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ambien (2 pills) Kratom 1G and alcohol. by Nicholas Gagglehuck - Fri, 14 Dec 2018 22:18:09 EST ID:AZ3SJ9bQ No.132094 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1544843889494.jpg -(195809B / 191.22KB, 565x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 195809
will this ve good?
George Worthinglock - Sat, 15 Dec 2018 00:17:22 EST ID:SgajIQwW No.132095 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I wouldnt mix alcohol with anything one its garbage and itll kill the opiate hightake the kills it iff thevak joo. I like 30 mins after take the kratom coz you overide the opiassxx-
Cyril Crunnerham - Sun, 16 Dec 2018 09:33:13 EST ID:HDfmBNoT No.132098 Ignore Report Quick Reply
dude you sound like you had one helluva party going on there

I think that alcohol kills opiate high only if you do small doses of opi or use weak ones, don't know what 1g of kratom does to you on its own but I'd stick with having 2-3 beers max and not like 8 shots of vodka
also be careful with that, you don't want to fall asleep while on a mix of depressants cause chances are, you ain't gonna wake up
Esther Dartspear - Sat, 29 Dec 2018 11:48:44 EST ID:fWpchV8v No.132116 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Depends on the strength and amount of alcohol, but for some commercial Bali I'd say do at least 2g Kratom.
Jarvis Sillysig - Sun, 30 Dec 2018 08:49:27 EST ID:FyH4tc7z No.132119 Ignore Report Quick Reply

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