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Nootropics General by Angus Gugglebury - Thu, 07 Aug 2014 14:27:28 EST ID:cEbmtuGD No.117868 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1407436048179.jpg -(1411689 B, 3240x3238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1411689
Discussion, comments, experiences, opinions: share them all here.

I've only just tried my first racetam, Oxiracetam, and I must admit I didn't think it would work as well as it did. Definitely not a placebo. I enjoy the boost of enthusiasm and cognitive skills, and I've yet to experience any negative side-effects while on or off the drug. I suppose I DO drive a bit faster/more aggressively when I'm on it but that's about the worst I can think of.

I'm planning on trying aniracetam, phenylpiracetam, and noopept before firguring out what a good stack would look like for me. Any tips on stacking?
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Caroline Femmlebire - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 19:31:13 EST ID:ie4ENicr No.121028 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Look into some of the newer materials coming out. Manufacturing costs are PLUMMETING on a lot of the "wonder materials" of the past few years. Even graphine now has an alternative made from hemp that costs 1% of the old graphine. There are other things too, but that is not for this thread

On topic of Nootropics, STUNNING SUCCESS! Phenylpiracetam on it's own has allowed me to fully regulate my heart (arrhythmia issues due to, long story.) while enhancing all of my senses. Combined with a few other racetams and the right vitamins, I can train to the point where I can physically be aware of the growth of my brain and nerve cells AS I train.

For others... I have successfully gotten several people off of methamphetamines, long term addicts and new arrivals, after A SINGLE DOSE! Last night, a man who was too twacked the fuck out to purchase a pot brownie in under 45 minutes, had suddenly (within two hours of ingestion) became, at least in appearance, TEN years younger. He had completely cleaned himself up, gone into a bar, sang kareoke (a man who could not finish a sentence prior) without any words to be read, and went on to somehow even fill his wallet that night... A single dose. 125mg of phenylpiracetam, 25mg of Noopept, and a mix of L-glutamate and CDP Choline (which breaks down into uridine.) in a 00 gelatine capsule.

This stuff works, and it works good. Not for everyone, possibly due to poor physical health, or any number of variables. But I now know that it works for most, so yes. NOOTROPICS HO! xD
Cedric Hamblespear - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 21:30:14 EST ID:Al7mjiuh No.121032 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I agree. I feel much brighter and readier for the week, as well as less afraid of things.
Doris Dommlechog - Mon, 09 Feb 2015 17:59:29 EST ID:j5GlfL0L No.121050 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I did a gpc choline, noopept, piracetam, fish oil stack, and it was bretty good. Much better sustained focus, great recall improvements, socialised better.

About to start an aniracetam, noopept, fish oil, choline stack, thinking about adding adrafinil as weĺl.
Doris Dommlechog - Mon, 09 Feb 2015 18:04:24 EST ID:j5GlfL0L No.121051 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Quick reply; it's about the tradeoff between protection, mobility and cost.

You're going to tick two of those three boxes with what you're trying to do, but not more with the current state of materials science.
Jack Grimshaw - Mon, 09 Feb 2015 18:10:27 EST ID:Kf1V2915 No.121052 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just picked up some Aniracetam and Oxiracetam. I tried Aniracetam once in the past a few years ago, it seemed good but I was having a paranoid/psychotic episode so I couldn't benefit from it fully. Anyone here tried Oxi?

Metaxalone by turtlhed - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 21:56:13 EST ID:cFiq1Kg1 No.121033 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1423450573411.jpg -(49528 B, 600x419) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 49528
any experiences with 2400-3200mg of metaxalone? I have some 800mg skelaxin laying around? Or any experinces with alcohol?
Cython - Mon, 09 Feb 2015 10:22:27 EST ID:qLlEleAc No.121044 Ignore Report Quick Reply
No. Took 8 when I was younger. Didn't feel hardly shit, slightly rubbery, then puked at the Crack of dawn. It's like flexeril except shit tier.

Methocarbamol dosage by Hannah Clannerspear - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 15:01:49 EST ID:R2bb+T9F No.121023 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1423425709771.jpg -(69146 B, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 69146
im tryin to find out what dosage of methocarbamol would cause on overdose. im usin em recreationally and tryin to avoid accidentally killin myself today. i weigh about 175-180 lbs and the pills are 750mg each. anybody know how much would be a safe amount to take without od'ing? couldnt really find any help anywhere else.
Hannah Clannerspear - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 15:02:58 EST ID:R2bb+T9F No.121025 Ignore Report Quick Reply
thanks in advance, guys.
Lydia Bruffingfuck - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 18:37:50 EST ID:BPZ9bCoM No.121027 Ignore Report Quick Reply
idont remember doses but shit sucks

displeasant head spins, numb lips, kinda dysphoric.. took like 8 once?
Beatrice Tillingstock - Mon, 09 Feb 2015 03:42:21 EST ID:LjaY70IB No.121037 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I don't mean to sound like a dick, but this seems like on of those thinly veiled suicide threads.

London Underground "Groove Love" party pills by Dumbass guy reposting from /ecstasy/ - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 01:05:12 EST ID:IsznLEtC No.121013 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1423375512927.jpg -(60667 B, 597x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 60667
I walked into one of the local head shops where I buy cheap kratom if I'm low on cash and don't want to go to the one that sells the good kratom, or if I just want to see whats in stock at cheapo-kratom-shop. ANYWAY.... A few weeks ago I was in the store and noticed a purple-mini-card looking thing with some staples in it and whatnot next to the over caffeinated powder called sleepwalker (which is bunk), and some boner pills. It looked like the x you used to see way back in the day stapled to nightclub business cards, strip club cards and whathaveyou. I asked the price and it was only 10 bucks for 4 pills. I immediately thought "Gotta be boner pills", and went along my merry way. After a few days of thought. Today I walked back into the store to buy some kratom and the damn package of "London Underground Groove Love" tempted me. So, I said "fuck it" a bought some.

I'm going to admit now after some horrific episodes with RCs they scare the piss out of me. I'm willing to try these because I've heard that these euro-herbal-party pills are legit and are nothing to be afraid of if taken correctly.

The "ingredients" are: Synthetic equivalent of stardardized Geranium oil extract, standardised to .02%. Poppy Seed extract. Magnesium Sterate, Dicalcium Phosphate.

After some google research I've come to assume that these contain DMAA... I know nothing about it. Are these even worth the 10 bucks I spent? Are these gonna make me flip out or can I take these and chill out w/o making a total ass of myself?

>IVE NEVER TAKEN ANY STIMS (other than caffeine and nicotine), or Hallucinogens before.

Should I get a sitter just in case?
Nell Dockleded - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 19:46:27 EST ID:R9QpZzBe No.121030 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1423442787225.jpg -(62106 B, 518x584) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 62106
Definitely get a sitter to watch you have the most awesome workout of your life.

Huffing gasoline by Henry Noddlekore - Thu, 18 Dec 2014 01:19:14 EST ID:DLk6sS8o No.120119 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
1418883554200.png -(33463 B, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 33463
so feel free to call me a fucking retarted peice of shit because I am. for this.

I sort of started huffing gasoline, the problem is, I like it.

I know its a natural carcinogen and health effects are unknown, at the same time im not the first person to do this.

How common is gasoline huffing and how often have people kept up a habbit for? For some reason smoking cigarettes gives me more chest congestion problems, but gasoline has to be bad for your lungs.

im going to make an effort to quit now but its difficult
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Wesley Claygold - Mon, 19 Jan 2015 18:59:17 EST ID:cfyT8NCR No.120690 Ignore Report Quick Reply
jesco white used to huff, youtube him

i think he's pretty cool but definitely has a few screws loose.
Henry Craggleway - Tue, 20 Jan 2015 09:13:24 EST ID:06EjhSJn No.120695 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Anyone know any other "famous" huffers?
Hugh Gunderfield - Mon, 02 Feb 2015 10:06:19 EST ID:9XUMNtDA No.120903 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Want a pdf I'll try upload it
Angus Clinderford - Mon, 02 Feb 2015 21:45:25 EST ID:Mbsn2zkM No.120911 Ignore Report Quick Reply
SteveO from Jackass
cursive !M6R0eWkIpk - Sun, 08 Feb 2015 10:01:23 EST ID:U416GS2g No.121016 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1423407683072.jpg -(46391 B, 350x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 46391
Punk Guy does it while smoking, because he does Punk things.

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