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Dietary Strategies by Geoffrey Zakarian - Thu, 08 Feb 2018 23:20:58 EST ID:RmoUZmWO No.154321 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1518150058254.webm [mp4] -(2017411B / 1.92MB, 468x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2017411
Hello /nom/,

In this day and age we have more information available to us regarding nutrition, food quality/safety, and so forth. And we are all doing what we can to try to have a healthy diet, with other life-factors considered of course. I am curious what are some dietary strategies you guys employ, and maybe discuss the motivations for them.

I have a few things I am playing around with to see how it works for me or doesn't:

>no soda
>no red meat (except special/rare occasions, like a friend makes a special dish or you get a chance to eat elk or something)
>every time you eat food, consider the time/effort it would take to harvest/prepare that food. for each day/meal, do not exceed what you yourself would reasonably be able to harvest/prepare

so far these focus areas have helped me to lose some weight and start eating more nutritious meals. what do you guys do?
Chen Kenmin - Fri, 09 Feb 2018 02:20:59 EST ID:Ico4XXhV No.154322 Ignore Report Quick Reply
out of everything I've tried intermittent fasting and limiting sugar/corn syrup has allowed me to maintain a body weight that I am satisfied with
[name redacted] !h55/E7mIo6 - Fri, 09 Feb 2018 09:53:00 EST ID:S9o6ie67 No.154324 Ignore Report Quick Reply
For the last two or three weeks I've been vodka+orange juice every day and then eating split red lentils (I think they're called that) every second or third day when I get really hungry and I'm losing weight.
Marco Pierre White - Fri, 09 Feb 2018 17:43:16 EST ID:ucYLGzQP No.154326 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1518216196105.jpg -(51487B / 50.28KB, 462x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
that's what i've been doing (i think), but i'm also making sure I watch what I am eating, calorie amount as well, like say if I eat a whole bag of crisps thats 800 calories in total, i usually try to skip out dinner or eat something light like have some fruit or veggies. I used to be 250-255lbs, my heaviest after almost a decade of depression overcoming me; but I have been slowly climbing out of it but currently around 239 and my motivation is basically I'm tired of being fat. I used to be fit, and probably more attractive, and I'm lonely as fuck so I decided to do something about it.
Beau MacMillian - Fri, 09 Feb 2018 18:08:09 EST ID:sT4Lm5zZ No.154327 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This has been working for me too with regards to weight loss, minus the split red lentils though.
Toshiro Kandagawa - Fri, 09 Feb 2018 18:59:11 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154328 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I calorie counted but I found that combining elements of other diets made it easier to do. The reason those are said to work is that if nothing else changes they usually do, however I locked that shit down.

Skipping processed carbs and eating more veg for example, eating in a narrower window made it easier to avoid snacking. Not stocking food I don't plan on eating. When you've got 1600 calories in a day, a 200g bag of crisps that will not help your vitamin or mineral or protein or fibre intake and will be gone from your stomach in 45 minutes just sucks.

I make sure I've got enough protein, fibre, vitamins and stuff and I don't go too far under my goal. As my weight fell I exercised more. Get fit. You can sustain the same weight loss longer and it'll make you look better when you're done. I think I shot for a bit below my basal metabolic rate at my target weight so even if I was ill I was running a deificit but then I hit the gym, walked, didn't just sleep in bed all day and BAM you're losing 2 pounds a week.

Now I'm at my target I am not afraid to treat myself a bit, but I do make sure I've got time to catch up after, or sometimes I can afford to lose a pound or two in advance in the case of sustained extra food/booze. It's a bit crazy to be honest but I like the health benefits and not hating my image in the mirror too much.
Masaharu Morimoto - Sat, 10 Feb 2018 02:59:18 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154331 Ignore Report Quick Reply
so you stopped eating food and are just drinking liquor instead of eating

fucking a dude welcome to /hooch/
Rashma Beharry - Sat, 10 Feb 2018 03:03:07 EST ID:Lvlq2m3I No.154332 Ignore Report Quick Reply
stop eating start drinking. now this is a diet strategy i can get the fuck behind.
John Besh - Sat, 10 Feb 2018 06:25:46 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154333 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Is that so you die or so goblin boy dies?
Masaharu Morimoto - Sat, 10 Feb 2018 16:17:01 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154340 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm to skinny because my stomach is fucked up from years of alcohol and drug abuse

I literally never get hungry unless I'm 8/10 wasted, so I often forget to eat for a day or two then get really confused as to why I have no energy
Michel Roux - Sat, 10 Feb 2018 20:21:29 EST ID:Fe0+n5iZ No.154341 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Fucking noob, vodka is better with cranberry. Then I again I just straight drink that shit now a days.
Sidoine Benoît - Sun, 11 Feb 2018 04:43:25 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154346 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>vodka cran

what are you some kind of girl?

the only acceptable booze juice combo is Gin+Grapefruit juice

but realistically booze should only be drank with water on the side
Alain Ducasse - Sun, 11 Feb 2018 07:41:15 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154347 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You are literally dying from booze and you're worried that if someone drinks something sweet their masculinity is in question. Get your shit together.
Sidoine Benoît - Sun, 11 Feb 2018 16:20:43 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154351 Ignore Report Quick Reply
when the fuck was I dieing from booze?

are you my doctor because I don't have health insurance and CANNOT pay for this visit
Andrew Zimmern - Sun, 11 Feb 2018 19:14:06 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154353 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I come from a civilised country. Healthcare is a right for now (our leaders are currently selling us to you septic savages though) and I would warn you before taking money.

You made it clear you're incapable of taking care of yourself in an earlier post. You also get fucking annihilated every couple of days.

>I'm too skinny because my stomach is fucked up from years of alcohol and drug abuse

>I literally never get hungry unless I'm 8/10 wasted, so I often forget to eat for a day or two then get really confused as to why I have no energy

If you stopped drinking you'd need to learn to eat and then taper to avoid lethal delirium tremens at this point I expect. It just seems a bit rich you'd judge someone else's drinking habits.

Don't get me wrong, salty dogs are the tits though.
Vincent la Chapelle - Mon, 12 Feb 2018 00:00:19 EST ID:PgNpeO4J No.154356 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My man, gin + grapefruit is my jam and I have literally never heard of anyone else who makes it

internet fistbump
Andrew Zimmern - Mon, 12 Feb 2018 13:13:50 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154359 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oh your people are out there.

Andrew Zimmern - Mon, 12 Feb 2018 13:14:48 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154360 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oops, also this, it's right up your street. Gin loves sour things if you ask me.
Guy Fieri - Tue, 13 Feb 2018 03:28:50 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154365 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well shit nig, you ID stalking me now as well as trying to provide your damned commie healthcare

in all seriousness I'm doing pretty well these days in regards to the drinking but the damage on my body is noticeable especially where appetite is concerned

I do appreciate the concern though maynge

love to ya
François Vatel - Tue, 13 Feb 2018 04:57:46 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154366 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The holiday year ends at the start of April and I had over a week left this commie shit is awesome. I'm not going anywhere, just spending a week doing little things like sorting my phone and bank accounts, clearing rubbish out to make space, arranging shit with friends and stuff but I'm also spending a LOT of time sitting around on these boards in between that. Reading a few posts up in the thread is easy.

Reminder to everyone: It is pancake day today. You especially. Make some savoury topped ones so you can get some good nutrition in.
Guy Fieri - Tue, 13 Feb 2018 18:54:38 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154376 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You know I was gonna take your advice and make some dank savory topped pancakes but apparently since I deposited my check after 3pm yesterday my bank is withholding my funds until tomorrow morning, so I can't afford to eat today. Man I'm glad I live in America where the system does so much to help me out.
Troisgros family - Tue, 13 Feb 2018 20:10:20 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154378 Ignore Report Quick Reply
do it a day late as a valentines day present. Love yourself even if your RNG is Gay "I'm a fucking piece of shit who fucked up scrambled eggs" Fiery.
Jamie Oliver - Thu, 15 Feb 2018 06:22:28 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154401 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ain't nothing wrong with a little trip to flavor town

but yeah I work at an Italian restaurant and put in a 12 hour kitchen shift today so I ate plenty of food while working
Adolphe Gérard - Thu, 15 Feb 2018 09:04:19 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154402 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The problem is when you need to be at EAT 24 EGGS and you get taken to Flavourtown everyone loses. The eggs don't get eaten because you bulked them up with peppers and chilli and your stupid pop star washup can't handle it.
Antoine Beauvilliers - Fri, 16 Feb 2018 03:03:38 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154406 Ignore Report Quick Reply
alright nig we were having a civilized conversation about my poor life choices until now where are you getting this I can't handle peppers and chilis bullshit?

also wtf who needs to eat 24 eggs?

man you lost me
Alton Brown - Fri, 16 Feb 2018 05:45:37 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154407 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Smash Mouth needed to eat 24 eggs to save the children. This is not even old internet. He got Guy Fieri to prepare the eggs but he added so much shit that even with a fat ringer that about 13 or 14 eggs got eaten.

TLR fucking goons did it.
Pierre de Lune - Sun, 18 Feb 2018 00:47:46 EST ID:+NJAlw4Q No.154420 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've encountered so many people that way overthink diet strategies. So many people fall for these fad diets and think there's some secret formula to losing weight.

It's simple!! Put out more than you take it. For most people that need to lose weight it's extremely simple. Limit your portion sizes (after building this discipline up, it's really easy), watch sugar and watch carbs. The last part isn't that important unless you're eating tons of garlic bread or something. Some carbs are good. But sugar has gotta go. Like op said, no soda. That shit is just going straight to your gut and is bad for your body in many ways.

You don't need to do some ridiculous boot camp, you don't even need to start exercising more (though it would help you get in better shape) you just have to eat with better discipline and restraint.

Tbh though, I'd say work on eating first, then work on getting in shape after you've lost some weight. Suddenly starting to exercise more makes you a lot more hungry and you can easily negate that workout in a post workout snack. Just focus on a calorie deficit.
Rashma Beharry - Mon, 19 Feb 2018 01:48:12 EST ID:rRveWixC No.154426 Ignore Report Quick Reply

what the fuck are you rambling about
Marco Pierre White - Mon, 19 Feb 2018 13:29:06 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154427 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Smash Mouth didn't eat 24 eggs. It's not rocket science. Guy Fieri is to blame. If you can't be arsed to put "24 eggs smashmouth" into google and see all the relevant links on the entirety of the front page including videos then why should I bother explaining in more detail than this? It doesn't matter.
Maestro Martino - Mon, 19 Feb 2018 20:46:02 EST ID:GcOHz4Pl No.154428 Ignore Report Quick Reply
God this is so wrong. Calorie counting is the basis of dietary propaganda. My best friend is a dietician. He'd tell you to eat less processed food, less meat and dairy. Drink more water too, and less alcohol.
Elijah Joy - Mon, 19 Feb 2018 20:58:10 EST ID:rRveWixC No.154429 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>The energy required to heat one cubic centimeter of water one degree Celsius is propaganda

>My hippie friend thinks so too
Antoine Parmentier - Tue, 20 Feb 2018 00:42:28 EST ID:yU/V4d0T No.154432 Ignore Report Quick Reply
but you seem really upset about a guy not eating eggs
[name redacted] !h55/E7mIo6 - Tue, 20 Feb 2018 10:52:43 EST ID:jTIRmWiQ No.154433 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1519141963211.jpg -(164068B / 160.22KB, 624x794) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
don't you mean /drank/
Elijah Joy - Tue, 20 Feb 2018 14:46:37 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154434 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I am both simulteaneously upset and elated. It was an awful disappointing end to the saga but it befits a worthless washup. However actually explaining directly is wasted effort on an uncaring board. On the other hand you're finding my exasperation of interest so I'm happy to express that Guy Fieri has awful hair and is to blame.
Pierre Gagnaire - Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:24:13 EST ID:VglTymMP No.154435 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>the pedo food goblin is also a frogposter

Of fucking course.
Antoine Parmentier - Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:25:36 EST ID:+NJAlw4Q No.154436 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You and your best friend are retards if you think that taking in less than you put out is propaganda. That is literally simply how the body and weight loss works.
Elijah Joy - Tue, 20 Feb 2018 17:52:20 EST ID:rRveWixC No.154437 Ignore Report Quick Reply

pedofatfrog might have just actually surpassed stimlion in terms of shitpost faggotry
Michel Bras - Wed, 21 Feb 2018 07:32:24 EST ID:hKKhZQH8 No.154441 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Why, dude why.. now we have to make a new name for you. Pedo food goblin frog posting fagit.
Michel Guérard - Wed, 21 Feb 2018 12:31:33 EST ID:bnDwnI8O No.154442 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Food froblin?
Alexandre Étienne Choron - Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:19:51 EST ID:gwccFEMl No.154443 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Calorie counting is the basis of dietary propaganda
lol what. calorie counting isn't the be all end all of dietary considerations,but it certainly has it's place, especially if your goal is weight loss (which is what the guy you're replying to is talking about). i lost 50 lbs myself and have kept it off for 13 years now, mostly because of counting calories. i still eat junk/fast food and stuff, but i watch how much. i probably don't have the healthiest arteries or kidneys (i smoke and drink a lot too), but despite having a non-ideal metabolism i manage to maintain a normal weight because of calorie counting.

tl;dr - if your goal is simply to lose weight, calorie counting absolutely matters.
Claude Troisgros - Sat, 24 Feb 2018 09:01:32 EST ID:X2BK/wvI No.154482 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If your goal is to lose weight, calorie counting is only important inasmuch as weight loss pills, cigarettes, and stimulants are, which is to say only if you don't mind being unhealthy. They'll all get you to lose weight, but if you're only trying to lose weight exclusively for vanity than you may as well save yourself the trouble and buy a girdle, fatty
Nicolas Stohrer - Sat, 24 Feb 2018 18:35:21 EST ID:rRveWixC No.154485 Ignore Report Quick Reply

alright contrarian know-it-all, if measuring the quantity of energy you consume and expend is a dumb useless method then what do you recommend? "EAT LESS MOVE MOAR"? just shut up
Endofdaze !a7FLjVMYJQ - Mon, 26 Feb 2018 05:26:26 EST ID:V9E1GeJA No.154501 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Biggest one for me was cutting all drinks but water. Carried water bottle at all times and kept a box of spring water next to my desk, and just drank that whenever thirsty. Cannot overstate how much of a game changer for me this was, lost probably 10kg with this alone and it really made it easy to kickstart the changes to the rest of my diet. It's easy because it works on sheer laziness - why get up to grab a soda/whatever from the fridge when the water is right there?

Then cut the obviously shitty stuff like frozen pies and big servings of pasta caked in cheese and constant snacking on junk food. After that I went by feel - noticed I didn't feel awesome after dairy, so I cut dairy. Same for bread.

Basically ended up on meat, veges and a bit of fruit here and there, although I'm not insanely rigorous about it and will eat mostly whatever if I'm at someone elses house or at a restaurant. Lost nearly 40kg in the process, feel 100x better physically and actually save a ton of money on food. This was over 2 years or so, combined with a bit of different forms of exercise on and off (but nothing rigorous, mostly cardio and a bit of martial arts training).

tldr: cut the obviously shitty stuff then just went by what felt good for my body. I'm sure I could do better if I optimised my fruit/vege intake, but w/e. Still eating 100x better than I have in my life, and it makes a huge difference.
Ted Allen - Tue, 27 Feb 2018 10:20:49 EST ID:8dyyHb+M No.154506 Ignore Report Quick Reply
he mad
Michel Bras - Tue, 27 Feb 2018 12:59:28 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154507 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Thermodynamics is serious business.
Carme Ruscalleda - Thu, 01 Mar 2018 14:24:22 EST ID:94Rh/Z9o No.154526 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1519932262811.jpg -(67554B / 65.97KB, 750x573) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Alright so I think I'm going to try and tackle this constructively. Let's first start by asking why it's true that:
>measuring the quantity of energy you consume and expend is a dumb useless method
The problem with breaking down all foods into a single category (such as 'energy') and then focusing on intake/output measurements is that it disregards variation in nutritive quality and nutrient diversity (this should be obvious, no?). The human body has fairly effective checks in place that regulate food intake (and food variety too), via hunger and taste (admittedly taste checks have been partially circumvented by the culinary arts, and by dramatic changes during the 20th Century in food availability, but anyway-), however such checks don't exist when it comes to determining the nutritive value of food. Or rather, the checks that do exist are no longer effective.

Given that evolutionary processes naturally lag millennia behind reality (that is to say that we're all adapted to survive in the Stone Age, not the present), it should be no surprise that our palates are also ill-equipped for the modern world. While our preferences towards fatty, salty, and high-carbohydrate foods may have been vital for surviving the food-scarcity of antiquity, in our food-saturated 21st Century, they mostly serve to propagate obesity, heart disease, and cancer. So here's the problem with blindly counting calories simply put: a slender 1000-calorie diet of cereal, milk, and coffee cakes is far more harmful than a large 3000-calorie plant-based diet.

>then what do you recommend?

I follow the recommendations of my close friend, drinking pal, and health scientist, who's currently at the tail-end of his third degree, a Master's in health science. We've been studying nutrition together for the last decade (just short of a decade really), but he went much further with it, so I tend to defer to his expertise. He rarely bothers with sharing this sort of information with people because, frankly, people often feel threatened when they're told that something they enjoy consuming (and believe is healthy) is unhealthy, and the result is usually defensive behavior and aggression. I'll be truncating the information for the sake of brevity, leaving out things that I assume most people know. Also, it's worth pointing out that he would tell you to cut out these items, while I'm using the word "reduce."

>Reduce consumption of meat and dairy
The consumption of meat and dairy causes widespread chronic inflammation (which leads to chronic disease), and an increased risk of developing multiple forms of cancer, and an exponentially increased bioaccumulation of thousands of toxins.
>Reduce consumption of processed foods, especially processed sugars
I assume you all know this one.
>Switch to a plant-based diet
The thought of giving up cheese, fish, chicken, pains me too, but in truth, consuming plants primarily is much healthier. You get more diverse proteins from vegetables, more readily digestible nutrients, less saturated and trans fats, less bad cholesterol, vastly less toxins, and you leave only a small fraction of the environmental footprint in the process (recall that meat production is the greatest source of atmospheric greenhouses gases). Such a diet, even if you are consuming more calories than is recommended for your body size, will not make you obese. You'll find that with a diet like this, you'll have a much easier time managing things like weight, hunger, sleep, acne, muscle growth, joint performance/soreness, intestinal discomfort/nausea, and more. To put it into a nice little statement, good nutrition is the basis of preventative medicine.
Mario Batali - Thu, 01 Mar 2018 15:05:36 EST ID:e/xOWTlt No.154527 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Good long post. And you're right but your entire argument is based on the assumption:
>calorie counting is mutually exclusive with any other form of nutritional control
And it's an assumption which falls into pieces in a lot of case.

You are right in that if someone purely just reduces calories there is a risk they will just eat less of the good stuff, or that they may only eat shit. However I found when I reduced calories that I got more satisfaction from my budget by eating better. It is extremely easy to run a 1000 calorie deficit and eat all the macro and micronutrients you want and still fit a couple of treats in (though these ended up being high cocoa dark chocolate in my case so it was hardly unhealthy).

People can fuck up absolutely any diet if you make similar assumptions though. Every other diet fails if you increase your calorific intake and 5000 calories per day of healthy food, in a narrow window will still make anyone who isn't a professional athlete morbidly obese pretty fast.

You say
>I assume you know this one
But your entire critique of calorie counting depends on those not being known by the calorie counter. All the healthy things you described don't guarantee weight loss, they might do but they might not. You're just off on your own little diatribe at a tangent to your original point. You can do those and calorie count and hey, they'll all work. Bam. Your dietician skills are strong but you shouldn't make a career out of it because you basically have a hammer and are currently trying to nail some paint to the wall. You see a protein deficiency and you are suggesting better hydration. You can see someone who needs a portable work from home system that can browse the internet and replicate thin client functionality and have advised they grab an alienware, you can see a flat tyre and are replacing their exhaust (probably a real mechanic thing actually) they are trapped in a car, it is not in fire you are getting the high pressure hose you are reading a post about losing weight and giving great advice on avoiding toxins and cancer.
Chen Kenmin - Thu, 01 Mar 2018 18:39:30 EST ID:OqsDk9me No.154528 Ignore Report Quick Reply

wow what a revelation, you mean calories isn't all there is to nutrition? fuck's sakes dude you are nitpicking so hard, fervently clawing for anything possible to refute and smugly sound like an expert. no one ever said "just count calories to be healthy", they said "consuming less calories than you expend will result in net weight loss" which is pure fact. are there other factors to consider regarding nutrients? yeah no shit sherlock but no one even brought that up. fuck off smuglord, go blow your genius guru friend with all the secret nutritional wisdom
Tyler Florence - Tue, 06 Mar 2018 21:02:07 EST ID:xKV3jki5 No.154589 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>they said "consuming less calories than you expend will result in net weight loss" which is pure fact.
nah nigga you're missing the point entirely, and also it isn't pure fact- it's incorrect, and an assumption rooted in a simplistic understanding of health science, and now I'm being a dick which isn't helping the discussion, so I apologize mate, but I'm still gonna explain why you're wrong. Counting calories usually has a positive effect on weight loss, but ultimately that effect is minimal and largely determined by what calories are being consumed. Mostly, calorie counting serves to distract people from getting too focused on what they eat (because that would actually have a significant effect on weight and is more realistic than staving off hunger indefinitely). Simply put, caloric intake is insignificant compared to what is being eaten (I'll get to them not being mutually exclusive in a minute). In some cases, despite your assertions, consuming less calories can actually increase weight gain. I know that's hard to believe, so I'll add an example: consuming diet-coke instead of coke allows you to cut back substantially on calories, but the hidden cost of consuming high levels of phenylalanine is decreased thyroid function, and thus decreasing metabolic rate, or one's capacity to burn calories, factors that might be more widely considered if calorie counting weren't pushed so much culturally.

>you mean calories isn't all there is to nutrition?
Act counter-smug if you'd like, but if it weren't for my egotistical contrarianism, this topic would still be masturbating the idea of counting calories without ever mentioning the notion of scrutinizing where the counted calories are coming from. I know that the absence of such discussion isn't because the folks here never thought about the value considering what they eat- that was a hostile assumption on your part. Rather, it's because nobody is really sure what is healthy or not for the most part, and we're fed a pyramid of bullshit and misinformation from a government controlled by big agriculture aimed at keeping us confused and sheepish. It's not that calorie counting is mutually exclusive with any other form of nutritional control, or something like that, but rather that it is largely insignificant, and is heavily used as an ideal distraction from more meaningful nutritional concerns.

I appreciate the civility and honesty. As to offering a new exhaust for a flat tire, I have to disagree and stand by the relevance of my diatribe. What I am suggesting is exactly what it sounds like to you, not a mistake on my part. In fact your flat tire is actually the result of your broken exhaust and can be repaired by replacing it. Or, in straightforward terms, the suggestions provided are the most substantial dietary changes one can make to lose weight, despite not being common methods in society. This is so much so that even a 2500 calorie diet of healthy plant-based foods will garner more weight loss than a malnourished 1500 calorie diet of primarily meat and dairy.

Just between us, I was pretty drunk when I initially posted in this thread. At the time it felt like I was sharing some sort of ancient secret that was kept tucked away in dietician schools, but my inner contrarian and ego compromised whatever secrets I had hoped to share, in that my tone clearly impacted by ability to communicate effectively.

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