job for once.
Sidney Nossleshaw - Sun, 06 Jan 2019 20:00:11 EST ID:M/Ws53KS No.173410 Report Quick Reply

It won't last. Someone will look at them really mean and they'll cave just like they always do.
Isabella Dillershit - Sun, 06 Jan 2019 20:26:18 EST ID:5eT0woC/ No.173412 Ignore Report Quick Reply
They've done a good enough job at it so far and we all know these fascist dirtbags a d just waiting for the Democrats and left to start fighting each other instead of the real enemy.
Ian Conkinwater - Sun, 06 Jan 2019 22:18:01 EST ID:YzHGXqax No.173414 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>None of the constant anti-Pelosi spam here is going to make me feel otherwise.
Why, because you're pro-corporate, pro-war, pro-Israel, anti-environment and anti-poor?

The wall is the absolute most meaningless thing they could push back on, meanwhile they cave in or actively assist in all the policies that actually have a real negative impact on peoples lives both here and around the world, not to mention the very long-term existence of the species. They sure as shit aren't going after ICE or the police or employers, the things that actually would do something to help immigrants. They only give a slight pushback on the big dumb symbol that means nothing substantive for the people and does nothing to challenge the systems that brought us to this point in the first place.

>just waiting for the Democrats and left to start fighting each other instead of the real enemy.
You are the real enemy just as much as the Republicans. The Republicans might the front line Soldiers walking us to economic and ecological calamity, but blue dog enablers like you are the Spies stabbing us in the back. Schumer and Pelosi work to make the agenda of the superwealthy and the war machine go as smoothly as possible by defanging popular resistance to them and losing spectacularly on purpose, so if you're really determined to go down with their ship then you should consider yourself the enemy as well.
Isabella Dillershit - Sun, 06 Jan 2019 23:17:42 EST ID:5eT0woC/ No.173415 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>calling me the enemy because I said at least they did a good thing for once
Get fucked cunt. I actively despise Schumer as much as I despise the Republicans, but somebody like you who just shows up and tells us a little too easily how we are the enemy sure as fuck doesn't sound like an ally to me. Anyone this enthusiastic about calling leftists "the enemy" online immediately arouses my suspicions. Like I said, at least they are doing a good thing for once and I find the timing of these attempts at internal attacks rather suspicious as well.
Isabella Digglehall - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 10:39:35 EST ID:1RKorVw9 No.173483 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Don't take his words personally. He has a point. The majority or the left serves the same leaders as the right.
Priscilla Blamblewater - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 10:53:47 EST ID:Sk8bLxD3 No.173485 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You're not a leftist. Nobody who shills for corporate bootlicker Nancy Pelosi and whines that the left shouldn't criticize and call out the Dems is a leftist.

You're free to support ultra-wealthy conservative boomers all you want, but this lazy "how do you do fellow kids" act isn't gonna work and will only make people hostile towards you.
Doris Pockforth - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 11:05:57 EST ID:zve2RiHE No.173487 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This is just really bad forum COINTELPRO shit from a poltard at this point. All I said was hey, I'm pretty happy about them blocking this retarded waste of money wall. You can go on gobbling as much cock as you want but this is at least one positive action, which is something one can appreciate even in their enemies. This sort of tripe though pffft all you want to do is some retarded internet trolling.
Eliza Bishforth - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 11:40:48 EST ID:zrRLOJ5Q No.173488 Ignore Report Quick Reply
So, when Democrats have been in power Republicans were all about fiscal responsibility, deficit scolding, and prudence – mostly with an eye to preventing Democrats from doing anything popular. However, when they've controlled the budget, it's giant tax giveaways to the rich, exploding deficits notwithstanding.

Now, along comes Pelosi, and she’s decided the Democrat's best move is to do the deficit scolding—with the constraints they create—for the Republicans.

So just as the Democrats had the opportunity to develop a platform that addressed the needs of people and to become a majority party again, Pelosi and the neoliberals imposed pay-go on the party, making the kind of bold initiatives that could build on 2018's progressive momentum much more difficult, and creating a giant buzz-kill for the progressive energy that could have saved their party.

Pelosi is literally doing the GOP's job for them
Isabella Digglehall - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:01:19 EST ID:1RKorVw9 No.173490 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I agree that it's positive to block the wall when viewed on its own. I think his point is that within the context of American politics, it isn't hard to see that this concession was carefully picked as part of an ongoing media distraction from real issues. And when you look at it that way, I can see why it would be frustrating to hear people praise the "resistance" when those resistant dems are in lock-step with their republican counterparts on all the larger issues like mass wars, deregulation, and the stripping away of our liberties and freedoms.
Shit Bashwin - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 14:06:13 EST ID:X0Iv5T7a No.173492 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Maybe the majority of Democrats. Probably the majority of Democrat politicians. However, I can't fathom a political that would describe them as "the left". They're mostly in the center.
Ernest Cuckleshit - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 22:30:43 EST ID:StNWqFnM No.173503 Ignore Report Quick Reply
They aren't entirely lockstep though. Democrats have defended shit like Net Neutrality and keeping us out of foreign war invasions (mostly) and whenever we get a Republican they IMMEDIATELY begin stripping all our civil liberties, bombing and invading countries, killing the federal budget etc.

They are shit don't get me wrong, but it is completely false to equate the two. Republicans are unequivocally shit in a way nearly no Democrat ever is. The current jackass in office is a very good example of this. So don't pretend a few of the usual corporate whore centrists are somehow as bad as the literal jackbooted slimeballs who court the worst fanatics and genuine Nazis among their ranks.
Eliza Blosslelit - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 10:26:36 EST ID:kI9BeD+p No.173507 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Those usual corporate whore centrists are more closely aligned with the jackbooted slimeballs than they are with anybody here.

The corporate leadership of both parties would rather take their chances with genuine Nazis than vote for universal healthcare or to end even one war.

That's why they let things get to where they are now.
David Pittwater - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 11:49:12 EST ID:CisWUlML No.173508 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'll grant you that dems have a better track record when it comes to net neutrality, but that's the only one that holds up to scrutiny. When it comes to spending, the democrats and the republicans came together to give the military almost double what they asked for in their most recent budget. Both parties are complicit in deregulation that has laid waste to the economy, the predatory banking that gave us the 08 crash, the massive pollution for profit, the constant war for profit.
>keeping us out of foreign war invasions
Obama took us to war with half a dozen countries.
>[republicans] begin stripping our civil liberties
Yes they do. But so do dems. Obama paved the way for most of Trump's oppressive policies, and gave similar powers to corporate entities, making many of them immune to lawsuits all together. The real difference is that Trump is incompetent and has no finesse with PR management. He can't spell, he spews shit off the cuff, he lies constantly, and he doesn't generally know what he's talking about. Obama was an incredible orator and public figure, but when you dig into his policy, you see that he wasn't very different from Trump, or Clinton, or Bush.
Phineas Lightwell - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 19:05:25 EST ID:wf9PdUsk No.173517 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That simply isn't true. Obama's worst sin was expanding a few of the things front the Patriot Act, which was Bush. Again, Democratic politicians may often support some shitty things, but pretending they are remotely as bad as Republicans is completely false. Republicans start and continue most of the things you hate. Do you think it is dems doing this? You think it is dems who started and continue the war on drugs and all the destruction of civil liberties that entails? No the worst sin of Democrats is cowardice. They don't want to appear "soft on crime" or whatever silly bullshit. The one good thing about Hillary losing was that it should have forcefully shown people that running the most milquetoast pro corporate type they thought would be inoffensive still cost us the election. Otherwise even Hillary Clinton would have been worlds better than Trump. And if you sincerely believe they're the same thing, then may you suffer under another 4 years of Trump, and may a Republican also win in 2024. Now tell me how they're the same and there isn't any difference.

The degree to which the one is complete SHIT is worlds different, and they are deliberately trying to drag us in as extreme genuine Nazi direction as they can is a conscious tactic. They call it shifting the Overton window. If you want to help us shift it back to the left that's great, but not when it's clear to me certain people like the one above you are deliberately trying to divide and conquer. This is also why Republicans almost always manage to work their evil, because they know when to fall in line, and right now is the time for us to fall in line and cockblock as much of Trumps bullshit as we can until 2020.
Ian Drurrystone - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 19:33:23 EST ID:YzHGXqax No.173524 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Obama's worst sin was expanding a few of the things front the Patriot Act
I'd say turning Libya into a bombed out open-air jidhadist slave market, expanding the drone program, prosecuting more whistleblowers than ever, refusing to prosecute Wall Street after the crash, bailing out the banks, doing Romneycare when he had control of both houses, endlessly supporting Israel even when Bibi was being a bitch, making not even a gesture at legalizing anything on a federal level over his entire term, and hollowing out the Democratic Party were equally bad sins or worse.
Frederick Dombledack - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 21:03:41 EST ID:KMrlwqCD No.173530 Ignore Report Quick Reply
We also can't forget how he pushed for an assault weapons ban and universal background checks and kept the nation "divided" for 2+ years over gun control even when everyone except Cali and NY didn't want anymore gun control anyways.

And yeah, fuck the ACA too most importantly. He wasn't a bad president really but he didn't feel no shame being a high nosed cunt about things at times.
Clara Packlebirk - Fri, 11 Jan 2019 09:25:12 EST ID:moXnX39v No.173537 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Butthurt fox watching Republican detected
Priscilla Poblingpudge - Fri, 11 Jan 2019 11:22:49 EST ID:n8FseY0x No.173538 Ignore Report Quick Reply
More republicans dissent with trump than democrats with Obama. He is showing more diversity of mind and so is Fox news,
Nigel Duckville - Fri, 11 Jan 2019 11:51:04 EST ID:XXrjIXRC No.173539 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Oh no, he said he wanted to ban guns but actually didn't change anything! How horrible! Luckily we now have Trump to make America great again by banning bump stocks.
Esther Driddlecheg - Fri, 11 Jan 2019 16:18:26 EST ID:fhFanKnw No.173541 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Reuben Hicklelen - Fri, 11 Jan 2019 20:51:59 EST ID:jsPeksPS No.173548 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Listening to Paul Ryan a little much? It would only go bankrupt, because they refuse to tax wealthy people and have been attacting it for years.
Hedda Senderworth - Fri, 11 Jan 2019 21:04:49 EST ID:aw16uck8 No.173549 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>The wall is the absolute most meaningless thing they could push back on
>on the big dumb symbol that means nothing substantive for the people
Actually they're too easy on the wall. That wall might as well be a monument to Ann Coulter and Trump. It's essentially a symbol of hate, fear, xenophobia, team sports politics, a right wing insurgency and Trump's ego. Seriously, fuck that wall. It ain't doing shit to secure the border. A ladder, rope or tunnel can get passed a wall. It's just a symbol that says "na-na na-na boo boo go away brown people Trump is the bestest". It's an embarrassment we'll have to live with as long as it stands.

>pro-corporate, pro-war, pro-Israel, anti-environment and anti-poor
Ya because Republicans are renowned for being anti-corporate, anti-war, anti-Israel, pro-environment and pro-poor.

>You are the real enemy just as much as the Republicans
>blue dog enablers like you are the Spies stabbing us in the back
Nice depress the oppositional vote to Trump and his merry band of fascists. What are you from Saudi Arabia or something? Pro-Trump mossad pretending to be a leftist to prevent oppositional win to Trump through depressing the vote, generating oppositional cannibalism and promoting a fascist victory with a wall? If you ain't a counter-revolutionary troll trying to throw a 2020 victory to Trump through subversive infiltration then why not be pro-active instead of cannibalistic, learn about voting blocs, electoral college and how legislation actually passes. Try moving the overton window of political possibility to the left instead of astroturfing a self sabotaging cannibalistic movement.
Phineas Mashhitch - Fri, 11 Jan 2019 23:41:48 EST ID:YzHGXqax No.173552 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>It's just a symbol that says "na-na na-na boo boo go away brown people Trump is the bestest".
Yes. I'm glad we could agree on that. And we also agree that they are going too easy on the wall. The bigger problem is that they are also going too easy on everything else, and often just straight up giving him what he wants.

>Ya because Republicans are renowned for being anti-corporate, anti-war, anti-Israel, pro-environment and pro-poor.
Which are all reasons why working with the Republicans is such a bad thing. And, with the occasional exception of mild pro-environmental rhetoric, these are all things Pelosi happily works with the Republicans on. If the criticism you're responding to is that Pelosi is too conciliatory to Republicans then pointing out how much Republicans suck as a retort doesn't actually do her any favors, I hope you realize.

It's also worth pointing out that you didn't even disagree with my characterization of Pelosi with respect to those labels, so that's pretty neat.

>Nice depress the oppositional vote to Trump and his merry band of fascists. What are you from Saudi Arabia or something? Pro-Trump mossad pretending to be a leftist to prevent oppositional win to Trump through depressing the vote, generating oppositional cannibalism and promoting a fascist victory with a wall?
Oh boy is there a lot going on here. A few things:

  1. Nancy Pelosi is not running for president. Criticizing her does not equate to votes for Trump in the presidential general election, because Pelosi is not participating in that.
  2. Intraparty opposition does not happen in general elections. Selecting a party leader that would actually act on behalf of the voters rather than the enemy or as you apparently like to call it, "oppositional cannibalism" happens via primaries, leadership votes and internal party pressure. Criticizing Pelosi does not equate to votes for Republicans, because Republicans do not participate in these things.
  3. I don't know what "oppositional cannibalism" is supposed to mean, but it sounds like an oxymoron.
  4. Criticizing conservative establishment Democrats does not depress the Democratic vote, least of all through the magic of imageboard shitposting.
  5. Pelosi and her ilk actually do depress the Democratic vote. It is hard to muster enthusiasm for a party that spends half its time sucking up to the other party and the other half intentionally kneecapping itself (which you'll remember is the actual topic of this thread). Actions like the one in the OP send a clear message that voting for Democrats is a waste of time. That depresses votes. If you actually want to beat the Republicans then you should be opposing Pelosi too.
  6. At the same time, Pelosi does encourage Republicans to vote against her. To take just one example, the great centrist hope Jon Ossoff aka White Obama 1.0 lost against an opponent who specifically cited his connection to Pelosi in campaign ads to discredit him. Her brand is so toxic that merely invoking her is a weapon in the GOP's arsenal. If you actually want to beat the Republicans then you should opposing be Pelosi too.
  7. Pelosi's leadership oversaw a staggering loss of Obama's Congressional majority, the hollowing out of the Democratic party, and the conditions leading up to Donald Trump. She has been a disaster for the party even on a pragmatic realpolitik level. If you actually want to beat the Republicans then you should opposing be Pelosi too.
  8. Saudi Arabia and Israel do not oppose Nancy Pelosi, because she does not oppose them. Saudi Arabia and Israel do not want opposition in charge of the Democrats. They want both parties working in lock-step to give them what they want, which Pelosi is happy to provide them. Implying implications like this makes no sense.
  9. The wall is not what makes a fascist victory. The wall is, as you said, just a symbol. What makes a fascist victory is everything else leading up to and surrounding it, and what will come after. And in everything but the wall itself, Pelosi will be helping them every other step of the way.
Cyril Hankinwell - Tue, 15 Jan 2019 00:00:29 EST ID:8pt/AtPX No.173612 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Oh my fucking god, what a god damn suprise.

Pelosi only hates Trump because she can't work with Republicans anymore. The moment Pence is president, It'll be like one party controls congress.
Beatrice Sangernick - Tue, 15 Jan 2019 01:27:25 EST ID:M/Ws53KS No.173613 Report Quick Reply

Of course. Anyone who expected Pelosi to do anything but fuck her own people over and pander to republicans is a naive moron. Cortez was right, primary the fuck out of any middle of the road blue-dog democrats. You gotta start weeding out the corruption.

It's only a matter of time before they fold on the wall, too.
Phoebe Garringdug - Wed, 16 Jan 2019 10:17:31 EST ID:RhLBe3rX No.173665 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You'd think Republican voters would be nicer to her considering she's basically on their side lol


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