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running out on probation by Alice Poddleworth - Tue, 30 Oct 2018 19:56:35 EST ID:+eu7fILs No.527505 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540943795892.jpg -(8293B / 8.10KB, 300x168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 8293
what would happen if i run out on probation and eventually come back to turn myself?

i live in a shitty small town and i dont want to live here and my state is gay as fuck and gives long as fuck probation sentences 100x longer then everywhere else. i refuse to live in a small town so when my shit gets reduced after deferred sentencing im just hopping on a plane and going to the city i want to live

when i turn myself in they'll just give me months or whatever in jail right? they wont do jail and give you probation on top of that for running from probation right? even if they did wont my probation automatically just transfer over to the city i live in? its not like they can put me on probation in a place where i dont live right?

or is there any way i can get my license back if i just run out on probation if i do everything else so i just never have to come back?
Nathaniel Hongerlick - Tue, 30 Oct 2018 23:50:10 EST ID:jcmYyavx No.527507 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm pretty sure they'll drag your ass back to where you are now and throw you back in jail for longer than you had before, but the thing is its pretty specific to where you are. Talk to a lawyer before you attempt this and they'll tell you to suck it up.
Emma Higglesin - Wed, 31 Oct 2018 06:05:24 EST ID:Pwq0Fy/H No.527508 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You obviously made some mistakes to be where your at. You dug that grave, so go live in it,

You think you can just run away from a big issue like this? You think probation sucks? 8x20 cell is worse.
Phoebe Cenderkog - Wed, 31 Oct 2018 07:26:28 EST ID:V9JVqZTf No.527510 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Join the military.
Fuck your cat
Edwin Blossleham - Thu, 01 Nov 2018 06:47:28 EST ID:uXKHI0Y/ No.527531 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Stuck in some gloomy shithole. Typical. It's going to be mental agony. But It's the fresh, new you afterwards. Oh you're going to be such a GOOD BOY after this. Yes master. Yes your most esteemed honor. Time served? Oh thank you Thank You THANK YOU your honor.

In 2014 I met someone by Priscilla Fibbletock - Wed, 08 Aug 2018 08:39:05 EST ID:N8SnPlnn No.526007 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1533731945051.png -(1630441B / 1.55MB, 1024x745) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1630441
I've been in a daze for the last four years. I finally remember why I gave up and who set me down this path. The big hole in my memory has been filled in, slowly, painfully. I am so fucking tired. I can't get a hold of her. She is scared to look at what she has done, I think. She shattered my mind like glass.

It's so strange to remember someone that was completely erased from your memory, especially when you elected to erase them yourself. I never told anyone. I screamed at her in terror and anger when she called.

PTSD is a bitch, and I am fucking done. Six months of this unrelenting shit. I can't even recognize the person I am from who I was before. I hope none of you go through this.
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Thomas Wuddlehut - Mon, 13 Aug 2018 21:04:35 EST ID:N8SnPlnn No.526108 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I can't be more specific due to the person involved. Besides, I still don't think she deserves any sort of public outing. I can't really decide on what to believe, and depending on her intentions her actions range from stupid, misguided and overly harsh to borderline psychopathic.

The worst part of this still is the consequences it had for me. It was the last thing I needed at the time, and not only did it change me and make me fuck around in an alcohol and drug fueled haze for four years while doing my very best to be as self-destructive and negative as possible, I forgot about key parts of my identity that are important to me. Good thing I remember them now, I guess, but I feel so bitter about this. I want my four years back and to subtract an experience that was painful on so many levels. I've been poring over this every single day for almost a year now and it is eating me up inside. If she could at least have the fucking courtesy to get back to me and actually hear about what she caused.
Jarvis Shakeham - Tue, 30 Oct 2018 16:37:09 EST ID:OhXZg5XK No.527502 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>she made me fuck my life up for years

uh huh. what, did she put an explosive device around your neck and hand you a list of demands?
standard addict/alcoholic aversion to personal responsibility. i bet nothing in your life is your fault.
Reuben Brookville - Tue, 30 Oct 2018 18:37:52 EST ID:N8SnPlnn No.527503 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>uh huh. what, did she put an explosive device around your neck and hand you a list of demands?

No, she falsely accused me of several vile actions I had never commited, causing complete strangers (to me) to threaten me(death threats among others, in person and by mail), further spread false accusations about me to the people in my town, try to get me fired, try to set up situations where they could find me all alone (god knows why), all while masterfully towing the line so that there wasn't enough evidence for me to do something about it.

Initially I thought there had been some sort of misunderstanding since some of the accusations were not about things that could be identified to have come from me, but no, appearently her feelings were just hurt, as she admitted to later.

Now if you can get this through your thick, holier-than-thou retard skull: This situation was extremely unpleasant, and as creatures made of flesh and blood we do not choose our resilience (unless you are religious, in which case I am very sorry for you and anyone who has the misfortune of meeting you), and particularly if you have been subjected to severe (life/death) trauma at the hands of people before(which I have), overactivation of the sympathic nervous system is common. There are cheap household remedies for this, and unless you think people with ptsd (which I am now diagnosed with) drink because of some sort of a moral failing I hope someone puts you down asap.

Is there any more wisdom you want to share? I have a challenge for you: Try to make one, just one post where you show that you aren't exactly the type of person I suspect you are: A fourteen year old incel who comes on this board to offer "advice" by parroting "common sense".

>standard addict/alcoholic aversion to personal responsibility.
I hope someone beats you so hard you get chronic pain. When you express remorse at how this limits your life, maybe you can understand. Doubt it though.

>i bet nothing in your life is your fault.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Emma Higglesin - Wed, 31 Oct 2018 06:18:01 EST ID:Pwq0Fy/H No.527509 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Good luck OP, your fucked
Frederick Pibberfotch - Wed, 31 Oct 2018 07:34:51 EST ID:uSPK9zEv No.527511 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What did she accuse you of?

CBD for dogs by Angus Nillerfuck - Mon, 29 Oct 2018 16:01:04 EST ID:x903zUzv No.527482 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540843264014.jpg -(66639B / 65.08KB, 348x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 66639
Hey /qq/, I'm posting this here and on the cannabis board for safe measure.
So I have a very old dog, she will be 16 in a few months. She has pretty bad arthritis in her hips, spine, and in her right shoulder. I do have some pain/anti-inflammatory items from the Vet, but honestly I'm not sure how great they are, none are taken regularly. I have tried a few medications and nothing seems to help too much.
In general she is fine, but at night she whines and has a hard time getting to sleep (strangely when I'm in the room she will lay down just fine).
I have another vet appointment in two days, so at that point I guess I will ask about more medications/pain reliever. But I have always wanted to try CBD for her, but honestly everything on the internet is basically "If your pain medicine isn't working, go ahead but be very wary."
So I figured I'd ask you guys if you've had any luck with CBD and your arthritic pets? Thanks!
>TL;DR Dog has arthritis, I am in the process of trying different pain-killers. Wanted to know people's experience with CBD oil for pets.
William Tootford - Mon, 29 Oct 2018 20:56:37 EST ID:LRU43Jt1 No.527487 Ignore Report Quick Reply
yes, do it. A dispensary down the road from me even sells pet edibles, and a grocery store does as well.
John Fondershit - Mon, 29 Oct 2018 22:34:36 EST ID:x903zUzv No.527489 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Do you have any experience with this with your own pets?

extreme anxiety by Eliza Pickwell - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 01:56:08 EST ID:KL9nuqvR No.527441 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540533368315.jpg -(1199177B / 1.14MB, 1016x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1199177
How the fuck do you overcome or deal with this its gotten so fucking bad I'm not even feeling depressed or socially anxious anymore because just the sheer strength of the actual anxiety has overcome it all and its all I can really focus on, like eyes rolling back in my head constantly feel like vomiting level of anxiety. I understand that you feel anxious for a reason and searching for the feeling of relief can guide you to do the things you need to do but I cant find the things that give me relief anymore, like at all. I can workout and that helps for a bit but it comes right back there is absolutely no relaxation anymore i cant sit still for a minute absolutely cannot smoke weed anymore. After I come home from work and have worked out and it would usually be a time to relax but theres just none of that anymore. In a way I guess its good because im so scared of that feeling im constantly running away from it and trying to do shit that will make me feel good but it doesnt seem to effect it in the end and it comes right back after Im not distracted.

Has anyone overcome anxiety and how? I really really don't want too become dependent on benzos, I don't even want to try them. Sorry for bitching but this suddenly just hit me like a storm and doesnt fucking go away ever. Im 26
1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Lydia Blingerhatch - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 11:09:20 EST ID:iJyiJg7k No.527445 Ignore Report Quick Reply
isn't that just for physical symptoms though? like they're still psychologically anxious but don't shake/stutter/sweat/etc
Nell Tillingman - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 11:52:46 EST ID:s7p5agl5 No.527446 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>I understand that you feel anxious for a reason
When you have extreme anxiety that reason is you're anxious about how horrible being anxious is. I'm an anxious person, I spent a while thinking I was dying but the scariest thing was the anxiety attacks because those are literally fear itself.

And while that's brutal it's also nothing. You probably have underlying things you're nervous about but you're so frightened of anxiety that your fear of it is probably making it several times worse.

Only based on my own experience and knowledge though.
Reuben Dabbershit - Sat, 27 Oct 2018 09:39:18 EST ID:ehhnNOgT No.527454 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Definitely see a doctor and try a beta blocker first if you have generalized anxiety like that. The anxiety can be coming from your body, and if you slow the pace your autonomous nervous system is firing at, it will cause the anxiety to go away. The PNS and CNS are more connected than most people realize.
Clara Cannerspear - Mon, 29 Oct 2018 16:48:17 EST ID:CcSALyo+ No.527484 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Thirden on the beta-blockers.. I'm 27 and have same issue. Was prescribed benzos til they made my life SO much worse. You'll like them too much. And never come back right
Clara Cannerspear - Mon, 29 Oct 2018 16:49:04 EST ID:CcSALyo+ No.527485 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>>527484 thirded* nb

Just feel broken by James Bunwater - Sun, 28 Oct 2018 05:08:21 EST ID:vUaVEVlD No.527463 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540717701802.jpg -(25695B / 25.09KB, 480x358) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 25695
I cant do anything right. I have no idea what's happening to me or if I'm being taken advantage of by others. I think I might lose my job. I do the best I can but it's just not good enough. Or if I'm being preyed upon or am just an invalid. I try to do the right thing but it blows up in my face and I look stupid. And my anxiety just keeps getting worse. There's a sharp pain in my lower back when I get really stressed out. Today it was killing me. Today I was utterly humiliated, it just keeps happening.

I feel stupid for even writing this. But last night I went out with some friends. Everything was okay until we went out to the bar. And I was thinking about killing myself because there's nothing to look forward to.

My dad suffers from depression. He had a serious surgery in January and took time off of work to recover. However his coworker he shares his business with couldn't handle the extra work load and they had a big argument. My dad was deeply ashamed because his business partner didn't understand he couldn't function with his mental illness. He thought my dad was just lazy.

I'm not sure how to get help. If I can get a leave of absence from work with a doctors note. Or just go to appointments while working and that will help me.

If someone could tell me what to do.
James Bunwater - Sun, 28 Oct 2018 06:31:03 EST ID:vUaVEVlD No.527466 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That's interesting. But how do I call by bosses and say I'm mentally unfit to work?
Polly Chennerbeck - Mon, 29 Oct 2018 08:42:14 EST ID:B7QXYJzC No.527477 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Lemme know when you find an answer, i have the same feelings of inadequacy and poor work performance no matter how hard i try, i cant focus, maybe im add and need an adderall script lol

Self-Esteem by Fuck Cherrylock - Sat, 27 Oct 2018 21:49:16 EST ID:72N5BQUN No.527458 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540691356903.jpg -(2060596B / 1.97MB, 1500x1061) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2060596
Hey /qq/,
Any tips on raising self-esteem? I realize that a lot of my problems come from a low self-esteem. I have problems maintaining healthy friendships and I always have a tendency to seek attention from the opposite gender even if I am committed. It kills me. Anyone in the same position? Any stories to share? I'd love to hear them.
Caroline Murdcocke - Sun, 28 Oct 2018 00:09:56 EST ID:3BJNW9Mq No.527459 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1540699796021.jpg -(48151B / 47.02KB, 714x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Trying to build self-esteem without self-efficacy is like trying to fill up a bathtub without stopping the drain. In other words, it's a lot easier to feel good about yourself when you believe in your own capabilities. And it's a lot easier to believe in yourself when you have someone else who believes in you....

That said, one cannot rely exclusively on external validation to achieve this, because you'd be giving up creative control over your own development - and then it wouldn't quite be self-esteem, now would it?

Going back to the bathtub analogy, think of it like this - you put in the stopper, someone else pours in enough water to hold it in place, and then you fill it up the rest of the way. It's a concerted effort, and once you understand how it works, you can help others with this process as well, resulting in less 'water' being wasted overall.
Nicholas Brillykack - Sun, 28 Oct 2018 07:15:48 EST ID:LQaVa7NA No.527469 Ignore Report Quick Reply
exposing yourself to increasing amounts of uncomfortable situations and seeing how you went through them without losing yourself. This is working for me to a certain degree but I'm not doing it nearly often enough. Try looking people into the eye when you walk towards them and just learn to accept that everone has doubts/fears. It is normal and healthy to have those, you just judge them because they feel bad. I've been asked "is something wrong?" a lot as a child so I associated not feeling nothing with "something is wrong with me" and I keep trying to hide behind a blank face.

When it comes to attention from the opposite gender, I have a similar problem of behaving completely weird once I see a good looking woman entering the room/bus/whatever. I often look away, thinking I'm weird, spending the whole time avoiding to look in her direction and when I get up after 5 mins I realize that she's not even sitting there anymore.
I'm battling this by directly looking at people when they enter because it's copletely normal to check whos entering the area you're in. I still feel weird doin it but it gets better and sometimes I even manage to change my facial mask into a slight grin when I see someone I like the looks of..

Going extra hard when doing some sport and passing a woman(or just walking past) is annoying, and I'm fully aware I'm doing it yet I still keep doing it..I bet it's due to a general feeling of not achieving what I want to in life and I want to get some validation so I try to create it in my head by thinking "look how fast I can ride up this hill" or "I bet she thinks I'm fit now"..Don't think I'll be able to stop doing that unless I get my general depression and lack of employment in check..

Stoned ramble, hope you get something out of this

I'm not sure, is this a bad place or just unpleasant? by Cyril Summerfuck - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 13:26:22 EST ID:8RP6qEAJ No.527432 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540488382332.jpg -(1202435B / 1.15MB, 2093x1435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1202435
I'm in a social program, i thought it would be about fitness but the two advicers are seriously unpleasant. Like the day starts with them saying someone will not be with us anymore because she has decided not to be in the program, they said that with disdain. Then they are shitty to some guy because he didn't apply for jobs, by lunch some girl stormed out of there. At the end of the day it was ny turn, which involved unflattering imitations of my posture and my overly shy demeanor was questioned as a sign that I do not belong abd don't want to be there. My opinion is very low of them and I wouldn't send anybody there. However I do often get things wrong and so I'm not fully sure about this.
Eugene Dellybidge - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 13:35:58 EST ID:SNJ/iWW9 No.527433 Ignore Report Quick Reply
that doesn't sound helpful at all. drop it
Cyril Summerfuck - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 14:12:41 EST ID:8RP6qEAJ No.527434 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1540491161332.jpg -(56060B / 54.75KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

But it's so absurd, why would my social advisor even suggest this program? If I were a paranoid schizophrenic, It really feels like some attempt to cause me to quit and then use that as grounds to remove my social and financial help. We are grown ass people there, and one of them (the advisors) was all pissed off that i said the royal college of physicians say vaping is better than smoking.
Sidney Mendleham - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 19:06:45 EST ID:jeyD+EBD No.527439 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Lodge a complaint against them for a culture of bullying after gathering some evidence.
Nigel Blanningspear - Sat, 27 Oct 2018 21:25:17 EST ID:NqUElaqv No.527457 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Shit sounds like a cult. I don't even know what the fuck this social program is but get out even if you gotta live in your parents basement or something. Bounce yo

Is he cheating? by Nicholas Ceffingstug - Mon, 15 Oct 2018 18:00:25 EST ID:BQvANHRE No.527183 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1539640825278.jpg -(233537B / 228.06KB, 1200x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 233537
Hey guys.

32/f in a long distance relationship with 30/m. You’d think I’d have this all figured out by now, but I’m starting to think that never happens.

I’ve been dating this guy for about six months. We spent almost every day together this summer, but in August he moved 8 hours away for law school. I knew going into this that this first year would be difficult. I can handle not being able to see each other a lot, or even talking as much as I’d like. I haven’t felt insecure or worried at all so far.

Until this weekend.

I’m not on birth control, so we use condoms. I went to see him for a few days in September, and he had a new box of 12 condoms. We had sex 4 or 5 times and used one condom each time. The box was still mostly full when I left. I didn’t count them, but logically there should’ve been like 7-8 left.

Well... I went to see him again this past weekend. Naturally we had sex again right away, but when I went to grab a condom, there were only four left and the box was gone. I figured he had just split them up or something and didn’t think anything of it at first.

But later, I saw the empty box in the trash. I couldn’t help but wonder, so I brought it up. Our conversation was brief and straightforward. Neither of us got upset or anything either.

He said he was “pretty sure” we had used multiple condoms the last time I was there, and he thought there should’ve been more leftover too but he definitely hadn’t cheated on me. Then he said he had been too busy to do anything anyway, and that the only girl he had seen in the past month was his neighbor, who had come over to study. That made me a little uncomfortable, because in my experience inviting someone over to study is usually code for sex... but then he was like, “and she smokes so I’d never hook up with her.”
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Walter Huzzleford - Thu, 18 Oct 2018 06:51:52 EST ID:+Dxwg5ZQ No.527265 Ignore Report Quick Reply
ITT: Females getting stallioned by men

Sweet sweet revenge
David Trotson - Thu, 18 Oct 2018 13:04:11 EST ID:BQvANHRE No.527282 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I’m sorry if you’ve been cheated on. I have, and it sucks. Hopefully that’s not what is happening now, but if it is, I don’t deserve it just because some random girl hurt you in the past. I’ve never cheated and never would. Don’t hate all women because of what one did to you. I don’t hate all men just because some of them have lied, cheated, or manipulated me in the past. I am a little insecure because of that, but I don’t think all men are like that or deserve to be hurt. I trust people until they give me a reason not to.
Hamilton Depperstock - Thu, 18 Oct 2018 13:09:05 EST ID:BMrBkVc9 No.527283 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Being autistic doesn't mean you don't feel emotions or don't value people. They are weak at recognising, understanding and reading them within others however.

However not falling in love when you moved apart less than 6 months into a relationship is quite normal.

People do things for reasons. Some people just cheat because they lack restraint/respect or the commitment to just say that they're not monogamous instead of agreeing to rules they can't keep. Some cheat because they aren't getting needs filled within the relationship (though this might be because they're not communicating or whatever). Some people are just dumb. There's no one typical cheater or profile of a cheater or even definition of cheating beyond doing something you know is not okay or within the implied rules of your relationships. If most people are cheating why even do monogamy?

You can't just get twitchy because of one piece of evidence. You definitely need a long term plan to live together if you're in an LDR though. In the medium term being able to see each other more and more often will do but at some point you'll take the plunge. Because you moved apart early on your biggest issue is that you have to commit more than most people would that early in the relationship. Your relationship will not develop normally otherwise. I ended up in a similar situation with a girl and we drifted apart. No one cheated no one felt the urge. She spent most of the time living with her auntie and uncle working as an intern before she decided that career wasn't for her. However because we'd been seeing each other a few months it felt dumb to commit but cold to let go. In hindsight the half measure didn't work. I am glad I didn't stifle her development and she realised what she (actually didn't) want to do but it was a bit pointless in the end.
Esther Subblepine - Thu, 18 Oct 2018 13:10:11 EST ID:eUNsGCnf No.527284 Ignore Report Quick Reply
ah girl he's totally cheating :( and he's not good at it either. One thing is for sure, don't let that skanky asshole hit it raw.
George Dunderbane - Sat, 27 Oct 2018 18:43:24 EST ID:6f+dM2rG No.527456 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1540680204689.jpg -(140114B / 136.83KB, 1210x979) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
thanks OP, it was really helpful to read your posts in this thread. I hope the best for your situation.

depression by Henry Dartstone - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 12:24:12 EST ID:9QXVx2Nf No.527428 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540484652980.png -(350178B / 341.97KB, 1024x742) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 350178
when will it end? my father emotionally abused me for months on end when he started shooting testosterone and ever since then my lifes been in a steady spiral. him and gf emasculated me and did absolutely horrible things day after day. it triggered something in my head and i went from having self control with drugs to flow blown fiend and became a heroin/3-ho-pcp addict. i lost the girl of my fucking dreams, we were best friends since 13 years old and dated for about 5 years but she also abandoned me after my life situation kept worsening with my father and his gf. ive lost all of my friends besides some online ones and one dude local. im unemployed now after having 2 jobs in a row where the company goes down the shitter (completely bad luck/coincidence).

so im joining the military now and hoping i either die doing something worthwhile or find an outlet that i enjoy. it will force me to stop doing drugs and provide me with some structure and the ability to go back to school without going into massive debt.

i dont know why im posting this, i think its jsut to vent. i just wish my life would revert back to how it was 6 years ago. oh what i'd do to relive those years. i spend an unhealthy amount of time reminiscing on when I was happy with my best friend, we were attached at the hip..what I would do to go back. i miss her and the rest of my life so fucking much and im just an emptied husk of my former self with a monkey on my back to show. and i attempted suicide a month ago via heroin but of course that didnt even work. even if nothing else went right i just want my fucking best friend back, its nothing but happiness when im around her and im pretty sure thats an old chapter in my book already. 10 years of friendship and love down the drain. what a fucking shame.
Eugene Dellybidge - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 12:37:58 EST ID:SNJ/iWW9 No.527429 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you're just clinging to your past, let it go
definitely look forward to that outlet you will enjoy
Edward Crunkinhall - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 22:08:34 EST ID:XF+1Mpas No.527452 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>shooting testosterone

Moved to a small town and hate it here by Simon Crongerwill - Fri, 05 Oct 2018 05:39:50 EST ID:DGXx8e01 No.526995 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1538732390323.jpg -(287891B / 281.14KB, 1199x639) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 287891
I just moved to a small town in NC about 2 weeks ago, population of around 2,400. I was pretty excited about it because this is my first time having my own place with no room mates in about a year and a quarter. There is absolutely nothing to do here though. And the people here in general seem very gossipy and miserable. I'll give some examples...
*So I rarely leave my apartment outside of looking for work, getting some cigarettes, picking up a money order, or getting a small bite to eat. I smoke a lot on my side porch (about once an hour sometimes a bit more frequently) and I guess where I'm most seen. So I had picked up a money order the day before at the nearby Food Lion and go into the dollar general to pester them for a job. And as soon as I come in a guy starts telling a story about how smoking is such a bad habit and "his brother" is trying to quit so recently switched to smoking outdoors and people who can't afford to smoke shouldn't be smoking. I'm pretty sure he was taking a shot at me, So I just ignored it and continued on with my day
*I go to the Bojangles where I have been trying to work to eat last sunday. By the way I'm white and one of the assistant managers is black and ghetto. And I order my food and she is saying something to one of her workers and I didn't catch it all but she said "I can't afford it" in response to something and laughed a little. I just looked at her and smiled and sat down and ate, cleaned my table off, and left.
*Today I went to Food Lion after doing an application for there to try to speak to a manager and to pick up another money order to cover my internet bill. I was smoking a cigarette outside before I went in and a woman starts up a conversation with me. Doesn't even get a pleasant word out of her mouth just starts talking about a woman who had just drove off in a nice car, said that she used to talk to her and since the woman had become well off, she never speaks to her anymore. But she's no better than anyone else because her husband runs the gunshop and got in trouble for embezzlement. I just said well we all have our flaws. And wished her a good day and went inside Food Lion, where I immediately hear…
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Jack Brookfield - Sun, 07 Oct 2018 02:13:05 EST ID:pg97IcjR No.527026 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Thread needs Log Lady.
Esther Brurringwone - Wed, 10 Oct 2018 21:16:42 EST ID:LVLZpkrK No.527096 Ignore Report Quick Reply
why is East Point in your OP?
btw that hookah bar next to Chairs sucks
Cyril Herrystock - Sun, 14 Oct 2018 06:51:48 EST ID:eUNsGCnf No.527152 Ignore Report Quick Reply
> it's a small town and there is nothing to do
> why does everyone keep making conversation with me and concerning themselves with my life

eh.. I wonder
David Dablinglane - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 19:47:45 EST ID:DGXx8e01 No.527450 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If anyone wanted an update here I am...Bojangles ended up hiring me. They wanted me on the morning shift, the hours ranged from coming in anywhere from 6-9 AM. I'm terrible at waking up early and ended up getting fired today after a no call no show yesterday (my second one). I told my manager that I had trouble waking up in the mornings numerous times previously but I guess she wasn't sympathetic. And i didn't want to call my work with the lame excuse of missing being i couldn't make it out of bed. I've had this problem my whole life and it's ruined a ton of jobs and opportunities for me. Thankfully my parents have been paying for my place for me, and they're pretty pissed off now after i told them what happened. No surprise there. But i took the first job i could find to try to take some of the weight off their shoulders and unfortunately it was one that was entirely incompatible with my sleep habits. Fortunately prior to getting on with Bojangles I was trying to work at food lion and i've already had an interview and as of last week the assistant manager was still trying to get me on stocking shelves around 5 pm or after. He should be in tomorrow (at least I think, my interview with him previously was on a saturday) so I'm hoping we can get back in touch and this can be a quick rebound into better employment instead of a downward spiral into joblessness again, which could lead me into another stint of homelessness, and that's not something i ever want to go through again.

On other notes after starting with bojangles I did find a weed connect and that's made things a lot more chill. But it's also bringing back my bad habits of smoking/spending too much.

So that's my life for the moment. Feeling a lot of shame and guilt over losing my job. Hope it subsides over the weekend and things start going better.
Esther Nicklecocke - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 21:22:54 EST ID:jeyD+EBD No.527451 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I dont think I could oversleep and miss my job if I tried. I'm way too nervous.

It's kind of impressive

No ambitions, no dreams by David Buzzhall - Wed, 24 Oct 2018 08:40:46 EST ID:Y2AI16A6 No.527416 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540384846370.jpg -(24994B / 24.41KB, 304x421) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 24994
So I've got the standard package, depression, anxiety, unemployed for 2 years, no relationships ever, no hopes, no ambitions, no dreams, fail at everything I do. I should go back to school or get a job, or so everyone says. I went to school because I was supposed to and got a job because I was supposed to, I drank a lot to cope with not wanting to do this shit but wanting to please everyone by being "normal". Got depressed and fired because they found someone better to do the job, was relieved but didn't help my self confidence. Got another job and got fired because I was incompetent, didn't do wonders for my mental health but I didn't even want to be there. Got a 4 month job that got me enough money to move out of my parents house, went to a different school and failed there. Since then I had one "job" for a couple of months but other than that I've been NEETing it up for years. Entry level jobs don't give me much more money than neetbux and every time I've had a job I've lowkey wanted to kill myself every morning I woke up for it. I don't even know who I am, just a loser and a slacker. I'm just so tired of doing things that hurt me to please other people even though they just want the best for me. I dont want to pretend to be normal and happy just so they can sigh in relief because they're worried about me. It also feels bad to be a disappointment to everyone, but I have no self-esteem, skills or dreams that would give me guidance on what I want to do with my life. I just feel very lost. I'm 26 btw.

Just needed to vent. Objectively life has been better for than it is for most people, but sometimes you just need to vent.
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George Chuppernodging - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 04:10:11 EST ID:SmWhAtC7 No.527420 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I get that. I used to go to uni because I was supposed to and it put me into a mental hospital due to a nervous breakdown. Shit sucks. And then there were the years of doing nothing and people are low key judging you but also not talking about anything so that you don't get upset. Shit is fucked. Doing nothing is horrendous. You'll get there honestly. It might be okay for now but after a few years I guarantee that you'll want out.

But yeah. The problem is what to do.

For me I was depressed because I had no connection with anyone due to all the anxiety and depression, so I chose a profession where I was social and helping others all the time.

You can't fake your way out of this or pave it over with money
Jenny Sibblefoot - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 05:11:45 EST ID:yDKihQN5 No.527421 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1540458705463.png -(1873461B / 1.79MB, 852x1136) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The trajectory of your life still has potential at 26. But if you do not adjust your flight path immediately, you are gonna crash and burn. Long term depressed NEET lifer will ruin you.

Last year I did a year+ unemployed and the first 7 months were defined by staying indoors wanting to kill myself whilst unemployed, playing battlefield 1 and watching porn all day. Anxious, disconnected, withdrawn, depressed.

I’m gonna start with practical, actionable advice, before moving onto more abstract philosophical stuff.

1 - Get a job. Bar staff, restaurant waiter, events stewarding, general hospitaity (plates/drinks serving) and security are all very social and simple jobs. Being around the public for 4-8 hours a day and other staff, offers a lot of opportunity to challenge your anxiety. It also gives you somewhere to be, something to do and you earn money. I’ve worked all those jobs and actually enjoyed the social / routine element to them a lot. Zero hour contracts are good for your situation, there’s a flexibility that lets you just take time out of you ain’t feeling it - whilst still “on file”.

2 - get outside, a lot more. Acquire a bike as a mode of transport to kill the “cba walking” vibes. Go smoke some weed at a park, find local viewpoints, hills, outdoor areas, lil river spots, all that shit. Sit about, breathe in the air and get away from the bad energy in your room. I’ve seen so many sick night sky’s and morning suns this year and I’m glad I made the effort. Bring some portable speakers, a nice flask of tea, a book, whatever.

3 - excercise. Yup. www.scoobysworkshop.com - all the intel you will ever need. Buy some dumbbells, get going.

4 - Less screen time. I can’t speculate how much you use phones, internet, social media, internet etc but just cut it right down as much as possible. Really great way to end up very lost in a head trip because of how the internet is.

5 - personal appearance ; begin maintaining a clean appearance. Haircut, clean shaven, clothes that make you look competent. Stay washed.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Hugh Sommlekore - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 12:46:00 EST ID:3A/9rSkO No.527430 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>you have no one to please but yourself
>s-s-so cut your hair and shave and look presentable for other people to give you money scrub

lol this logical contradiction with society worshiping Petersonscum, back to /weed/ disgruntled modernist
David Micklefuck - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 21:20:00 EST ID:yDKihQN5 No.527440 Ignore Report Quick Reply

And what’s your point, angry internet man? Like, what’s your REAL point?

Telling some self described loser he should maintain a clean appearance to help boost his self esteem and feel more comfortable amongst society isn’t bad advice.

So keep crying about whatever it is. You haven’t helped OP at all. At least I gave it a shot with advice from my own life.

Also I figured this appearance shit out a decade ago whilst moving schools regularly. Other than the word “competence” Peterson doesn’t claim shit on my post.
David Dablinglane - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 19:39:11 EST ID:DGXx8e01 No.527449 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I can relate to this just so you know. I've been neeting it up over the years myself. Every once in a while i will find a job but blow it by not waking up on time to get to work, just lost one today. Really hurts to feel like a disappointment again. My parents just went out on a limb for me and got me a place to live and are helping with my rent and I was expected to pay them in a couple weeks. Now i'm as broke as ever cause i only worked a few days at the job. I have another prospect I was looking into before I got this one and I'm hoping they can give me a job. The hours will be easier to make it through too. I was homeless for the latter half of 2017 and it was terrible. I don't want to go back to that but I'm already making my same mistakes over again. Even knowing what that was like and how terrible it is when you hit that point you got nothing and nobody was not enough motivation for me to get out of bed in the mornings so i could make it to work. All i got to look forward to now is monday when i'll get a money order from a friend i'm supposed to use to pay my internet bill but will likely spend on weed. I know it's a bad idea but i'm probably going to end up doing it anyway then paying my bill late when I get this paltry bit of money my former job owes me. I would tell you to try to get your shit together before things get worse for you, but i don't even follow my own advice, so just know there are others out there struggling just like you are.

Bleh. by Albert Pettingstud - Sun, 21 Oct 2018 01:31:13 EST ID:FkJs/2F3 No.527354 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1540099873990.jpg -(609514B / 595.23KB, 1200x914) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 609514
Boyfriend still jerks off to videos of himself fucking his exes. Regularly. One, particularly often. I don't doubt that he loves me, but it hurts.

Advice? Am I justified in feeling like shit or do I really need to chill? How to proceed? It's got me fucked up.
22 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Polly Drommlestack - Tue, 23 Oct 2018 18:06:37 EST ID:3QwTszro No.527406 Ignore Report Quick Reply
think of them as red flags. this meat is only a little expired but if you see mold on one part, you're probably gonna throw it away right? nobody is perfect of course. maybe you are ok with cutting that part off and eating it (aged steak is just moldy meat that's been sitting in the cold for months). he sounds like he likes validation, so if you give him enough he might stop or get an ego boost and do more bad shit, everyone is different.
if you want a loyal (wo)man, get them fat. it's why couples feed each other so much.
James Druvingchedge - Tue, 23 Oct 2018 19:20:22 EST ID:+Dxwg5ZQ No.527407 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Fuck Pondernotch - Wed, 24 Oct 2018 04:08:42 EST ID:o73D+Pvc No.527411 Ignore Report Quick Reply
What are you even doing?
Hedda Gassledit - Wed, 24 Oct 2018 16:24:22 EST ID:WB75qOJ8 No.527418 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Pretending to be retarded is a fine art these days, you wouldn't understand anyway. It's just 2deep4u
Albert Gobberway - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 10:49:20 EST ID:huj7hNcx No.527444 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1540565360173.jpg -(128899B / 125.88KB, 522x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OP, I still thought about my ex after I dated this one girl for several years. I thought about her when I would cum and once I even said my ex's name during sex. From experiance there is some emotional attachment, still, and its not love or anything but you still get turned on by thinking how you smashed. Eventually it goes away, afte a couple of months. But if you been dating this guy for atleast a year and he still does it, then you got a problem on your hands. How do you even know he has videos.. Dont tell me your going trough his stuff OP.

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