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PST/PPT General Thread 5.0 by WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 13:19:05 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.577070 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1492708745186.jpg -(4714210B / 4.50MB, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 4714210
Here's a new tea thread, since the old one isn't bumping anymore! Please feel free to post anything and everything about your poppy plant consumption here! Better to keep all of our faggotry (mine especially, heh) confined to one thread than allow it to spill over into the rest of /opi/! We'd love to hear all about your experiences — reviews and expiration dates help us to purchase the right bags!

We welcome anyone who'd like to take part in these threads! Come on in and name or tripfag; we don't bite! <3
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 14:28:27 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.577075 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492712907428.jpg -(110287B / 107.70KB, 722x1105) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Update: WGN is a good deal more potent then the other two (it even looks much whiter!), so I'd definitely recommend it to everyone for now! It's got me feeling reeaaal niiiice.~ Bitter as fuck!
Ser-Craine - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 17:30:37 EST ID:DEyGqMPZ No.577089 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just got me two 3 pound SN bags exp date 12/26
I was nervous because I have heard terrible things about SN lately, and been using the other two alternatives on the river

HOWEVER let me just say I washed up about 1 and 1/2 pounds of these seeds and the tea is dark as fuck and decently bitter, all signs point to a good batch, I'll bump when I start to feel any effects. Working on my second wash right now.
Nell Blollybuck - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 18:49:04 EST ID:4/wgLTOk No.577096 Ignore Report Quick Reply
ever since the SN quality drop I've been paying extra for seeds from the bomb supplier and thankfully they're some of the strongest I've received in a while, warm and cozy. i've lost track of my taper as a result so I'm trying to get back on track but really I'll deal with anything over shityy seeds. waiting patiently for things to pick back up once seed season gets rolling
Charles Sammlebidging - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 19:59:10 EST ID:ktk8ROuS No.577099 Ignore Report Quick Reply
jesus OP is not fucking around.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 23:55:41 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.577107 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492746941890.png -(1817293B / 1.73MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Lol you should've seen me when I ordered 50 lbs of the FIRE SN seeds last year. Hooooly shit, that was a fun time. The moment they get back to that level, I'm bulk ordering again lmao!
Simon Mashbore - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 01:27:57 EST ID:lLPY64hC No.577114 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492752477030.jpg -(1514174B / 1.44MB, 2968x2948) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
honestly if you use daily the shit piles up, especially when you realize "shit, I'm not NOT going to need more a week from now, might as well buy in bulk"
Priscilla Lightham - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 02:06:16 EST ID:KQIpcZ8H No.577117 Ignore Report Quick Reply
so how bad is everyones habbit? i'm usually spending at least 100 dollars a month on my daily habbit but now even this is not enough because of how shitty the passover drought was. thus far i've spent 300 dollars on seeds trying to find some hot hot fire, to no avail.
Bringer Of Fair Discount & Bargains - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 02:57:09 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.577118 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492757829749.jpg -(50929B / 49.74KB, 540x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If sn is still good, I just found a discount code for 10% off for ya'll. "SNR10"
Shit Debberstadge - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 04:03:11 EST ID:bkPJ152r No.577120 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I would really like to try this, but it seems like always a gamble with every batch. It isn't much to try, but I would still feel pissed wasting the time and seeds..Poor things could have been made into something tasty or if you had the right climate could grow some nice ornaments for later.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 08:01:08 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.577121 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492776068412.jpg -(101845B / 99.46KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cool! Thanks for that! Here are some other SN codes, in order from oldest to newest~ I'm not sure which of these, if any, still apply, but I figure I ought to list them all out here (yours included, just so they're all easy to find!

You keep your bags lol? I throw mine away, just because I don't wanna deal with them anymore~ I'd probably have nearly 30-40 by now lmao! Who has the most, I wonder? How many bags has everyone bought total? I know someone's gotta have >100 LOL

My habit is generally ~120g every 36-48 hours... Generally. Recently, however, I've been really doing everything I can to catch good nods, and so that means that I've been taking 2-4*~120g (so 240-480g total - up to over a pound every day sometimes lmao), goddammit that's just so much so quickly - it means my supply will run out too fast Ahh, to return to the days when I had zero tolerance lol. Oh well, it shouldn't be TOO terrible. I'm hopefully getting a job soon!! >:3 So that's really, really good! ~$10-15USD/hr, depending on a few things! Which is like... WOW! I mean, obviously it's no doctor, lawyer, or business exec. job lol, but it's still MUCH better than minimum wage (plus, I'd hate working for minimum wage, just on the principle of the thing - you LITERALLY could not get worse pay than that lmao)!

These days, if you buy one of the "big three" you're very nearly 100% safe from getting a completely bunk bag! I think the lowest we've recently seen is something like a (subjective) 5/10, I think? But it's usually higher than that, especially if you rotate brands! Plus, it's very nearly impossible to waste time lol. It takes so little time to make PST, especially when you start to get really good at it, that you shouldn't have to worry about anything! Additionally, just because you used them for tea doesn't mean you can't at least try to plant the seeds! Multiple people, myself included, have had seeds germinate after chucking them into some dirt lol. However, they will, of course, have a lower germination rate than if you had gently and lovingly planted each individual seed lol!

You never bumped; they couldn't have made you fall out, did they? Haha but really, please do report back when you check the thread again! I'd love to get a #/10 rating from you!

Which supplier is this? FTL, WGN, or something else?~ I remember waayyy back when, around the time I first discovered PST, I tried using International Spice seeds, since they're $190/50lbs. I wasted almost $200USD on them lmao. They were 100% COMPLETELY INACTIVE - no joke. I got absolutely ZERO high from them at all. I only felt a placebo effect lmao (well, my pupils got pinned also, but it must've been due to some weird alkaloid, because it was entirely euphoria-free lol) - thankfully(?) I went back and tried other brands, but not before I tried buying from them AGAIN! What is wrong with me lmao! I think I got like 50lbs more total, give or take.

Speaking of this, does anyone know off any brands - aside from our "big three" :3 - which can be ordered online at comparable amounts/weights with comparable pricing? I'd much prefer it if you had already tried them out and could attest to their being active - or at least not completely bunk lol - but if you haven't, that's fine! I'm just interested in broadening our horizons so that we have the greatest amount of choice in this, hopefully ensuring that we can always buy active bags, even if a couple of them are having a bad season!

I genuinely think that the reason the September/October bags were SO GODDAMN FIRE is because the summer growing season had just ended, and so the companies had just harvested a fuckload of FRESH seeds. Not only that, but because the summer growing season/the summer bloom tends to be the best in terms of morphine content produced, when they cracked open these pods, there was just an insane amount of morphine stuck to the seeds!! So, my advice to everyone here would be to START SAVING UP NOW! Save up as much money as you reasonably can so that come September/October, after an initial test buy of your preferred brand, you can bulk order those motherfuckers and stock the fuck up on the absolute most FIRE seeds you'll see for a year!! That would also explain why the seeds we're getting now are pretty meh. Lots of the seeds they're selling have either been sitting in storage for quite some time, possibly giving the alkaloids a chance to break down (or perhaps something else is breaking them down? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!), or else come from a winter crop, where the plants got minuscule amounts of sunlight and it was cold as fuck, meaning the plants were probably all stunted to hell, and producing morphine was the last thing on their minds - they were probably much more focused on just barely surviving lol and trying to grow, so they produced hardly any morphine at all!

I'd love to get your feedback on all of this, the above paragraph especially! I really do think it's got some validity to it - quite a bit, in fact! Happy PSTing ;3 <3
Esther Tillingville - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 15:51:58 EST ID:IZSFrvIG No.577138 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492804318747.gif -(2751435B / 2.62MB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
How was it? 3lb SN 12/26 T9R1857 just arrived from upriver. Bout to do my thing. Will report back. I'm nervous because the last SN 3lb bag was beyond bunk, I'm talking straight washed. Say a prayer.

I should mention, not that yall care, but this is my last bag for a while. I have to see my PO in less than 2 weeks, and I can smell a test coming since it's been 6 months. Luckily, I just picked up 30 2mg klons from the pharmacy. I've been going pretty much nonstop since January. For anyone who's been there, how bad are the w/ds going to be? I've heard they're beyond horrific due to the multiple opiates in the tea, worse than just about any other opi w/d. I've been through w/ds for H and Vics before, which destroyed my ass, so I'm a bit nervous. Whats the length I should expect, and will the klons be as much help as they were for my previous detoxes?

Thanks for any answers or help fellas. I'm scared, i can't lie.
Emma Smallman - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 17:33:01 EST ID:kBdCbCB7 No.577148 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well you know if you do the math, you can plan a linear taper.
Bringer Of Fair Discounts & Bargains - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 22:33:21 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.577163 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492828401444.png -(91076B / 88.94KB, 192x196) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Expires on: May 20, 2017

Please only use if you're doing a bulk order
Bringer Of Fair Discounts & Bargains - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 22:42:24 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.577164 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492828944887.png -(855795B / 835.74KB, 779x645) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


P.S. Check the email they send you after you order, that's where I've been finding discounts. If everyone posts their code we could have a lot of fucking savings my friends.
Basil Goodhall - Sat, 22 Apr 2017 07:55:13 EST ID:OwUEtCsO No.577194 Ignore Report Quick Reply
is the smell of pepper indicative of anything? Completely new to this.
Archie Blatherworth - Sat, 22 Apr 2017 14:09:20 EST ID:QtdD3W3G No.577197 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yes. Pepper is a good smell. Truly though, the biggest indicator is bitterness. It should taste like CWE.
Simon Pullybedging - Sat, 22 Apr 2017 14:40:29 EST ID:QuKu0wS9 No.577198 Ignore Report Quick Reply
How do you go about IVing it?
Thomas de Queasy - Sat, 22 Apr 2017 15:47:48 EST ID:iFUuIhxy No.577201 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Turkey baster bruh.
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Sat, 22 Apr 2017 21:15:21 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.577209 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i hope your not serious. Its possible through A LOT of work to isolate and extract the morphine but do not even bother with that. Do not IV tea PLEASE. The concentration of alkaloids is super low and theres so many fats and oils and all other kinds of non water soluble and dangerous things in it you cannot IV tea from seeds OR pods. Even if youre trolling i really need to make sure nobody thinks they should try this. This would be more dangerous than IVing straight opium gum in water. You must not IV tea.
John Duckridge - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 00:35:18 EST ID:ylmIPEPs No.577220 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I just realized how much bags can vary.
Got a new shipment of SN which is 4x stronger than the last.
Jesus christ I'm nodding.
John Duckridge - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 00:37:32 EST ID:ylmIPEPs No.577221 Ignore Report Quick Reply
u insane? notice how fast the tea expires when left out. It's got all sorts of microbes in there.
John Duckridge - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 00:53:18 EST ID:ylmIPEPs No.577222 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492923198047.jpg -(322450B / 314.89KB, 1613x1210) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
just got a good 25 pound shipment. lately I just filter them directly. don't want any residue left behind!
Derluft !oCyNK.1Qtc - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 05:54:52 EST ID:iVHbO6Kw No.577226 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492941292893.jpg -(62348B / 60.89KB, 442x596) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Morphine IS water soluble, of course; being the alkaloid that it is. That's not to say some of the morphine hasn't been absorbed into said plant matter where, then consumption is needed.
-You mind telling me the order date as well as the exp. date for that SN shipment?

Morphine is also a fairly, surprisingly stable compound; it can be left in a container for decades and still be good from even antique bottles and, not to mention, even morphine gets somewhat boiled when it's mass produced into diamorpine. I can see the seasonal change effecting the quality toward low opium yield however not through simple storage, unless it was left in a hot, hot wearhouse but even still.

WGN is almost always pretty decent, at least for now. Ordered 25lbs on the forth and got it delivered on the 11th thanks to THEIR slight screw up - Didn't open it until now because of other, leftover seeds, though I should have sooner to give up-to-date info on quality. Exp. is 12/17 with an ever so slight difference in quality, but nothing adding an extra cup (~⅓lb) won't fix if dosing per pound. However, I should have just order 50 instead of 25 for convenience; WGN doesn't ship on the weekend or after a certain time on Friday.. Not to mention usually takes four or five days in shipping, but I digress. .
Derluft !oCyNK.1Qtc - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 07:10:00 EST ID:iVHbO6Kw No.577228 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Sorry for the DP, but does anyone know if WGN off the river's any good? - For possible emergent contingencies and whatnot if am out during the weekend sometime; sharing this shit makes it go A LOT faster.

Nb, although I already b'd.. So, sorry for b'ing? - Not the first time I've said that lmao
Martha Croblingwell - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 12:12:12 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.577242 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Be me this past Friday.
>Could get 4-lbs direct on Tuesday.
>Could get 2-lbs upriver "guaranteed Sunday delivery."
>Same price.
I had gotten Sunday delivery once before and it was great. I wanted it asap.

>Order the 2-lbs Sunday.
>Tracking at 8 am: "arrived at hub."
>Tracking at 10 am: "arrived at hub, updated delivery: Monday."

I'm so pissed at the USPS Sunday crew.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 12:22:22 EST ID:NZSaVF2M No.577243 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hey guise

>Am currently toasty on 10oz seeds and 40mg vyvanse

These seeds were bad again so I didn't even bother rating them. They're a bit old though like a 12/26 SN bag and WGN one. I would rate both like 3/10 assuming my other batch I reviewed was a 2.25-2.5. You wouldn't get these one is you ordered today so.

It's very no rhyme or reason with these batches. I said fuck it and made 1lb of each brand in a large vat and drank it all. I'm pretty sure I just went to bed an hour or two later. I was 6/10 from flipping 2lbs 2.5 washes each (I share the last one on both brands)

I really hope the old seeds come back. Things are very bleak where I am and I'm down to like 10 days to get 100+ hours of work done.

I can't believe I got to that stage where one gets WD within 30-36hrs, yet 3x my daily dose doesn't get me super high.
Edward Pockspear - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 13:26:31 EST ID:EUJZoLVx No.577246 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You talked me into it with Star. I bought a pound from WGN, FTL, and SN.

I hear many differing doses so what is recommended for a a 170lb male with no opiate tolerance? 1/4 lb?

Should I sip on it over the course of an hour or down it all?

Would 3 days between teas be a fair amount of time to fairly rate my experiences or will I still have residual tolerance?
Martha Croblingwell - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 13:45:46 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.577248 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492969546390.jpg -(638543B / 623.58KB, 1580x1199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Holy Scatman, it came anyway!

"English Food" from upriver.

Like usual - straight fire. Not 'bitter' like SN was a few months back but it definitely has that vile opium-water taste. Pic related - I shake for 30 seconds at most. This is the largest bottle I have so I'll need 2 bottles full but goddamn.

I haven't had a batch worse than 7/10 for 2 months now* since I switched back to English Food from sn; and I've been ordering both from food's site and the river.

And when I say 7/10, I mean it. I've been doing PPT/PST (and posting here) since 2010. The batch I got last week was so strong I nodded off in the shower, hit my head, and got a concussion lol so I'm going to do a half pound at most today. And to think, the best seeds around in 2012 would take 3+ lbs to work and my tolerance was way lower then.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 16:40:20 EST ID:NZSaVF2M No.577255 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What I'm going to say is controversial but please trust me.

You want to find the optimal dose (whatever that is for whatever specific purpode) and basically consume it all at once, or relatively all at once (I would say finishing the entire brew in 10mins, 20mins max if you just can't get it down).

The absolute clowns over at clownvillle keep telling people to start with 10 grams of seeds. They are complete idiots.

4oz alone without other medications is statistically incapable of killing a 170-200lb male. So what somebody got a little sick and puked once. That's not a real overdose. I'm so tired of hearing "omg dosed 30g seeds and puked was high all day."

You are asking intelligent questions; I just had to say all that.

Start with ounces not grams. This is because we don't know if they're good or not; NOT because you'll OD, but because some seeds are so weak that you'll get garbage effects over and over from being too cautious.

Normally I would have said SN (and FTL-E for the most part) has never sent out garbage seeds (below 3ish/10) but for the first time in several years I've been wrong this spring. All 3 are churning out junk (active but weak), decent, and at least some good seeds. You just never know especially with the 2017 mystery/weak batches.

>tl;dr start with either 2, 3, or 4oz measured with an accurate scale (no scoops/random measurement). You want to put them in something that can hold liquid and has room for air to shake. Shake the container like you're trying to kill a living creature inside for 3 to 5 minutes. Use something to filter/strain your brew, then refill the seed container with less liquid than before and shake again for 2 to 5 minutes. Strain the results, and depending on the seed quantity you'll be wanting to do 2-4 washes. I rarely do a 4th.

>drink it however you must to handle it. One way is drink/sip something sweet, then down a massive gulp of PST, then sip sweet drink. You really want to drink it all in 10-15mins, but do the best you can. If you're gauging your safety primarily on how you feel or the bitterness of your tea, you're likely an idiot. Weight is key/king. Potency varies but knowing the dose is most important.

>The goal is to drink the whole tea asap and to drink the correct dosage. High is more peak and less tolerance build. Drinking 1lb over the whole day for recreation is completely stupid.

>once you try 4oz, figure out how much you need. It might be 5oz or even 10 with these seeds right now.

>every bag is different. You'll want to do that 4oz tester (or less) on every new bag you try.

>You'll want to try all three bags on separate occasions to compare potency, but eventually you'll want to mix all three bags in when you make a brew (1:1:1 or whatever ratio you want) to statistically balance out any bad symptoms caused by "OD" uncommon alkaloids, possible fertilizers, etc. The idea is if say Thebaine OD is the problem, you're less likely to get a dangerous dose if the batch used 3 different sources with varying amounts of thebaine.

Good luck. Tolerance will definitely start to gain even at once every 7-10 days. That's why it's normally my suggestion for the nondependent to wait a week or two. Once the magic is gone you'll hate yourself for wasting it.
Alice Dartson - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 16:41:00 EST ID:Y1coLXDX No.577256 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1492980060087.jpg -(144219B / 140.84KB, 1202x830) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
does anybody have a good EU source for unwashed poopies? If sourcing isn't allowed just point me to right direction pls.
Hannah Chongerchedge - Sun, 23 Apr 2017 18:20:19 EST ID:QuKu0wS9 No.577257 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oh my god you use a lot of seeds. I wish you luck tapering sir.
Nicholas Bunway - Mon, 24 Apr 2017 01:57:54 EST ID:w8L5F8Tw No.577277 Ignore Report Quick Reply
nice taste in bottled water
Graham Pinnerbury - Mon, 24 Apr 2017 19:32:12 EST ID:8S8sQXms No.577320 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Anybody have any luck with buying from eBay? I know the mod on the Poppytea subreddit gets angry anytime anyone even mentions ebay, but I want answers from 420chan, not some redditor
Bringer Of Fair Discounts & Bargains - Mon, 24 Apr 2017 19:38:52 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.577321 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493077132741.jpg -(16151B / 15.77KB, 258x207) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You should have used the discount i posted mang!
Nigel Pitthood - Mon, 24 Apr 2017 20:08:08 EST ID:4VOlWHdh No.577322 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I spent the whole day trying to figure out what "english food" refers to. Still no clue
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Mon, 24 Apr 2017 20:24:39 EST ID:NZSaVF2M No.577324 Ignore Report Quick Reply

How about FTL-E? Jeez you guys. I'm not even 100% sure but I guessed that within a minute or two. Possibly I'm wrong but that's my vote.
Panda5 - Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:21:18 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.577328 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Correct; I just think calling it English Food is more fun.
Lillian Wattingshaw - Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:53:52 EST ID:w8L5F8Tw No.577331 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Shit Hevingstatch - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 15:51:23 EST ID:KxWbXesP No.577421 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just realized that my local walmart carries both WGN and SN...I would guess most walmarts do.

No more ordering and waiting for this guy!
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 17:14:51 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.577429 Ignore Report Quick Reply
seriously? lts been forever since ive checked walmart but last i did they didnt even have BRM just fucking mccormicks. do u happen to be in the states? if so what department inside walmart like just in the spices aisle, and also what size are the bags and what are the prices like? equivalent to online prices or is there a sizeable mark up? great find though for serious mang excellent info for anybody else with a walmart that stocks bulk seeds.
Clara Drogglestat - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 18:00:07 EST ID:3w5MX0Qx No.577433 Ignore Report Quick Reply
people in canada what brands do you get ? couldn't find any unwashed brand in stores and only sn on internet
Cyril Feffinggold - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 18:14:05 EST ID:Djj6olmS No.577434 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493244845827.jpg -(6404B / 6.25KB, 247x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I get the England variety of the FTL brand, 18 lbs off the canadian river. They just came out with new stock, may exp dates, fucking loaded with pod bits and very dank. The only thing is.. it's too expensive to get less than 18 lbs, and 18 lbs is enough to get you well hooked, so tread carefully.
Clara Drogglestat - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 19:07:32 EST ID:3w5MX0Qx No.577435 Ignore Report Quick Reply
thank you cyril ill check it out
Caroline Pockdale - Thu, 27 Apr 2017 12:15:24 EST ID:k60BOOUh No.577454 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493309724102.jpg -(304448B / 297.31KB, 635x463) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I went to pick up some gaba drugs today and stopped by a local shop that i occasionally clean out for poppy seeds and I was pleasantly surprised they already restocked their shelves.. last time it took something like 6 months to realize that they were out of poppy seeds. Hopefully whoever is in charge of stocking the shelves realizes that someone wants to buy poppy seeds regularly. I didnt buy much, only 500g, and the seeds are very mild but I have no tolerance and have a pleasant buzz from some tee.. i even appreciate the taste now but I did my 3rd rinse about 30 minutes after initially getting the seeds wet and I think i already tasted a tiny amount of mildew, although my stomach feels fine. The slight mildew taste reminded me of when bars dont clean their taps and the beer tastes mildewy, but as i was thinking about this i just jugged the rest of the cup for some reason, even though i should have probably spit it out.. oh well.
James Honeyspear - Sat, 29 Apr 2017 05:13:15 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.577572 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493457195274.jpg -(12831B / 12.53KB, 264x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hey guys, how's SN right now?
Matilda Mirrymack - Sat, 29 Apr 2017 07:17:43 EST ID:KQIpcZ8H No.577573 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>>577572 for me, not good. 2/10. some people have been saying it's hit and miss, others say it's hot hot fire. but so far it's been weaker than usual for me. so far ftl is good but wgn is really the best i've had this year so far.
Jack Gavingpine - Sat, 29 Apr 2017 10:42:52 EST ID:1jYhBJ/I No.577582 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just ordered a 4lb from FTL england, heard from a friend they used to be the shit, anyone know how they are recently?
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Sat, 29 Apr 2017 11:51:21 EST ID:U2EwvqUU No.577586 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493481081795.png -(1016399B / 992.58KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ayy, Dr. Mario — check your email :3

Not necessarily the best thread, but I'm pretty comfy here. I'm thinking I'm gonna start doing ULDN, since my tolerance is pretty awful at the moment. Thanks, huge number of alkaloids lol. Does anyone know where I could get some naltrexone (generally - no sourcing) right away, or am I gonna have to wait a couple weeks for it to be shipped from overseas? Where would be the best place to get something like that?

>Me when I get my naltrexone
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sat, 29 Apr 2017 12:06:50 EST ID:/0ab81yO No.577593 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493482010379.png -(165514B / 161.63KB, 341x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Got a new 5lb SN bag will review later. Seems the same shitty 2-3/10 range though.

I just want to get higher than the Queen of England for fucking once in 2017.

I'm starting to lose faith in whether I can even get high off these anymore. Really really losing faith.
Sophie Clipperbury - Sat, 29 Apr 2017 12:13:08 EST ID:oiqdBQHi No.577595 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493482388391.jpg -(96489B / 94.23KB, 841x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
is the shill turt seed all bad these days?
John Bunshit - Sat, 29 Apr 2017 19:18:16 EST ID:w8L5F8Tw No.577609 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493507896751.jpg -(50748B / 49.56KB, 460x722) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
natrexy brand nodict from a site about "all day biologist", but instead of bio someone who does chemicals
James Blollertet - Sun, 30 Apr 2017 16:23:48 EST ID:itPI27KG No.577632 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My latest bag of SN (exp 1/14 iirc) is decent and obviously active. Much better than the last two bags I had from them, but nothing fire either. I'd compare it to my 12/17 WGN in terms of potency. Maybe a 5-6/10. I have a decent tolly and was using 8-11oz every other day on those weak SN seeds and 6oz or so of these gives a relatively nice buzz and I can push it to once every three days before WDs get really noticeable. I even nodded out for the first time in months the other day on what was supposed to be a maintenance dose so that was a pleasant surprise. Hoping the trend continues and we get better and better seeds in the near future.

I'm going to be trying ULDN/LDN soon as it's coming in the mail. You can buy it without scripts online. Just search it up. There's a small operation with a guy from Indonesia who sells them cheap ($40 for 500mg, cheaper for higher quantities) but with a less convenient payment scheme and a couple online pharmacies, but they ask for more info. I thought the pharms were cheaper, but the shipping is stupidly expensive ($25 flat-rate). AFAIK, unless you go see a doc and score a script (it's easy enough since it's not an abuseable drug--just say you're trying to abstain from drinking), the only option is online. You technically need a script, but you can buy/possess it if it's under a certain quantity and is for personal use (60 pills max I think).

On this topic, has anyone tried this and can they share some general tips/dosing schedules to start with? I know I should be starting under 10ug when using with opis, but how should I build it up to (hopefully) regenerate my burnt out receptors? I hear you should take some before bed and a little the next day with a dose, but the amounts are still unclear, ranging anywhere from 2ug-20ug, and up to even 1-2mg amounts if it's LDN.
Shitting Fillysick - Wed, 03 May 2017 01:14:55 EST ID:YLPjiKAo No.577724 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493788495423.jpg -(116147B / 113.42KB, 663x538) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Does anyone know how to make a basic extract then past that refine into something with less material? Ive seen plenty claiming to make a smokeable extract from poppy seeds but I just want to make something I can put in a capsule and take instead of having to drink the tea. My first idea was an acetone wash instead of water then evaping it to try and make some kitchen opium so to speak, but after a little research alcohol is a much better solvant for opiates than acetone. Right now I just got my 4lb order from ftl england and its the 5/19 batch thats so much better than anything Ive gotten from ftl or anywhere else. I started with some tea just for a test run and with little tolerance(two 10mg vicodins get me a good buzz and light nodding during the peak if on an empty stomach) and I used 125g's(one cup of seeds) and started sipping untill I felt it and after about 45 mins(empty stomach) I stopped after drinking about half it and it was a pretty good sweet spot, light nodding during the peak for about 3 hours. Drank the rest of it after breakfast today and it was a good buzz but no nodding since I ate beforehand. So today I did an iso alcohol(98%) wash on about 200gs and its currently evaporating under a normal light bulb in a lamp in my closet. After its fully evaporated I think im going to add 200ml's of water and run it through a coffee filter or go buy some filter paper and use that instead to try and get rid of any dirt or plant matter, then evap that and if its a workable amount of material ill try to put it in capsules. Does this sound like a good plan or should I just stick with making tea with it? I like the idea of having capsules because it would be good to dose on the go or if I wanted to combine it with adderall or another stim I can just put powder and the refined opium into a capsule to get a low teir speedball in a pill. If this isnt a good idea should I just add water to the material from the evaped alcohol and drink like tea or should I just toss it? Any and all advice is welcome, and if anyone has a guide for some kitchen chemistry for making it even more pure that would be super helpful!
Nathaniel Haffingtutch - Wed, 03 May 2017 05:10:18 EST ID:joJp/fdq No.577735 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493802618712.gif -(2106456B / 2.01MB, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
when using uldn with pst, i would usually take 50mics, i think. it was much different than when using iv opis since they leave your body quick. on the needle i could take like 500mic naltrexone easily, its strange to find the right dose at the right time, because if you get the dose right, you get a phenomenal rush and buzz...much more so than without. could start with 5mics and increase by 5/10 day. when using pst i dosed uldn once/day. on the needle 1-3 times/day.
most ldn health effects dont work when on opiates, even if you will tolerate that much naltrexone
herm1t !7ZEeD1eyfY - Wed, 03 May 2017 05:38:47 EST ID:Baq+AMUu No.577736 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Most people have found that the resulting extract from poppy seeds is nowhere near worth it and you get barely anything, you would need huge amounts of it and a huge amount of effort and chemicals to do it properly. Most people that have tried or even succeeded somewhat say dont bother.
Fanny Gunnerwill - Wed, 03 May 2017 08:05:32 EST ID:omWgrvOq No.577739 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493813132053.png -(1040776B / 1016.38KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Opened a bag of FTL-E exp.May 2019 yesterday. These seeds were noticeably more effective than any SN or WGN bags I have gotten in months. Rougher on the stomach, though (FTL tends to give me more tummy trouble than the other two brands regardless of strength) but I think it's worth it. If you are sick of getting crappy batches from SN then I recommend getting FTL for now.
Cedric Cloffingstone - Thu, 04 May 2017 01:59:16 EST ID:YLPjiKAo No.577762 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493877556003.jpg -(8717B / 8.51KB, 342x342) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>ordered 2lb bag of ftl for a test
>shits the best ive had in near a year
>blow through the bag in a few days because of constant redosing
>more euphoric than any other brand ive tried
>1/8th of the bag left, go check out website to get another 5/19 batch
Octopuss !W0LF/neWGs - Fri, 05 May 2017 00:16:47 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.577786 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493957807511.jpg -(38759B / 37.85KB, 530x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

They restocked, so I ordered 2lb (from England)
This will be my first time trying PST. All the positive reviews give me hope its gonna be good.
Bump i guess in case any of you were waiting for restock.
Jarvis Buzzbury - Fri, 05 May 2017 01:01:40 EST ID:tNmZHNQX No.577787 Ignore Report Quick Reply
When the fuck did FTL get so god damn expensive on the river? Was hoping for WGN and they're out just like most of the SN (which have been sucking ass), and shit is seriously like double what it was just a few months ago.
Cedric Cloffingstone - Fri, 05 May 2017 01:35:06 EST ID:YLPjiKAo No.577789 Ignore Report Quick Reply
holy piss mate. Im >>577762, and when I bought them I got my 2# bag for 8.63, guess they noticed everyone fiending over that lot and bumped up the price
sad you had to get them at that price, but a little advice for this particular brand since most people dont go out giving doses since alkaloids vary between brands and batches, Start your first mix at 100g's(a little under a cup) of seeds, a splash of lime juice(I find lime juice to be better at extracting than lemon) and then enough water to cover over the seeds when you give it a shake to make them sink at about an inch so you can clearly see the color of the water, shake for about 10-15 mins, most people say more than that because logically the longer the shake the more alkoloids right? Not neccesarily since when the seeds start to absorb the water the absorb as many of the alkaloids as the can because thats how they were designed to work in nature, so I only give it a 10 min wash my first time, strain, then a 20 min was the second time. Sip the tea slowly on an empty stomach for about an hour and a half and by then you should have downed half or a little over that much, if you feel pretty allright then keep sipping, if you get that sweet opiate stomach tickles like youve taken enough to get a good buzz go ahead and stop. Thats the best way for the first dose of these seeds, I eventually worked up to about 180g's being my nodding territory(a cup and a half). Happy poppy seeding my friend!
Jarvis Buzzbury - Fri, 05 May 2017 01:56:02 EST ID:tNmZHNQX No.577790 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yea, I'm kinda screwed right now. Had budgeted for 6lbs of WGN. They're saying that won't be here til 5 days from now. MY options are 2 lbs +a 1lber of SN, or 2 lbs of FTL with their massive price increase.

Anyone know of this other brand, SB, on the river that recently people are voting yes on? Or even another variety of FTL? Due to payment method, I have to go upriver for these.

I know this is common round these here parts, but I'm in a real jam here and any advice would be super awesome. Thank ye!
Octopuss !W0LF/neWGs - Fri, 05 May 2017 01:56:22 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.577791 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ty for the reply and quick guide, much appreciated. I hope it only takes around 100g of seeds, I was thinking I was going to need to use at least 300g. Havent used any opiates since last year so definately gonna start low.
Didn't even realize I overpayed but as long as I get a decent batch I'll be happy.
Cedric Cloffingstone - Fri, 05 May 2017 05:28:41 EST ID:YLPjiKAo No.577797 Ignore Report Quick Reply
if its the 5/19 batch, 300gs with no tolerance would get you dopesick beyond belief assuming you kept breathing, we dont know what alkaloids are present at what amounts so I wouldnt tell anyone to go over 200gs with these seeds, even with a moderate tolerance. 125gs felt close to a little under 35mg of morphine sulphate but the ftl seeds feel much more euphoric to me. Just remember to drink slowly, you can always take more but you cant take less. After my 100gs dose I thought I could handle a 180gs with no tolerance since I havent had seeds in 2 weeks but appearantly thats all it took for my body to forget how to process all those alkaloids and I threw up about 3 hours after finishing that cup.
if you can afford the 2lbs of FTL I say give it a whirl, in the past week I've heard that SN is still stumbling on their game, particularly rinsing the seeds even more but adding plant matter to make it seem unwashed, very shady buisness. Along with a few people telling me its high in other alkaloids but low in opiates judging from their bodys to response. Of course I havent tried them since way back 10+months ago when they were starting to slip and the doses didnt feel the same, weaker but made me sick if I tried to dose more(alkaloids again?), but I would give FTL england a shot, maybe youll find a new main source if theyre 3x as strong what youre using now
Lillian Bullylurk - Fri, 05 May 2017 06:15:05 EST ID:cgFgoyZ9 No.577798 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>300gs with no tolerance would get you dopesick

Dopesick=WD symptoms, so no it wouldn't. If you have no tolerance you don't even.get dopesick. I get what you were trying to say but yeah, nah.
Cedric Cloffingstone - Fri, 05 May 2017 09:05:13 EST ID:YLPjiKAo No.577800 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1493989513665.png -(418300B / 408.50KB, 558x689) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ah sorry had the meaning backwards, one of my friends used to call it that when he did a high dose with low tolerance and even though I know it means NOT having your dope I Still say it wrong, derp
Sidney Cellerbanks - Fri, 05 May 2017 16:52:33 EST ID:8n3CWveL No.577807 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>drink it however you must to handle it. One way is drink/sip something sweet, then down a massive gulp of PST, then sip sweet drink.
I puked one too many times from PST and now I can't stand the taste that I used to, in a way, love. What I did for the longest time was make juice concentrate with only one can of water added, then save the syrup in a jug and mix equal parts syrup and PST. Completely covers the taste, it literally just tasted like juice. Easy to sip and easy to chug. I recommend any grape or any of the Hawai'i's Own guava flavors.
Fair warning, however: that's a lot of sugar to consume if you're a heavy PST drinker. I put on some weight before I realized it was to blame, now I go with the grape or lemon Propel... Zero, I think. The sugar-free shit. Doesn't work as good, but it gets the job done.
Bringer of Fair Discount and Bargains - Fri, 05 May 2017 23:46:48 EST ID:0HjEtSit No.577819 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494042408832.jpg -(58106B / 56.74KB, 750x559) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Food to Live 5% off (please use for bulk order only, 1 time use)

Once again, if you've ordered directly from ftl recently, there's a 99% chance they've given you one to two coupons. Post me here for dank savings

PSA: BRM is confirmed a good brand to stave off withdrawal and not tempt yourself to get high

t. Withdrawal free rn
Albert Dorringridge - Fri, 05 May 2017 23:47:34 EST ID:0HjEtSit No.577820 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Forgot to post woops
Nell Winkingold - Sat, 06 May 2017 02:37:15 EST ID:cWx/bAvE No.577821 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>junk seed, junk seed everywhere for months
mfw im on suboxone now
Eliza Monningfoot - Sat, 06 May 2017 03:26:15 EST ID:omWgrvOq No.577826 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dude what's wrong with your face?
Eliza Monningfoot - Sat, 06 May 2017 03:26:15 EST ID:omWgrvOq No.577827 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dude what's wrong with your face?
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Sat, 06 May 2017 15:00:54 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.577840 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494097254786.png -(247569B / 241.77KB, 492x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ive been in the same boat for a year now. Now every time i see the price to get even just two doses of decent seeds i remember why im on bupe. Subs arent the worst but i do wish methadone could be prescribed the same way as bupe.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Sat, 06 May 2017 20:54:38 EST ID:XRqY18TH No.577851 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494118478290.png -(700441B / 684.02KB, 721x749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's been a lil' bit, but I'm back with an update! Jan/2018 SN batch - a normal "maintenance" dose got me nodding out fucking hard. This is it, boys. I'm pretty sure it's beginning to reach the time of year where the crops start yielding the good stuff. Try out a test batch, and then buy in bulk - that's my recommendation, and what I definitely plan to do. These seeds are 8/10, no joke. Almost no plant matter, strangely, and the seeds feel sort of weirdly coarse. Much more so than usual, at least. Oh well, I don't mind lol. Because fuck, do I ever feel fantastic.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Sun, 07 May 2017 15:39:14 EST ID:U8v5vglM No.577888 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494185954330.png -(276475B / 270.00KB, 1024x846) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeah, I found that site, but now I'm more convinced, thanks! However, how did you pay for yours? It wants me to use an e-check, wire transfer, or money order - and FUCK all of those payment methods. >:( I thought it said that one could pay by CC (though even that's still sketchy as fuck)? I dunno. What do you recommend, and what does /opi/ recommend? I really want to get this (because my absolute cunt of a doctor refused to prescribe me any naltrexone when I asked because "the naloxone in subs TOTALLY does the same thing gais, it's definitely NOT 100% inactive" ffs), and I feel it'd help me a lot, but I also don't want to have to deal with getting my girlfriend's payment info stolen
Molly Fecklefoot - Sun, 07 May 2017 16:53:56 EST ID:MV+5g7ng No.577891 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've been ordering from in-house over 3 years now, they're legit. They supply most of /cd/.

I always go with the e-check, never had an issue with it. They're pretty prompt about it, IHC usually ships within 72 hours of ordering. Then it's usually 10-14 days for me if customs doesn't fuck with the package.

Basically though InHouse used to accept CC's but pharmaceutical companies got some legislation passed that barred cc companies from doing business with oversees businesses that shipped pharmaceuticals to the US. Or something like that, they haven't been able to do CC's for a few years now unless you had a valid script.
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Sun, 07 May 2017 17:07:49 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.577893 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Try to find reviews for all the places you find that are options. I dont know any so i cant comment on quality or saftey of any of the sites. I know there are like online pharmacy review/discussion websites id check those. I know Ive used these sort of sketchy pharmacies 3x total at 2 different places, for payment i always prefer wire transfer through w/u or mg, fuck e-checks and money orders are a hassle. If i dont trust them id usually rather use wire transfer than c/c just so if they turn out to not be legit they at least cant get more of my money.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Sun, 07 May 2017 18:38:26 EST ID:U8v5vglM No.577903 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494196706985.png -(114529B / 111.84KB, 578x387) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What does the 'C' stand for? I'm thinking you're referring to IHP vu, yes? If so, then fuck yeah! They accept BTC, and for a 10% discount! That's definitely what I'm going with, then! Unfortunately, they seem to only have the Nodict brand, while I've heard that the Naltima brand is better. Oh well. The free shipping allows it to work out to nearly the same price, so this is going to be great! Thank you very, very much. This is actually a huge help to me!! And I may also introduce a couple of qt fembois to the site, as well, if the pricing ends up being cheaper - so they thank you as well! <3 I look forward to being able to nod like crazy in the near-ish future!

Thank you very much! You definitely bring up a good point about that. I'd rather risk getting fucked over for the <$100 order versus putting the credentials at risk. Thank God for BTC!
Molly Fecklefoot - Sun, 07 May 2017 18:51:10 EST ID:MV+5g7ng No.577905 Ignore Report Quick Reply
They run multiple sites, a "pharmacy" and a "chemist". "Chemist" is a mirror site they created to funnel people who bought certain meds without scripts so they could offer cc transactions to people on "pharmacy" who did have legit scripts. Don't think us customers can use CC's period anymore though.

Inhouse has been battling that payment shit for years and have had to do a lot of manuevering to stay in business but I can't complain, never missed a package from them and they've always seemed prompt on shipping (though customs can be dicks).
Graham Claywill - Mon, 08 May 2017 12:51:48 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.577975 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494262308311.jpg -(187061B / 182.68KB, 600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Got another bag of English Food!

Pic related - As Tuco Salamanca would say, "this shit is tight, tight, tight!"
Octopuss !W0LF/neWGs - Mon, 08 May 2017 17:08:52 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.577987 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494277732674.jpg -(4172769B / 3.98MB, 4128x3096) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just got my first bag of ftl, its 5/19, so it should be the good stuff.
Gonna go up to get likes really quick then ill report back when im hopefully high as fuck.
Octopuss !W0LF/neWGs - Mon, 08 May 2017 18:31:03 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.577992 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494282663571.jpg -(419355B / 409.53KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Drank the first wash, already feelin' it.
Only used about a coffee cup of seeds.
Doing 2nd wash, then I'm gonna chill.
This is better than I expected already.
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Mon, 08 May 2017 18:46:15 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.577994 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494283575257.jpg -(109106B / 106.55KB, 500x361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah, mine [ >>577975 ] are 5/19s, too. They're quite nice and I feel fantastic atm.
Vehk !7HYGxe5v5c - Mon, 08 May 2017 19:59:44 EST ID:bvn43anT No.578006 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494287984052.jpg -(44385B / 43.34KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have an idea to create crude heroin from poppy seeds.

  1. Create poppy putty as per BigD's tek. This is most likely a mixture of low-density lipids that passed through the mesh congealed with the alkaloids and leftover low-volume plant matter.
  2. Smash and mix up the putty well in hot water, and then cool it in an ice bath so that the lipids and oils become solid.
2 (b). You could also use a non-polar layer to extract the lipids and oils once the alkaloids are protonated.
3. Pass through a fine filter.
4. You now have a solution of alkaloids. Recrystallize at basic pH.
5. You should now basically have a freebase version of pantopon, which is the preparation of the HCl salts of opium in their natural ratios.
6. Standard procedure with acetic anhydride, addition of caffeine or other modifiers of the vapourisation temperature.
7. I wouldn't inject this because god only knows what kind of sketchy stuff the acetylated alkaloids could get up to across your blood brain barrier all at once. Smoking and snorting have similar issues but it would be interesting to test (with a guinea pig).
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Mon, 08 May 2017 20:48:49 EST ID:6DTNpgA+ No.578010 Ignore Report Quick Reply
quality seems to be all over the place up and down between the big three but steadily on the rise. I got a #5 from SN and it's decent, surely a lot better than the weak bags we've had the last few months. will probably catch a nod but still have to use around double my normal dose for that.

however right before this bag I had #7 SN that was FIRE quality. a normal dose had me nodded my balls off and shit even made me puke on two different ocassions because of how strong it was and I barley ever do that at all when I get sick from taking to much. wish this #5 was up there like that #7 but it's still better than what we've been getting like I mentioned. I think we are reaching that point of the year where we will see continous rise in potency.
Fucking Fuckingbury - Mon, 08 May 2017 23:22:39 EST ID:c75KoMVb No.578031 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Noy trying to be rude but this isn't new. There is even a note on the BigD PST extraction tek that says you can use the end result for homebake. You would get a lot of extra contaminants from skipping the isolation of morphine.
nz !!vVWR8L52 - Tue, 09 May 2017 00:47:25 EST ID:t2+NkZGa No.578048 Ignore Report Quick Reply
People here do that and shoot what you described. Usually they just get some sap, they rinse and soda it then they acetylate it. Usually in the South Island though. Christchurch specifically. Lot of morphine users and shit cos drugs are expensive down there.

Despite the fact there's bound to be codeine and acetylcodeine in there, my mate down there who's done it said it was alright. I'll ask him for some pictures next time.

Another dude I know who's a real authority on the subject says he's gone from poppy seed to nice clean #3 and it's a nice hit. But for all your work, with a giant ass sack of seed you end up with like a shots worth,
Seeds will suck - Tue, 09 May 2017 14:02:10 EST ID:UmHBdUI6 No.578097 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Look for a drop in all seeds coming from England. The govenment is requiring poppyseeds are washed or treated so they contain no more than 10mg/kg
Seeds will suck - Tue, 09 May 2017 14:16:28 EST ID:UmHBdUI6 No.578099 Ignore Report Quick Reply
No more than 10mg/kg of morphine is the new requirement for all seeds from Englands. That is why SN has been so bad and this will continue to get worse until all companies in England are the same. Dont believe do a web search on your own.
Seeds will suck - Tue, 09 May 2017 14:17:01 EST ID:UmHBdUI6 No.578100 Ignore Report Quick Reply
No more than 10mg/kg of morphine is the new requirement for all seeds from Englands. That is why SN has been so bad and this will continue to get worse until all companies in England are the same. Dont believe do a web search on your own.
Seeds will suck - Tue, 09 May 2017 14:19:31 EST ID:UmHBdUI6 No.578101 Ignore Report Quick Reply
No more than 10mg/kg of morphine is the new requirement for all seeds from Englands. That is why SN has been so bad and this will continue to get worse until all companies in England are the same. Dont believe do a web search on your own.
Bye bye PST - Tue, 09 May 2017 16:26:55 EST ID:23x2rmkh No.578113 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It is the UK government making this law. That is why seeds in England just about disappeared from the shelves a while back. The exports are taking a while to catch up to this law. The have been recommending this limit for a few years but just became law end of 2016. Too many people getting sick from eating poppyseeds (not because of PST). So while there maybe an occasional bag thats good, expect the majority of the bags to be bad. There is a short grace period for exports to meet this standard, but when those are gone - it will be all bit over for St lovers.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Tue, 09 May 2017 22:52:59 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.578144 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494384779907.png -(1977015B / 1.89MB, 1920x1090) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm actually not finding it online... Could you link an article or something? Either way, total bullshit, and I'm really bummed out. I guess we'll have to start looking for the best brands from outside the UK now. We'll find a way (oh God I hope so)!
RIP PST - Wed, 10 May 2017 04:04:07 EST ID:UmHBdUI6 No.578160 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Scroll down to the bottom to see: Morphine in Poppy Seeds...

There is a link in that article to a September 2016 meeting. Thats when this started but did not become law until March.
Hedda Honeyshaw - Wed, 10 May 2017 04:24:25 EST ID:cWx/bAvE No.578161 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>on good practices to prevent and to reduce the presence of opium alkaloids in poppy seeds and poppy seed products
fucking pricks lol
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Wed, 10 May 2017 04:51:25 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.578162 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494406285770.jpg -(72528B / 70.83KB, 582x620) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wow, fuck them.

Seriously lol.

However, I'm not TOO worried (at least not yet... But maybe I should be lmao). It says a target level of 50mg/kg, as well as some other things, so there may be a way to get around the regulations! But if a company does start washing their shit, I have a feeling that they're going to notice a very dramatic drop in their sales and profits from that product lol. So that would hopefully incentivize them to find a way around the regulations. But still, it hopefully shouldn't hurt to try to buy from them. If the seeds were obviously washed, then it's actually really easy to get a refund, so I'd say keep ordering them until you get something good. However, if they do all end up being shitty, then we may just return to how it was years ago, where you had to do several kg washes to feel anything lol. And if it did come down to that, I'd assume that the lack of demand would hopefully drive the prices down to be at least close to an equal price per dose. We'll see, I guess. But if the next bag I get is good, I may borrow some money and try to order 50lbs of seeds, just to stock up on the good ones while I still can.

I actually have a request for anyone who can manage it: would everyone please look into finding good brands which source their seeds from places other than the UK? I'm relatively sure that I actually got a pretty decent bag, and at a decent price, from Australia, but I'll have to double check on that. If I did, though, that means that all is not lost!! I can promise you all that I will definitely find a way lmao. I'm not even close to being at a point in my life where I can stop doing drugs, so I'm gonna make something work!! ;D

Yes, we're all safe!!! I just checked, and I DID get an order of FTL seeds from Australia for $4.25/lb (though it actually goes as low as $3.32[USD]/lb, in bulk), and while they weren't fire, they were definitely not bad. Oh hey, they're the left bag in my OP picture! They were actually pretty damn good lol, at least comparably. This is extremely good news for everybody, and it means there's absolutely no need to panic at all!
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Wed, 10 May 2017 13:26:33 EST ID:JafHF3Ou No.578175 Ignore Report Quick Reply
not too worried about the ban in England. best seeds I've ever were SN last fall and isn't sourcing from England (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong). yeah it sucks to still not be able to try out FTL when SN or WGN is shit but what I noticed recently is when one has gone to shit the others seem to be lacking too. I think it has a lot to do with the season and weather. as long as I can get SN and have a backup like WGN I'm not gonna sweat it. also SN seems to be recovering from the weak seeds we've all been getting last few months. I think in a month or two when it starts getting ready hot we will start getting those insane batches again.
England seeds - Wed, 10 May 2017 17:29:15 EST ID:UmHBdUI6 No.578178 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Before this, England seeds were the best. Most pharmaceutical pain meds are made from their seeds.

SN & WGN are both England only seeds. FTL has seeds from several countries. Most people buy the England seeds, but it sounds like this has to change.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Wed, 10 May 2017 18:26:56 EST ID:LyV1ToCb No.578180 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494455216733.jpg -(171460B / 167.44KB, 734x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
One can only hope.

This is my first time actually paying attention to a season. I really wish I would have saved notes over the previous few years.

The stuff is just plain weaker than I remember; and I've had worse of a habit before. My most recent SN is like a 3/10 and WGN is ~3.5/10. Maybe I've just had very very bad luck with sticking with just the river for several months.

>not worried about England ban

All the big 3 import from the UK for some reason.

I am worried. And I'm the guy who tried convincing everyone that the US is fine for quite a long time.

I never saw a UK ban being the possible blow to the US seed economy.

These are weird times. I'm at a point where I just hit a huge low, I am using a lot of seed but I swear the seed is garbage. 22oz doesn't even get me euphoria from a 1:1 sn:wgn mix. So it's like, if there was a time to quit, it's been the last 3-4 months.

Anybody remember when we last had fire seed? I mean consistent 6/10 For everyone and quite a few 7-8.5/10 out there.

I want to say it was like November, and that the good shit stopped in August.
James Grimwell - Wed, 10 May 2017 20:59:59 EST ID:QuKu0wS9 No.578186 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I blame circlejerk. They cant keep their mouth shut. They ruined the private (now public for all) RC scene, blabbed about the darknets, and there are chit-chatting about morphine in poppy seeds.
Thanks Obama.
Rebecca Crurringham - Wed, 10 May 2017 22:05:42 EST ID:fSdkUT2U No.578191 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Say what you want but I just bought a g of fire dope from a guy on circlejerk
Extract - Thu, 11 May 2017 10:08:14 EST ID:izfNEUpZ No.578201 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I didn't read your post.. only skimmed it but here's a story: I tried to get Calcium Morphenate by adding Calcium Hydroxide into my tea and shaking then straining then decanting the water.

I'm not sure why but my Morphine product simply turned into a brown substance and sunk to the bottom of the cup; and the internet says Calcium Morphenate is water-soluble.

I was already in WD and I could tell that there was no C.M. dissolved in the water because I wasnt getting better when drinking the Lime-water tea with this sediment at the bottom. So I decanted the water significantly, drank the remaining shot that had loads of insoluble sediment and I instantly felt better; it was definitely morphine and perhaps some codeine.
John Gurryford - Thu, 11 May 2017 10:29:58 EST ID:izfNEUpZ No.578202 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I feel you. I noticed that too, I was going to go on Methadone for a short while because of court stuff and I realized it had been months since I'd been really sick.

I wasnt getting cold sweats or anything, just lots of discomfort and such. And I wasn't able to get any nods from my tea but it kept me out of bad wd symptoms.

tl;dr: i noticed the same thing. you're right, now is the best time to quit for you. real talk
John Gurryford - Thu, 11 May 2017 10:35:01 EST ID:izfNEUpZ No.578203 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah, good shit stopped around November, +/-1 month
Panda5 - Thu, 11 May 2017 11:42:37 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.578204 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ive been doing PST since 2010, many years with near-daily use.

I just got the single most potent bag ive ever gotten. It's an 8# english food from upriver and the wash water turns a DARK orange. The past couple months have been some of the best seeds ever, I haven't gotten bunk since February when I last tried SN
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Thu, 11 May 2017 11:52:46 EST ID:6DTNpgA+ No.578205 Ignore Report Quick Reply
well shit. I'm out of seeds and WD is inbound anytime now but I'm not going to get anymore. doubt I'm quitting for good but I want to take a tolerance break and at least wait until I hear about fire seeds again. never really tried to come off the PST so not sure how bad to expect the WDs. right now I've been doing about 1.5lbs daily but also of this weak shit. I have just a little bit of Benz so hopefully I can get through the really shitty first few days.
Emma Pittwill - Thu, 11 May 2017 15:15:13 EST ID:nExcx3Cy No.578210 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I thought the calcium morphenate was meant to precipitate out due to low solubility/insolubility in water at that pH. IIRC correctly you change the ph and it falls out of solution
James Grimwell - Thu, 11 May 2017 16:26:27 EST ID:QuKu0wS9 No.578214 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>never really tried to come off the PST so not sure how bad to expect the WDs.
Oh boy!
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Thu, 11 May 2017 16:54:00 EST ID:5Enne+iw No.578217 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just wait. I love this question. It's horrible but it's really a soundoff as to how other "dope" users aren't that different.

For me a 1lb+/day addiction with 27+/days per month use for at least 3-6 months and multi month stretches behind that, etc etc., is

>day 1 either nothing or sad about what's about to unfold
>day 2: runny nose woo, maybe swears and feels too hot/cold probably cold
>day 3-4: the real shit starts. Don't expect to sleep halfway at all from day 3 to day 6-10.

>If you've never done IV street h and it's all you had to end WD, would you use it if someone nearby could administer it properly? For me it was 4 days, but thankfully I actually said no and coasted to day 5.5 and got more seeds.

That said I should very seriously consider a 10/14/20/30 day taper very soon. I've found that a week or less isn't worth the pain.

Don't believe everyone about 3 weeks...I felt like life had halfway turned around at day 5.5. Its just about 7-14 days. It is horrible just as bad as oral oxy or lots of Vicodin but with worse intestine WD issues.

I bet a transition to kratom wouldn't even be as bad maybe half as bad. Throw some buds beers and bend into that and you're all set. You're off morphine.

>with the shit seeds I bet I use less than 120mg morphine aka 80mg oxycontin

>can't wait to get clean yet can't wait to get back to chipping

>wait should I be trying to quit or chip? Shit

I'll at least try to wait until day 3 WDs.

Just a heads up i did more research and we may be getting 60mg noscapine for every 100mg of morphine in our brews.

Go see if those side effects bother you. I think it's the actual cause of the "thebaine" effect tbh.
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Fri, 12 May 2017 11:13:35 EST ID:6DTNpgA+ No.578256 Ignore Report Quick Reply
looked it up the noscapaine. seems probable. I got nauseous a few times off the tea and even threw up with that last bag. I also got dilated pupils once. on day 2 now and it's pretty much unfolding like you mentioned. yesterday no issue. today runny nose and temperature is off. nervous about tomorrow. part of me wants to order a bag to taper with but I feel like I wont be able to control myself and will just keep dosing my usual if I do. that and seeing the poster above saying they've been doing pst since 2010 and just got the most fire bag they've had makes me want to say fuck it and just order some WGN.
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Fri, 12 May 2017 14:17:43 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.578264 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494613063754.jpg -(30956B / 30.23KB, 600x414) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Im sipping on my last cup of pst.

I have saved all the already washed seeds in a huge glass and I was thinking of funneling all of them into a water jug and doing ine last wash on all of the already wasged seeds together. My only concern is they have been moist in the container for about 3 days now, so could i get sick or die from bacteria?
Main reason i want to do this is some portion of the seeds i only washed once cause im new to pst and was high and forgetful, but realized most portions of the seeds were good for at least a 2nd wash.
Safe to do one last big wash of all the seeds or is that gross and risky?
Esther Clenkinbot - Fri, 12 May 2017 16:08:59 EST ID:KkJQtM10 No.578270 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I want to make tea from the pods in my garden but I dont want to wait until they dry on their own, can I pull them up and dry them in the oven then make tea with them?
Albert Wezzlewell - Fri, 12 May 2017 16:15:21 EST ID:wM3YF6Nm No.578271 Ignore Report Quick Reply
just lance them a lot but dont collect the opium, or do.

that or cut em down, break up into smaller pieces & dry with a fan or the sun or w.e-+
Eliza Bicklewater - Fri, 12 May 2017 16:28:13 EST ID:nExcx3Cy No.578272 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Don't do it, the taste is unbearable even after 2r houram I'm sure you could get sick they start to smell very fermented.

>don't believe everyone about 3 weeks.

Depending on the size of your habit it can last at least that long. I dont doubt it can take a lot less time too. Most physical symptoms are getting better by 10 to 14 days in but it can be 6 weeks before it's all over in my experience. Symptoms didn't peak until 7 days in.

I expect the alkaloid ratio of the seed you're using comes into it too as well as I individual variation. I suspect that thebaine is partly responsible for the long half life since oripavine is a major metabolite of thebaine. Oripavine is about as active as morphine but more toxic.
Eliza Bicklewater - Fri, 12 May 2017 16:39:22 EST ID:nExcx3Cy No.578275 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>the taste is unbearable even after 24 hours

Is what I was trying to say.
Fanny Nimmerlut - Sat, 13 May 2017 01:49:55 EST ID:uey4wCiy No.578300 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I found a great little polish market that sells great seeds by the pound for 3.50 each. The seeds are great.

How long do you guys usually shake for? I shake for 10-15 mins straight. Is that overkill? Not long enough?

Also, would adding some sort of agitator in the bottle help mix up the seeds better? Something akin to those big plastic jack shaped things that go in those bottles that people use for protein shakes (or whatever they drink).
Derluft !oCyNK.1Qtc - Sat, 13 May 2017 07:08:21 EST ID:kbUCPiKf No.578306 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You really don't need to add anything or shake longer than five minutes if you're going to do a second or even third wash within a relatively recent time of it's original shaking.

I've got some SN & another off brand off the river, coming on the 16th; will elaborate more if good. As always, WGN direct is decent, not grand or fire but decently good/sometimes great.
Eugene Bleshwodge - Tue, 16 May 2017 23:00:22 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.578493 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Jee wiz, this thread's slow. I guess it's not surprising considering things on the River ,lol. I haven't done any sort of opiate for like 3 weeks now, getting thirsty for some tea if ya sniff my drift. However the River seems to have become bunk central; is this still the case?
Jarvis Blobblehan - Wed, 17 May 2017 00:11:25 EST ID:5gdyEOEn No.578497 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1494994285148.png -(131300B / 128.22KB, 278x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fuuuuuuck me. I haven't been keeping up with this thread because I haven't needed seeds often enough to buy a shitload online; when I needed a few pounds, I'd buy from a nearby store with good seeds, but now I need more than they might be able to supply. Are some of the usual sources still good, or am I going to have to learn how to cop pills/dope?
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Wed, 17 May 2017 09:06:40 EST ID:rq3l5aOD No.578506 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495026400192.jpg -(55375B / 54.08KB, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I blame one person.

I'm getting a bag of FTL-E in today. That's supposedly the best right now on the big 3 but it's a whopping $8/lb.

It better be fire I'm used to the 3/10 junk.

I'm tapering off anyways though. That's what i would get.

I'm coming up on ~100ug LSD don't mind me
overgrownpath !3g9OJxiR.6 - Wed, 17 May 2017 09:35:45 EST ID:TTrJ8gbH No.578508 Ignore Report Quick Reply
have a sweet trip man
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Wed, 17 May 2017 11:36:04 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.578510 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495035364004.jpg -(8299B / 8.10KB, 259x194) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have 4lbs of FTL arriving tomorrow
Batch I got about a week ago was good, nothing else to compare it to though since it was my first experience with PST and I had 0 opiate tolerance since I havent done any opiates for at least 6 months. I would start nodding before I realized it after some of the washes.
I hope this batch is at lt least as good as the last.
Eugene Bleshwodge - Wed, 17 May 2017 11:44:14 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.578511 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Damn,you lucky bastard. None of the stores in my area carry usable seeds if they did, I'd probably be super addicted lol. If you're satisfied with 3/10 seeds, then the usual sources are still good I guess
Eugene Bleshwodge - Wed, 17 May 2017 11:46:42 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.578512 Ignore Report Quick Reply
O shit that sounds pretty great actually. There's nothing better than a ground-zero opiate tolerance lol. I havent tried FTL in eons, perhaps it's worth another look... Keep us posted on the 4lbs plz lol
Jack Pisslenerk - Thu, 18 May 2017 03:18:54 EST ID:lLPY64hC No.578553 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I have a 5lb bag of shitty SN seeds left so I'm going to have to buy some new stock soon, should I buy an 8lb bag of FTL or some more SN. I'll buy whichever one you guys are trying to quality check right now.
Priscilla Peggleben - Thu, 18 May 2017 03:23:34 EST ID:1/276my3 No.578554 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Check FTL-E from the river? I got a 5# SN last week and it was noticeably weaker and washed looking. Then I got another 5# and a 2# from SN on the river this week and it was same dirty, bitter unwashed that you get 8-9 times outta 10 from SN. Both bags.
Jack Pisslenerk - Thu, 18 May 2017 03:40:29 EST ID:lLPY64hC No.578555 Ignore Report Quick Reply
alright, this is what I was planning. i bought a 25 crate of SN some time ago and it was pretty tasteless and about half the potency I consider average, so I'm definitely down to try out FTL again. I'm gonna try both either way, I just don't have the money to buy all the seeds I want AND renew my Prime subscription. never fucking WGN tho.

this England legislation has me pretty fucking worried. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I feel like hard limits on morphine content translates to "wash everything just to be safe" for most suppliers. not to mention the chance of the DEA/FDA grabbing the opportunity and following suite with similar new rules. gonna try to do an aggressive taper using what seeds I get these next few months. I wish it were easier to get a sub script.
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Thu, 18 May 2017 03:42:30 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.578556 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495093350209.jpg -(42618B / 41.62KB, 479x395) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have a bag of FTL-E Arriving today.
Shipping info just updated, it's in my town, so it'll be here for surely. I'm gonna let y'all know later today what I think but keep in mind my opiate tolerance is still very low and I've never bought any other brand. I was impressed personally, but I'm not sure how meaningful my input is without much experience with PST.
Last bag I only need about a coffee cup worth of seeds to get high/sometimes nod.
Kinda of reiterating here from my previous post, sorry, just excited, and letting you know I can give you somewhat of an idea before you order.

Also I keep hearing that FTL is expensive but all other sources seem to be shitty quality right now, so I'm hoping someone can find us a better and less expensive source. Also I think I've overlooked the idea of poppy pods, but they don't seem to be talked about very much in this thread. One would think poppy pods are more efficient and less expensive, but again I'm new to this.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Thu, 18 May 2017 06:34:03 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.578560 Ignore Report Quick Reply
AFAIK poppy pods are mostly illegal for most everything but "decoration" in the US, and even then they're pretty strict about it. There used to be a lot of sites where you could buy them, but most of them got taken down. Apparently there are still some 'rotating' sites out there which regularly change their URLs, but I don't know any of them. Oh, and they're reportedly extremely expensive for the amount you get - not worth it at all.

God damn it, how have they cracked down on so fucking many different forms of opioids!? It's ridiculous! However, we do have the wonderful world of fent analogs available to us lmao. Has anyone ordered the synthesis of one of them from China? I think I might look into that. I wonder if I could get an acetylated version of whatever compound I go with, for maximum fun lol.
Eugene Sopperchutch - Thu, 18 May 2017 13:27:31 EST ID:5gdyEOEn No.578586 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>how have they cracked down on so fucking many different forms of opioids!?
Because they all eventually end up in the hands of people who can't keep their mouths shut.
Basil Didgehood - Thu, 18 May 2017 14:02:34 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.578592 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495130554283.jpg -(9633B / 9.41KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fucking Sugglestick - Thu, 18 May 2017 14:16:22 EST ID:sNX2R4Kh No.578596 Ignore Report Quick Reply

cant wait until the inevitable crackdown of PST because of people telling everyone they know and leaving reviews about how psychoactive they are. its unfortunate because its kinda difficult to abuse for some people, there's definitely a cap on the euphoria to which you only just feel sick after going beyond it. especially with the extremely weak bags. the only thing beneficial is that jews evidently want kosher seeds, and since they run everything they might have the legislation blocked
Hunter S. Nodson - Thu, 18 May 2017 15:27:17 EST ID:a1WEtajM No.578600 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>the only thing beneficial is that jews evidently want kosher seeds, and since they run everything they might have the legislation blocked

what high quality reasoning, keep up the good work. nb
Augustus Firryshaw - Thu, 18 May 2017 16:51:59 EST ID:MbIQK7eu No.578611 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495140719313.png -(176103B / 171.98KB, 582x365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fuck Fedex is slow, those fuckers take twice as long as usps (shipping to Canada) but give you an estimated delivery date of half the time they actually take. I'm telling FTL to never use Fedex again, and I want something out of this fiasco, I need my seeds fuck
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Thu, 18 May 2017 22:31:50 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.578632 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495161110988.jpg -(11956B / 11.68KB, 194x260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thats horrible, a lot of it probably has to do with customs, only takes 2-3 days here in the US, and I'm literally all the way on the other side from where they ship, just saying i feel for you I cant deal with that long wait shit.
Made the first cup, used exactly half a gatorade bottle full of seeds, its really fucking bitter and I only shook it for 5 mins this time instead of the usual over 10 cause I heard thats overkill if you wanna do 2nd washes.
Will report back in about an hour.
Reuben Gangerdet - Thu, 18 May 2017 22:43:17 EST ID:9uzRSC0V No.578633 Ignore Report Quick Reply
makes you think, ay mr nodson?
Morphiate !ewxdWBJtu2 - Fri, 19 May 2017 03:20:44 EST ID:zaurUfK0 No.578646 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495178444726.jpg -(611852B / 597.51KB, 1440x810) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just made some tea from these bad boys. Im hoping on Monday I will have all the materials needed to make pure morphine base. I tried and failed once before and ended up with just pod putty. Here's hoping I do better this time with the proper equipment. :p.
Cedric Chagglewell - Fri, 19 May 2017 09:55:03 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.578682 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Actually I think he has a decent point
Hunter S. Nodson - Fri, 19 May 2017 10:06:26 EST ID:a1WEtajM No.578683 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Nice, what process are you using? Just a/b? And did you cut those pods yourself? I'm jealous af, thats my next project except with poppy seeds.
Ebenezer Nombledock - Fri, 19 May 2017 12:38:21 EST ID:IZSFrvIG No.578694 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yay, my "overnight" shipment from the river is apparently delayed (with the last update time being several hours from now, however the fuck that works).

This might sound ignorant, and I apologize, but is there any chance they would stop sending them or that the shipment could be delayed for legal reasons? I order a LOT from the river, as in like 3 shipments a week usually. Last thing I need is my PO asking me why I'm getting insane amounts of poppy seeds sent to my house every other day. I get anxious, so again, I apologize if that's retarded.
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Fri, 19 May 2017 13:05:10 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.578696 Ignore Report Quick Reply
nobody gives a fuck if you order shit loads of seeds. I use to order 50 pound sacks regularly when i was addicted to pst and no one cares.
Jack Sittingfoot - Fri, 19 May 2017 13:34:12 EST ID:7h8SutlY No.578698 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Been getting back into PST lately since my tolerance is lower now, seems that H brand in AUS is potent enough now. Never used seeds from supermarkets before, used ti buy them in bulk online but I don't have enough money to do that now.

Anyway is it going to make me sick or not work if I do a 2nd/3rd wash on some seeds I washed 10 hours ago?
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Fri, 19 May 2017 14:21:43 EST ID:gV5nPaE7 No.578701 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yes, don't do that. They'll have started fermenting already. You need to do all the washes within a single hour, and then drink all of the liquid within 24 hours absolutely max, or more if you refrigerate/freeze it.
Dr. Crane !UnPZ9ycFy2 - Fri, 19 May 2017 14:30:14 EST ID:lGqCPKb0 No.578702 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495218614437.jpg -(153781B / 150.18KB, 1541x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I wouldn't advise doing a 2nd wash passed 30 minutes max. shit seems to go bad really quickly. Even after the hour mark the brew usually gets all white with shit floating around it it. Ultimately your call. I'd imagine it would taste so bad at that point you would probably puke.

I make mine a little different than most people. Most shake in a 2L bottle or some shit but I just put it in pitcher and stir the fuck out of it with a big ladle for 10-15 minutes max then fill it up again and repeat.

Just did 2 washes of a lb and drank my first glass. I know I said I was going to try to get off this shit but I finished off my kratom yesterday and while the WDs are only mild just want to be in bliss until I get my Kratom tomorrow. Not really counting this as a slip up or relapse cause I wasn't clean in the first place.
Dr. Crane !UnPZ9ycFy2 - Fri, 19 May 2017 14:36:48 EST ID:lGqCPKb0 No.578703 Ignore Report Quick Reply
sorry for double post but didn't see this until I posted. this so much though. I said 30minutes max but you are probably good up to the hour mark.
>and then drink all of the liquid within 24 hours absolutely max
and also this. I made the mistake of trying to drink day old tea when I was in a pinch and let's just say I learned my lesson.
Phoebe Boffingpug - Fri, 19 May 2017 15:40:38 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.578707 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Interesting, must have been a seasonal variation thing rather than The Man ruining everything.
Archie Hugglegold - Fri, 19 May 2017 16:52:29 EST ID:3/iIg/Aq No.578710 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Pretty new to using PST and I vomit basically every time I try to drink it.
Should I be taking dramamine or something? How do I keep it down?
Morphiate !ewxdWBJtu2 - Fri, 19 May 2017 19:00:42 EST ID:zaurUfK0 No.578711 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Bought the pods online. I plan on doing a simple extract using a guide I found online.

Basics of it were to grind the pods into powder, mix with water and cook at 70C for a few hours while stirring. Filter out all of the pod material (I have a vacuum filtration system that works great). Simmer down the liquid until theres only a few hundred ml's left. Add KOH until the PH reaches 9.1 at which point the morphine base falls out. Let the morphine settle and decant the excess liquid.

Should be interesting.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Fri, 19 May 2017 22:10:07 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.578717 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dramamine is God-tier with PST.
Albert Candletirk - Fri, 19 May 2017 22:28:29 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.578720 Ignore Report Quick Reply
When I was at the drinking 2-4litres of fluid stage (I swear second washes aren't even worth it) the method was to take 2 metoclopramide if I had it or failing that 50-100mg of doxylamine, I'm sure DPH/DMH would work too, down the PST 30-45 minutes after that and then when my stomach started to churn smoke a cone (that's weed for those playing at home) and wait a couple of minutes before trying to drink more.
When doing multiple washes (which as I said, probably isn't worth it) it would sometimes take an hour or a bit over just to drink it all. It still works if you don't scull it.
Albert Candletirk - Fri, 19 May 2017 22:28:56 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.578721 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hyoscine also works
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Sat, 20 May 2017 17:04:18 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.578740 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495314258557.jpg -(534354B / 521.83KB, 1400x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This 8-lb bag of "Food" I which was sent down the river to me from "England" last week is insanely delicious! I'm in the process of drinking pic related right now.

I'm not sure what happened last night but I woke up in a sea of clothes on the floor and I apparently spilled milk all over the kitchen. I got impatient b/c I wasn't feeling anything from my dose nearly two hours in, so I drank another 2/3rd-dose-worth - in retrospect this was a poor decision.

WISDOM: Never re-dose within 3 hours of your normal dose. ®©®
George Fengerstock - Sat, 20 May 2017 21:13:56 EST ID:J3AZzr55 No.578750 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Does that say Regular fucking Car Reviews?
Go back to >>>/mlp/
Jack Blackshaw - Sat, 20 May 2017 23:40:38 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.578760 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You probably don't need that much water in there. If the water layer above the seed layer is about half that size you're probably good. To each their own, but I think minimum volume is a winner.
Charles Hiffingtetch - Sun, 21 May 2017 01:55:31 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.578765 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495346131391.gif -(496877B / 485.23KB, 245x137) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Got a 4lb bag, similar thing happened to me the night before last night. Drank like 3 cups of tea in around 2 hours, then ended up being too high and didn't sleep. so I ended up feeling like total shit the next day at work. After I threw up and drank some water I felt fucking awesome and had little regrets cause I got to just nod out in the car for most of the day.

Basically FTL is good stuff, got a bit impatient and drank too much. Today I had a much better experience though.

So now I 2 cups is more than enough to make me nod and to start with only one cup and give it at least an hour before I shake down more.

Today however, I drank just the right amount, I made a cup to take with me to work, and mixed it with gatorade and a energy drink throughout the day. I really diluted it from the start and kept diluting it. Was on the edge of nodding most of the day, but alert and awake enough to work efficiently.
David Menningforth - Sun, 21 May 2017 21:41:40 EST ID:iOdFuKPP No.578829 Ignore Report Quick Reply
A question for you more regular users. Do you guys ever experience bad cases of bubble guts? The last couple times I have dosed, while getting me really high, my stomach gets moderately to severely upset and starts growling and bubbling constantly. Any way to help this?
Priscilla Brandleworth - Sun, 21 May 2017 21:44:42 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.578830 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Stomach or guts?
Minimum volume helps assuming it's your stomach that's the issue, as does shaking your seeds for as short a time as possible to avoid oils leaking out. If it's nausea then as I said early 1st gen antihistamines especially doxylamine are good (hyoscine too), as is weed.
Archie Fodgewell - Mon, 22 May 2017 04:53:00 EST ID:Jaqu2t38 No.578845 Ignore Report Quick Reply
FINALLY getting off this stuff. It was fun as fuck at first, but after a 16 months it's time to quit.
Special thanks to people who mentioned loratadine. My last dose was over 3 days ago, normally I'd be in hell right now. Went through 200 pills of loratadine, who knows what this is doing to my body, but I need to quit opiates, or at the very least greatly lower my dosage. Sleeping 12 hours per day and having no motivation just isn't working for me.
Archie Fodgewell - Mon, 22 May 2017 04:54:37 EST ID:Jaqu2t38 No.578846 Ignore Report Quick Reply
fuck I meant loperamide, man I'm an idiot with drug names.
Archie Fodgewell - Mon, 22 May 2017 05:00:58 EST ID:Jaqu2t38 No.578848 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I remember doing pH titrations in chemistry class. I suppose you could get a pH meter and slowly add base until it reads what you want. There might be some color indicators what would work in that pH range.
Esther Fondlestone - Mon, 22 May 2017 21:12:29 EST ID:TJdM08OA No.578899 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495501949056.jpg -(67751B / 66.16KB, 761x563) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>quitting pst

I feel your pain bro, what a shitshow it was i.m.e. Could t back it the first attempt as the physical anxiety lasted so long, second attempt tapered with heroin then went cold turkey and it was still shit. I just did a small amount today so I could get up early for work (opis help with that for me) and it made me feel awful so I think my body knows it shouldn't put up with that crap anymore.

So many alkaloids and random peripherally active chemicals on those seeds man, I think they messed with my heart a bit while I was on them. I was very lucky to be the type to find weed helpful for wd.
Jarvis Monderbanks - Tue, 23 May 2017 06:04:37 EST ID:IZSFrvIG No.578920 Ignore Report Quick Reply
So I absolutely have to get off this shit, for a variety of reasons. I'm sick of being addicted for one, and I'm also on probation and I'm a due for piss test pretty soon, I'd guess at my next meeting in about 3 weeks .I have about 25 2mg klonopin, so I should be ok I think. Here's the problem, though: I have to go to court-mandated classes every Wednesday. If I were to quit totally, then dose a little before my meeting to get straight, then go back to being completely clean again until the next meeting, would I be able to make it, or does dosing even once with a small amount completely reset everything back to as if I had never quit?

Apologies if this wasn't written well, I'm pretty tired here. But yea, that's my situation. Does a small dose once a week fuck everything up?

Thanks for any info, and if I need to be more clear, just let me know.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Tue, 23 May 2017 08:25:21 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.578922 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You should be fine, but if you can manage to get ahold of a much shorter acting drug, I think that would be much much better for you, due to PST's absolutely ridiculous half-life. If you do have to use PST, though, make sure that you use the absolute lowest possible dose to get you well (it should be about half or 1/3 that of the normal dose to get you well, since you'll be combining it with clonazepam), or even just barely below well. Additionally, you could do a two-week quick taper to ensure that you still have a week to get it out of your system. I think you might have better luck with that. What's your current dose? Regardless of that, reduce it by 1/10th of the original every day for 8-9 days, and then with the remaining 5 or so days, decrease THAT amount by 1/5th each day (oh, and you can supplement with the Klonopin throughout this entire thing), and then you're good. I genuinely feel as though you'll have a much higher chance of being able to get off of it than if you were to just quit cold turkey (but it does put you at risk if they decide to test you earlier). It's your choice, though. You know your situation better than I do. But yeah, I wish you all the best, and hope that you're able to succeed!! Good luck! <3
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Tue, 23 May 2017 09:28:58 EST ID:GyDMxm8z No.578925 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Mostly this.

I'd say 1x per week isn't that big of a deal, if that's actually how often he will be dosing. I agree that a 8-14 day taper pretty much feels the same whether you pick 7 or 14. I do feel that 10-14 days actually gives you a chance to wean off and slowly get it out of your system.

Let's not forget. You NEED kratom and you need to get it fast. They can't reasonably test for it and it will help keep you well, unlike every non-opi that just helps. It's a shame you can't smoke or vape cannabis. That shit helps with RLS/clearing your mind/vascodialator/sleep aid for some/frankly fries your brain so you're only halfway aware of what's going on with your body and the world around you.

Do you have a script for the benzos?
Betsy Fedgeworth - Tue, 23 May 2017 11:54:45 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.578931 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Long ass half life indeed... I haven't dosed in like 3 or 4 weeks (after consuming a 2lb bag at least every 2 weeks for like a year) and my body/mind is only now returning to normal.

To those trying to quit, now's the best time to do so lol. The fire days seem behind us, sad as it is to admit. Kratom helps, especially after the actual withdrawal symptoms end. Tis a massive challenge to quit, depending on how addicted your are to start out with, but like I said now seems like the best time to do so.

May Odin be on your side, fellow tea heads.
Sidney Gaffingfone - Tue, 23 May 2017 14:59:39 EST ID:kBdCbCB7 No.578942 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I took like 3oz to stop a heroin withdrawal, and I got higher than I should have, so I dosed too high, but here I am 24 hours later and there's no w/d symptoms.
Do you think it's over or am I just still feeling the PST effects.

Imagine withdrawal as this curve going below the x axis. Is it possible to dose in such a way that exactly negates that curve and balances out at zero -> tada withdrawals gone?
I don't know how the body repairs its neurotransmitters.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Tue, 23 May 2017 15:03:22 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.578943 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've been high for >48 hours, so no, you're not out of the woods yet, unfortunately.
Dr. Crane !UnPZ9ycFy2 - Tue, 23 May 2017 15:49:07 EST ID:lGqCPKb0 No.578946 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495568947823.gif -(2232914B / 2.13MB, 498x372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>You NEED kratom and you need to get it fast
just want to emphasize this. I have been binging on the stuff and while I'm not getting high off it in the slightest and still feel like shit it does wonders especially for the cravings. without it I would be pic related right now. going to probably try an extract using the Hunter's guide(if you're reading this major props for that thread).

btw how is the taper going Mario? hope all is well and with the rest of /opi/ too whatever you guys may be going through currently.
George Gebberstidge - Tue, 23 May 2017 22:02:16 EST ID:UvWm596q No.578956 Ignore Report Quick Reply
So the future looks grim, eh? I've been drinking PST for more than a year now, mostly staying with SN but I switched over to WGN for a brief period of time.

Is the future really as pale as it's being painted here? Are there any decent U.S. suppliers? I'm honestly pretty scared guys, I don't use a lot of seeds (~ 89 - 95 grams of the weakest SN batches are enough for me to get high, measured out on a scale) but I'm still pretty heavily dependent on them. Are all the major vendors going to be washed in 3 - 4 months? Or am I freaking out over nothing?

I suppose I could always go back to using kratom and kava kava, but even kratom's future seems pretty uncerfain these days.
Hunter S. Nodson - Tue, 23 May 2017 22:38:23 EST ID:SrJE9oy1 No.578961 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Really appreciate that man hope it works out for you, I'll have some insane updates on that thread soon. Just bought a lot of lab equipment (1 and 5 micron filters, glassware, citric acid, tons of other helpful things).
Jenny Sommerkit - Wed, 24 May 2017 17:59:00 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.579021 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I wouldn't say grim, but I would say the glory days of online seed-ordering are over (or at least, you'll have to get creative with where you order from). I've been ordering off the river since like 2013, more frequently as the years went by, and it's my humble opinion that the River isn't as good of a source as it used to be. Maybe not completely bunk, but significantly less fire than, say, 2015.

The sad part is, I have no idea where to look besides the River, lol
Ernest Chodgedale - Wed, 24 May 2017 21:02:35 EST ID:UvWm596q No.579036 Ignore Report Quick Reply

The only other source I can think of is TNT, but if he sources from the UK then their stuff is bunk too.
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Wed, 24 May 2017 22:26:03 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.579042 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495679163152.jpg -(5045B / 4.93KB, 300x168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Think I'm about to order another 4lb bag from FTL. Is that on the river or different? I'm new, only orderes twice, so please answer me even if its a dumb question.

Was suppose to take a week or two break between batches to avoid addiction, but if all sources are going to bunk most likely soon might as well enjoy it now. And I just dont feel like waiting that long to get high again. Feel like I fibally figured out the nest method for each wash and I wasted some seeds the last two times, not just from using shitty containers like water bottles but also jonesing to hard and consuming too much in a short time, so I should be able to make this batch last a bit longer.
Lillian Fuckingman - Thu, 25 May 2017 00:09:43 EST ID:Jaqu2t38 No.579057 Ignore Report Quick Reply
to those trying to quit: consider loperamide. I'm 4 days off now and fine. I'm taking massive doses and hope it doesn't kill my heart, but it's worth the risk to get off.
Take a large dose of immodium 36 hours before withdrawal.

I was making pst in my parents' bathroom when I visited them. I realized my habit was getting out of hand. Plus I've gotten very little done the past year. It was only fun at first.
Oliver Blackway - Thu, 25 May 2017 01:06:31 EST ID:QtdD3W3G No.579060 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm honestly super sick of how things are going with the way people make reports on the big three. I see reports of each brand, some calling it fire, some calling it shit. Unless you have a 1lbs+ habit, I have a hard time believing posters about it. When you have a lower tolerance, any of the big 3 will get you fucking ripped. I've stuck with SN for ~5 months, just because I'm tired of hopping around brands hoping for something different. I figure all of the seeds between the different companies can't be THAT far apart and that it's just a shitty time for seeds. I figure things will get better, though. I know my tolerance is super high (2 lbs a day, sometimes 2.5) and that for the most part, even on great seeds, I'm only going to get well. If any of you have a high tolerance though, and I SHOULD be trying a different brand, let me know. I know that euphoria with PST isn't exactly going to happen after maintaining a bad habit that long but I'd at least like to nod a bit if possible.
Dr. Crane !UnPZ9ycFy2 - Thu, 25 May 2017 01:23:31 EST ID:lGqCPKb0 No.579061 Ignore Report Quick Reply
well from my experience (high tolerance though) it is more than an increasing tolerance and the batches are getting weaker and weaker. I've had a couple more decent than others but I feel the people getting floored on it are without higher tolerances. I don't know how grim the future is but especially for high tolly users now is an optimal time to kick it. I'm not saying for good but to lower tolerance if nothing else because it is becoming very cost inefficient which is not how seeds should be. I can attest to the lope, even small doses have helped me greatly but I haven't fucked with higher doses because I'm afraid of the side effects as you mention.

also I've seen gabapentin come up in multiple threads recently. if you are planning to go through opi withdrawal this stuff is KING. but please realize if you are taking insane doses and abruptly run out you can face some slightly nasty WD symptoms and topped on top on an opi WD will just make everything feel worse. also docs are starting to realize people are now using gabapentin to get high so if you run out too soon and try to call in a refill thinking it will look fine it's not a narcotic it may rise some sort of concern or flag. but bottom line if you do get offered this I would save it for when you know you are going to go through some serious shitty WDs.

another thing that helps when I'm in withdrawl is doxylamine succinate (Unisom). I find it helps a lot more than benadryl but make sure your Unisom has doxylamine it because I think I've seen it with dph in it instead. however start slow because I heard for some people it makes the RLS even worse. personally for me some doxylamine, gabapentin and kratom are a lovely combination to keep you as good as you can be in WDs without taking more opiates. pregabalin is supposed to work as gabapentin but I've never personally had it sound can't speak from experience on that one.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Thu, 25 May 2017 15:20:28 EST ID:8zqslJTd No.579085 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495740028866.jpg -(52153B / 50.93KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tried my new bag of WGN. I went WGN then FTL-E for double the money and got less than 2x high, so I got another WGN (used to be a SN fanboy for over a year).

Will report back later, but I was in puking WDs and haven't gotten actually good euphoric rush even though I've taken like ~13oz if you calculate additional loss from throwing up.

>tl;Dr there's no way this newest WGN is above 3.5/10, maybe even lower. The last FTL-E was definitely under a 4, for double the price. When I got 6 5# in a row from SN that were 2-4/10, then got a literal 1/10, so I won't be ordering anytime soon. YMMV

>how does Panda5 say that he got a 10/10 FTL in the last month or two? I only bought it cuz he has years of experience

Some people are weird. I'm convinced I can't get a wooooosh-tier euphoria from oral morphine anymore. I'm happy to feel a comeup buzz for 30mins and my calfs relaxing

>planting poppies soon DD
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Thu, 25 May 2017 15:34:48 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.579090 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495740888931.jpg -(55644B / 54.34KB, 850x478) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>how does Panda5 say that he got a 10/10 FTL in the last month or two? I only bought it cuz he has years of experience

I just got a bag one-nighted from upstream literally today. This shit is ridiculously potent; I'll take pics of my next dose/wash. I feel fucking fantastic right now and I was in the liquid-shitting phase of w/d just 6-7 hours ago.

Every SN bag I've had in the last 5 months has been bunk - I even used over 3 lbs once and didn't feel anything. In 2015 I alternated between FTL and SN, but in 2016 I switched to SN exclusively because it was great. But after my 2nd completely-bunk SN bad in December I got back on FTL and have had one bunk bag but that's been it.

Now, I don't get a lot of euphoria - no opiate has given me that in 3-4 years - and the sedation is sometimes too much (I've injured myself / broken things many times by just fucking blacking out and falling onto shit) but it is still fun and feels good.
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Sat, 27 May 2017 13:08:30 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.579181 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495904910504.jpg -(6900B / 6.74KB, 300x168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is upriver FTL or is upriver another source?
Still confused
Ive only had two batches of FTL so far and both tasted just like CWE and got me nodding easily, though I have a very low opiate tolerance.

I have a bag of FTL-E out for delivery, arriving in a few hours at the most. Just wondering if upriver is a different, possibly better source, cause I plan to continuing using PST weekly with breaks here and there so I may at least poop sometimes.
Derluft !oCyNK.1Qtc - Sat, 27 May 2017 15:14:01 EST ID:g2bZQz/n No.579189 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495912441250.jpg -(560062B / 546.94KB, 1024x939) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeah, just because it's got a dark orange color to it doesn't mean its's good; this last time capturing the Sun which was Best was really shitty but still very dark orange, it's only when the water's dark in general as well as translucent does it rate for the usual best..

Speaking of which, I'm sure you all can guess what brand I tried out, SB are some of the best seeds I've had in a while; the 5lb orders were almost fire tier good and I've been informed via river review that the 2,3 & 6lb bags are usually better than the 4 or 5, though my last hopeful order for a 25lb of it was shot to shit when it had a completely different exp dates of 5lb bags and was that peppered scheisse, of which is making me feel.. Off. Anyhoo, tried SB and while it may not be the most known, common quality or overall pragmatic seed option, I enjoyed thoes two bags I got. So ymmv, ofc.

Da River or upriver is that site in South America with that rainforest around it; now, what's the river called again? ;)

Seriously, these are so bad imma 1 or 2 day some SN or WGN E; God damn.
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Sat, 27 May 2017 16:38:34 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.579194 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495917514312.jpg -(508530B / 496.61KB, 747x908) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I dont fucking know, the amazon? I thought FTL was the best right now, now I'm unsure and confused.

Anywho, I just shook down some pst, tummy already feels funny, nose no longer funny, done ready to go fuckin dumb dumb dummy retarded on the lil yellow bus
Jarvis Dartdock - Sat, 27 May 2017 18:00:08 EST ID:oQGgB+f9 No.579196 Ignore Report Quick Reply
so somehow i managed to go thru 10lbs of WGN in 12-14 days without any real opi tolerance/habit. i last dosed midday yesterday and i dont intend on ordering more seeds any time soon but my question is this; what kind of WD symptoms would you expect me to experience after dosing daily for around 2 weeks? i have a small amount of loperamide and a stash of gabapentin i plan on taking if needed, just wondering what to expect.
Jarvis Dartdock - Sat, 27 May 2017 18:00:08 EST ID:oQGgB+f9 No.579197 Ignore Report Quick Reply
so somehow i managed to go thru 10lbs of WGN in 12-14 days without any real opi tolerance/habit. i last dosed midday yesterday and i dont intend on ordering more seeds any time soon but my question is this; what kind of WD symptoms would you expect me to experience after dosing daily for around 2 weeks? i have a small amount of loperamide and a stash of gabapentin i plan on taking if needed, just wondering what to expect.
StimLioness !JM2DTgXfqU - Sat, 27 May 2017 18:01:02 EST ID:ouDwO8p/ No.579198 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495922462681.png -(285384B / 278.70KB, 540x541) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Pharah x Mercy
My nigguh
Walter Susslebotch - Sat, 27 May 2017 18:03:39 EST ID:XhyC6AVA No.579199 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You're already a retard, quit posting.
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Sat, 27 May 2017 19:47:29 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.579202 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495928849127.jpg -(193947B / 189.40KB, 625x833) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I am a special needs wolf puppy, please be nice to me...
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sat, 27 May 2017 21:15:52 EST ID:8zqslJTd No.579207 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I'm doing alright. Aciddrop is helping me out with support. I skipped today and 4oz per day is thankfully keeping me well now. Things should work out I just gotta avoid getting high.

I might buy 2000lb of seeds for under $500 but only as a business venture with my wife. Let you know if it works out.
Polly Pockhood - Sat, 27 May 2017 23:59:44 EST ID:FEIosvhB No.579214 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If you haven't been dependent before then you may not get any WDs. You'll want to take a decent break after this though.
Lydia Brimblefoot - Sun, 28 May 2017 00:17:26 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.579215 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495945046755.jpg -(47349B / 46.24KB, 500x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I might buy 2000lb of seeds for under $500 but only as a business venture with my wife
>only as a business venture
>business venture

Be sure to sample to product so you know the quality.
No offence man, but I think you might be kidding yourself a bit on this one.

Pupils in the pic related aren't even pinned, way to do your research guys
StimLioness !JM2DTgXfqU - Sun, 28 May 2017 10:17:01 EST ID:Lw2e2vVV No.579230 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495981021699.jpg -(159095B / 155.37KB, 989x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>way to do your research guys
That movie is so over the top, even before I started using heroin I was like yeah this is some DARE level psa bullshit. Best dope movie imo is Drugstore Cowboy.

Nell Blatherdale - Sun, 28 May 2017 11:38:54 EST ID:dWjQ0o+l No.579232 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Reqiuem is not only about opiate though...

Have you even seen the movie?
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 28 May 2017 16:53:41 EST ID:8zqslJTd No.579240 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496004821948.jpg -(1097283B / 1.05MB, 1440x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Not to get into a debate, but I'm either getting clean while maintaining access to seeds all the time or I'm not getting clean at all. With my wife's MBA background she just wants me to turn this around into something good. I already sell dildos and grinders lol, pretty much anything I can get from China. Yeah I just have to read more about the law because I'm not a full on lawyer. If I do get clean and go into business I'll stop posting here most likely.
Hugh Gullychet - Sun, 28 May 2017 21:27:13 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.579251 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The scene where oldmate gets his arm amputated made me laugh. Not a great way to put people off injecting, more put them off repeatedly injecting into an abscess and not seeking medical attention at all.

I have, but like most movies I watched at that time in my life it's a bit of a blur. You're probably right, I think the eye shot might be from when they were smoking weed where I seem to remember their pupils dilate. I thought it was kind of dumb, but I can see how they needed some way to convey to the audience that they were getting high.

Fair enough. Not trying to tell you how to live your life, I just know how hard I'd find it to taper with what would seem like an unlimited supply of opiates on hand.
Henry Bladgecocke - Sun, 28 May 2017 22:22:46 EST ID:9uzRSC0V No.579258 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496024566285.jpg -(183078B / 178.79KB, 1024x676) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
speed or coke my dude
Hamilton Sivinggold - Sun, 28 May 2017 22:29:36 EST ID:kBdCbCB7 No.579260 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My first PST dose was ~20g, and that was in my first 5 opi experiences.
The other day I had to take ~3oz and that's not even for a high, that's just to keep the w/d away. It's all from the same Jan-2016 SN batch though. it's a shame the quality dropped off so much this year.
Aciddrop !tbcTsdGo8Q!!vVWR8L52 - Sun, 28 May 2017 23:18:06 EST ID:BGt2f3aU No.579261 Ignore Report Quick Reply
They popped some uppers. And have a fast forward montage of them running around the house for hours not really doing much and spinning records.

Hugh Gullychet - Mon, 29 May 2017 01:50:43 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.579271 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Fair enough. I obviously don't remember the movie as well as I thought (which was 'poorly' anyway). Pretty sure I saw that movie around the same time I borrowed Old Boy ~5 times swearing blind I'd never seen it. GF tried to convince me that we'd seen it while I stubbornly insisted I'd never borrowed it, she ended up asking the dude at the counter to check if we'd hired it before, which was how I found out that it was the 5th time lol.

I'm not your mum, and you don't owe me an explanation so maybe I should just leave this be... butif you're getting clean why do you need to maintain access to seeds?
If it's a psychological thing then I get it. For ages the only way I got through not using was by convincing myself that I'd be able to go back to chipping one day. Looking forward to that was the only way I got through it. It took ages for me to finally accept the idea of maybe never going back to getting high on opioids, and a part of me still hasn't. Fuck but it's going to be tempting to get a 15kg bag of seeds once I'm off the program, or just try to get high on all the bupe I've been stockpiling.
Hamilton Sivinggold - Mon, 29 May 2017 13:22:34 EST ID:kBdCbCB7 No.579287 Ignore Report Quick Reply
So what are some methods for preparing PST?

I use a water bottle and use the cap as a filter, but it requires either washing the seeds out of the bottle or a lot of bottles...
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Mon, 29 May 2017 15:12:04 EST ID:6DTNpgA+ No.579294 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496085124289.gif -(1193339B / 1.14MB, 300x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
just google preparation methods and read through those. lots of people's methods differ. just have to get a feel for what works best for you. using 1lb+ of seeds per dose I would use just enough water to match the seeds and I would get just about 3 glasses/water bottles full and 3 more if I do a second wash.
Ernest Cregglefield - Mon, 29 May 2017 20:38:43 EST ID:MV8rPz2m No.579310 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's weird, I can order 20lb from SN and get a streak of GREAT batches but the next one is bunk. Hell, even my current order had two nice bags and two crapp ones. I'm using up the bad ones now and they're definitely 2-3/10 but the good were like 6-8/10, I could see some thick sediment even before I poured my second wash. They were dated 2/18 if that makes a difference, I buy from the site and not river also. I notice that when people buy from the river, they get expire dates that I got a couple months ago. So i'm here to say that the quality does get better for SN after any 12/XX dates from last year but it isn't perfect, there's still variation. I go through alot of seeds since i'm a daily user and i've tried WGN and FTL -E and WGN was good not great but FTL-E gave me nothing. For me, someone living in the midwest/northeast, SN is the best i've had and most consistent. I've got another order of SN coming tomorrow so i'll let you guys know how it goes. This is a great drug, cheap and easy to obtain, but it fucking SUCKS to get addicted to. Getting bunk seeds or having to wait for a delivery can really make your life hell, especially when holidays come around and your shipment is delayed over the weekend. Good luck guys, some of us need it
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Tue, 30 May 2017 00:03:33 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.579329 Ignore Report Quick Reply
depends on the amount but my favorite method for large multi pound batches is the trusty 5 gallon bucket, power drill and paint mixer attachment. Works like a charm and is super fast, only works on big batches though so if youre still using bottles you probably dont need something like this. Maybe use a funnel and shake in one gallon plastic juice jugs and filter through either a fine grain metal mesh filter or cheese cloth.
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Wed, 31 May 2017 12:19:24 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.579502 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496247564240.png -(2520134B / 2.40MB, 1386x988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Next month marks 6 years of PST/PPT use for me; pretty crazy.

I just got a 4-lb WGN(E) - my first time trying this brand. I washed 2/3rd of a lb and the color and taste *seem* like a 3/10, but I'm going to wait at least 2.5 hrs to see how it feels before upping the dose.

Next wash I'll take pictures like I have sometimes done before (see these posts below), but I don't expect it to be as good as my usual FTL(E) which has recently given me some of the most potent bags I've ever had.

While I am a longtime 4C/o/ tripfriend, I have never seen regular car reviews - I just was high and playing with alt codes.
Bombastus !uYErosQbLM!!Mybq1UbK - Wed, 31 May 2017 13:28:59 EST ID:Jq6VDps5 No.579507 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496251739889.jpg -(57467B / 56.12KB, 504x378) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
6 years old PST. holy fucking shit.
What was the scene like 6 years ago? Could you possibly detail every year and all the differences exposure, legislation, etc have had over the past time by making a megathread? I think that information would inform us and be very informing.

Also, side note. How is driving on the sedatives like and do you actually like the flavour?
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Wed, 31 May 2017 13:56:49 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.579508 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496253409274.jpg -(59687B / 58.29KB, 564x423) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>What was the scene like 6 years ago?
Well, I've never met another opiate user in real life, but have been coming here since 2009. Back then it was all about -codones; they were fucking everywhere so /opi/'s most common thing was "I found these M367s, how many do I take?" There were a lot of ppl with fent patches, too. Other than that /opi/ hasn't changed much.

>Could you possibly detail every year and all the differences exposure, legislation, etc have had over the past time by making a megathread? I think that information would inform us and be very informing.
I could, and there have been a lot of changes as far as legislation and what drugs are available. The big ones:
  • Oxycontin OC to OP.
  • Hydrocodone changing from schedule 3 to schedule 2 (this was HUGE).
  • Silk road & other DNMs
  • Online tramadol sales crackdowns
  • Online pod sales crackdowns - pods went from $45 / lb to $225 / lb in a year (2012 or so)
  • Chinese started shipping over fent in ~2013; changed the game for a lot of ppl.
  • States started implementing prescription tracking systems so doctors started prescribing less.
  • The "Opioid Epidemic" and new CDC recommendations have also made docs hesitant to prescribe anymore.
  • Many more ppl are doing bupe now.

>How is driving on the sedatives?
It's not that bad usually, though I have fallen asleep and driven off the road a few times (never hit anything though). I really enjoy driving and being on /opi/ makes it more enjoyable. Unless you're nodding your face off slapping yourself to stay awake, then it isn't a big issue. I also generally take adderall or other stims which balances things out, and I never do benzos or z-drugs.

>do you actually like the flavour?
No I do not, but it's tolerable and doesn't make me gag or anything.
David Lightshaw - Wed, 31 May 2017 13:59:49 EST ID:IZSFrvIG No.579509 Ignore Report Quick Reply
just ordered 4lbs of WGN off the river, so please let me know how your batch is as soon as you can.
Bombastus !uYErosQbLM!!Mybq1UbK - Wed, 31 May 2017 14:54:34 EST ID:Jq6VDps5 No.579511 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I meant specifically for poppy seeds and poppy pod tea back 6 years ago, 3 years ago, and 2 years ago.

Around a year ago is when people actually started finding out and the EU started washing en masse. But I remember how people thought it was antiscience and fake like 2 years ago let alone 6.
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Wed, 31 May 2017 15:35:04 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.579512 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well, the thing is... It used to be that I'd need 3-4 lbs of the best seeds available - they weren't always this potent.

Then around fall 2014 a couple ppl died off of an SN batch and everyone caught on and a couple other brands started getting this high-potency stuff. My tolerance is higher now and 2/3rds of a pound sometimes gets me wrecked to the point of blackout / injury / memory loss.
Bombastus !uYErosQbLM!!Mybq1UbK - Wed, 31 May 2017 15:48:40 EST ID:Jq6VDps5 No.579513 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's always from a mixture of other substances like that one radio DJ who took xanax with it. God fucking damn it. I remember when SN was super potent, too. I still have two bags from 1 year ago and a lot of non-drank, rank shit that's pressurized in some water bottles. Drinking around 100g of the seed wash had me throwing up for around 30 hours until the next day. If I took even 0.5mg of something shit like lorazepam, I would've probably died, too. Supermarket poppy seeds still get me high but it's not worth washing 5lbs or that shit (or the price).

It's hard to overdose to death on pure opiates though, PST doesn't really count due to reticuline based sedatives that are non-benzodiazpine GABA modifiers . Ah well.

Anyway, I was more wondering what the scene itself was like 6 years ago. Did you advertise to people that you could get a """legal""" high or did you just keep it to yourself like a community member?
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Wed, 31 May 2017 16:50:46 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.579519 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496263846168.jpg -(47809B / 46.69KB, 585x914) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I was more wondering what the scene itself was like 6 years ago.
No idea, like I said, I've never met another opiate user IRL (except in forced rehab I guess), I never had an Opiophile account, and /opi/ was even slower back then.

>Did you advertise to people that you could get a """legal""" high or did you just keep it to yourself like a community member?
Most ppl didn't think seeds worked back then and would be condescending if you even mentioned them; we'd bring up pods in the BWN now and then though.

Side story: Around 2013 I was using pods and seeds every day and was in college. I went back to my folks' place for spring break once and they found my seeds - then fucking called the cops on me. The cops came with an EMT; I was fairly high, and the cops told my parents that what I was doing was perfectly legal and the medic said I was just fine. That pissed my family off a lot - both of my parents were 30-year military officers and they wanted me to pay hard for enjoying drugs.

I ordered mine from the river on Monday. I'm about to make another (larger) wash and I'll take pics and report back. I did ~2/3rds of a pound 4 hours ago and have gotten a mild buzz at best (possibly placebo). I just ordered some FTL from FTL themselves (much cheaper than through the river + free shipping w/ tracking) about an hour ago because this WGN is disappointing.
Doris Fangerwell - Wed, 31 May 2017 17:07:06 EST ID:MV8rPz2m No.579520 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Order came in a they work just fine, not nodding my ass off but I do nod towards bedtime. i'd give them about 6-7/10 which i'm perfectly content with. funny thing is, I got the wrong order haha. Some lady in TN ordered 2 5lb bags of seeds and a bag of dried blueberries. The bags are dated 2/18/2018 and lot code is T3Rd

Damn dude that's fucked up. I could never understand being that angry with your child and wanted them to pay rather than being worried and asking them about it. That's what my parents did when they found my bags. sorry you have to deal with that
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Wed, 31 May 2017 17:33:48 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.579521 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The story got even worse.

They then got me court ordered into a psychiatric ward (in my state you can claim that someone you know is 'harming themselves' and they'll get court-ordered into a facility). I was on seeds when the cops took me to the hospital so I couldn't pee - but they wanted a drug test so 3 cops forcibly held me on a table while a nurse shoved a catheter up my cock (painful as fuck). I tested positive for morphine, codeine, cannabis, amphetamine (adderall script), and methamphetamine (I had taken a benzedrex the day before) so they kept trying to talk to me about my meth problem and didn't care about my discussion of substituted phenethylamines and their metabolites so I got an ambulance ride to a psych ward. Now I can't get a job w/ a security clearance (I'm a 'software engineer' and a lot of those jobs require top secret) because there's documentation that I abuse drugs.

I was going through withdrawals hard by the 3rd day in there and they wouldn't give me loperamide unless someone actually watched me spewing liquid - so I let a nurse stand there as I spit liquid from my ass - and they game me *one fucking milligram* of loperamide which didn't help. It was a bad time for many reasons in there, but I won't go into that.

Then ~10 months later I got a bill for $21k for my 5-day stay which I never consented to. I had to bitch out my insurance for days before they'd cover it; but they left me with the $1k ambulance bill.

My parents are rich and paid for my college, but fuck them so hard. My brother owns a beer company, and they are fine if he has 4 beers at dinner then drives home - but they find me with a bag of poppy seeds and I get a tube up my dick.
Dr. Crane !UnPZ9ycFy2 - Wed, 31 May 2017 19:37:51 EST ID:lGqCPKb0 No.579529 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496273871342.jpg -(1167589B / 1.11MB, 2506x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Weighed exactly 1lb of FTL-E (so now this is my 3rd "one more time" lol). Going to set my WD back a little bit but meh fuck it I know the consequences I'm signing up for. Going to have my kratom and benzos tomorrow anyway so not really worried. Instead of beating myself up I'll just focus on the positive side that I made it a week and had been using daily.

This FTL-E is 06/01/2019. I've seen quite a few reviews for it on circlejerk, just seems to still be a crapshot (with SN/WGN too). Some people say fire, some say 2/10 and others even say they had one week bag but later one fire (with this same date) which seems to validate it's at least somewhat varying consistencies rather than just different tolerances on contradictory reviews. Bag I got is miles ahead of any SN i've had this year but like I said you could get a shit bag with same date with the inconsistency (could also just seem more fire because my usage has dropped). I can't make any guarntees but I would wager that FTL-E will be better than any current SN but not sure about WGN (haven't had it since February). From what I've read WGN looks even better but I've also seen a few reviews saying WGN is super weak so take it with a grain of salt.
LaDiDotty - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 01:10:29 EST ID:icVXDZxS No.579554 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hey y'all

So I've been sticking w/FTL for the better part of the last 4-6 months. SN has just been crap to me, it doesn't even curb WD's. For what it's worth my tolly is on the higher side. I use approx 2-2 1/2 cups of seed which I was told is roughly an lb. I've been on this dose since I started using PST regularly for well over a year now.
My most recent order from FTL has exp date of 6/2018. I would give it about a 7/10, not as good as the 5/2018 bags I had last, those were pretty great! One thing I noticed this time is the seeds have a slightly different smell to them. I noticed this right away when I opened the bags. The other thing is they are so very bitter! I use a bit more liquid than probably most of you, atleast 1/2 of the liquid is Squirt, 7-up or Mtn Dew. Anyhow after I do the 1st wash I can barely get it down which almost never happens. I drink as much as I can then wait until after I do a 2nd wash to mix the 2 so it's more tolerable. The other thing is if I were to just be drinking the 2nd wash, it definitely doesn't have the same "punch" as the last bags I had. Oh & there def wasn't as much plant matter in these last bags as their was in the 5/2018 bags. I should have ordered xtra of those, they were pretty awesome comparatively.
So this last order, because I read many saying it was better, I decided to take a gamble w/SN & place an order after 5-6mos of staying away. I figured if it wasn't as good as FTL I could mix the 2. Well I'm sorry to say I so wish I hadn't wasted the money! It still sucks. It didn't even compare. If you have a moderate-high tolly & have been regularly using PST SN is just not the same. When leaving a review it really helps to list your tolly & usage to others can get something from your review.
If I were to just use SN I would immediately start feeling WD's. The other thing I noticed about their seeds is they make me feel anxiety-ish, the same way I feel if I take certain Opi's. I can't take methadone, even Fent makes me feel awful or high doses of Oxy will also cause this. The other thing I notice w/SN's seeds which makes me think they have been rinsed, is they swell up in water so much faster than FTL's. So now I have 2 5lb bags of SN that I've no clue what to do with. Guess I'll CL them.
I've read a few posts about some new regulations that are happening or that the Gov is trying to pass....... about PS's can only have a certain (small) percentage of Morph. That really sucks! I hope it doesn't happen, atleast not for a good while.

Good luck erryone! Please keep the reviews coming!
Wesley Driblingwudging - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 09:07:40 EST ID:KVexQ96i No.579570 Ignore Report Quick Reply
3 years IV H user
3 years before that was oxys and opana.
Made PST for the first time yesterday.
Im impressed. This could be a great substitute in between being able to score. It feels much like methadone. kills craving and withdrawal.

But to be objective, fuck feeling nauseous and getting a headache. Dosing is time consuming and hard to gauge at least for a beginner. The euphoria is so low I am getting turned off to opiates altogether. Don't want to overpay for H any more either. I wish I never tried PST.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 10:50:28 EST ID:8zqslJTd No.579576 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You wish you never tried it? Wtf? Is that really your first reaction?

Do you mean that the high isn't smooth or sharp enough? Like it feels crude and dull yet a wide spectrum high? I distinctively recall complaining about the high when I first started too. I didn't like how it's not as "smooth" as oral oxycodone or hydrocodone.

Now I can barely remember what an oxyc or hydroc high even feels like. I mean not really but sort of. And now if I took say 130mg oral oxycodone I would probably get high and euphoric but I would complain how it doesn't feel "full" and how the high just feels limited in dimension and duration.

Basically yes it seems like a half step down at first, but hydrocodone oxycodone and morphine are all super similar when consumed orally. Hell oral morphine is equipment to oral hydrocodone mg for mg.

I need to try making a sterilized PST suppository before I get off this stuff altogether. It's just about the only way I can get high anyways. I can do 4oz maintenance for 2 weeks and then dose 20oz and not really get any euphoria. Fucking blows
Dr. Crane !UnPZ9ycFy2 - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 12:16:49 EST ID:lGqCPKb0 No.579579 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Don't knock it just yet man. Why are you wishing you never tried it? Guessing low euphoria (since you start out saying it can be a nice substitute).

Got to take in a few factors to the low euphoria though:

  1. you already have a dependency.
  2. seeds have been pretty weak this year and tons of brands are selling seeds that have had been washed to hell and back (how much seeds did you use and how did you prepare?).
  3. like you said it is hard to gauge for a beginner especially if you are taking it slow (tea can take a while to peak).

Anyways hope it works out for you and makes for a good substitute when you need it.
Shitting Werringdetch - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 04:28:58 EST ID:a1lWVphd No.579621 Ignore Report Quick Reply
so i just bought 10 lbs sn from amazon

my previous experience was bobs red mill

what should i expect?
MDCB !txtI0IGNgk!!VyqqkppB - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 08:42:58 EST ID:Os8ddAQL No.579629 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>What should i expect?

Disappointment if the above posts are anything to go on.
I hop3 for your sake that I'm wrong.
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 10:47:04 EST ID:6DTNpgA+ No.579633 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If you have a low tolerance you'll feel good as long as you use enough but not too much. Also can't say the sources here.
Augustus Blattingwack - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 23:06:07 EST ID:a1lWVphd No.579661 Ignore Report Quick Reply
well the 3 lb bag of sn is significantly more bitter than any brm ive ever had.
washed about 440g fingers crossed
Hunter S. Nodson - Sat, 03 Jun 2017 00:39:41 EST ID:SrJE9oy1 No.579672 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496464781856.jpg -(460983B / 450.18KB, 1200x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I mean its not always guaranteed I feel like. I'm pretty sensitive to thebaine and the other weird alkaloids and it made the PST experience for me really shitty. Depends on the person but I think its definitely more of an exception.
MDCB !txtI0IGNgk!!VyqqkppB - Sat, 03 Jun 2017 03:57:06 EST ID:BYjRgOu+ No.579683 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah i hope nobody took that the wrong way, i was talking about SN not pst in general

Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sat, 03 Jun 2017 13:17:12 EST ID:iQGJaIzn No.579709 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>just got a 6lb in the mail
>WAY more bitter than my other older bag that I rates
>been doing 4oz per day no fuckups
>dosed 8oz of the new shit today to see, even with my low dose 16oz doesn't get me high

>this is was 75mins of total bliss

>4.5-4.75/10 (improvement over 3/10

Will post expiration and lot # later.

Now I just have to stick with no dosing the day after 8oz and regular days as only 4oz. I'll drop to 3.5 in a few days. It's not too bad I just need to order a volcano since my vapes died and my bong is a shitty $50 one.
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Sat, 03 Jun 2017 14:50:32 EST ID:6DTNpgA+ No.579713 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah this is true. Nothing is guaranteed as everyone's bodies are different and metabolize some drugs better than others. I'm lucky with pst as I don't often get nausea.
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Sat, 03 Jun 2017 19:13:20 EST ID:6DTNpgA+ No.579729 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496531600495.jpg -(2783010B / 2.65MB, 5312x2988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Feeling amazing. Finished off the last of my seeds making tea about 1lb of FTL-E and around .25lb SN I had left over.

Turned out probably overkill. Shit is way darker than it has been recently. Only finished my first glass still got 3 more. Not sure if it's cause I took some earlier and this stacked on the tramadol or if just made a good batch but right now it's feeling almost how coming up felt before the red SN seal happened. Feeling super fucking itchy (which I rarely get), all warm and numb with muscles relaxed like I just excercied. Feeling the nod starting to come on. Just realized I had been laying down with my eyes closed and shit eating grin on my face for the last 5 minutes or so.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 04 Jun 2017 14:15:28 EST ID:iQGJaIzn No.579740 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496600128423.jpg -(83808B / 81.84KB, 720x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Apparently some of the friends I've built here over several years seem to believe we don't actually know each other whatsoever, aren't inclined to trust me, believe I have negative assumptions about them, and who knows what else.

...what? I fear getting socially close to anymore here for fear they'll treat our interaction like we've only been talking for 10 entire minutes and not 3 years. That hurts man.

BWH on hefty dose of seeds. I'm making some for my wife.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 04 Jun 2017 14:17:28 EST ID:iQGJaIzn No.579741 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496600248956.jpg -(49160B / 48.01KB, 490x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hahahaha I meant to use the spoiler for real...

Shit. Oh well. Guess that means I'm not sober.

Dr. Crane !UnPZ9ycFy2 - Sun, 04 Jun 2017 14:50:30 EST ID:lGqCPKb0 No.579742 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Shit bro sorry to hear that. I've had a falling out with someone who I considered to be one of my best friends years back. Shits rough. Also just recently had one with a real close online friend of little over 2 years. I don't even know what caused it. They just got super pissed one day and quit communicating completely.
Hunter S. Nodson - Sun, 04 Jun 2017 17:52:42 EST ID:SrJE9oy1 No.579747 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hey man it happens. I used to be very well known especially in high school, and over the years every one forgot about me or just stopped wanting to hang out. In life you'll have MAYBE one or two people you can call true friends and the rest are just there for a benefit or just to have someone/some place to hang out or whatever selfish reason they have, they're only human. I had people I knew for years that were "best friends", go out and try to fuck my girlfriend of 4 years. I had someone I knew since I was 4 months old (literally, our mom's were friends) straight up ignore me and pretend like we weren't friends after 23 years.

What I'm saying is, try not to get hurt over other people's actions. For one, it's something they would've done regardless, just a matter of time and two, someone who breaches your trust that way is in NO WAY deserving of being a frind of yours. It's easier said than done but once I learned to let go and stop letting other people control my emotions (because I have bad codependency issues, even still) it's gotten a lot better. I legit have one friend that I can trust and call an actual friend. Everyone else just wants opiates or a place to hang out and there are a couple who's lives are just as busy as mine so we see each other once a year or so. You know what taught me this? Moving to a whole different area 1 1/2 hours away from my hometown. At first people acted like they cared but it's been two fucking years and I barely hear from 99% of them and when I reach out, it's obvious they don't want to reconcile in any way shape or form.

At one point I didn't have anybody too, my said only friend got close with his gf at the time and just never hit me up from his distraction with her. I legitimately had nobody to talk to but my father which I'm very thankfull for being able to. Coping at first is hard but man, learning to love yourself is probably the best thing you can do right now as, no offense, you seem too codependent on your relationships with people (which is completely understandable) and long term it will drive people away. The entire reason I had my stupid venting rants in the BWN everyday about a year to a year and a half ago was because of that. I just didn't have anyone to talk to.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm venting myself but I'm really not I just want you to understand there's people who went through very similar things and have gotten out of that rut. Relationships aren't as important as you believe they are and when you let that go, the good ones will come naturally I promse. Just spin it in a positive light, this person is probably toxic if they seriously believe what you stated and are better off out of your life. Sounds gay but picking who you surround yourself with is like creating a bouquet of flowers, just one off putting one will bring down the whole bouqet as an average. Fine selecting who you choose to be around will always improve your life as a whole, not just tolerating them out of a need or want for friendship. You are the average of who you surround yourself with, so cut out the bad apples before they do it to you. It eventually gets easier to spot as you probably know so as much as it feels shitty, I promise it will help. It'll all blow over mane.
Charlotte Commleham - Sun, 04 Jun 2017 19:42:55 EST ID:a1lWVphd No.579755 Ignore Report Quick Reply
ever notice how people on opiates are always playing the victim card? its uncanny.

dont let it get to you. focus on what you think of you, not what other people think about you
LaDiDotty - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 06:02:04 EST ID:icVXDZxS No.579764 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hey all,

Just a quick question. For those who have used both FTL & WGN over the past 2 months, which is your favorite? Did you feel one was more potent than the other, about equal? Aside from any strength differences did you notice anything different in how each one made you feel? Energy, sedation, restlessness, euphoria, etc.?

Thanks for your input! Have a great day!
Cedric Warringridge - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 14:17:46 EST ID:sNX2R4Kh No.579770 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i just did a wash with ftl aus seeds that taste like fucking cleaning chemicals and definitely so remarkedly different in taste it's gonna be bunk but more importantly i think i've just drank PST-bleach or something. see you all on the other side

was the england morphine content regulation actually passed already or what? this is the first time i tried ordering australian seeds
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 14:23:43 EST ID:iQGJaIzn No.579771 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I have several months experience with WGN. I've had FTL in the past, but I only bought it twice because Panda5 got "10/10 fire". It was roughly 50% better than WGN but twice the price. FTL-E. I refuse to pay $8/lb. Even SN is $45 for 7lb now and 2 weeks ago there was a HUGE bunk line of 5lb SN.

WGN has always been under a 5/10 in my opinion but they are consistent. Like BRM but 2-3x the strength. I don't particularly like the unique high it's not stimmy like SN's (feels like hydro or oxy), just feels like plain morphine. Lots of extra dirt in a bad way, quite a bit of red seeds. It's straight up mud water. My most recent i rate a 4.25/10 And the one before that 3/10 And before that like 2.25/10.
Matilda Serrytudge - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 15:13:36 EST ID:MV8rPz2m No.579773 Ignore Report Quick Reply
fuckin A. i'm sure youre in the USA like me and yea, my state is so fucked about psych wards/stays. I was also forced to stay 7 days in a psych ward for "harming myself" . Even though I wasn't going to but nobody trusted me not to, i wasn't allowed to leave my house over the weekend for some reason and as a 17 yo you want to hangout with your friends. Thankfully I was 17 so it's striped from my record now. Man that really sucks, must be the parents being brainwashed that drugs are bad but alcohol is A-ok, mine are the same exact way. well good luck man, hope things work out for the better or at least your parents become more understanding.

>but they find me with a bag of poppy seeds and I get a tube up my dick
ok I laughed at that line pretty hard
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 16:12:32 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.579775 Ignore Report Quick Reply
When i was in a psych ward i was given so many drugs i couldnt stand on my own and my cell mate took advantage of me but to what degree im not sure because i cant remember. All i remember is waking up 3 or 4 times with him in my bed naked and his hands on my junk or in my crack. When i told the staff they put me in solitary confinement for 24 hours then a couple guards took me out and took me for a walk alone and said if i kept making noise theyd perform the operation they gave this patient or that patient. Those were electroshock therapy and fucking lobotomy patients respectively. Those places can be just horrible.
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 23:14:49 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.579786 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496718889736.jpg -(15007B / 14.66KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So sincle ftl is out of stock...
wgm Is the next nest but its like half the quality? But people saying like 2/10 it might not even be half the quality idfk
Really i just need to know whats not bunk as fuck
Im about to just do it but last time ftl restocked quick so holding out might be better im just fiending like crazy..
Whats good and whats bad seems disorganized or most stuff is like low quality rn
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME!!HOWLHoRl - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 10:57:42 EST ID:aWZljk6O No.579799 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I recommend trying to stockpile bupe if you can. For whatever reason, it seemed to hold me over extremely well while also being really easy to taper.

Holy fuck, I absolutely cannot wait until I can buy some seeds and experience that incredible two day high again. I'm gonna dose ULDN for a while, even off of /opi/, just to make sure my tolerance is as low as it can be. This is gonna be fun!
Beatrice Murdbanks - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 11:33:04 EST ID:21A98STx No.579800 Ignore Report Quick Reply
currently have wgn, ftl-e, and tnt. All 3 of them are good, ftl might be danker, though i usually end up redosing with various mixes of the brands so its hard to tell which is the best. wgn though with its cheaper price is probably the best atm for its cheap price but effective seeds. happy noddin
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 14:39:55 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.579805 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496774395794.jpg -(514456B / 502.40KB, 1000x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've had 3 bags of FTL and one of WGN this month.
>The first two FTL bags were ridiculous; like 9 out of 10.
>I got a WGN bag last week, 3/10 at best.
>I got another FTL this week; it washes dark but it's literally 0/10 - no effects at all after even 2 pounds.

It's a crapshoot.
Octopus !W0LF/neWGs - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 22:37:55 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.579821 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496803075089.jpg -(27730B / 27.08KB, 204x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Idk ftl is still cheapest for me

I ordered wgn cause fuck it ill use like double if i have to itll just spread out more
And ftl sounds like it might be going bunk
Nigel Chullerdale - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 12:55:35 EST ID:Yhs+IA/M No.579837 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496854535961.gif -(1888135B / 1.80MB, 400x345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Got a new bag of FTL, exp date july 2018, seems like normal maybe slightly less dank.. But that's probably my tolly talking.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 16:03:07 EST ID:iQGJaIzn No.579841 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm sitting on ~5lb of 2/10 SN. There's no way I'm wasting my money on SN again. I have a 6lb WGN on the way but won't be here until like Saturday.

FTL seems okay but WGN just ran out on the river and I believe FTL-E is out of stock completely from their website.
Phoebe Gorrydetch - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 18:09:00 EST ID:bRw2ZwHH No.579848 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I didn't enter this thread with the intent of finding a much needed pep talk, but I'm glad I did. Thanks for replying to that guy.

Just downed some 2/18 SN. Haven't read the reviews but fingers crossed.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 10:58:11 EST ID:fMNhhpMa No.579884 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The 2/10 SN was a massive drop in quality from the ~4.5/10 WGN. I have 4lb of FTL grade a coming (not ftl-E) and 6lb more of WGN coming.

Ftl-e was dry as of yesterday from their site. WGN is out on the river for a few more days
Hamilton Chozzleshit - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 21:43:41 EST ID:opuosaIE No.579913 Ignore Report Quick Reply
got 10lbs of 5/18 WGN today and it's at least 1.5X stronger than the 4/18 WGNs. came in the resealable bags this time instead of the clear ones. haven't had any other brands lately but can vouch for these.
Octopus !WULF/R3Gac - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 23:51:00 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.579916 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497066660635.png -(72794B / 71.09KB, 225x201) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2lb of WGN arrived yesterday, already almost killed the bag.
I used half the bag for the first few cups, didn't nod at all, but the high lasted me all of thursday and carried over into today.
Got a strong nod going today from about 1/4th of what i used yesterday, but the nod died fairly quickly.

WGN isn't as potent as FTL, but the high still lasts about the same amount of time, just not nearly as intense.

If FTL is about a 8-10/10
Then WGN is about a 4-5/10
Luckily FTL is back in stock.
David Pablinghuck - Sat, 10 Jun 2017 00:23:00 EST ID:UvWm596q No.579917 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Is it FTL-E? How does it compare to SN back in november? I've got a batch from TNT. It's pretty decent, better than SN has been the past year but it does cost extra, and he's been known to be less than honest before
Clara Munkingold - Sat, 10 Jun 2017 11:05:55 EST ID:IZSFrvIG No.579939 Ignore Report Quick Reply
So havnent touched the tea in wees, but intsed load up on tramadol. it seemed to work , but it's gone now and fee weird. any one know what th deal is?

sorry for shaking hands causing me to type in an odd manner.
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Sat, 10 Jun 2017 12:18:59 EST ID:JafHF3Ou No.579941 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497111539119.jpg -(2946264B / 2.81MB, 5312x2988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's tramadol for you. I'm in same boat. Day 2 without it but I have a fuck load of benzos and kratom to chill me out. It's the SNRI component that causes that during withdrawl I'm guessing. Tramadol WD cold turkey used to fucking SHREK me but I got used to it. Been on it since 2013 and gone through the WDs every fucking month since. Have a lifetime Rx pretty much but I'm not going to renew this time (probably said that a dozen times but I mean it this time). Worst part is RLS and the ungodly brain zaps. What I want to do is keep getting them and build a giant stash to trade for other drugs but most people hate it and not sure I have the willpower yet to not take the pills if I have them.

How many days are you in WD? It gets a lot better maybe day 4 or 5. If you can get some kratom or something.
Sidney Turveyworth - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 12:16:04 EST ID:tin3C14u No.579987 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>live in tourist beach town
>thousands and thousands of cars going by every hour
>package out for delivery, but late as fuck

everything fucking hurts, these seeds will be my fucking savior if they ever fucking get here
im hardly into withdrawals and this is already more than i can handle
Sidney Turveyworth - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:03:40 EST ID:tin3C14u No.579994 Ignore Report Quick Reply
just made myself a 600g-ish tea, with orange juice as a mixer. waiting for it to kick in.
SN 2/19 is the bag.
Graham Lightworth - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:16:07 EST ID:itPI27KG No.579995 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's really tempting but I can't justify paying almost double for FTL only to be disappointed in the end. SN has been my go-to but they've been very lackluster over the past few months. The one 6lber of WGN I got has been very decent. Not fuckin "woah NODSVILLE 10/10 FIRE" but I catch them nods on relatively lighter doses (6oz vs 9-10oz months ago) despite tolly. I'm also on ULDN though, so YMMV. I just figure at that price you could just dose more for bigger effect. I'll probably go to WGN again. 5/10 is fine for me as long as it's consistent. Good for mixing with other seeds as a base. Can't be doing this 7/10 to 2/10 like SN did.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if TNT was just repackaged Big Three seed. My first time doing PST ever, before I cared about cost, was actually 5lbs from TNT. I thought they were crazy dank, but after I had my first SN, wooooooo. Granted I think TNT will always have active seeds, so as a last resort, they're not bad. Just expensive for shit that's realistically 6/10 at best.
Sidney Turveyworth - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:23:24 EST ID:tin3C14u No.579996 Ignore Report Quick Reply
if you can wait a few extra days, grab FTL from their website. the past 3 bags (5lb) i've had have treated me well.
WIAKR+Pa !l1uVST4rME - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:47:30 EST ID:XRqY18TH No.579998 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Pretty sure you're literally me when I was on PST lol. I was the exact same way. Please allow my to shill bupe for a quick taper if/when you decide to quit, take a (tolerance) break, save money, or whatever haha. Feel free to combine it with the medication I've posted about like twice now in one or two of these threads
Clara Chimbleson - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 01:10:47 EST ID:5uZ30tsV No.580025 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What does WGN's shipping look like? I don't want "poppy seeds" written on the outside of the packaging.
Wesley Peggleshaw - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 08:44:01 EST ID:IZSFrvIG No.580036 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It is now Monday, so the last was was a week from last friday, followed by a week of a lot of trams and ativan. out of both now, so just dealing with the emotional bullshit.. benzos would be a god send, but weed seems to work. sippin a few coors right now.

how long is this part? 6 month at least habbit.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 12:29:16 EST ID:fMNhhpMa No.580039 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I am highly convinced I have gone past all acute withdrawal symptoms from WDing for 2-5 days straight a half doz times in a row in the last month/several months really.

I mean I still feel like shit but it's the first time shit is getting better not worse. I didn't even throw up this time.

I should have seeds coming in tomorrow and more bupe than i know what to do with should come in Thursday. I better not fuck this up.

I will dose PST low once tomorrow to level me out and avoid full on relapse. Then it's 2+ days no use and the bupe comes in. I'm hoping 2.15mg bupe can make me feel like a human being again.

Need to get off this ride Jesus Fuck
Molly Pivingfore - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 23:47:50 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.580050 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hey good job, sounds like you're having it rough but I believe in you. I kicked my PST habit a few months back (once SN started to turn shitty) and now I just take kratom alot, lol. Haven't even been smoking bud but that's another story...

Anyway, I was barely addicted so the withdrawals (if I can call em that) surely weren't as bad as your situation. But still, if you do manage to get off this ride, you'll be damn glad you did.
Matilda Brookgold - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 04:15:03 EST ID:itPI27KG No.580099 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Damn man. Congrats. But if you're trying to get off it, I would just keep pushing without dosing anything. I think the first 4-5 days are the worst, but then it's a matter of willpower once the physical WD symptoms start to subside. The problem with bupe is that you'll be substituting with another opi. Not exactly good if you're trying to get off, but I'm not one to talk since I haven't been able to go a week without dosing my PST for half a year now.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 19:10:37 EST ID:fMNhhpMa No.580121 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497481837172.jpg -(168208B / 164.27KB, 1024x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Nah I dosed 12oz of good seeds (yesterday) after being in WD for like 5 or 6 days. I'm just not going to dose again period until the subs come in. That one PST dose on Tuesday will keep me physically and mentally well until maybe Friday (i have horrible PAWS where my brain is on fire and it feels like xanax WD and being more angry and opi rage tier even though I'm sober, all day, long forever).

I don't even care if I end up taking bupe for a little while, assuming 4.3mg or less can keep me level (HOPING just 2.15mg will work tbh). After about 5-7 days my kratom will arrive by then and a simple Bupe MicroTaper+Kratom+ULDN+hydroxyzine+propranolol/clonidine+gabapentin+weed taper.

I can't stand poppy seeds right now. Half my bags are 2.5/10 or worse, especially all SN and all FTL that's not E, but even WGN has been bunk.

>Bupe: consistent dosages unlike tea, blocks PST from working so no temptation to combo, more stimulating than PST so more energy/motivation, and comparatively cheaper price than the shitty seeds take to get me decent.

There's absolutely no way I can handle full blown sobriety, but I do intend to live a more normal life just being "addicted" to plain leaf kratom and weed. Things are looking up. Finally there's a day where I'm not craving 24/7.
Fuck Brookstone - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 14:03:18 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.580143 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497549798402.jpg -(32733B / 31.97KB, 516x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just received my 5/18 6lb WGN. Made a cup o' tea, drank most of it, and feel the warm onset after about a month of taking nothing but kratom. Too early to rate out of 10, but I'd estimate 3.5-6.5/10.
Fuck Brookstone - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 14:24:00 EST ID:jgzbFNoW No.580146 Ignore Report Quick Reply
UPDATE: 6/10
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 15:24:17 EST ID:T9WaUnex No.580147 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I agree the 5/18 6lb ones are 5-6/10 right now. I'm loving that but I'm getting off so it's w/e. Happy for you guys.

6oz today. Out of weed and everything else. My detox package should be in in the next 1-2 days
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 17:01:26 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.580154 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497560486061.jpg -(199240B / 194.57KB, 576x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I just got a 4-lb FTLE today direct from their site (cheap af); will report back - I've been really clean lately so i should definitely notice if it works.

I also dropped off my monthly script of 1,200mg adderall IR at the pharmacy today so shit's going to be wild this weekend - I even have weed which is pretty rare for me.

I also requested (via smoke signals) for 5 lbs of A&S to be sent to me from up river. It's a new brand and there are some positive reviews. It'll be here Saturday and I'll come back and say how it is.
OctopusWulf - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 18:12:41 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.580163 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497564761867.jpg -(39075B / 38.16KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yee please report back on the FTL-E if all goes right I'm ordering more today.
I take at least 1 week breaks between orders. Was slighty disappointed with WGN as my last order necause FTL kind spoiled me, but it got me high at least. I only nodded like once though so it was barely half as good as FTL.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 19:01:48 EST ID:T9WaUnex No.580168 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've had A&S several years ago.

They were ok when the rest was fire and they were shit when the rest were ok.

5/18 WGN seems like a solid 5-6.5/10 for everyone.
Edwin Samblelutch - Fri, 16 Jun 2017 17:42:44 EST ID:S4qSR7vL No.580227 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What is the dose for a total newb tho?
Graham Hackleridge - Fri, 16 Jun 2017 22:12:27 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.580234 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497665547950.png -(47283B / 46.17KB, 147x127) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My first time i used like a cup of seeds, but i only drank half of the tea before being high af. I'd say like 3/4th cups and drink like half of it over an hour or so. Don't redose until like 2-3 hours has passed. Do not mix with benzos please.
MDCB !txtI0IGNgk!!VyqqkppB - Sat, 17 Jun 2017 00:26:55 EST ID:zIVIhM9z No.580236 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I would add to this:
Be prepared for dissapointment a few times.
If you're too hasty to get high on your first go, you may land youself in serious hot water.
If it works slightly, wait 2-3 hours before trying to dose more to get higher.
John Sarringgold - Sat, 17 Jun 2017 10:36:27 EST ID:S4qSR7vL No.580242 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Thanks for the answers.
I'm currently working my way through 15 pills of Tramadol 225mg and I have tried heroin a couple of times like 15 years ago.
I'm hopping PST would become a reliable remedy after I run out of pills.
Phoebe Cipperstag - Sat, 17 Jun 2017 14:50:43 EST ID:8hogtOaH No.580250 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm actually falling asleep here. I didn't measure my dose, probably ~3oz from Jan-2016 SN batch (tis fire apparently)
Sheriff of Noddingham - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 02:20:08 EST ID:pM92Yx+8 No.580284 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I wouldn't use pst to come off of tramadol that's pretty much the most overkill you could possibly do, that's pretty much the same as using iv dilaudid or heroin to come off of tramadol like that's just nuts man. Just my opinion though.
Thomas Hibbershaw - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 04:31:46 EST ID:psYS7NYN No.580287 Ignore Report Quick Reply
bad opinion. would work well, just take low doses of seeds or prepare to go from 4/10 tramies to 8/10 seed buzzing tolly n all
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 16:15:35 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.580299 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The FTL(E) looked and smelled good but was bunk:
> Took 1/2-lb dose, nothing
> Took 2-lb dose, nothing
> Threw the rest in the garbage

I just took 1-lb of the A&S about an hour ago. First impressions are sometimes wrong so I'll report back in a few hours.
Jack Nillyhall - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 16:23:13 EST ID:iMA7+Oxa No.580300 Ignore Report Quick Reply
From what I see this is mostly aimed at the US. Is there anything available for Europe, amazon.co.uk pretty much dismisses all of the seeds as useless and .de I translated with google translate and they seemed good, but obviously I couldn't catch the references so for all I know they're actually making cakes. Though one guy mentioned feeding it to his ducks to make them sleepy so yeah, that probably was it
Nicholas Crannerhall - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 16:36:08 EST ID:J9WAP97x No.580301 Ignore Report Quick Reply
quitting. havent ordered more. tapered, have maybe one or two more teeny tiny doses left
withdrawls are going to be fun
OctopusWulf - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 18:00:53 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.580311 Ignore Report Quick Reply
... I feel discouraged now lol.. My 4lbs suppose to be here tomorrow...
Cornelius Chollerdadging - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 18:28:04 EST ID:mCnodlkx No.580314 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I have two pounds coming tonight, and two pounds coming tommorow(sigh......don't ask), of FTLE off the river. Don't normally do this but I'll report back, later tonight and tommorow.

I'm counting on these 4 lbs to keep me well till Wednesday, when my "sure thing"(if that exists in this seed game) of 20lbs gets here. If these 4lbs are bunk I might have to spend money I really don't have.

Talk to ya in a few hours.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 19:20:19 EST ID:KRfFXhUc No.580318 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>get bupe in for first time
>its been like 30-36hr since last PST dose
>snort like 1mg and eat 2mg to start
>after 20mins of nothing i throw up
>now feel nauseous as fuck

>when can i dose PST to fix this shit?

I litterally feel nothing. Taking more would just make me feel worse right?]
Oliver Gobblepat - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 19:54:02 EST ID:Jbq/C71+ No.580322 Ignore Report Quick Reply
No taking more won't make it worse. I used to take my maintenance dose while still high on seeds and I'd only feel sick til it kicked in fully. Taking PST will just mean you have to wait even.longer to avoid precipitated WD. At 3mg you are unlikely to have hit the ceiling.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 20:06:17 EST ID:KRfFXhUc No.580326 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah i ended up taking 1mg snorted and like 7.6mg sublingually.

I stopped being in full on WD. Now i just feel like im at hour 24 of WD instead of like 36. Thanks

Next time ill wait atleast 2 days
Augustus Blytheridge - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 22:49:55 EST ID:Yx2fkUvq No.580337 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I went 8 days no tea, just iv hm for 6 days, 2 days of WD and sub still gave me pwd. dr thought 2mg would cover it... needed 12mg. very best seeds>sub>good seeds>avg seed...
OctopusWulf - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 23:06:43 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.580339 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Okay yee report back pl0x
I guess the only real way to find out if mines are any good is try it tomorrow but still be nice to know
I honestly hope panda is just trippin* or trollin
Graham Hondledale - Sun, 18 Jun 2017 23:22:45 EST ID:lb5DGbWb No.580341 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Reporting back, bag number one is fine, Its not amazing. maybe just slightly weaker than the WGN I have been using lately. I have a large tolerance, hard to tell.

so ya this one seems unwashed atleast.
Lydia Bullerchet - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 00:23:35 EST ID:8hogtOaH No.580348 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What exactly happned with the subs and the PWD?
Ian Fesslelud - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 02:52:26 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.580355 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well, I guess that's an improvement at least. It took me ages to adjust to subs after switching to that from seeds, YMMV.
no longer on my phone.
Panda5 - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 09:39:54 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.580360 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497879594648.jpg -(51230B / 50.03KB, 415x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So, I was the one on here over a month ago saying how fire my FTL(E) batches were (and they fucking were), but I've had 4 bags in a row (2 from upriver, 2 from FTL direct) and they've all been completely bunk.

1/2-lb 5 weeks ago would nearly black me out and give me memory loss, now I take over 2-lbs and don't get a single nod. I just tried A&S from upriver b/c of recent good reviews from ppl swimming in the river, but I did 1.5-lbs last night and didn't get much (I got itchy and that's about it).

I tried 6-lb of WGN(E) about 3 weeks ago, too, and it was bunk as well.

I've been 'clean' for nearly a month because of this and that's just fucked up to me - I've also spent just over $100 on batch after batch of fail. Please, for the love of the Greek god Morpheus, tell me that there's some good shit out there somewhere and give me even the slightest hint.
Lillian Sanderkin - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 12:47:56 EST ID:TW/OEZhE No.580370 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dude I order WGN from W*****art and just got FTLE Off the river and they both been unwashed the last month Atleast for me. I don't know what else to tell ya.
Angus Govingwill - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 11:46:59 EST ID:vG3/kJB6 No.580441 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Got some seeds coming in tomorrow, sober now, but because of PSTs half life, haven't entered WDs yet, still feel like i have no energy, so definitely some mental WDs and cravings, just gotta tough it out i suppose
Wesley Nablingworth - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 12:18:46 EST ID:5XdGNhXS No.580443 Ignore Report Quick Reply
just had a bag of SN from river that was literally washed as bad as BRM, couldn't taste even the oils at all
then had a bag of FTLE from river that was like 5/10 but fucking stellar compared to everything else lately. actual bitterness
Wesley Brupperwell - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 13:37:45 EST ID:MbIQK7eu No.580445 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497980265325.jpg -(123341B / 120.45KB, 728x690) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fucking out of seeds and the next pack in stuck in the mail... Hate these days. I never save any benzos or weed cookies for days like this cuz I'd rather get more mashed from mixing them..

On the bright side I've planted my spent washes all over my neighborhood and the first pods have already appeared, mine are actually doing better than the people who been growing them in their yard for years.

Will get pics to post once they get bigger, the blooms are beautiful with dutch cross kinda markings but dark pink crosses on a light pink background.
Hannah Mollymet - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 14:00:44 EST ID:YtwMr2BZ No.580447 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just making sure you aren't going to scar those considering they are in public. I recommend simply walking around during harvesting time with a pocket knife and taking the whole bulb and leaving, which would take two seconds.

This may seem completely obvious, I just want to save you or anyone else possible trouble.

Hannah Mollymet - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 14:07:23 EST ID:YtwMr2BZ No.580448 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This has Been my experience with these two brands also as of late.

WGN is cheapest and it has been a solid 5-6/10 Atleast lately so its my go to.

I hope my giant package of it on Wednesday is same batch I've been getting cuz I need some good seeds to taper with. Its time.
☯ctopus !WULF/R3Gac!!M6gyoL9T - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 18:05:56 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.580451 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497996356001.jpg -(81899B / 79.98KB, 798x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You might just be getting unlucky and getting bad batches because the FTL E I got last night is decent.

I overdid it actually since I was expecting it to be really week and used about half a pound in one wash. When it hit me I ended up throwing up 3 or 4 times, and still nodded way harder than usual even after I threw up. And I've also thrown up a few times today before I even redosed.

I feel like I stupidly skyrocketed my tolerance, but maybe not, waiting to take a large dose until tomorrow.

Took about a cups worth of PST and feeling nice and cozy right now finally after all of that at least.
Nicholas Crecklebanks - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:13:18 EST ID:XEVAzeoM No.580461 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498011198851.png -(344764B / 336.68KB, 940x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've been wanting to try PST for a while now and I have some extra money so I ordered 1 lb of FTL England seeds from Amazon.

My biggest concern isn't addiction. It's ODing. What are the chances there will be enough morphine/codeine in 2 cups (what I've read in recipes) of seeds to kill me? I live alone and have no friends, my family lives in a different city. If I OD no one will discover me until I am a reeking corpse and the neighbours complain about the smell.

Oh well I guess you could die in a lot more horrible ways, right? And my life sucks anyway.
Nicholas Crecklebanks - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:15:17 EST ID:XEVAzeoM No.580462 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I should also mention I have no opi tolerance as I've only ever experimented with codeine pills and kratom a while ago. So any tips for not dying lads?
Baron Von Feelsgood - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:33:57 EST ID:wHAvn2tX No.580463 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Honestly, I doubt you're going to OD from seeds, even if you wash the whole lot that you bought. Unless you were extremely sensitive to the kratom/codeine that you tried a while ago I say wash the whole pound and drink that.
The whole OD thing is a bit overstated, especially with seeds; unless the people selling the seeds are bashing on every seed pod so the pod 'bleeds internally' and covers the seeds in opium. Maybe they are? I know five years ago you'd have been laughed at for wondering if you could OD on seed tea, so something might have changed making seeds much more potent than they were before.
Now pod tea; that's a whole different story.

I'll put it this way though, I've seen people take whole oxy 80s without any tolerance and be fine except for nodding like fuck and throwing up, obviously OD risk is different with everyone; though I'd say you're in the clear.
☯ctopus !WULF/R3Gac - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:44:53 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.580466 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498013093256.jpg -(261236B / 255.11KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Using the whole pound for your first time trying PST is a bad suggestion, I would use only about a cup or so of seeds, not much more, and enough to cover the seeds and the top layer of them floats.

If that's not enough you can always use more but you can never use less.

even half a pound was way too much for me at one time of FTL E. You shouldn't need a ridiculous amount, especially if you're sensitive to opiates and have a low tolerance.

I also have a very low opiate tolerance and am lightweight in general.

They're right though, you won't really have to worry about ODing especially if you only have a pound, but theres no need to use the whole pound in your very first wash.
Baron Von Feelsgood - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:04:49 EST ID:wHAvn2tX No.580468 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'd say go with half a pound then.

>even half a pound was way too much for me at one time of FTL E.
What's your definition of way too much?

I've been on /opi/ since 2009 (I'm not trying to brag here; honestly) and through the 09-13 period (I took a break between 2014 and 2017 ducking my head in every occasionally to see if much was new) seeds were looked upon as something you use when you simply cannot get any other opiate, at all. Now they seem like the best thing since sliced bread on /opi/ so either seeds have changed dramatically As I mentioned before, the distributors giving each seed pod a sharp tap with something blunt to make them bleed internally, onto the seeds; to get around the US podpocalypse (here in the UK I can still get a kilo of pods for about £30). Or the /opi/ demographic has changed dramatically.
Maybe someone who has been around for those three or so years can fill me in?
Edwin Hirryworth - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:52:20 EST ID:kBdCbCB7 No.580469 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Anyone ever tried to plug their PST?
☯ctopus !WULF/R3Gac - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 00:08:33 EST ID:hvMhQn8y No.580471 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498018113056.jpg -(727298B / 710.25KB, 1100x683) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well I already posted about this but last night I washed about half a pound at once, give or take (the most amount of seeds I've ever washed at once) and after I came up and started nodding I ended up puking at least 3 times and then I just passed out so it kinda of felt like a waste. I also threw up about the same amount of times today when I woke up after I tried to eat, so obviously it was a too much for my system to handle. So my definition of too much is when I puke and my stomach starts rejecting to digest anything even after I've already come down.

Everyone is different though, like I said I have a low tolerance and am a lightweight. I just think it's better to suggest starting low and working your way up rather than just shaking down the whole pound your first go.

I'm still fairly new to PST, only ordered about 5 times the past couple months, so I can't help you there.
Nicholas Crecklebanks - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 06:59:06 EST ID:XEVAzeoM No.580482 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What about DPH? I've heard it potentiates opiates, and relieves the itching and nausea. As well a non-deliriant dose produces a mellow buzz by itself.

Would this increase the risk of overdose though?
Baron Von Feelsgood - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 07:13:51 EST ID:wHAvn2tX No.580485 Ignore Report Quick Reply
A low dose of DPH won't slow breathing and thus won't increase your risk of overdose.
Also, seriously what is up with seeds? It's like they're being purposefully being covered in opium. If someone had mentioned that they were worried about ODing on seed tea back when I last regularly browsed everyone would simply laugh at you.
I mean, I couldn't see a kilo of seeds containing more than 100mg of morphine, maybe 150; the human LD50 for morphine is 200mg.
Matilda Brenderdit - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 12:34:50 EST ID:MbIQK7eu No.580492 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498062890365.jpg -(93031B / 90.85KB, 938x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh absolutely, but that's a great public service announcement anyway.

They blend in pretty well among the numerous papaver orientale growing all over. I don't get why people grow that ugly empty impostor!
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 13:05:31 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.580494 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Do not grow pap somniferum along with pap orieantalis or rhoeas,. Poppies are very capable of hybridizing even across fucking genuses, for example CA poppy (Eschscholzia californica) Is able to hybridize with Papaver Rhoeas very successfully. This causes a change in the genes that produce the alkaloids, crossing rhoeas and somniferum greatly reduces the next generations ability to produce anything past S-Reticuline.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 13:12:07 EST ID:yMkR3gDV No.580496 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You dose too high and dose WAY too slowly.

Brew up 3oz and slam it within 5mins.

Im glad weve become friends, but for real bro youre dosing it objectively wrong. Your method is gonna fuck you straight in the ass in a few months. I promise you.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 13:19:42 EST ID:yMkR3gDV No.580498 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Its not because theyre stronger or weaker, its because theyre less consistent than years past.

This is the weakest year weve had in atleast 4 years.

People are complaining about strength being too high because they normally suck at making it, are brewing too much/doing it wrong, dont have tolerance, are new to seeds, etc.

Back in the day SN was well over 100mg morphine every pound. I nearly died back in the day from 2lb or so. Now SN is so shit its not worth buying.

Now its garbage 60% of the time. When i finally got a 5/10 it had been 2 solid weeks with 1/10 and 1.50/10 bags, i got high from basically forced WD.

>with pst every person and batch is different. Also some peoples reports are absolutely and completely worthless because their tolerance and subjective ability to measure effects are both ABSOLUTE shit.

Honestly even if youre low tolly, dont even bother listening to non-veterans about quality. They dont have the experience to say much more than "this shit works".

I take 17.2mg bupe and feel absolutely nothing. Good seeds should do this to your tolerance. If it doesnt your seeds are like 2/10 compared to last years 7/10.

And if anybody says that shit isnt bunk and its all in my head cuz of tolerance, dont forget that I/We can TASTE how strong it is. This isnt tolerance alone.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 13:22:08 EST ID:yMkR3gDV No.580499 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>kilo cant possibly have more than 100mg

>never had the 200-240mg SN seeds of 2015 especially

So much clueless around here. Even the 5/10 WGN i get is atleast 100mg/kg.

Have you never taken oxy or morphine instead of pst to compare doses? Its not very hard.
Priscilla Dabberhon - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:25:15 EST ID:YtwMr2BZ No.580503 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Haha. Good job trying to educate people Dr. People without our kind of tolerances( 1/2 of good seeds keeps me well, gives a slight glow) and without our experience with seeds just don't get it.
Wesley Fullerfetch - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 16:22:41 EST ID:zsv4IVwD No.580512 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I was just browsing amazon for t. Bridgesii cuttings and came across a listing for high alkaloid unwashed poppy seeds. I ended up buying 2 oz on a whim.

So after a bit of research it looks like I have a very very small dose on its way. I considered cancelling and just getting a pound, but my tolerence is extremely low. I am crossing my fingers that I can enjoy this little. I think I will be fine as I haven't touched anything in 2 years, although if not I have only wasted $16.

Nicholas Crecklebanks - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 18:03:35 EST ID:XEVAzeoM No.580515 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498082615851.jpg -(18455B / 18.02KB, 187x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hey lads, while doing research on PST I found out about poppy seed oil. According to wikipedia it contains 400mg of morphine per liter. Someone on circlejerk said they mixed ~100 ml of it with orange soda and drank it. They said it felt like taking 10-15 mg of hydrocodone. 420chan won't let me post the link to the circlejerk post though.

Like poppy seeds, this stuff is sold openly and legally because it has other uses, like an alternative to turpentine for painters or some shit.

Anyone tried this? If it works so well, I'm surprised it's not more popular than PST, especially seeing as the seeds can vary so much in potency. Also read that it tastes great on salad lol.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 21:09:29 EST ID:yMkR3gDV No.580524 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You can get 4lb for that price.

They robbed you blind.
Nell Sullylut - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 21:26:31 EST ID:YtwMr2BZ No.580525 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Interesting. I am going to look into that.
Caroline Goodbanks - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 01:12:33 EST ID:XEVAzeoM No.580538 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I ordered some that said it was specifically made from Papaver somniferum. When it arrives I will do an experiment and post results.
Edward Fullernadging - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 04:03:51 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.580539 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That is pretty interesting. If you're already deep into the PST game though I can imagine it'd be awful trying to down any decent amount of oil. That said, you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to separate out the alkaloids being as they're water soluble (at the right PH at least).
Edward Fullernadging - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 04:09:54 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.580540 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Even 100ml of oil sounds godawful.
Caroline Goodbanks - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 08:36:52 EST ID:XEVAzeoM No.580542 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm gonna mix it with OJ like kratom and just try to down it quickly. I'll make a new thread if I manage to drink it. I have no opi tolerance and I'm skinny, and sensitive to drugs in general so I think 100 ml would do it. nb.
Isabella Cisslefeck - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 08:39:01 EST ID:w9rR6Le+ No.580543 Ignore Report Quick Reply
it goes up your butt if you have a brain
Hunter S. Nodson - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 08:56:19 EST ID:a1WEtajM No.580546 Ignore Report Quick Reply
last time I checked, oil doesn't like to mix with water based beverages lol. Maybe try chocolate milk or almond milk or some hippie shit like that.
Priscilla Gillylock - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 12:16:34 EST ID:PMysiKg1 No.580555 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498148194599.jpg -(99060B / 96.74KB, 426x496) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Good infos, there's sufficient distance (a few km) between species so it's not likely they will cross pollinate tho. There's nothing I can do about the orientalis anyway, people got the right to grow that ugly empty crap too..
Caroline Goodbanks - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 12:18:11 EST ID:XEVAzeoM No.580556 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well, even if I mixed it with milk it would still probably float on top. I would be enduring the oil for the first few gulps then chasing it with the beverage basically.

Since morphine is water soluble maybe I could mix the oil with water in a blender, blend it, then wait for the oil to rise to the top again, skim it off, then drink the water which hopefully would have become infused with morphine. I'd have to buy a blender to even attempt that though.

Or, like the other anon said, stick it up my bum. In any case, we're in new waters here m80s. Will it work? If so what will work best? Find out in the next episode.
Hunter S. Nodson - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 13:05:47 EST ID:F5HmbHQj No.580557 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Assuming there's even any morphine or codeine in there though. That oil could be made from washed poppy seeds.
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 13:38:27 EST ID:5GrnBQBp No.580559 Ignore Report Quick Reply
lol this. i typed up a real long reply to the post about oil yesterday and apparently it didnt post. The alkaloids are not soluble in oil guys, so they are only in the oil as a result of leaching out and being pulled with the oil. However since they are not soluble in it its a very incomplete fraction of the alkaloids and youd be better off just buying seeds and washing them. Also the wiki says as much as 400 mg of total alkaloids in an entire liter, and thats assuming it pulled a large fraction of alkaloids from mostly unwashed seeds, buuuuut since these are seeds used for making oil they are shitty low quality seeds generally unsuitable for cooking with,
they come from seeds with a high oil content and low alkaloid content, and if any of the seeds were even slightly rancid the oil is gonna taste terrible.

However extracting from the oil is an interesting idea. You could probably mix with water and then just add a little Calcium Hydroxide and then agitate and let sit until precip forms. Then just separate the oil and keep the precip.
Baron Von Feelsgood - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 14:33:23 EST ID:wHAvn2tX No.580561 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's already been said, but separate the alkaloids out.
>Buy 1l poppy seed oil
>Buy some citric or glacial acetic acid 200mg of either should be more than enough
>Mix acid with 100ml deionised water (you could use tap water if you have particularly soft water) until acid is throroughly dissolved.
>Pour oil into a 2l bottle (I would assume that plastic should be okay and would make the whole tek easier)
>Pour the water into the same bottle
>Put the lid on the bottle if it's a normal plastic soda bottle. If using glassware, use a bung to seal it
>Shake oil/aqueous mixture once every 10 minutes for two hours or so
>Let the bottle sit overnight, there should be two distinct layers with oil on top
>If you have a plastic bottle hold it over a large plastic jug, remove the lid from the top and use a thumbtack to prick a hole in the bottom of the bottle (due to the shape of soda bottles you might have to tilt it a bit (gently) so you can drain all the aqueous layer out. If you're using glassware, a separating runnel will do the job instead. Discard the oil.
>Let the aqueous layer drain into the the plastic jug. Cover the hole to stop any oil flowing into it. If oil flows in you can pipette it off. If you don't have a pipette, try sucking the oil up with a straw. If you used I separating funnel I'll assume you don't need instructions.
>Get some NaOH (caustic soda) you should be able to buy the pure stuff from a hardware store (under the name caustic soda) and crush about 200mg of it. Use a scoop to add the powdered NaOH to the plastic jug containing the aqueous solution step wise with a teaspoon while stirring so it dissolves relatively quickly, use very small amounts (20mg a time by eye).
>Eventually a precipitate should form in the solution (a pH meter would make the above step easier, quicker and more accurate), add another 10mg or so of NaOH to make sure you precipitate everything out.
>Filter the aqueous solution and collect the solid particles from the filter when it's ALL filtered. Filter paper works best, though I suppose coffee paper would do.
Congrats, you've just collected up about 400mg of morphine (probably some other alkaloids too. To inject simply follow the same procedure for #3 H

This should work in theory. No idea of it t would work in practice.
Hunter S. Nodson - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 14:45:10 EST ID:a1WEtajM No.580562 Ignore Report Quick Reply
yeah nah, this oil has no alkaloids (that are wanted) to start with. Its a waste of time and too expensive.

It makes zero sense to buy this oil over regular old poppy seeds and just running the seeds through an extraction process. What makes you think an established company is refining poppy seeds down into an oil that contains morphine (they cant, and if they did it wouldn't be an oil)?

on top of it, none of the wanted alkaloids are even soluble in oil. So there is a 99% percent chance this shit has no morphine in it. Its a waste of time, money, and energy.
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 14:45:48 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.580563 Ignore Report Quick Reply
pretty sure the alkaloids are still present as the naturally occurring meconic salts rather than as a base. They are only present in the oil as a result of the way the oil is collected, via expeller. Also its going to be a similar alkaloid content as any plain opium extraction meaning that there is codeine present and it is therefore not suitable for injection.
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 14:51:26 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.580564 Ignore Report Quick Reply
nbdp but there will be some morphine and codeine as a result of how expeller pressing works. However 400 mg/L of even TOTAL alkaloids is absurdly over optimistic, i think closer to 200 mg/L is going to be more accurate and even then who fucking knows. Also they use seeds we would consider shit tier for tea so the morphine:codeine:thebaine ratio is going to completely fucked up.
Hunter S. Nodson - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 15:21:59 EST ID:a1WEtajM No.580565 Ignore Report Quick Reply
yeah just looked it up I think its overly optimistic too, and still, my point stands I just don't see the difference between getting this and poppy seeds. The oil will always be more expensive and have less alkaloid content.
Baron Von Feelsgood - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 17:11:19 EST ID:wHAvn2tX No.580567 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>meaning that there is codeine present and it is therefore not suitable for injection.


It's uncommon now, but papaveretum (Omnopon) was a full spectrum (later 'deodorised', removing the genotoxic noscapine) opium extract that was frequently given by injection, often including IV injection.
The amount of codeine in full spectrum extract is so little that you need not worry about it. Street Heroin is usually full spectrum extract that has been acetylated too; one of the ways to tell if someone is using on top of Heroin Assisted Treatment (HAT) is to test the urine for acetylcodeine and codeine (though codeine is pharmacy only-OTC in most places where HAT is available).

The oil sounds interesting in that you already have your oil layer for your acid-base extraction, but other than that; morphine from poppy straw concentrate seems to be the best way to go.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 18:43:48 EST ID:yMkR3gDV No.580573 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah extracting from oil just seems plain dumb unless you know it was fire seeds dripping with opium, and even then youd need a shitty extract machine to end up with a lot of morphine.
Lydia Banningstore - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 20:01:38 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.580578 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498176098235.jpg -(32414B / 31.65KB, 450x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeah, I'm sure 100ml+ of oil isn't going to cause any discomfort.
pic related
MDCB !txtI0IGNgk!!VyqqkppB - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 09:34:16 EST ID:LLOkl3GY No.580623 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That oil is supposss to come hurtling back out, browner and less lavender scented that it went up there
Lydia Banningstore - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 11:32:10 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.580642 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Right, which is exactly the opposite of what you want if you're plugging poppy oil.
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 13:56:27 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.580651 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498240587107.jpg -(187398B / 183.01KB, 2048x1365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fuck yeah I just got 2x 5-lb WGN bags from the Whale (the "market of walls" if you don't get the lingo) and they look dark, have no filler seeds.... And best of all the smell and taste dank as fuck. The only 2 WGN bags I've had before wore totally inactive but here's hoping this does the trick. Hail Satan, y'all.
Q !57aon8jsJ2 - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:30:14 EST ID:ztWD2hgP No.580654 Ignore Report Quick Reply
right so back onto poppy seeds. I have 3 pounds of BRM i picked up at a local store here that stocks them regularly and after opening them the seeds actually look really good. Has giant clumps of seeds stuck together and a shit load of pod material floating around very dry and dusty but also sticky without feeling oily. They smell bitter and thats about it. just tasted the tea, 3 pounds in 2 liters. The coke i used to wash them started draining out almost yellowish at first then turned a gross almost light-ish brown diarrhea color by the time it had all drained. I never expect much from BRM they have only rarely exceeded 5/10 for me and usually are less than that. like 1/10 times ive used them though for whatever reason they get fire seeds. im cautiously optimistic that these seeds are gonna be good because they were for sure unwashed, according to the packaging date they had to have been from the peak of the summer harvest from 2016, there was very obviously large amounts of latex they had come in contact with as there were clumps of seeds as big as my pinky nail and the tea is straight up just bitter tasting like drugs. No oil taste, no rancid taste or smell, no pepper, just a very faint hint of almondy? sweetness and mouth puckering bitterness not even remotely masked by the coke. These really remind me of the 8-9/10 seeds id get years back in '12 and '13 but i wont know until i get this down so i guess im gonna cross my fingers chug and report back. Hope to see you all in the bwn.

The best by date on these is 18/07/2018 and the packing date is 19/07/2016
WG - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:13:50 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.580675 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498270430924.jpg -(90655B / 88.53KB, 1353x1391) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just received a WGN 4lb bag (6/18.) First time ordering WGN.
Better than anything I've had in a few months (SN/FTL/BRM). ((BRM is all I can get locally, W**** F**ds carries it and a pound could prob you decently high with no tolerance)) If I were ya'll I'd buy as much of it as you can RIGHT NOW. Who knows what the coming months hold.
nut enthusiast - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:52:47 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.580677 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498272767040.jpg -(65678B / 64.14KB, 720x602) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Idk if this has to do with the fact that i took 10mg valium yesterday, but this is like the highest I've been on seeds. And I had the dank SN bags. I took a bigger dose than normal though. I'll explain my dosing i guess so you guys can get an idea, I don't think i have good enough perception to rate bags myself. I've been taking 2 cups of the bunk/okayish ftl/sn bags for the past month or two, and it only gets me kinda high. (slight body effects, never even CLOSE to nods.)

So I took probably like 2.5-3 cups of this stuff, and I'm not nodding or anything currently (1.5hr post dose, i just tookan extra cup 30 mins ago) ((ik that wasn't a good idea. I didn't think about it that much, just wanted to get a decentt high for once.)) But anyways, I am having a suuper good body high, best I've ever had. 10mg valium was about 20 hours ago, so i probably have like 7.5mg in me. I know this post is a mess, sorry lads..

Order wgn now, i repeat again, ORDER WGN NOW.

P.S. Should i be worried about the benzos i took? I have a very high tolerance to opiates, and i've never mixed benzos before nor have i ever wanted to (i wish i didn't take that shit yesterday tbh)

Should i be concerned for my safety? My breathing seems slightly depressed. I'm not breathing any less necessarily but it;'s easier to hold my breath when i fully exhale. Also I don't seem to be at all close to nodding, and my eyes aren't closing/being "heavy" if you guys know what i mean by that. Ik it's hard to say but If you benzo/opi vets have any wise words for me to either soothe my anxiety or make me feel better that would be great.

Again, sorry for this stupid mess of a post.
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 23:58:26 EST ID:nqvLVjiz No.580679 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498276706200.jpg -(302743B / 295.65KB, 1000x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Should i be concerned for my safety?
No, you're fine. Your benzo dose was a long time ago, and even if you took them concurrently you'd likely be just fine*. Also, worrying about it is a great way to actually make it worse - and worrying is a waste of good high times.

So, yeah, >580651 here. I took a pound of these WGN seeds (exp. 05/18) and got a very mild high - some itchiness and slight sedation but no nods or euphoria whatsoever. I'm about to take a 1.5-lb dose and it should be groovy.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor do I know you and your tolerances to /opi/ and /benz/. As a wise man once told me, "only you can prevent forest fires," or some shit like that.
Wesley Shittingford - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 00:20:29 EST ID:KQIpcZ8H No.580680 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i ordered wgn from 3 different places and all 3 of them were jack shit. don't bother with them anymore. 5/18 and 6/18
Ebenezer Sudgewater - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 00:35:06 EST ID:u9bYelV9 No.580681 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I have had 8-10 different 5 pound WGN bags, all 5/18 expiration, and they all have been unwashed . That's for sure 100%. I have a large tolerance and have been doing seeds for years so this isn't a placebo effect or some bullshit. I can feel them taking me out of physical WDs and give me a glow at my normal dose.

IDK what to tell ya......
shill nye the science guy - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 04:59:09 EST ID:6hLaSPik No.580685 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498294749159.png -(2898B / 2.83KB, 328x154) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What size wash did you do, and what size wash do you do normally when you have a dank bag? These aren't the legendary SN bags, dude. You're gonna probably need to dose up to compensate man. The drugs we want are in there man, it's just about getting enough out to get high. Do you use just water? Try drizzling and spreading around concentrated lemon juice over the top of the seeds before adding any other liquid, it's been doing wonders for SWIM lately my man. The alcohol groups on the citric acid molecule make for some reaaly strong attractions with the alcohol and ether groups on morphine. On the citric acid molecule there are like 11 places hydrogen bonding IMfs can occur with little steric hinderance, compared to 1 place on a water/hydronium molecule (occurance and extent of this depends on acidity and temperature) that can interact only with the ether functional group, and 4 places that can interact with the alcohol groups.

At least this is my understanding, and it could be wrong, but I did just pass the first semester of organic chemistry with an A. But, I'm also high rn, so take it with a grain of salt.
Augustus Sishnodge - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:24:00 EST ID:w9rR6Le+ No.580686 Ignore Report Quick Reply
does it fuck
  • i use 100ml minimum to make a owerful waterslide outta my ass so that i can have opi shits
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 12:29:04 EST ID:eybDIy1E No.580725 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Seriously, thank you for being honest with yourself and others about your inability to differentiate from 2 or more good bags.
Sidney Bublinghit - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 15:45:48 EST ID:w9rR6Le+ No.580730 Ignore Report Quick Reply
y u starting silly nonsense on the internet? leave him be & live in peace with the people around you
Nathaniel Higglehotch - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 21:49:21 EST ID:T7flwXWl No.580752 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm pretty sure that comment was genuine. There are a lot of inaccurate reviews from people with either low tolerance or high suggestibility. It's kind of refreshing to have someone say that they can't really distinguish rather than just giving a review regardless.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 22:48:48 EST ID:eybDIy1E No.580754 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I wasnt being sarcastic. I even said "Seriously,..."

>WGN 6lb off the River
>seems about equal to exp. 05/18 which was a solid 5/10. This stuff is about 5.5/10 or 5-6/10; its hard to tell.
>it might actually be above a 6 its hard as i just recently started suboxone. All my ratings are with 3-4 days after suboxone.
Wesley Buzzham - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 22:53:27 EST ID:3Zkn6eeX No.580755 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498445607074.jpg -(25056B / 24.47KB, 206x255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 05:49:03 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.580761 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498470543033.jpg -(344787B / 336.71KB, 800x1146) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So yeah, this WGN stuff. Like I said last week, I got 10 lbs of it from WalWorld, exp 05/2018.

I've been taking massive doses. See the 33.8 oz bottle in this pic? I filled that twice (with 2 washes each time) and drank it all within an hour but did not get 'high.' Yes, I noticed minor sedation slightly above placebo and yes, I itched a couple times on my nose and the back of my neck but it was not even worth drinking all that shit.

>1.5 / 10
Panda5 !EshdTRey7E - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 06:13:53 EST ID:Rifi3l3o No.580762 Ignore Report Quick Reply
For comparison, the stuff I was getting 2 months ago would have me falling over, nodding uncontrollably, and blacking out --- on 1/6th of that dose.
Dr. Mario !gWLn19/oKs - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 08:20:07 EST ID:eybDIy1E No.580766 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Weird, my 5/18 was the first 5/10 or better in months.
Reuben Turveyson - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:30:04 EST ID:Z32CeIct No.580772 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Panda5, that's so strange man, IDK if it's your tolerance or body chemistry or what, since me and Dr Mario have the same seeds as you and rate them much better than you do.

The thing is I know me and Dr Mario have pretty hefty tolerance.

What kind of amazing seeds were you getting a couple months ago?
Dr. Crane !WQtw1VwZqo - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 12:38:04 EST ID:6DTNpgA+ No.580777 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498495084422.jpg -(1923206B / 1.83MB, 5312x2988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What's up fam. Hope everyone doing alright!


I didn't make it lol. Well I did but I got a UTI Friday and just saw the doc. In so much pain ordered some WGN 6lb river so I can get it tomorrow. That wally sounds legit but that would be Thursday.

So I used the ativan xanax clam and phenibut to go off all the tram and seeds. Well benzed the fuck out I saw it was running out so ordered more clam cause I have to wait for the Rx to refill but something fucked up and been in benzo WD all weekend. Becareful with phenibut too. Mixed with a bunch of clam I kept redosing and it made me pass out puking at 3am woke up in my vomit at 1pm.

Coming up on like 15g of Kratom (2nd day back on it) so thank fuck I got that going at least. I know my opi tolerance is slashed though so I'll be careful tomorrow. I just really need something for the pain I've sleept like 5hours since Friday. Really don't want to fall back into this shit but guess I'm already fucking myself over.

I may actually be able to get more xanax today hopefully cause I feel like fucking death. Oh yeah doc refilled Hydroxizine so I'll have fun with some potentiation maybe.

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