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Does alcohol potentiate yogi kava tea? by Betsy Fuzzlepog - Tue, 27 Dec 2016 23:34:33 EST ID:95XnaBoO No.128671 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1482899673813.jpg -(48622B / 47.48KB, 164x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 48622
Yogi kava tea seems pretty weak, would a beer or so potentiate it?
Archie Muttingwat - Wed, 28 Dec 2016 23:42:18 EST ID:FCDi2+VI No.128677 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1482986538143.jpg -(22962B / 22.42KB, 353x387) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A beer and 2 mg of Xanax and smoke a joint. Add in 12 mg of 2c-b.
William Wandlesare - Thu, 29 Dec 2016 08:07:50 EST ID:LYcFXV1T No.128679 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Might as well forget the kava tea at that point
Martin Brarryfit - Thu, 29 Dec 2016 16:04:52 EST ID:Uw8gZuPK No.128680 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1483045492564.png -(139119B / 135.86KB, 512x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Molly Billingshit - Fri, 30 Dec 2016 09:17:26 EST ID:IgtPlw4I No.128684 Ignore Report Quick Reply
this stuff is terrible.

go get real kava
Shitting Dradgeset - Fri, 30 Dec 2016 18:57:30 EST ID:C7hDyAxa No.128688 Ignore Report Quick Reply
its ok if you brew the whole box. its not very strong or anything but its definitely relaxing

Phenibut With Opioids by Phoebe Webberpat - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 12:25:26 EST ID:itIED0Js No.128593 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1482341126344.jpg -(35993B / 35.15KB, 960x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 35993
Is anyone willing to share their experiences of phenibut taken in combination with any opioid drugs?

Looking back through my drug use logs I can see that I've taken phenibut with three opioid drugs previously: tramadol, buprenorphine and tianeptine. The time I combined it with tramadol I used approximately 2g of phenibut with 400mg of tramadol but the trams kinda wasted the phenibut high. Buprenorphine and phenibut feels really warm and the phenibut allowed me to feel really functional despite being in the midst of a nod. I've combined tianeptine and phenibut more times than I'd care to remember and it's never been remarkable but I think that's just because tianeptine ends up feeling nasty really early on.

Please share phenibut + opioid experiences in this thread. I'm trying some dihydrocodeine and phenibut later so I'll try report back.
Graham Binnerhall - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 18:46:51 EST ID:ID6B0/Xn No.128597 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Phenibut? Lol, isn't that shit weak like camomile? Just take the opis, OP, and don't waste your money on placebo drugs.
David Smallhood - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 19:08:51 EST ID:itIED0Js No.128598 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>>128597 Nah, it's pretty special man - just got to get the dosage right, try to eat it on a relatively empty stomach and hey presto, it's an anxiolytic miracle drug. It's often really subtle admittedly but I think that's where it's charm lies; you can take it and not even realise quite how productive or sociable you're managing to be. I take a lot of pregabalin (and I've rinsed grams of gabapentin loads of times) and I can honestly say that phenibut is something uniquely fantastic even without other drugs.

But, for the record, I took 1.5g of phenibut with 200mg of dihydrocodeine tonight and it felt a bit like they cancelled one another one. So fuck trying that again. Still, phenibut + Suboxone is incredible.
James Crenkinwell - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 19:34:05 EST ID:x4BxExeR No.128599 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Chamomile doesn't stack like drugs the most you take does not male it more effective, phenibut is just like any other benzodiazepines though it just a matter of dose. A normal dose doe not cause major sedation though, but that was why it was made.
Hugh Mablingsack - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 21:10:10 EST ID:ID6B0/Xn No.128605 Ignore Report Quick Reply
phenibut is a gabapentinoid, not a benzodiazepine.
Martha Bingerdidging - Thu, 29 Dec 2016 19:00:17 EST ID:x4BxExeR No.128683 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

BEST SHIT TO HUFF by Hugh Mablingsack - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 21:25:35 EST ID:ID6B0/Xn No.128606 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1482373535395.png -(942420B / 920.33KB, 826x733) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 942420
What do you think is the best substance to huff? What has the dankest effects? I know that ether is good, but it's so fucking hard to find. The only thing I can find that contains either is engine starting fluid, and it contains other nasty stuff as well.

Also, toluene paint comes to mind. I personally find it to be headache inducing, but that's just me. Butane also happens to be a contender, especially since it's used as a propellant for everything, but I'm not sure about the safety of it.

Post your suggestions below.
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nicholas Sagglebine - Sat, 24 Dec 2016 11:24:47 EST ID:FCDi2+VI No.128637 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1482596687665.jpg -(527323B / 514.96KB, 1600x1144) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

benzene used for cleaning metal parts. huff from a rag.
Phoebe Blurrystudging - Tue, 27 Dec 2016 18:23:16 EST ID:XAUfYp5U No.128665 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yo, how do I do this without dying? Butane I mean
Aciddrop !tbcTsdGo8Q!!vVWR8L52 - Tue, 27 Dec 2016 19:17:43 EST ID:UzvqZKMV No.128667 Ignore Report Quick Reply
There's always a risk with inhalants, they are just dangerous and not good for you and can cause sudden death syndrome(sds) where your heart just stops for no reason really. That said I've done a lot and never noticed anything negative really other than puking and feeling kind of fried after. Kind of an addicting buzz too since it's so short lived. But I'd just put the nozzle in my mouth , push it down with my teeth and let it cool my lungs like a balloon, real slow. As long as it's not upside down it won't come out freezing cold. I've never had a problem with that before. I did almost catch myself on fire though so be careful if you do. I used to inhale a can a night for several days in a row. I would get crazy visuals, mostly patterns but some crazy shit too. Insane closed evey visuals almost dmt like at times. I'm not recommending it but be very careful if you do. Can't stress that enough.
Fiend !!1C9jE+w+ - Tue, 27 Dec 2016 19:23:24 EST ID:UgPYdDab No.128668 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Uhh. My method is pretty ghetto. There's probably a better way, but huffing Butane is ghetto anyway so fuck it.

If you can get refined Butane that's better; leaves less of a taste in your mouth, rather than your standard Ronson shit. But either way, I take a ziplock bag, and put the tip of the Butane can into the bag. Then I zip it all the way up, right up to the nozzle. Keep the can upside down just like filling a lighter. Then, using whatever method is available, sometimes I use pliers, or just pushing it down against a surface with the bag hanging over the edge, release Butane into the bag. Obv don't use your fingers. You'll freeze your shit.

Once the bag is full of gas, the Butane will start collecting as liquid at the bottom. Let some build up in there, but not too much. It is like, explosive or whatever. Anyway, once the bag is full, I just pull the nozzle out and huff the bag like it was a balloon of Nitrous. Make sure to take air in with each breath, or at least in between hits, so you don't pass out or whatever. You should be able to huff all the gas in a standard quart size bag (I guess 1L if you live anywhere but the US) and still have room for air on top.

Then seal the bag, and shake it. The liquid Butane at the bottom of the bag will evaporate rapidly and fill the bag again. Hit it again and seal it again and shake it again until it's all gone. Remember to breath air.
CrazyFolksTribe !owU3wSU682 - Wed, 28 Dec 2016 00:33:08 EST ID:KQmZVD9H No.128672 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1482903188024.png -(556126B / 543.09KB, 468x1355) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This probably isn't the safest way, but it gives you a lot of control over how much butane you inhale:

  1. Buy a whipped cream dispenser and a can of butane with a narrow nozzle.
  2. Set the tip of the nozzle onto that tiny metal spike that pierces N2O cartridges and lets the gas inside.
  3. Press down on the can and let it fill the dispenser for roughly five seconds.
  4. Put the cream dispenser nozzle in your mouth, squeeze the trigger (lightly, so you don't get an overwhelming hit of butane the first time), and huff to your heart's desire. And get some air between huffs, as Fiend said.

Hepatitis C Cure by Archie Sirrystone - Tue, 27 Dec 2016 15:59:18 EST ID:IcfXSZjJ No.128663 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1482872358218.jpg -(33142B / 32.37KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 33142
Does anyone here happen to have experience with the drug Hepcinat-LP?

I've learned that there is alternative to the Harvani drug ($84,000) in the US.

A course of Hepcinat-LP is extremely affordable, and touts cure rates upwards of 99%. I would love to be able to purchase this for my mother if we can verify everything - of course with medical supervision.

The most euphoric comfortable sedating coyz warm drug combo by jesse !7hqGpmbsrA!!booSESQR - Sun, 13 Nov 2016 12:37:15 EST ID:Cna7VD6L No.128331 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1479058635389.jpg -(27662B / 27.01KB, 350x379) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 27662
Ok I think this so so extreme it should literately be illegal
This drug combination is so intense yet so calming sedating and gives you the feeling like you being protected by god
low dose DPH + 1st plat DXM + Hard opis
The DPH with the opi makes you nod like crazy and the dxm with opi get you such an euphoric orgasm like feeling its indescribable
(I did some benzos earlier so that might be another factor why this is such an godlike felling.
It makes you feel like what you thought Heroin was supposed to make you feel like when you where thinking of it as a kid if that makes any sense to you
You can believe it is nothing compared to that, its just pure perfection
im high lol
Walter Snoddock - Sun, 20 Nov 2016 11:20:34 EST ID:7cQ++BSI No.128384 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Pure sedation with that warm alcohol and opi feel with the lack of care about the possibility of death
Also clam+2nd plat dxm
DXM adds warmness clam adds sedation and causes DXM to be weak phychoactively
Betsy Chorrymone - Mon, 26 Dec 2016 17:09:57 EST ID:idJgww2+ No.128653 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you realize this is how johnny rocket died right?
Priscilla Diggleridge - Mon, 26 Dec 2016 18:00:16 EST ID:FCDi2+VI No.128654 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Black Label Society - Stoned and Drunk

Any ideas? by Emma Besslehood - Thu, 22 Dec 2016 14:23:39 EST ID:nc4xnw3P No.128617 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1482434619655.png -(3513196B / 3.35MB, 1440x2560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 3513196
Relatively new tripper here. Not used to mushrooms this large, usually I eat small tiny ones. Any idea what strain this is? Also one of the caps is curled in on itself and covered in a pitch black dust which I can only assume are pores. I cut into the stem and there are blue veins running through it. Any help is appreciated
Archie Fellyhene - Thu, 22 Dec 2016 14:55:26 EST ID:HB0+0tp/ No.128618 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You might be better off on /psy/, but where did you get the mushroom?
Betsy Chorrymone - Mon, 26 Dec 2016 11:25:24 EST ID:idJgww2+ No.128650 Ignore Report Quick Reply
blue veins mean you got some good shit, godspeed op
Priscilla Diggleridge - Mon, 26 Dec 2016 15:05:37 EST ID:FCDi2+VI No.128651 Ignore Report Quick Reply

those are good mushrooms, eat them.
Angus Sublingberk - Tue, 27 Dec 2016 10:24:59 EST ID:brvgX/1U No.128661 Ignore Report Quick Reply

They look like cubes but it's really hard to tell once they're dried. Also the colour on the right hand edge of the shroom on the left makes it look like you might have fungus growing on your fungus.

3-fpm "crack" by Ebenezer Dupperridge - Thu, 22 Dec 2016 17:56:11 EST ID:4Wk5IaQu No.128621 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1482447371929.jpg -(3862B / 3.77KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 3862
Hypothetically, what would happen if you were to freebase 3-fpm with baking soda? Would it be similar to crack?
Hedda Blathergold - Thu, 22 Dec 2016 19:18:15 EST ID:t5HDz3e6 No.128622 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Never know until you try.
Fuck Blullerbatch - Fri, 23 Dec 2016 20:17:31 EST ID:IBi65rSd No.128633 Ignore Report Quick Reply
From what I recall of people vaporizing it (albeit the salt form), it didn't give a rush and the high wasn't as good as other ROAs. Maybe freebase will do you better. Try it.
Nicholas Sagglebine - Sat, 24 Dec 2016 11:26:42 EST ID:FCDi2+VI No.128638 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1482596802665.jpg -(57140B / 55.80KB, 500x421) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

a mixture of 3-fpm and baking soda would result.
CrazyFolksTribe !owU3wSU682 - Sat, 24 Dec 2016 18:53:57 EST ID:KQmZVD9H No.128640 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I found vaporizing to be the funnest way to use 3-FPM, because it was too painful to plug or snort and it wasn't very euphoric when swallowed. I definitely got a rush from vaping large quantities. The bag just said "3-fluorophenmetrazine" but I'm pretty sure it was the HCl salt, not freebase.

tl;dr It should be good, but this is still a thread for /stim/.

Gaba low dose wew by Oliver Chendleford - Sat, 03 Dec 2016 04:03:26 EST ID:Td9FoRkf No.128470 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1480755806973.jpg -(305556B / 298.39KB, 999x856) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 305556
Gabapentin @ 400mgs / 800mgs

I've been taking this with some other supplements thinking it was all placebo but holy shit I think this actually improves my mood, mental clarity and reduces anxiety. I read on some forum that anything under 3200mgs is not gonna be noticeable so I just took this low dose more like a vitamin, not really expecting anything.

Anyway I take it with a large swig of olive oil cause I read that it absorbs better with fat, and I drink a bunch of soda with it as well for absorption and I swear I feel the effects. I only use it a couple times a week usually at 400mgs, but sometimes I go crazy and take another 400mgs an hour later. Really impressive.

It's not a "high" feeling, it's just really pleasant and relaxing and seems to help me wakeup. is this placebo or what?
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cedric Dartworth - Mon, 19 Dec 2016 18:33:49 EST ID:mE52IYVQ No.128578 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Don't take 3200mgs btw thats insane.
I just ate 6400, but I'm prescribed 3200 a day. I met a guy in the psych ward who would dose 8000-16000 when he was dopesick.
Phineas Cushwell - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 15:59:07 EST ID:YzxMTF0T No.128595 Report Quick Reply
its the best drug ever. it's my fave. been addicted for 3 years.
Phineas Cushwell - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 18:31:55 EST ID:YzxMTF0T No.128596 Report Quick Reply
gabapentn is lipid soluble, cunt!
Aciddrop !tbcTsdGo8Q!!vVWR8L52 - Thu, 22 Dec 2016 11:54:48 EST ID:UJETVz9A No.128616 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Good job your the last person to figure out gabapentin can be recreational.

Thomas Pibblemid - Fri, 23 Dec 2016 00:20:23 EST ID:6mryGckq No.128627 Ignore Report Quick Reply

ya I find it really improves mood. What are the effects like after 3 years? doses? do you do it medically or for fun?

Ambien by Terror Incognito - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 01:27:19 EST ID:/FUgEXYJ No.128587 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1482301639025.png -(808064B / 789.12KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 808064
I've taken 80mg so far. I wanna trip out on it but I'm not hallucinating at all. I feel sedated as duck but like do I have to take 100mg +to get the desires effects? Legit question.
Oliver Cremblepig - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 02:40:23 EST ID:l9POD3uY No.128588 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dude you're probably fucked up. Hallucinations on ambien aren't even that common.
Terror Incognito - Wed, 21 Dec 2016 09:06:31 EST ID:/FUgEXYJ No.128591 Ignore Report Quick Reply

That's a little disappointing. Well I guess I can use it in place of benzos or something since I've got five more refills.only gonna get tucked up on it a few times a week though

I want supervision HD and all that by Jenny Bushhit - Mon, 05 Dec 2016 09:06:55 EST ID:JwDPP6xf No.128485 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1480946815142.png -(3913B / 3.82KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 3913
Nootropic that does that?
5 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Rebecca Foblingwack - Wed, 14 Dec 2016 20:21:55 EST ID:wmslk6lY No.128545 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Low dose lsd. Or Low dose 3 meo pcp and anphetamine combo...or LSD amp combo
Polly Dunningdock - Wed, 14 Dec 2016 20:50:24 EST ID:Oz6sI7to No.128546 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Phencyclidine and methamphetamine is always a good combo, but no drugs will enhance your vision unless you have glaucoma or some shit, so this >>128513
Cedric Dollyded - Tue, 20 Dec 2016 02:10:08 EST ID:MZl5DLiB No.128582 Ignore Report Quick Reply
eat lots of beef liver, other liver, squash, carrots, spiralina, at least try cod liver oil...

what you need is vitamin A
Fucking Snodhall - Tue, 20 Dec 2016 12:13:58 EST ID:jgMB6Ynm No.128584 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I thought that the whole thing with Vitamin A enhancing vision was propaganda started by the British during WW2 to cover up their radar technology?
K - Fri, 30 Dec 2016 13:31:13 EST ID:JwDPP6xf No.128685 Ignore Report Quick Reply
yes but it is good for eye health genereally. and skin

Phenylephrine. by Cedric Fugglebanks - Mon, 19 Dec 2016 10:55:00 EST ID:ivfyQhRC No.128571 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1482162900926.jpg -(47410B / 46.30KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 47410
Hello, I have gotten into cardio as well as dieting, and have normally been taking the ECA Stack, purchased with Bronkaid.

I was wondering though, one time I was at the Dollar Store, and actually had a cold so I bought a Nasal Decongestant that had Phenylephrine HCl 10mg. I thought the name sounded familiar, and it was only 1 dollar so I bought it.

I later read that some people have started using it as a Substitue for Epehdrine, because it's harder to find.

I still plan on using Bronkaid instead, but I recently ran out, and haven't had a chance to go to my pharmacy to get more.

Anyway, is this stuff in anyway useful for either supressed appetite or increased energy the way ephedrine is?

Or is it strictly for actual nasal decongestant and not anything like Ephedrine in terms of stimulant/appetite suppression?

I've tried locating some other information online, but it's mostly actually about the two drugs and how they compare to what they are marketed as (nasal decongestants).

I was hoping to find some bro-science or something on bodybuilding.com or some other forum, but haven't as of yet.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Sophie Bettingforth - Mon, 19 Dec 2016 21:25:46 EST ID:eOw0/SZ5 No.128579 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Its not even that great of a decongestant.

It may increase your blood pressure, but it has no stimulant effects and wouldn't be a good replacement for ephedrine.
Edward Hushfitch - Mon, 19 Dec 2016 22:54:04 EST ID:ivfyQhRC No.128580 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Alright. Thanks, mate

Music and mania by Bruno - Tue, 13 Dec 2016 23:09:44 EST ID:JwDPP6xf No.128540 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1481688584996.jpg -(105774B / 103.29KB, 600x382) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 105774
Best auralgasms. Just all over. Every cell in my body is light. It's a drug you make yourself. Can we talk about it? I feel like my body is full of light and about to burst. Bipolar. Does anyone get this feel? Please discuss
6 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Edward Fallyben - Thu, 15 Dec 2016 23:52:50 EST ID:t5HDz3e6 No.128553 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1481863970207.jpg -(17077B / 16.68KB, 236x234) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't follow, weed has gotten me through some real rough patches.
Fiend !!1C9jE+w+ - Fri, 16 Dec 2016 14:18:50 EST ID:UgPYdDab No.128556 Ignore Report Quick Reply
> Weed not used for depression
What? That's like one of the more common reasons people use it to self-medicate (or regular medicate, if they live in a place where it's legal medicine).

Also, a lot of people I know who are Bipolar (including myself) think weed helps a lot. It helps tons of with depression, but it also calms down (hypo)manic cycles, though most of the people who I've talked to about this are already stoners, so that may affect things. But like, in a hypomanic cycle, part of it is moving too fast and not stopping to question my own fallibility, or if it's bad, the fact that I need to like eat and sleep and human stuff. Hitting the bong real hard turns that knob down pretty quick. It's not as strong as an antipsychotic or anything, but it'll remind me to eat; slow me down so I don't drive 100mph down the freeway and/or spend all my money on something I don't need but want desperately in that moment; and at night it'll help me get to sleep which is the really critical part. I like to avoid falling back on my Zyprexa as much as possible.

OP, I'm Bipolar, and I do know the feeling you're talking about. The sound just... It's like flying on top of the music, feeling like I understand every bit of it. But also sometimes I get the opposite, where I'm moving so fast that no music can keep me entertained. I guess that's more of a mixed phase though.

I definitely have more thoughts on the high of music in general, as well a the high of hypomania, but they're not coming to me, or maybe I'm too lazy to write about it right now.
Edward Fallyben - Fri, 16 Dec 2016 17:35:38 EST ID:t5HDz3e6 No.128557 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1481927738207.jpg -(33963B / 33.17KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You. You get it.
Charles Pablingstone - Mon, 19 Dec 2016 09:59:33 EST ID:rfH2/S/r No.128570 Ignore Report Quick Reply
> Hitting the bong real hard turns that knob down pretty quick. It's not as strong as an antipsychotic or anything, but it'll remind me to eat; slow me down so I don't drive 100mph down the freeway and/or spend all my money on something I don't need but want desperately in that moment; and at night it'll help me get to sleep which is the really critical part.
Can relate
Cedric Dartworth - Mon, 19 Dec 2016 18:30:33 EST ID:mE52IYVQ No.128577 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Holy fuck thank you for talking about this. I felt like I was the only one. I'm only diagnosed with MDD, but I'm 99.9% sure I've experienced hypomania, and the psych's are just cunts.

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