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Tianeptine Thread by Frederick Mattingmadging - Thu, 12 Apr 2018 09:35:19 EST ID:Xes7j+3E No.131160 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1523540119191.png -(39691B / 38.76KB, 640x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 39691
Just ordered some of this along with my usual nootropics after reading up on it and it sounds very interesting. Anti-depressant that doesn't effect serotonin or dopamine but has an opiate effect at higher doses? I've read some horror stories about opiate addicts eating insane amounts and getting addicted to it, but from what I've read it takes a daily amount in the grams for months.

Anyone on here have any experience with this novel little chemical?
Walter Greenwill - Thu, 12 Apr 2018 22:57:24 EST ID:vIhkPLut No.131161 Ignore Report Quick Reply
There are 2 main types and the dosing and duration is way different between them. The sodium versions take about 100mg for a strong high, and only last about 1 hour. The sulfate ones take about 250mg to get a basic high but last around 4 hours.

I've only taken the sulfate, as it's much easier to source and I've read too many stories of people getting quickly addicted to the sodium. I really enjoy it personally, just strong euphoria, good physical feeling, and a find up to about 250mg it feels very energetic. Pretty much a mild opiate feeling without the lethargy. Around 300mg+ it feels very similar to normal opis but more clear headed.
Hedda Clevingshit - Fri, 13 Apr 2018 05:53:09 EST ID:a6Xld5qw No.131162 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523613189972.gif -(18344B / 17.91KB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thanks for the response. I sourced the sulfate and the capsules are 250 mgs so that's perfect. I'm a fan of phenibut, modafinil, and piracetam, so I'm curious as to what this has to offer. I like taking at least 2 days off in between "nootropics" so this might fill out my week if it helps me get out of bed.

Have you noticed any of the anti-depressant effects? I'm honestly looking for those more than an opiate euphoria in this one.
Fucking Gisslewot - Sat, 14 Apr 2018 12:06:08 EST ID:vIhkPLut No.131175 Ignore Report Quick Reply

> Have you noticed any of the anti-depressant effects?

Somewhat, it is a different feeling than normal opis especially at lower doses. Dunno how to describe it, but a much more 'light' and stimulating feeling. At <50mg doses, it is just a slight mood lift for me. Since I've used almost exclusively recreationally though at higher doses it's hard to say. Will be interested to read what you think of it when you get a chance.

On the subject of anti-depressants I've found 5-HTP in moderate doses (~0.5g) works pretty well if you've not given it a try yet. Nothing else I've ever tried that just gives mood improvement without an accompanying intoxication.
Cyril Sopperwet - Sun, 15 Apr 2018 15:39:49 EST ID:OSajtA0L No.131179 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My personal experience, if you're opi-naive then don't start on 250mg with sulfate. even 50mg puts me in a nice warm blanket of contentment for hours, 150-200 have given me nausea and just a real scummy-all-over feeling. A little goes a long way. I realize 45mg is the 'normal dose' for sulfate, maybe OP will need more for a decent high, but like with any substance it's better to lowball it to start.

And the addiction potential is high (yes, even with the sulfate) and withdrawals even after a few consecutive days are nasty. So please use sparingly OP.
Oliver Cridgewick - Sun, 15 Apr 2018 16:52:43 EST ID:PHla0GsA No.131180 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Op here. Got the tianeptine sulfate in yesterday and just dosed 100mg. (I didn't realize they were 25mgs instead of 250) I'll post back here once it wears off to let you know what I think. I used to eat tramadol and percs back when I was living in the sticks, but I haven't had them for a few years. I'm pretty stoked to have something that acts as both an anti-depressant and an opiate!
Oliver Hittingfone - Sun, 15 Apr 2018 23:12:54 EST ID:PHla0GsA No.131181 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523848374513.jpg -(79944B / 78.07KB, 534x347) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Took the first 100mgs at 5pm, another 100 at 8, and I'm tempted to take another now at 11. If the sulfate is truly an upgrade to the sodium, I can only imagine how short lasting the sodium must be! I've had a few beers and a few rips of the oil rig tonight and they all work well in tandem. Nice and relaxed and as the second 100mgs hit I got some of those classic opiate feelings in my throat and chest.

Overall it's probably not going to be recreational for me in higher doses, but who knows. I don't have enough to cause addiction problems so I'll probably experiment more with higher and lower doses and give it up once I'm out. Honestly seems like phenibut is more of the drug for me!
Oliver Hittingfone - Mon, 16 Apr 2018 14:47:26 EST ID:PHla0GsA No.131182 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1523904446513.jpg -(317215B / 309.78KB, 711x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
One more update before I give it a few weeks to see how my body responds.

After 300mgs of sulfate dosed 3 hours apart in 3 doses last night, I had some great opiate like effects and today has been a bright and early start and considerable mood lift! I've felt like tackling all of the stuff I've been putting off and just overall content. This wasn't fantastic recreationally, but if the anti-depressant effects can hit me in under 24 hours with a single dose I might have to start using small doses on my phenibut off days!
Brain - Mon, 16 Apr 2018 17:30:56 EST ID:e9w7ObhJ No.131184 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ya'll fuckers inspired me to try some Tianeptine i had laying around. bumping 50mg of sulfate
Brain - Tue, 17 Apr 2018 12:37:09 EST ID:e9w7ObhJ No.131192 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Wasn’t bad imo. Dropping another 70mg now

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