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Question about frozen pizza by Charles Ranhofer - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 03:49:10 EST ID:LyfB96RQ No.150815 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1485161350823.jpg -(406873B / 397.34KB, 1024x816) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 406873

For the connoisseurs of frozen pizza out there, what do you prefer?

A. Put the pizza in the oven and then turn it on.

B. Preheat the oven and then put the pizza in.
Daniel Boulud - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 04:47:10 EST ID:MhnUkRnA No.150816 Ignore Report Quick Reply
A, because I'm lazy.
C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 11:00:26 EST ID:yKYZqoiQ No.150817 Report Quick Reply
B because that's what you're supposed to do or otherwise it would take too long
if you did A.
Marc Summers - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 11:39:35 EST ID:j0OxSFFh No.150820 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Chiggy your basic logic could use some work.

A should be slightly quicker because in A the pizza will be in an oven which is heating up and thus be absorbing heat. In B the pizza sits around doing nothing until preheat is finished. Preheating takes time and perhaps the pizza slows it down slightly but it's also sitting absorbing heat the whole time it's in the oven.

This may affect the outcome I've never tested. I imagine if the food was better quality than a frozen pizza, throwing it in a hot oven means less time spent at moderate temperatures where proteins are not being denatured and malliard is not occuring but moisture is being lost or whatever. Because this isn't high cuisine it doesn't matter. B is very slightly quicker so that's what happens when I'm cooking a pizza for myself.
Antoine Beauvilliers - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 12:11:36 EST ID:EixThJsN No.150821 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That sounds like something an idiot would do, you're just going to have to check on it a bunch
Alain Senderens - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 13:26:01 EST ID:jhUDNbfq No.150824 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You let the oven pre-heat before putting the food in.

DiGornio is the only frozen pizza that is halfway decent.

But why are you torturing yourself? Go buy a real pizza, fresh from the oven of your local shop.
Spardot !SPQRqHx0.E - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 15:49:41 EST ID:uIRmITcK No.150828 Report Quick Reply

>corn on pizza

da fu u doin brah
Seymour Karp - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 22:23:09 EST ID:MhnUkRnA No.150832 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485228189684.png -(2361344B / 2.25MB, 1382x766) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A would cause you to wait until it's preheated, then go back and put the pizza in the oven.

If you just put it in there, just add the time it takes to preheat to the total time.

I've done both. No difference in quality.

Also, frozen pizza can be fine, Amy's Pizza and Trader Joe pizza are both great. Better than most delivery options.
Michel Troisgros - Tue, 24 Jan 2017 01:24:30 EST ID:a2yzDbbH No.150833 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485239070744.jpg -(7228B / 7.06KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The trick to really good frozen pizza is to preheat the oven with the pizza pan inside of it. Then when the oven reaches temp the pan is also hot and you just toss your pizza on there and BAM crispy well cooked crust. It ensures you don't end up with burnt edges and a soft doughy middle.
Pierre de Lune - Tue, 24 Jan 2017 01:58:15 EST ID:GzSuhlcl No.150834 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That's the Grandiosa Kebabpizza. Every Norwegian's favourite pizza brand.
Melissa d'Arabian - Tue, 24 Jan 2017 02:46:57 EST ID:+3Paupqg No.150835 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I think we've all had this question, for like, everything we put in our ovens, OP.

They can't give you directions on the box during the preheat phase cause the box don't know how fast your oven heats up and shit.
If you can figure out the correct time on your own for A, then it will save you a couple minutes. Nothing insane though. It's a matter of if you give enough of a shit to test out your pizza a few times to figure out how long you should keep it in if you plan on putting it in and starting the oven at the same time
Rokusaburo Michiba - Tue, 24 Jan 2017 04:01:38 EST ID:QFxh4zM5 No.150836 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Cooking a frozen pizza inside of an oven as it warms up sounds like something a savage would do. Do you people also sleep in the shower and defecate out of your windows to save time?
Michel Troisgros - Tue, 24 Jan 2017 10:23:37 EST ID:a2yzDbbH No.150839 Ignore Report Quick Reply

that shit ain't right
Rashma Beharry - Tue, 24 Jan 2017 22:47:07 EST ID:MhnUkRnA No.150843 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485316027591.gif -(2090171B / 1.99MB, 512x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Stop living your life through instructions.

Make your own rules.
Ludovic Lefebvre - Wed, 25 Jan 2017 23:44:35 EST ID:ZglmBEt8 No.150855 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah, maaannnn! Think outside the box!!
Emeril Lagasse - Wed, 25 Jan 2017 23:57:30 EST ID:eb4ToBt3 No.150857 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I know for an American it's totally normal to eat fried chicken with waffles, even though at the same time it's impossible for them to grasp the fact that in many areas of europe people put corn on pizza. Even though it's been discussed on /nom/ every single year, at least 5 times each.
I love how shocked you can be at everything you've not heard about before, but never question anything about yourselves. Don't worry, It's just due the fact you've never been to a place with a different native language than your own. You've never experienced different cultures, architecture, history, people, nothing. You don't even care. You just think it's weird "foreign" stuff. Just your very own, self contained bubble of 300million trump supporters.
Stay shocked at the outside world. <3
And I don't even like corn on pizza.
Bobby Flay - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 00:59:47 EST ID:w83T6x/O No.150860 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>I know for an American it's totally normal to eat fried chicken with waffles
That's mostly a southern thing.

>300million trump supporters.
He lost the poplar vote, that number is nowhere close. Not even the same ballpark.

Good job generalizing and stereotyping though. Sure is worldly of you
Fanny Craddock - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 09:30:38 EST ID:LAan5N+t No.150862 Ignore Report Quick Reply
dude a lot of americans have barely left their home state. like, maybe a neighboring state or two a few times.

and yes, our country is officially retarded because of trump. but in all fairness he only got 63m votes to clintons 66m, and a lot more people hate him than like him. fyi we don't have a democracy.
Caesar Cardini - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 10:15:37 EST ID:I32yS5OM No.150863 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>at the same time it's impossible for them to grasp the fact that in many areas of europe people put corn on pizza
Dude. We'll put anything on pizza. ANYTHING.

>Don't worry, It's just due the fact you've never been to a place with a different native language than your own. You've never experienced different cultures, architecture, history, people, nothing
We've got ethnic enclaves that are pretty cool.

Also, Spardot is canadian. Still American, but you probably meant US 'murican when you said american.
Cyril Lignac - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 10:56:51 EST ID:a2yzDbbH No.150864 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485446211368.gif -(228336B / 222.98KB, 186x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm not shocked just disgusted. I've had corn on pizza before and it was a deeply unpleasant experience. America isn't so backwards that corn on pizza is somehow deeply shocking and unheard of. You see it on mexican pizza fairly regularly and you see it on other specialty pizzas as well. I can think of three places in a 5 mile radius that offer it as a topping. It doesn't challenge my whole world view it's just not a texture that belongs on pizza. It brings too much moisture to the party and gets stuck in your teeth.

Way to assume a whole bunch of bullshit from a 4 word shitpost though. I don't need to question a whole lot about myself to imagine that a corn kebab frozen pizza wouldn't be something I'd want to eat. I'd bet fair money I could find something similar in my local supermarket freezer.

>I know for an American it's totally normal to eat fried chicken with waffles

I don't even know where to start explaining how far off base you are with that one. I hope for your own sake you realize how full of shit you are.
Emeril Lagasse - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 11:55:00 EST ID:eb4ToBt3 No.150867 Ignore Report Quick Reply
"the Americans"' bait always works so well on /nom/.
Don't worry Ameribros, I love you all tbh. Just shitposted a little.
Guy Savoy - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 11:57:46 EST ID:2THbLxK8 No.150869 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485449866258.png -(88820B / 86.74KB, 755x1255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Andrew Zimmern - Fri, 27 Jan 2017 09:17:32 EST ID:KnHyrNIM No.150889 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Using a pan
Literally every frozen pizza gives you the direction to place it directly on the plan. You pick it up with your hands because you're a goddamned man and cannot feel pain.

A (cowboy style cooking) is the answer OP. Just put in the pizza, set to 420 F, and *check on it regularly[/*]. People always forgot the last step when cooking cowboy style.

Best frozen pizza is Red Baron. I'm a pizza expert, trust me. That guy who liked Digornios and Tombstone definitely just succumbed to marketing. Red Baron has no commercials because they don't need them.
Marcel Boulestin - Fri, 27 Jan 2017 14:57:10 EST ID:a2yzDbbH No.150891 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Red Baron can't afford commercials because nobody buys their garbage tier pizza
Jonathan Waxman - Fri, 27 Jan 2017 23:36:46 EST ID:cTphhKbn No.150899 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I buy their garbage tier pizza. I used to, anyways.
Jose Garces - Sat, 28 Jan 2017 05:43:33 EST ID:AbJGbxJ4 No.150900 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485600213962.jpg -(621786B / 607.21KB, 738x738) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I always preheat it then cook it. If I'm lazy and it's a shitty totinos pizza I'll just throw it in and turn it on and leave it in for a few extra minutes. But I prefer my pizza a little more on the crispy side so whatever works to get it there.
Also, the undeniable best frozen pizza is
Jose Garces - Sat, 28 Jan 2017 05:44:05 EST ID:AbJGbxJ4 No.150901 Ignore Report Quick Reply
is... pic related. Excuse my drunkenness.
Therm0ptic !cyBOrG7t12 - Sat, 28 Jan 2017 06:51:26 EST ID:+AQGwgp+ No.150902 Report Quick Reply
Red Baron has the best crust out of any frozen pizza.
Good products don't need commercials, who even has seen a commercial for anything in the last few years anyway?
Bobby Chinn - Sat, 28 Jan 2017 15:43:59 EST ID:jhUDNbfq No.150908 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485636239452.jpg -(50154B / 48.98KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

lies. You either pay for a DiGorni, or you go cheap and get these little glorious fuckers for a dollar a piece.
Antonin Carême - Sun, 29 Jan 2017 07:10:24 EST ID:QFxh4zM5 No.150913 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Cheese Tony's are pretty dank. I wouldn't really trust my broke Italian homie with toppings, but he can't be beat for a cheap ass cheese pizza that tastes pretty good.
C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Sun, 29 Jan 2017 19:30:14 EST ID:s25hNZ2t No.150921 Report Quick Reply
I'd also like to add that Newman's Own Pizza is the shiznit.
Syn !ryBONGJej. - Sun, 29 Jan 2017 21:29:35 EST ID:VIXKJj5q No.150922 Report Quick Reply
Always preheat your oven, dippy.
Jamie Oliver - Mon, 30 Jan 2017 10:51:53 EST ID:VIXKJj5q No.150930 Report Quick Reply
Cheerio there, chap. Have you paid for a Pizza License and a Corn License and a crust tax to the EU before consuming corn pizza?
Gaston Lenôtre - Tue, 31 Jan 2017 19:24:10 EST ID:scNidvvX No.150967 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I can't fucking understand why people don't READ the instructions. My girlfriend sometimes microwave her pizza ffs. When she does put it in the oven, she puts it in straight away with the heat on maximum.

Pizzas are frozen in order to preserve their freshest state. Having a pre-heated oven ensures it is cooked at it's optimum freshness. Why is this hard to understand? If you really wanna wait 5 minutes less, for an inferior pizza, feel free to do so but I will think you are the literal scum of the fucking earth if so, you freaks.
Raymond Blanc - Tue, 31 Jan 2017 19:25:39 EST ID:9kvbtqFQ No.150968 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>When she does put it in the oven, she puts it in straight away with the heat on maximum.
Time to find a new girlfriend my dude, obviously not good wife material.
Seymour Karp - Thu, 02 Feb 2017 13:01:17 EST ID:j0OxSFFh No.151000 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I want to know what the hell frozen pizzas you eat that are nice enough that this "optimum freshness" isn't pretty marginal at best. However if it's an unfrozen fridge pizza that's a different kettle of fish. A good non frozen pizza, the sort that cooks in 10 minutes in a pre heated oven, now pre heating does make a noticeable difference there because it's pretty fresh anyway.

Freezing it doesn't preserve the freshness as much as give it a single big hit but then stop it getting any worse for a much longer period of time.

Microwaving the pizza though, that's fucked up.
Marc Summers - Thu, 02 Feb 2017 21:09:19 EST ID:Pxh+6m2c No.151006 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Gaston Acurio - Fri, 03 Feb 2017 13:20:36 EST ID:8eaqa6FP No.151012 Ignore Report Quick Reply
wife material makes that pizza from scratch

which i can do...by the way...
Chaz Fable - Sat, 04 Feb 2017 06:11:25 EST ID:XSTCY7ut No.151023 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Anyone can make pizza from scratch unless they're halfwit. It's not about "can" it's about "has the time and energy". When you're just cooking for yourself there's much less incentive to regularly make the effort.
Lancelot de Casteau - Sat, 04 Feb 2017 14:09:34 EST ID:bxaypLit No.151030 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My gf fucked up my washing machine once because she put the "ingredients" in the wrong slots.
Anne Burrell - Mon, 06 Feb 2017 09:44:42 EST ID:scNidvvX No.151043 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Aye, it's fair simple. Though that said the last time I made home-made pizza I prepped the pizza before putting it onto a cookable surface. The end result was that we had to scrape the prepared pizza onto the dish and then cook it. It was still tasty but it was a big messy ball of dough, cheese, sauce and vegetables. We were stoned as fuck so it was probably more hilarious and tasty than it should've been.

But next time I will definitely remember to do it right. Homemade pizza is actually so good you can taste it with your balls
Pierre Troisgros - Mon, 06 Feb 2017 11:49:55 EST ID:pQJjv4k6 No.151046 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I made a chicken and garlic pizza using pesto as sauce a while back and it was fuckin' delicious, though I cheated and used premade dough since it was on sale.
Alfred Prunier - Sun, 12 Feb 2017 15:44:00 EST ID:6Zj+G03Z No.151094 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1486932240318.jpg -(38894B / 37.98KB, 540x401) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ever since I saw this pic I've been too sketched out to do option A
which is how I assume the only way this kinda shit could happen?
Is this a case of people just putting a completely thawed out frozen pizza in a fully heated oven?
Madame Mérigot - Sun, 12 Feb 2017 18:46:47 EST ID:8eaqa6FP No.151101 Ignore Report Quick Reply
judging by the state of the toppings, i think its fair to say its just a generally low-grade, cheese-infested excuse for a pizza

which would explain it falling apart like a piece of shit
Pierre de Lune - Mon, 13 Feb 2017 03:59:32 EST ID:SMuvZ85z No.151103 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Red Baron kicks Digiorno crusty pizza ass imo

"It's not delivery, it's frozen."
Pierre de Lune - Mon, 13 Feb 2017 04:01:32 EST ID:SMuvZ85z No.151104 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It looks like a mushroom cloud.
Alex Guarnaschelli - Mon, 13 Feb 2017 10:50:23 EST ID:3hAvdb4I No.151108 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If you're paranoid of your pizza doing that use a baking sheet, pizza stone or foil instead of putting it directly on the rack. Not that I recommend doing this no-preheating bullshit method.
Giada De Laurentils - Mon, 13 Feb 2017 16:54:12 EST ID:a2yzDbbH No.151110 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1487022852806.jpg -(294458B / 287.56KB, 600x446) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
nah - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 15:00:09 EST ID:ymSXrXZO No.151129 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Freschetta is by far the best.
Susur Lee - Sat, 25 Feb 2017 15:21:47 EST ID:OsZ6spIo No.151215 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I usually get the Jack's variety since they are cheapish and taste basically the same. I always add additional toppings onto mine like more cheese and veggies. Sometimes meat but not often. Always preheat the oven. I don't use a pizza stone cos its just shitty frozen pizza.
Raymond Blanc - Sat, 25 Feb 2017 18:23:58 EST ID:K8ff7H0F No.151220 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've never preheated anything in my life.
François Vatel - Sun, 05 Mar 2017 16:07:39 EST ID:3hAvdb4I No.151303 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You should be put in an oven
Pierre de Lune - Tue, 07 Mar 2017 19:15:13 EST ID:/as130Hg No.151320 Ignore Report Quick Reply
should the oven be preheated first though?
Lancelot de Casteau - Wed, 08 Mar 2017 03:35:04 EST ID:Lvlq2m3I No.151322 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Instead of worry about how hot the oven is why not try alternative methods for cooking the pizza? Like would it be possible to deep fry a thawed out pizza? Or to pan fry it? Why do we have to do this just by one set of rules. Whose to say the oven is the only place for pizza? That's just unfair.
Rachael Ray - Fri, 10 Mar 2017 10:08:43 EST ID:MUKEd1hs No.151334 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Are you suggesting microwaved pizza? Im going to hunt you down and give you pink eye, buddy
Marie Troisgros - Fri, 10 Mar 2017 14:20:35 EST ID:3hAvdb4I No.151335 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489173635665.jpg -(63605B / 62.11KB, 484x838) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm sure a deep-fried calzone would be excellent
silent protagonist - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 17:14:22 EST ID:HHv8WLZp No.151377 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489526062411.jpg -(93255B / 91.07KB, 642x428) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
B. Alway preheat.

My girlfriend does A for everything frozen-to-oven, blew my mind when I found out that's how she did it. I didn't know anybody would blatantly ignore basic stuff like that. Unsafe and creates sub-par food. She is lazy like this in regard to many things, including food. Another example: if there are canned beans, she will leave the gross preservative goop and throw it all in the pot.
silent protagonist - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 17:16:28 EST ID:HHv8WLZp No.151378 Ignore Report Quick Reply
related: I had a friend who drained his ramen after cooking, then added water, then the flavor packet. He is not my friend anymore.
Anthony Bourdain - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 17:56:42 EST ID:aR2cYmcN No.151379 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489528602833.jpg -(310028B / 302.76KB, 1280x853) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Like would it be possible to deep fry a thawed out pizza?
Scotland is WAY ahead of you. Pic related, pizza crunch.
Melissa d'Arabian - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 19:36:23 EST ID:Ray5TGHu No.151380 Ignore Report Quick Reply
C. Add pineapples
Melissa d'Arabian - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 19:37:26 EST ID:Ray5TGHu No.151381 Ignore Report Quick Reply

nah the best is to crack and egg into it while the noodles are boiling, stir it up so its scrambly, drain out the water, then add flavor packet and stir it up. dry ramen is usually awesome
Vincent la Chapelle - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 19:45:39 EST ID:dJ007EB2 No.151382 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489535139471.gif -(659280B / 643.83KB, 133x100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
get fucked
Wylie Dufresne - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 03:16:34 EST ID:QFxh4zM5 No.151412 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Pepperoni pizza with pineapple on top is delicious but it's one of those sketchy things to enjoy in private or with trusted friends since ordering it in public can get you dirty looks.

Try it, Vincent. Order a pepperoni & pineapple pizza, have it delivered, talk to the delivery driver through a mail slot and have them leave the pizza on your doorstep, wait for the coast to be clear, open the door, take the pizza, close the door, retreat to your bedroom, close the blinds, turn off the lights, light a candle or two, and dine in on that dank pepperoni and pineapple pizza, my friend.

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