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inhalants are dumb by Phyllis Fellerwune - Tue, 09 May 2017 21:20:05 EST ID:abQD2WG9 No.129475 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1494379205034.jpg -(292167B / 285.32KB, 409x409) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 292167
>I closed my eyes and just saw colors and fire which made me believe I was in hell, alternating between coughing puking and screaming I was honestly wishing for death. All this happened within 5 minutes of my first duster puff

why the fuck does anyone do inhalants? why not just steal some fucking dxm? fucking dph? literally anything else????
inb4 but nitrous
Clara Blezzlenug - Wed, 10 May 2017 00:51:21 EST ID:FvxqYTfA No.129476 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well, yeah, obviously "but nitrous" because it's a great drug for a few purposes.
It's an amazing anesthetic, and it's pretty fun every now and then.

I don't think that whatever is in air duster has many great qualities.
Lol as far as I'm concerned you gotta be pretty dumb just to try it.
Phyllis Daddlewill - Wed, 10 May 2017 02:10:05 EST ID:8QJqNZhx No.129477 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've never tried inhalants aside from some chemical i can't remember the name of, kinda related to ether. It felt like nitrous a little bit.

I would imagine people do inhalants because they feel good often, a sort of short acting dissociation. I think people do them cause it's easy to aquire and pretty cheap, often times done by people who are kids or who don't know about DXM.

Don't judge, people have their reasons, perhaps stupidity is one?
Fiend !!1C9jE+w+ - Wed, 10 May 2017 17:14:50 EST ID:89F6KE65 No.129480 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I honestly tried inhalants just because I had done a handful of drugs in every other category, and I figured I had to at least try it. Turned out Butane is pretty cool. I continued huffing Butane every now and then for a couple months whenever I wanted to get high fast but I was feeling emo and edgy. Like I already was weed-stoned, and had a box full of RCs and a cabinet full of Rx and OTC highs, but no; I was going for the can of Butane on my counter, cause fuck your judgements, and my brain. I haven't had any desire to do it for a while; I've had a more or less constant supply of DCK, which basically satisfies the desire for all drugs except weed, but I wouldn't rule it out. I always have a can of it for dabbing anyway.

I actually have a few reasons I prefer it to Nitrous FOR MY PERSONAL USES (hear me out before flame). I have beef with Nitrous for being too good and too short. With my addictive personality and /dis/ being my favorite class of drugs, once I pick up the balloon, it's fucking hard for me to put it down. I've sat down to do a balloon; then next thing I know 3 hours have gone by and there are 100+ chargers littered all around the floor. Butane is less dissociative, and gives me more OEVs instead, and it lasts a little bit longer. That, combined with the lack of blatant euphoria of Nitrous, it's way easier to put down the bag of Butane for a while, go back to living life, or doing other drugs, or whatever, then come back to the Butane if I wanted another lil kick.

I know I'm not the typical inhalant user, but that I was my experience.
Barnaby Nodgekotch - Wed, 10 May 2017 21:11:47 EST ID:Qt4Ms9aj No.129483 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Idk I just pretend to do them and encourage other people to do them on /other/. Sort of like silly string and air horns except I actually do those.
Phoebe Buzzhood - Thu, 11 May 2017 17:38:00 EST ID:8QJqNZhx No.129491 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>I've sat down to do a balloon; then next thing I know 3 hours have gone by and there are 100+ chargers littered all around the floor.

haha i know that feel, i ordered a box of 200 from amazon tried it once i got the package and ended up not stopping till they were all done
Samuel Seffingtag - Sat, 13 May 2017 08:07:08 EST ID:FvxqYTfA No.129506 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That sounds disgusting tbh.
You guys are disgusting.
Eugene Fengerford - Sat, 13 May 2017 16:07:13 EST ID:abQD2WG9 No.129507 Ignore Report Quick Reply
heh, yeah
Cedric Blackspear - Wed, 31 May 2017 23:03:51 EST ID:QvKb6Isp No.129605 Ignore Report Quick Reply
starter fluid makes you trip balls
Eliza Nedgedock - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 19:36:53 EST ID:d1ai/B60 No.129606 Ignore Report Quick Reply
your post brought back memories of when I did butane....

On the plus side, it gave me very vivid and realistic hallucinations
On the minus side... made me feel down for a while (i'd call the feeling "damaged"), plus, yeah, it massacres brain cells...

As for the hallucinations, they'd often revolve around other planets and alternate universes, and they'd seen very real to me.
Sometimes I experimented a bit, like using a CD as a mirror tolook at myself (once saw myself as an old man)
I've even seen what any Christian would call "God" and angels fluttering about my room (trying to force me to kneel and pray.... hell no! I bow to no one!)

Other times, i'd just feel wind on my skin even if there was no way wind could blow where I sat)

My final trip on butane had my curtains transform into a huge, violent demon-looking thing that started throwing debris and splashing lava about. I fell on my ass as a huge lava-coated rock smashed into the ground in front of me, before everything changed back into my normal room. As the lava rock landed, I could feel the pressure wave and the heat from it.
That trip scared me straight!

I've done a few /psy/s too, but none have really been able to fool my sense of feeling like butane has...

Tried ether and a few others too (including duster), however, I couldn't stand the smell or taste of them... butane was tolerable so long as it wass the non-stink/impurity free versions
Edwin Senderlock - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 14:33:57 EST ID:AyMLqUSr No.129612 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Anyone ever huff nail polish remover before? I'm bored and there are no drugs in the house. Seems retarded to do, like it might give you severe permanent brain damage.
CrazyFolksTribe !owU3wSU682 - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 19:05:23 EST ID:RZwv/NL1 No.129621 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yes. I huffed it through a rag but felt virtually no effects. If you had pure acetone, I'd say give it a try, but IME nail polish remover is too dilute.

True, but many other inhalants are better than nutmeg.
Lydia Hennerworth - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 22:28:09 EST ID:AyMLqUSr No.129622 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I've ate all the nutmeg in my house. Didn't really do anything to me that I could discern.
Jack Smallham - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 06:39:09 EST ID:FvxqYTfA No.129638 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Most plants that get you high also poison you.
This is likely not a good idea unless you are sure you know what you're doing.
David Bummleshaw - Sat, 10 Jun 2017 11:00:59 EST ID:FvxqYTfA No.129651 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah I'm aware you seem to know what you're doing. But going and condoning someone to eat local psychoactive plants, who doesn't know what they're doing isn't smart and is kinda irresponsible. That's the point. No need to get all defensive. And yes many do poison you such as datura.
Phineas Gonningforth - Sat, 10 Jun 2017 22:06:23 EST ID:d253OyZI No.129652 Ignore Report Quick Reply
All toxicity is dose dependent, and pretty well any substance is toxic at a high enough dose. I am probably missing your point though, just going out and munching down on stuff you think is probably psychoactive is pretty risky. It can also be very hard to judge dose especially as the levels of active ingredients can vary a lot in nature.
Reuben Picklock - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 07:34:06 EST ID:N9nM/GYy No.129655 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My whole point is that some dumbass kids do go out and eat datura and die. It's happened.
Also, I found this page somehow, pretty interesting. This is now in my browsing history. I hope they don't come and van me and put me on suicide watch.
Phoebe Hommerwill - Tue, 13 Jun 2017 22:41:08 EST ID:abQD2WG9 No.129673 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>we had this dish of candy corn....someone went through maybe 75 pieces of candy corn and bit off only the orange half
datura is a deadly poison

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