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BWN #600,000 by Martha Pebblemitch - Sat, 25 Apr 2015 17:15:50 EST ID:ZW/1GBR6 No.522815 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1429996550254.jpg -(7246 B, 174x290) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 7246
just realized it hit the bump limit. i feel pretty cool having started the BWB and the BWN

all the talk of PST makes me warm and fuzzy, or maybe thats the tea its self
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Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:21:03 EST ID:Cz36Bcl8 No.523086 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>>523051 >>523026
Just wondering... why did you quote THAT specific post of mine... For both of those queries.

Anyway, in response to >>523051 , I'm not 100% pragmatic. How boring would life be if everyone subscribed to Anglo-American philosophy? Granted, I won't go along with your more melancholic point of view - but I can respect it and even use it to build upon itself.
For example, life might not be complete suffering. Perhaps its people who is suffering. Or communities.
>implying any government is good
fuck off, Zaheer
Shitting Huvingstuck - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:53:44 EST ID:+2Jc4T7K No.523090 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Aww I just drink my dose after eating some food
But whatever I have to eat to live anyways Ill take the reduction in potency as long as it means My stomach isnt yelling at me for not eating for 3 days
pstfiend - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 23:17:52 EST ID:mdwGhZPA No.523092 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>>523086 i realized what your name was reference thats all.
overgrownpath !3g9OJxiR.6 - Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:17:13 EST ID:I1bp41qs No.523100 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430194633685.jpg -(72521 B, 800x543) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 72521
That's awesome to hear about your clean time. Also that your degree is nearly finished is great. Yeah that sounds like a reasonable taper too, must not be too uncomfortable. Personally, I'm okay I guess, I'm living independently as of a few months ago but I feel like my heroin use is getting worse despite being on 70mg of methadone daily. Not to sound dramatic, but sometimes I wonder whether I'm actually going to make it out of this shit alive. I feel kind of drained. Oh well.
Frederick Bannerson - Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:37:53 EST ID:h4b14k7V No.523101 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Way higher than I expected to be after washing a few cottons I have, trying to conserve the rest of my stash for now. I have a bag of probably 100 or so cottons that I've saved over the past few weeks, most of them are dark and stiff with leftover dope, so I think I'll be able to get a few nice shots out of it to save my ass if I'm ever in withdrawal. Going to pop some doxylamine and smoke some weed in about half an hour then a while later do a nice shot of dope (probably the biggest I've ever done, I have it all set out already) to get to sleep happy

Getting methadone by Hedda Worthingdock - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 23:43:39 EST ID:m1hYBKkn No.523094 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430192619050.jpg -(2685099 B, 4947x2405) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2685099
How easy is it to get methadone from a clinic? Do you NEED to fill out paper work or have some sent in from your doctor claiming you're an addict or (and I doubt this) can you just walk in and say "im sick help" and they'll give you some?
pstfiend - Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:01:46 EST ID:mdwGhZPA No.523095 Ignore Report Quick Reply
they do an assessment, ask you about your habit and how its hurting you physically and mentally and drug test you.
overgrownpath !3g9OJxiR.6 - Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:03:54 EST ID:I1bp41qs No.523096 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You have an initial appointment in which you discuss your current use and such. They give you a drug test to show that you're using heroin/morphine/whatever. Within a month or two later you'll finally get your first dose. That was my experience - but methadone 'clinics' don't exist here, it's all through the district health board (government) and you then collect your doses at a local pharmacy each day. Where do you live?
Hedda Worthingdock - Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:05:08 EST ID:m1hYBKkn No.523097 Ignore Report Quick Reply
do you know if they care about heroin addicts specifically or would someone on PST do just fine?
overgrownpath !3g9OJxiR.6 - Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:08:46 EST ID:I1bp41qs No.523098 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just say you're using morphine daily.
pstfiend - Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:12:28 EST ID:mdwGhZPA No.523099 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i said i took an opium preparation and they were willing to see me, never went though.

I take one one one cause you left me by FROGVANINAWL - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:04:22 EST ID:8QKe2zw3 No.523085 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430186662310.gif -(391238 B, 219x219) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 391238
and two two two cause you and two two two for my family and three three three for heartache and four four four for my headache and five five five for my LOOONELY and six six six FOR MY SORROW AND SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN N-N-NO TOMORROW AND EIGHT, EIGHT IIIII FORGET WHAT EIGHT WAS FOR AND NINE, NINE NINE FOR MY LOSTGODS AND ten ten ten ten for EEEVERYTHING EEEEVERYTHING EEEEVERYTHING EEEEVERYTHING
Martin Mimblestock - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:34:11 EST ID:+3JYv+Ub No.523087 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430188451304.gif -(1914502 B, 275x154) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1914502
Bigd555 - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:48:53 EST ID:L83KYF8o No.523088 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430189333148.jpg -(25140 B, 400x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 25140
Isabella Sengerfuck - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:49:28 EST ID:GyUoDR+V No.523089 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430189368877.jpg -(34658 B, 480x246) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 34658
Thants - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:57:30 EST ID:Qo3lpRF5 No.523091 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430189850588.jpg -(20328 B, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 20328
nate !heROinWJT. - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 23:22:13 EST ID:+zc65CGO No.523093 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430191333884.jpg -(41050 B, 640x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 41050

Why do you do opiates? by Isabella Buffinglure - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 01:41:22 EST ID:UIeatYrE No.522997 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430113282665.jpg -(1239921 B, 960x583) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1239921
Are you a hedonist? Are you trying to escape the way you feel sober, be it emotional or physical pain? Do you do it simply when they're around? Do you find them interesting in other ways besides the obvious pleasure? Do they inspire you creatively?

What started you out on your opi journey, where do you think you'll end up?
16 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Martin Heshkerk - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 17:07:31 EST ID:+qCYwfpw No.523058 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's a quick fix for overwhelming depression. Like a ray of light once or twice a week in the horrible soul crushing darkness of my life.

Probably stop using when I'm back in school, history makes me happy and I'll be pursuing a master's soon.
driven !FTPgBqDDy. - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 20:09:30 EST ID:dAxYX8Z1 No.523080 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well, back when I was a yung blud, prolly 13, yeah, I was eating some dutch menthol lollies and watching 80s rock music videos on TV. My parents were asleep and I snuck some vodka, drank it straight, I knew what I was in for taste-wise and didn't attempt to mix it or anything. So I think it's apparent even then I was willing to make sacrifices to get a buzz. It gave me quite a profound perspective shift, and from there on in, I started getting a girl in my class to get vodka for me through her sister. She'd bring them to school and me and my mates would sneak drinks in class. I remember one time my bro had to read out a story in front of the class and he bailed into someone's desk on the walk up, and had the giggles really bad. I bought a box of shot glasses and before bed I'd line up twelve or so shots of vodka, drink 'em and listen to music, and just enjoy the experience itself. It almost had a psychedelic feel, really weird to think about when the substance is vodka and the music is Guns 'n' Roses.

All that shit got me turned on to the idea of the psychedelic experience. I got onto erowid and decided I wanted to try acid, or mushrooms. It later turned out that the first one I got to try was mescaline, at 16. But soon figured that I should try weed first as a more gentle introduction. At 14, my friend and I got this weed that was to this day the best I've seen. Sold by an old guy in a wheelchair in tiny bags. We smoked some of that off some random can. Again, profound perspective shift and more obsession.

I had this bulge on my wrist, backhand side. Ganglion cyst, a tendon thing. Apparently you can smash them with a book and they go away, but for some reason I had it surgically removed. Just a local anesthetic/tourniquet job, made my fingers feel like sausages. I got a script for codeine 30mg but my mum held on to them and doled them out to me. This just piqued my curiosity, and I stocked up on them, and on one fateful night, I took a measly 150mg and was rolling around with euphoria listening to De-Loused in the Comatorium. I finished off the bottle with similar experiences.

I didn't really start seeking them out until a couple of years la…
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Wesley Gugglestick - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 20:29:10 EST ID:trHKXQXg No.523081 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I started doing heroin once I stopped giving a shit about my life.
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 21:34:03 EST ID:Cz36Bcl8 No.523083 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>guns n roses
Same. Alcohol was great as it was legal for me. Then came MDMA, opiates, weed, and all their friends (in that order).

Weird. I remember pounding back the Johnnie Walker Black while laying in bed playing "Locomotive" over and over again. Once I sobered up, then the rest of the album could continue.

Weird how you have such similarities with other br/opi/s, eh?
Hedda Worthingdock - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 21:37:26 EST ID:m1hYBKkn No.523084 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It gives a warm blanket of contentment. It brings me closer to the person I want to be and yes, it does inspire creativity

Trading vs paying cash by Cedric Pittson - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:31:26 EST ID:q6vyoY3x No.523074 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430177486724.jpg -(199104 B, 1920x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 199104
I had a curious thought...

Looked around google for a while, but couldn't find the right set of keywords to find an answer...Is there any difference in terms of legal punishment for trading shit for opiates (illegal drugs in general really) compared to outright paying cash? The wikipedia definition just says "payment."

Or does it have nothing to do with the actual *buying* and more to do with it becoming a punishable offense once you have the, let's say H, in your possession?
Angus Blytheforth - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:33:12 EST ID:KD01o9PY No.523075 Ignore Report Quick Reply
posession is possession
Bigd555 - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:36:25 EST ID:L83KYF8o No.523076 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Same punishment for either lol. But ur gonna get charged with possession if u get caught.
Cedric Pittson - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:41:38 EST ID:q6vyoY3x No.523078 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah, I'm not asking cuz I want to be safer or something, I was just curious.
Jarvis Dattingwitch - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:58:18 EST ID:jswrsjzL No.523079 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430179098795.jpg -(47214 B, 300x294) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 47214
>Is there any difference in terms of legal punishment for trading shit for opiates (illegal drugs in general really) compared to outright paying cash?

Well, my dealer trades me a dub of heroin for 5 IR 10mg Oxycodone's (Pic Related) I know that I can receive an additional fee/ticket on top of my initial arrest for possession and risk extra jail time if you are found trading scheduled 2 prescription narcotics for illegal drugs. I also run the risk of having my Oxycodone prescription cut from me if my doctor ever finds out I'm using Heroin, much less trading my pills for it.

Heroin doesn't have me that high. Vivitrol by Albert Sepperwit - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 04:35:20 EST ID:4pAV1Fn2 No.523011 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430123720335.jpg -(1343478 B, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1343478
>be 23 now. Addict. Bum. Junkie without many connects. But I obsess
>have tried nearly every single opiate besides fent. Yes I had dillies opa's and dope
>used to use opiated (not H) on and off for 5 years then quit for 7 months.
>anyway, I'm opi nieve RIGHT NOW but not in general (except to heroin I'm nieve, done once before)
>I got a 10 bag of chi white powder H. I railed 4 thin lines. Iv'd a small amount. Snorted a bit more then IV'd what's in pic. And I STILL have some left over.
But I'm not even super high.

WHY AM I NOT NODDING? I'm I'm bars too and booze and nothing from 3/4 bag of dope w no tolerance half nasal half IV

>OH AND I GOT THE VIVITROL (my first aka the "weakest" shot about a month ago so it should b most if not all out my system. But maybe that could b why? Idk?
What do?
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Basil Pungerlat - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 05:13:29 EST ID:zFsBQZyX No.523017 Ignore Report Quick Reply
OP, heroin NEVER got me to nod even when I snorted 10+ bags. Only when I started IVing did I start nodding and feeling immense pleasure hardcore.
Oliver Bullerdale - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 05:15:00 EST ID:zpM8XeHR No.523018 Ignore Report Quick Reply
more smaller doses = less euphoria
less doses = more euphoria/high

weak dope
Betsy Worthingfield - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 18:08:39 EST ID:/pdnwoFS No.523063 Ignore Report Quick Reply
OP here. So I got another bag, same batch for tonight. Last night I sniffed 1/3 and shot 1/4 over a 45-60 min period. For high but no rush nothing overwhelming. Also was on xanX.


I used to have a opi tolerance not to heroin tho. Been clean and vivitrol since last night. Got the shot about 29isj days ago.

Tldr. Last night I did dope and didn't get that high. What should I do different tonight x
Considering said parigpanillia and amounts, time, etc

Hannah Grimman - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 18:16:31 EST ID:4ixSHDK7 No.523065 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i used to know people that would take xanax and shoot up large amounts and think they're not high, but in actuality they are really high. those people also died of an OD lol. try taking a nap waiting for the xanax to fade away and shoot a good amount and not waste it by sniffing it. only reason to sniff it is if you're afraid of the stigma of shooting up, but you're past that so yea
Thants - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:38:31 EST ID:Qo3lpRF5 No.523077 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430177911104.jpg -(61776 B, 604x616) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 61776
as the meme says

Chipping vs. Maintenance, and specifics, vol. 2 by definitelynotboggle !!fO7Om/yU - Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:49:00 EST ID:kDDC7Dv7 No.522664 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1429901340159.jpg -(41291 B, 430x325) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 41291
yo sup guyise

i doubt anyone's cared enough to notice, but i've been mostly absent for a while. obviously i got banned, but lately i've been pretty sober. it fucking sucks dicks, but i want to return to chipping, and the more i sit in withdrawals without ANYTHING for relief, the more i hate my high self. there's a difference between wanting to quit, and torturing yourself. i mean shit my idea of a good rehab is me getting /benz/'d the fuck out and not remembering the first four days. (i'm on like, week two of no opiates just in case anyone is wondering)

so, what do you do? you build a bug-out box, and a stash. the box is for all the things i don't normally enjoy [loperamide, xanax, weed (protip: i love weed, but you gotta keep a little to make yourself eat, nausea, and to keep your mood up), promethazine, uhhhh what's that one blood pressure med used for withdrawals? you use like .1 at a time?, LOTS of acetiminophen, maybe some dxm (although i find it hurts my anxiety a lot), ibuprofin, kratom (red vein nigga), etc], and the stash is for my days on opiates (or whatever other drug peak's my fancy). again, i'm talking about chipping. i want to use heroin day 1, morphine day 2, then day 3 is filled with kratom, maybe a tiny tiny bit of morphine, and whatever else i need to make it through the day. then i spend about five-seven days off, and repeat. the idea is tolerance low, withdrawals nonexistent. personally, it's not just this that peaks my interest. i really just want to keep the crippling depression at bay, and i feel like if i know at the end of the week i have an awesome high waiting for me, i'm sure i'll be ok enough to make it through. that's really over-simplifying it, but i'm not trying to bitch and moan about my exact reasons.

ANYWAYS, my point is, what should i add to my withdrawal box? what should i add to the stash box? i know there are fucking chippers lurking around somewhere, what do you do? i just want some personal experience, advice, all that good stuff. and feel free to argue about how your suboxone/methadone handouts are a cooler thing to do; i'm pretty much convinced the every day reliance is bullshit, but my brain and…
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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nz !!vVWR8L52 - Sat, 25 Apr 2015 07:47:46 EST ID:YSTMbczv No.522755 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1429962466370.jpg -(23582 B, 307x276) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 23582
definitelynotboggle !!fO7Om/yU - Sat, 25 Apr 2015 12:51:46 EST ID:kDDC7Dv7 No.522768 Ignore Report Quick Reply
if cancer had a fucking color, my friend. </3
(i broke up my band. i'll have two solo albums coming out this year now)

man, i want a fondue pot full of heroin :(

i just have other things in my life i want to do besides get real fuckin high. if i could be the person i want to be on drugs, i would. recently i've realized that the opiates don't really do what i need them to do if i use them every day. it has a lot to do with depersonalization, and i really don't want to go into a philosophical WHY DO YOU USE type deal, i just need to build stronger mechanisms to keep my days off truly days off. and i know, i know, if you fall off, get back on the horse, don't beat yourself up; i'm only human, i'm sure i'll fuck it up once and a while. but i would like to keep it seldom and far between.
definitelynotboggle !!fO7Om/yU - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 15:59:32 EST ID:kDDC7Dv7 No.523055 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430164772903.jpg -(173803 B, 1308x696) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 173803
shameless self-bump.

has anyone every actually stuck to a schedule?
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 18:51:32 EST ID:znm8HxgU No.523071 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Me here. Most of my br/opi/s in real life do. For decades, too.
Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only /mu/fgt here.
driven !FTPgBqDDy. - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:10:14 EST ID:dAxYX8Z1 No.523073 Ignore Report Quick Reply
nuk g

nah actually I do, but it's only because opioids are made available to me on a scheduled basis.

Living, succeeding and enjoying every aspect of life by William Fandlewuck - Thu, 23 Apr 2015 15:10:10 EST ID:zFsBQZyX No.522524 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1429816210238.jpg -(2750396 B, 2448x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2750396
It's a common-known fact that once you become an opiate addict, all your money and finances go toward supporting your dope habit. I once had it good. I went to school, had a great girlfriend, a car and a job. Once day after copping I was nodding so hard that I crashed my car. Thus, I lost my job (delivery driver). Had to be transported to and from school by my dad and eventually stole from my ex to support my dope habit - she broke up with me.

I go on to think.. if I never crashed my car, where would I be now? I got clean for a little while but recently got kicked outta school and am on day 4 clean from dope. I'll be going to rehab in a few days. Life was amazing being sober until I relapsed.

I look at people on these forums such as nz and overgrownpath (and others - I've been on these forums for 2-3 years now. started on /stim/ when I abused adderall before moving onto to opiates). For a long time, they're still going with their habit.

How do they or anyone keep the support? I suppose you guys have a job along with maintenance incase of withdrawals.. Will your funds ever run out so that you need to quit? Do you see it happening in the future/near-future?

On top of this, is it possible to enjoy every other pleasure in life when having this terrible affliction? I, myself, as a college student (eh.. ex-college student now?) love being "that guy" that people know around campus (haha actually I definitely am that guy now, now that I got kicked out and everyone found out!). I love hanging out with top-tier looking girls and getting with them. I love success - succeeding. I really want a super-nice car someday. An Audi.. I want to travel and find a significant-other to share my life with..

Is this even possible with opiate addiction? As tolerance rises, more and more money will have to go to supporting the habit. I know that, even with a job in mechanical engineering that pays extremely well - I would have to end up choosing; a glorious sober life that continues to improve, or a completely opiated life that never progresses.

What are your guys' views? Thanks for tuning in. Day 4 sucks by the way. I'm stuck at home and bored as fucking fuck. Today's one of the t…
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Basil Pungerlat - Sun, 26 Apr 2015 20:16:38 EST ID:zFsBQZyX No.522975 Ignore Report Quick Reply

*if he doesnt work for a week

Basil Pungerlat - Sun, 26 Apr 2015 21:24:04 EST ID:zFsBQZyX No.522984 Ignore Report Quick Reply
OP here.. heading out tomorrow morning around 7:15am to be at rehab at 8am (for 28 days).

I'll probably do a final farewell on my phone before I head into rehab. Wish me luck everybody. I may not come back to /opi/ after rehab - I didn't when I got clean my first time around until after I relapsed.

Love you all, regardless of what ends up happening. Best of luck to everyone <3
Graham Sunkinford - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:20:10 EST ID:5ntNNRbi No.523043 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Good luck, guy. Wish you the best, and I hope you kick this addiction. You'll feel much better for it in the end. Don't lose touch of that, don't lose touch of why you want to get clean, and do some serious introspecting in the meantime. I hate that you have to go through this. I hate that ANYONE in the world has to go through withdrawals and such. But I know you got this. You're past the most difficult stages of detox, after all. It's only going to easier from here.
Basil Pungerlat - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:42:25 EST ID:zFsBQZyX No.523046 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430160145790.jpg -(43892 B, 599x357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 43892

Thanks dude. I snuck my phone into rehab!

Lol jk - my fucking insurance company didn't cover shit because, based on my assessment, I'm not qualified enough to need a 28-day problem as an inpatient.

Man fuck that. I can recover at home, but I NEED to get away for a little while.. being stuck at home all the time makes me insanely bored and the cravings are immense.. Ughh..
Basil Pungerlat - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:51:13 EST ID:zFsBQZyX No.523049 Ignore Report Quick Reply

*28 day program

i keep fucking up

Codeine Pricing 3s, 4s by Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Sat, 25 Apr 2015 20:31:32 EST ID:fjhTeoog No.522840 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430008292688.png -(267959 B, 504x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 267959
Buying T1s like it's being discontinued. My motto has now become "Another Day, Another Box of T1s" Who can blame me!? T1s costs around $16 for 200 pills. Extracted, I get around 1g per box. $16 for one gram means that my dollar is worth 60mg of codeine (give or take when you consider the price of solvents and NaOH). That's pretty stupid considering the price of codeine in pharmacies here (without a drug plan) is $1.30 for ONE pill of T3s. That's right. 100 pills of T3s costs just over $120 at the local chemist.
This means that street price has T3s (again, THIRTY milligrams of codeine) fetching for just over $4 bucks a pill. Fuck me up the ass.

All in all, still better than those Lean Tycoons selling 1gallon of lean containing around 2g of codeine for $1000 in some US suburbs.

What's your price for codeine where you are? Or do you not even bother considering the lack of enjoyment you get from it?
19 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
stayZOOTY !0tZaPHnfko - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:03:03 EST ID:GyUoDR+V No.523037 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What are you guys talking about? Heroin acts as a prodrug (diacetylmorphine is deacetylated in the brain to inactive 3-MAM, the very short acting 6-MAM, and morphine) with a higher lipid solubility than morphine. This allows faster entry through the BBB and helps produce the rush, but outside of those first minutes after dosing the great majority of heroin's felt effects are those of morphine.
Bigd555 - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:06:39 EST ID:L83KYF8o No.523039 Ignore Report Quick Reply
-_- oxycodone has a 100 percent iv bioavailability.... Bioavailability is just how much of the drug gets into your bloodstream and thus anything Ived has a 100 percent bioavailability. Also oxycodone is 1.5 to 2x stronger than morphine...
stayZOOTY !0tZaPHnfko - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:16:48 EST ID:GyUoDR+V No.523041 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Gotta love when they try to sound smart and make themselves look silly...
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:19:24 EST ID:Vy/5cdD0 No.523042 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My thread has just been a fuckload of fuck (in terms of my information on heroin). This is why I have never discussed H on this board, lmao.

If that's true, how does oxycodone suck at IV feels? BBB? Inactivity without being converted to oxymorphone first?
I have the route on my computer so I'm not sure what it's converted to majority, lol.

How does Heroin compare to oxymorphone or hydromorphone high?
stayZOOTY !0tZaPHnfko - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:34:18 EST ID:GyUoDR+V No.523045 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Again, what are you talking about? Oxycodone works perfectly well IV'd, and oxycodone itself is responsible for most of the effects.

Oxymorphone is more sedating than heroin and hydrcmorphone is more stimulating than heroin IMO. I prefer heroin and morphine to any of the synthetics though.

they make it sound so easy by Martha Hangerworth - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 10:01:18 EST ID:dA8g7BNj No.523028 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430143278468.jpg -(320521 B, 900x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 320521
Have real pain in teeth and nose/eye for quite some time. Smoked weed today and got the idea to go down to the ER and see if they can get me something for the pain. He said something about not going to give narcotic for a headache. Its not a headache. He gave me some script for some bullshit Voltaren (diclofenac).

This was my first time at any ER trying to get some pain pills. Not like I go to them all the time like I hear some people do.

Charles Geddlewirk - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 10:30:03 EST ID:SB9J4bCI No.523029 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Never mention pain in your head/headache or even near your head like your temples/eye socket because a opioids are contraindicated in cases of headache due to the risk of increased intercranial pressure. You said you had pain near your nose/eye socket and hence got nada.

People have better success with backache I think, or a toothache. Not sure if they ask for an OPG xray for your teeth though.
Martha Hangerworth - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 10:47:15 EST ID:dA8g7BNj No.523031 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1430146035468.jpg -(14147 B, 600x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 14147
stupid me thinking being honest would help. lol.
Bigd555 - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 11:05:36 EST ID:L83KYF8o No.523032 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Opiates increase intracranial pressure which makes most headaches worse, and thus they aren't prescribed much for them. Sometimes you will get floricet for them but that's about it. You fucked up with your attempt. But now you will know for next time if you decide you want to try again.

Bupe during methadone maintenance by Lydia Crupperstock - Sun, 26 Apr 2015 20:30:10 EST ID:OUaKgyXJ No.522978 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1430094610140.png -(32811 B, 290x174) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 32811
John and I are on methadone (mmt) he takes 40-65 daily sense December 2014 and I take 15-25 daily. We woke up early and dose at 7am yesterday and took a fourth of 8mg strip each at 4pm today. We are worried about precipitated withdrawal. I have seen a lot of varied opinions when it comes to this subject and I want to know what your opinion is. I don't think I am experiencing precipitated withdrawals although my legs are still cramping like I am coming off methadone but I don't feel as uncomfortable as I did before I took the Bupe. John on the other hand I believe is experiencing precipitated withdrawal, feeling weird and uncomfortable, hot cold sweats. We have to take our methadone by 1pm tomorrow and don't want to experience precip. withdrawal but we cannot miss another dose. How long after taking Suboxone can you take methadone ?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nigel Hongerwone - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 00:37:37 EST ID:he88Us5n No.522993 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Who the fuck is John? Does he know Bill?
JVenom !b1B269E8M. - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 04:52:29 EST ID:0aFasdxX No.523014 Ignore Report Quick Reply
First off:

1) You have it backwards. You'll get precipitated withdrawals only if you take a "normal" opiate THEN bupe on top of it. (Bupe rips the "normal" opiate from your receptors).

2) You can't "spit out" the naloxone. That's not how it works at all. All you're doing by spitting is spitting out bupe.

3) Like BigD said, the Naloxone isn't even what causes precipitated withdrawals, so it doesn't even matter.

The only true way to stop precipitated withdrawal is to wait it out. But considering you took Bupe THEN Methadone, you didn't have PWDs. You (or your friend "John Doe" or who the hell ever) were just still WDing because you didn't take enough bupe to stop your withdrawals, and then because it has such a high binding affinity, it blocked the methadone from binding fully.

Basically: If you're going to fuck with Buprenorphine, do a little research BEFORE you use it, not afterwards.
Bigd555 - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 08:49:45 EST ID:L83KYF8o No.523023 Ignore Report Quick Reply
He did take methadone then bupe...
Lydia Crupperstock - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 08:53:21 EST ID:OUaKgyXJ No.523024 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The twenty milligrams worked for John at 5 this morning after tossing and turning.
I have decided to keep with the sub to get off this road once and for all.
I am confident that John can dose today no problems.
In the future we will know better and not go against better judgement.
I guess you could say John learned the hard way.
Lydia Crupperstock - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 09:11:48 EST ID:OUaKgyXJ No.523025 Ignore Report Quick Reply
he took subs just shy of 36 hours after dosing methadone
And then took a few hours later and almost immediately started experiencing horrible withdrawal
Then took two methadone several hours later and came out of withdrawal for the most part and he has to take his dose today
I will keep updates for anyone following this. For time reference we took done 7am Saturday, Bupe by 4pm sunday (John) took a done 3-4 hours later around Midnight and two more done at 5am and has to dose at 10 am Monday
Ive decided to try and kick this habit with a few subs. Any suggestions on that? How many subs to kick a 20mg daily addiction?
I ALSO heard and have seen for myself pregnant women at mmt clinics. How long into pregnancy before they decrease the dose or take you off for good?

semi-Synthetic opioids by Rebecca Bloblingdale - Sun, 19 Apr 2015 06:13:02 EST ID:tXq/l30D No.522019 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1429438382330.jpg -(575041 B, 1728x2880) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 575041
So out of the 4 popular semi-synthetic opioids, those being:
Hydromorphone, Oxymorphone
Which is your favorite and why? past and current heroin users, how do each compare to heroin for you? Is there any synthetic opioids that you consider superior? Semi Synthetic discussion thread basically. My favorite is hydromorphone, I find it to be less itchy and sedating than heroin (which just makes me pass out lol) with a small cut to the euphoriant activity, which makes it much more worthwhile than heroin to me because I can't stand the itch or stay awake when I ride the H train. Also quick question I've been using Hydromorph for 3 weeks now insufflated I'm up to 12-16mg a night now how long will it take for my tolerance to go down, will I get withdrawals, and if so how bad? Pic related, Dilaudid 2s
34 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Sun, 26 Apr 2015 19:52:17 EST ID:3YO/OtG/ No.522967 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You're Canadian, though, right? Problem is that the T1s contain twice as much caffeine as they do codeine. Might fuck up your high that way. Just an FYI

Shit Chackleville - Sun, 26 Apr 2015 20:03:41 EST ID:tXq/l30D No.522968 Ignore Report Quick Reply
While I respect your opinion Bombastus, I have a weird obsession for trying new obscure opiates. I tried ketobemidone and levorphanol when I was younger and I'd love to try desomorphine as well. Also one of my favorite opiates is O-desmethylTramadol, I ordered around 500 pellets 5 months ago and I have close to 80 left. Yeah I am Canadian, I forgot about the caffeine in the T1s, oh well just means I have to buy a T4 illicitly.
Bigd555 - Sun, 26 Apr 2015 21:54:37 EST ID:L83KYF8o No.522987 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If you wanna get technical hydromorphone when sold in the US is labeled as hydroMORPHONE on the prescription because of people mistaking it for hydrocodone (my guess)... Sry it annoys you, I will not write it that way anymore.
Bombastus !!HToBa9dh - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 01:58:00 EST ID:Cz36Bcl8 No.522999 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I completely respect that. I have the same idea in my mind, lol.

However, I do advise to create a very small dosage of desomorphine. IF you can make desomorphine and isolate it safely, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to make oxymorphone and isolate safely. It is much better in all regards except for the rush. But if you're looking for a rush with broken, burnt legs, might as well go the cocaine route (highly unrecommended).

T4s are good. Wish I could find em cheap here... :(
I have a thread on how T1s are cheapest than anything else here.

Lol. No worries, D. I actually didn't know that! I thought it was just another autocorrect thingy.
Angus Dedgeketch - Mon, 27 Apr 2015 07:05:20 EST ID:WhixmI2P No.523020 Ignore Report Quick Reply
ended up snorting 2mg, then bumping 1mg about an hour later.
it wasn't anything crazy. very talkative and fun, but i didn't "feel" high.
normally, on oxycodone or hydrocodone or whatever else i get a rushing sensation in my ears, which was not present for this experience. that being said it was still really nice and is probably going to stay on the table as long as its available.

a bit of nausea on the comedown, but otherwise a great experience. itch was almost nonexistant. 'drunk' acting, but i didn't feel that way.

have you got any studies on this ALCAR insufflation combo? i've got to go to work so i can't look it up rn but that sounds interesting. i take ALCAR almost every day-- very useful supplement.

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