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bomb noob by Cyril Dartforth - Mon, 25 May 2015 19:31:35 EST ID:MSf5gUQq No.40673 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1432596695113.jpg -(97361B / 95.08KB, 595x441) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 97361
Never made a bomb before. Just wanna blow up a window at an abandoned for the fuck of it. Whats the best way to do so with the result of shattered glass?
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Cyril Dartforth - Mon, 25 May 2015 19:53:00 EST ID:MSf5gUQq No.40675 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What'll that do?
Phineas Tillingville - Mon, 25 May 2015 20:21:03 EST ID:d1okrweb No.40676 Ignore Report Quick Reply
shatter it.

Tempered glass has a very specific static electric charge to it. So does the white ceramic of spark plugs.

When they smack into each other, some elecro-magic happens and causes the tempered glass to shatter due to the charges equalising or some shit.

It only works on tempered glass, though. Shit like car windows. Large "picture" windows and double pane windows in industrial/workplace settings tend to be tempered too.

here, check it:
George Pockbury - Mon, 25 May 2015 21:05:17 EST ID:P9ddhs4G No.40677 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Due to government being gay and scared making proper bombs is kind of a trade secret OP but you can probably find some army materials on it if you google hard enough.
Phineas Tillingville - Tue, 26 May 2015 19:14:22 EST ID:d1okrweb No.40689 Ignore Report Quick Reply
kek, it's not that hard really. not for what OP wants to do.

For breaking glass, get some powder, a pipe, some BBs or nails, and do a resident evil style combine in inventory. Run some fucking canon fuse out the top, light it and get the fuck out/behind cover.

The hard shit is high explosives, which are actually militarily useful (shit like RDX, etc), but even those can be done by home-chemists. Naturally, it's a bit more dangerous than the kind of chemistry that typically happens on this site (I mean, DMT isn't known to explode or burn out your lungs while being reduced is it?) but procedures for making nitrated high explosives aren't quite "trade secrets" -- there's a guy on operatorchan who has an ongoing "how to make high explosives" thread, and youtube is full of darth vader voiced garage chemists making nitric acid and other HE precursors.
Molly Dimmerkock - Wed, 27 May 2015 01:36:55 EST ID:w4ctr438 No.40693 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1432705015472.gif -(1304092B / 1.24MB, 200x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There are chemicals that can form high-order reactions and be synthesized with easier-to-obtain materials, but aren't as practical due to stability issues.
Perchlorates are of particular interest.

Li/Na/K/NH4(ClO4) and the like aren't so bad they aren't used on industrial levels(pic related).
Cu/Hg/Pb/(ClO4)x or any organic ones are terrifying (assuming they don't detonate upon leaving solution)

Oh, Canada... by Cyril Hepperdale - Wed, 19 Nov 2014 20:13:17 EST ID:JBd8Vs6s No.39541 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1416445997149.jpg -(52277B / 51.05KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 52277
Pellet guns. BB guns. and airsoft guns are now prohibited weapons.
I think this is both hilarious and really, really sad..
As if having a regular, REAL firearm in Canada was hard enough to get

I own a few airsoft guns I used to game with back when I was in that scene, so I'm wondering what the cops would think that they have no registration and I don't lock them up because they ARE FUCKING AIRSOFT GUNS
Yes, very, very realistic airsoft guns..but toys none the less
This is stupid
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sidney Wugglepun - Sat, 29 Nov 2014 19:23:56 EST ID:a//OBFgq No.39605 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1417307036999.jpg -(121168B / 118.33KB, 425x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My sides.
Archie Hunningdock - Sun, 05 Apr 2015 17:32:47 EST ID:5nwGfyHR No.40468 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1428269567673.gif -(964329B / 941.73KB, 500x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Did you forget? This is the drill that will pierce the heavens!
Shitting Drusslenutch - Sun, 12 Apr 2015 10:29:25 EST ID:KQDKXaZe No.40476 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1428848965852.jpg -(116726B / 113.99KB, 1024x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Text says that an 80-year old engineer made a machine gun out of a power drill. Shoots 420 rounds a minute 22. cal.
Augustus Faffingville - Thu, 21 May 2015 09:19:47 EST ID:RyP3blYD No.40638 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1432214387588.jpg -(42133B / 41.15KB, 482x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
420 rpm
Cyril Mommlechick - Thu, 21 May 2015 13:05:11 EST ID:P9ddhs4G No.40639 Ignore Report Quick Reply

A very slow rate of fire.

One could say it's almost... chill.

Texas State Police use P90s now? by Hugh Pudgeway - Sun, 17 May 2015 18:02:39 EST ID:1lVPGhhn No.40624 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1431900159721.png -(355049B / 346.73KB, 485x348) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 355049
So much for "buy American."

Really though, what's with this? The officer was responding to an ongoing mass shooting situation in a crowded public restaurant. What fucking use is an SBR that fires 900 rounds per minute of high penetration ammo? Firearms training for police is inadequate even with their simple-as-shit glocks, it's a good thing this schmuck came late for the party or there would have been twice as many casualties.

Seems like far too often modern police forces pick their equipment based on how the gun looks instead of how it's meant to be used.
wendy - Sun, 17 May 2015 18:31:38 EST ID:YxCVcLtm No.40625 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1431901898767.jpg -(115533B / 112.83KB, 1600x798) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>high penetration ammo

5.7x28mm is actually a far more safe round than 5.56x45mm for leo to use. and for several specific reasons.

please at least educate yourself before fear-mongering
Jarvis Blubberchot - Sun, 17 May 2015 20:38:21 EST ID:P9ddhs4G No.40628 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Probably because Fabrique Nationale was doing the SCAR thing for the military.

Businessmen don't like to lose customers, especially when they're the largest military on Earth. So I'm sure a shipment of those things ended up on the receipt somewhere before the project was canceled.

Also 5.7 is tumblin ammo not AP.

The P90 was designed originally for "counterterrorism" so police wanting it makes sense.

You can be all appalled or learn how to counter it aka go to the range and practice long range shots at armored targets.
Angus Duckstock - Mon, 18 May 2015 01:16:34 EST ID:GLAVV+2j No.40631 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Fairly certain there's american made p90's as you can buy them as a civilian and you cant import them under 922(r)
You know just like how the SCAR and the Five-Seven Pistol are made here. They've got a plant in Virginia.
Sophie Pedgestone - Wed, 20 May 2015 01:48:55 EST ID:Oo4X81ZG No.40636 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Texas State Police
>Not Texas Rangers
It's the small things.
Hedda Sammerhine - Fri, 03 Jul 2015 09:42:45 EST ID:sC50OQGT No.40881 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1435930965215.jpg -(273410B / 267.00KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
p90? more like PRO90

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