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A dark observation on existence, read with caution. by Doris Clemmleman - Sun, 12 Mar 2017 22:44:16 EST ID:e6XzKOTi No.514356 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1489373056427.jpg -(146628B / 143.19KB, 1016x787) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 146628
Greetings, I'm perhaps posting this to the wrong board, maybe pss is better. Although it is grating me like I've noticed most.

I'd like to start by proposing a typical human's life in a short yellow texted story. Human can be Bill.

>Bill is born.
>He is effectively unconscious until maybe the age of starting kindergarten or 1st grade. Unconscious in that he doesn't fully remember or have sentience of any level.
>He "grinds" at school until around puberty at which point his adult sentience begins to just start to develop. His nads start to fiend for pussy as well. At this point Bill is just starting to become something more than a use of money and a parrot of his parents sentiments that are freely aired amongst him.
>Bill exists for 18 years until he is freed of typical schooling. The details are irrelevant.
>Bill is faced with working immediately out of school or extending his life of having his hand held by going to college denying "real-world" responsibilities for another ~4 years and using his parents money.
>College is irrelevant in this story, it is just an extension of school, we are assuming Bill works after his schooling. Be it at 18 or 22 or whatever number.
>Bill now faces 30-40 years of working at a minimum before he is allowed to "retire."
>Faced with this daunting proposal, Bill faces a 1/4 life crisis. Be it apparent or not.
>Bill quickly pairs off to stem the fate of working for a world of nothing. After marriage, of course children are born to soak up the 20 years from the mid 20's to mid 40's. Grandchildren soak up from 40's to 60's.
>Convenient placing and structure in civilization soaks up what many have termed the "deafening silence" of life.
>Bill ends up nearing death at about 70 years of age with nothing in life but a wife and children and a perpetuation of the cycle. In death, or the precipitation of death, Bill has divested all his monetary gain in his children and/or own healthcare.
>Bill is dead.

So what if Bill bucks the system? Say he never pairs off, he doesn't work, he doesn't have children, he has no faith, he idles until death. What of Bill now? Or does Bill do something "greater?" He does something that will extend his legacy, he pours his being into art, or; "the superior aspects of life." What of Bill now? Is there any meaning? Does Bill cope with his existential suffering by simple defiance or by convincing himself to be part of something "more?"

Where is Bill to go should these prove unfruitful? Killing himself is irrational right? Just as living is irrational? Where should Bill go?

>Am I right in this perception? I see nearly every single human following the above structure. If they follow it, they are depressed internally and if they don't follow it, they are depressed externally, as if though by failing to follow the norm that leads nowhere, they are allowed to express grievance. Otherwise, it is silenced by their own disposition or by others claiming, "they have nothing to cry about."

Is existence suffering?
Jenny Cedgewell - Mon, 13 Mar 2017 01:27:58 EST ID:F/znGGuO No.514358 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Bill has a lifetime to do what he enjoys, for the sake of enjoyment.
These theoretical thoughts make one suffer, however when one is heading towards fulfilment, setting goals, etc., one will start to enjoy life.
Human beings are made to enjoy life, if you didn't enjoy life, you wouldn't be motivated to stay alive.

I've been in a heavy depression for all my teens, just now, as I'm nearing my middle 20's, I'm finally able to grasp the issues I deal with and grow as a person, I have the emotional support of a significant other, I am going to uni to work a job I like, I'm working on hobbies that fulfill me.
Find what you need to be happy, and what would fulfil you, longterm projects are the best ways to get lifetime satisfaction and self-esteem out of.

I'd say Bill lacks self-esteem, if he reduces himself to just a being that is there to get money for his children and his continued existence.
Cornelius Faddlekuck - Mon, 13 Mar 2017 09:52:28 EST ID:kAEKpfyQ No.514366 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Bill has evolved to be happy when certain things happen and sad when other things happen. Life is just about figuring out what pleases you. Bill probably just got a job because he felt shame if he didn't and shame is unpleasant. He just got a wife because loneliness is unpleasant. Most people do the same things because they're trying to serve the same evolved psychological needs. Society is just becoming shittier and shittier at satisfying those needs for most people. Life isn't suffering, we just need to restructure society so it stops making us suffer.
Phyllis Crorringnere - Mon, 13 Mar 2017 12:23:57 EST ID:XxtXG6+O No.514370 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Haha come on, sometimes on this board I see people lump people together in too broad of categories, but never "every human being". Yes life has suffering but it has inherent value and there's so many good things that come with it.

For sure real advice, I will challenge to try to keep your mind present in the now, without being stuck the past or anxious about the future. There's beauty in the details, go look for it.
Esther Bunningmirk - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 14:44:59 EST ID:KitOIXFs No.514410 Ignore Report Quick Reply
2 answers denoting some form of hedonism if you can remove the bad connotation that word has and just use a basic meaning of it. Another saying live in the now. Sort of hedonistic in a way as well.

>Anyone else?
William Deshstut - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 14:49:10 EST ID:QVcoJ6HE No.514411 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>He "grinds" at school

stopped reading right there. fuck you. i wish you had never received any education so i wouldn't have to read your trash attitude. oh no, poor Bill has to become literate, learn mathematics, read classical texts, learn about the history of the world and the laws that bind the universe. the compendium of human knowledge and discovery is available to propel his blossoming mind to uncharted levels of thought, creativity, invention, and adaptability


Frederick Claystock - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:10:57 EST ID:xTvaQeRw No.514415 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You actually think this is what college is to most people? Yea learning is fun, but the majority of people go to school for the diploma and never get anything else out of it
Hedda Greenstone - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:25:15 EST ID:CfonqoA0 No.514416 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hedonism is the only true path.


I think Bill's picture frame is too small. If Bill were to place a larger frame on his picture, he would see that the sun is going to die rendering earth and it's surrounding universe void of energy and void of life. He would also see that all of the matter of the universe will continue to expand toward infinity until it collapses in on itself to form a single point in space, thus ending the orientation of matter in the universe as it is.

And so Bill, now armed with the knowledge that his reality will inevitably end, his societal identity is a fiction, and his existence ultimately means nothing, can feel free from all the mental chains he places on himself, feel free from all of the expectations others place on him, feel free from all the burdens society places on his existence; because none of it actually matters.

Bill can do whatever he wants because it never mattered at all.
William Deshstut - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:27:41 EST ID:QVcoJ6HE No.514417 Ignore Report Quick Reply

i believe strongly in the 80/20 principle in most aspects. just because 80% of those who go to college squander the time and fail to gain a true education, doesnt mean the opportunity should be withheld from all
William Deshstut - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:31:07 EST ID:QVcoJ6HE No.514418 Ignore Report Quick Reply

“God made mud.
God got lonesome.
So God said to some of the mud, "Sit up!"
"See all I've made," said God, "the hills, the sea, the
sky, the stars."
And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look
Lucky me, lucky mud.
I, mud, sat up and saw what a nice job God had done.
Nice going, God.
Nobody but you could have done it, God! I certainly
couldn't have.
I feel very unimportant compared to You.
The only way I can feel the least bit important is to
think of all the mud that didn't even get to sit up and
look around.
I got so much, and most mud got so little.
Thank you for the honor!
Now mud lies down again and goes to sleep.
What memories for mud to have!
What interesting other kinds of sitting-up mud I met!
I loved everything I saw!
Good night.
I will go to heaven now.
I can hardly wait...
To find out for certain what my wampeter was...
And who was in my karass...
And all the good things our karass did for you.

Henry Dommerpitch - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:55:42 EST ID:zbKXnohS No.514420 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Only because you and the rest of normieville has fallen for the meme that you need to get into severe debt, waste valuable years of your working life for a piece of paper that'll only net you a decent job 70% of the time.

I can't wait until the student debt bubble bursts all over this fucking country and you morons burn for your wrought stupidity.
Hedda Greenstone - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 16:05:52 EST ID:CfonqoA0 No.514421 Ignore Report Quick Reply

>waste valuable years of your working life

What a waste, learning instead of laboring. I'm sure all those extra years you spent working will pay off in the end.

You sound like a bitter fuck.
Charles Mammlegold - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 16:19:19 EST ID:qDgNA3C6 No.514423 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489522759152.jpg -(132925B / 129.81KB, 540x539) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There are plenty of people who sleepwalk through life, but you don't have to. What is it you're afraid of? You seem to already accept there is no greater absolute meaning to life, is it just that?

Impermanence and meaninglessness don't worry me. We have absolutely nothing, except the present moment. And most of the time, that is absolutely enough for me. There is no meaning, so why are you getting so wound up about it? Are you seeking some absolute truth? I don't understand what it is you want. You sound like you feel deeply unfulfilled. Maybe think less about Bill and more about yourself. You act like all there is to life is either mindlessly cashing into "the system" or "rebelling". In the end, you need to provide for yourself and survive, first and foremost, and unless you are too self-indulgent then there are ways to do that within society without being miserable, bored and bitter. Then comes everything else. I know I sound like I'm telling you off, that's not the tone I'm going for, I'm just trying to give you a poke ;) I guess, what to you is a deafening silence, I find to be a symphony. Maybe you're just bored with life. Maybe you're not applying yourself. Maybe you're not doing what it is you need to do to realise (as in, actualise) the person you truly are.

You seem to show a certain disdain for Bill. Some Bills are mindless sleepwalkers, but others might have their eyes open. What might seem like mundanity to you might be all somebody else really needs. And that shouldn't concern you too much, because you are you, not them. So go figure it out, and don't blame your pain on some grand system that keeps you enslaved in existential dread. Except you'll never figure it out, and you'll never be satisfied, but you don't need to be, because if you did that wouldn't make any sense. Just ride the wave dude. Who needs meaning when you can go outside and smell the flowers blooming and feel the wind on your bare ass, even if it's not for very long? Just do what you need to do, and stop asking for something "more", you have everything you need. And I don't mean, lose all your drive and ambition and stop asking questions, I mean, try to appreciate what it means to be a human being.

Maybe. I dunno. Basically, if you can't find peace in the caress of the summer breeze on you balls as it lifts up your sundress, then... I cannot help you
Esther Bubbleback - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 20:59:00 EST ID:4RIQr7Ju No.514428 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It really doesn't seem like we can have a meaningful overarching "life". Nor society. Nor culture. Nor anything humans touch. However, that doesn't stop each of us from striving towards our own meaningful life.

Really, by arguing with strangers on an imageboard for stoners, we're staving off surpassing the hurdles between ourselves and a meaningful life. None of this matters at all, but since I haven't killed myself, my mantra every day is "I am choosing to participate in this". It's that simple. If you feel like the limitless doors of life only contain "meaningless" sentiments, then I guess it's not for you. We'll miss you if you choose to go, but it doesn't matter.
Oliver Brookwill - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 21:01:17 EST ID:yUhAjzvV No.514429 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Is existence suffering?
Suffering is part of existing, and has potential to be the main focus of it, if you're so inclined. This is a question of perspective. Or are you asking, more specifically, if the purpose of existence is to suffer? Not that it changes my answer all that much.

I think the problem here comes from putting the cart before the horse. You've decided Bill's outcome and the outcome and reactions of basically everybody before any of these events have actually occurred. How often have your imagined scenarios of things actually gone exactly like you imagined them? To be as good as bad as you imagined, or to look, sound, smell, or feel like you imagined? You can't actually know what these things are like before experiencing them, but because of some feelings you have now of believing you know exactly how things are going to play out, you've decided Bill and everyone else's life had absolutely no personal value to them at any point of time.

The fact life doesn't have a set purpose is something I find more liberating than anything. I can find value in whatever I feel like valuing, and if that changes later on I didn't waste any of my life just because I changed my mind. I spent time doing more or less what I wanted to within the limits of my own motivation and the need to sustain my continued existence. My reason for existing is because I'm already here, and most of the time why I stay isn't that clear. There's never really a time I can't imagine hanging around a little longer and having the occassional interesting thing happen.

Most of the time I'm terribly bored, feel totally amotivational, directionless, and without much really going for me. Suffering is normal, it's something people, animals, and nature have been doing for a long time. You don't necessarily have to be happy to live. At the time that you aren't, there may not seem to be much point in sticking around, but it's not so terribly difficult or bad that I can't just put up with it to enjoy the little things and random times that I feel make sticking around worth it. There's going to be fewer good times than neutral and bad (the two are easily lumped together), and you're going to fail more than you succeed. It's just how things work, and the more you learn to work within that system rather than fight against it, the more you're able to cope with and even not notice how bad some of this shit seems. As part of a vast system like the universe, there are no ways to operate outside the system, you have to learn to manipulate the system in the appropriate ways to get what you want. If you want to go against the grain in society, you're going to be missing out on the things society provides as a reward for contributing to the already established system. You can't have your cake and eat it too. That's not to say some people aren't taken advantage of or that fighting when you've got the resolve to follow through isn't a valid option, but you have to realize you're going to be missing out on a lot of the things you take advantage of without even realizing it are going to become unavailable to you. There are no free lunches, nigga
Hamilton Snodridge - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 21:43:51 EST ID:KitOIXFs No.514430 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I fucked off at college and passed with flying colors. Most others fucked off and passed. Granted, it was college and nothing more. I don't mean to discredit true academic rigor.

Hedonism: 4

So you argue that because nothing matters and there is no semblance of anything, only thrills in the now can be found to have meaning or reason? Seems like the cow milking itself to death. The first point defeats any logic beyond any point. Such is the paradox of a Camus' answer to Absurdism. We should just fight it and live in the now as long as possible. But such reasoning is by default wrong by its' own proceeding logic.

Well, if bank rates were better it could be argued that compound interest would serve someone better to put money in now at 18-22 rather than to waste these years with college where you make no money and lose it. But long term costs would still defeat this. And, nobody gets a job and thinks about 50 years down the road, they think about the present cash-flow. Everyone lives paycheck to paycheck. Because they're usually stupid as shit. Besides, people finance everything now. A dumb labourer has a 70k dollar truck at 23 but pulls in 1100 dollars a month for all expenses. I'd like to avoid discussing monetary issues with life, that is nearly always self-induced to such a large degree; it is distracting to talk about real issues of money with anyone because the underlying complaint is genuine but 90% of the problem is caused by just being vain and stupid.
Hamilton Snodridge - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 21:45:13 EST ID:KitOIXFs No.514431 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>What is it you're afraid of?
I've grown to live mostly without fear sadly. I cannot surmise what exactly I'd say to describe what I feel or understand. Maybe that is what makes it difficult to transpose to any other person. Maybe it is over a decade of depression and neuron pathways smothering me. I guess I'm just posing the question of "Why?" and it is shredding me day in and day out. I'm lost, alone and frustrated that everyone around seems to function, even if it isn't "well," they still make do and have a vigor I haven't felt for the majority of my existence. Actually, I've never felt this since I gained my own level of sentience past young childhood.

>Are you seeking some absolute truth? I don't understand what it is you want.
Neither do I. I don't need an absolute truth, I stopped searching years ago. I guess I want an escape from myself ultimately. But nothing can ever change my mentality. For all the self-help I've done and the different lives I've lived, none of them have taken me anywhere but into different sceneries. Myself is still there, and I'm still the same person internally, the external aspect has disappeared or morphed to whatever the current necessity is. No matter where I've found myself, there has never been a connection with anyone and all the effort in the world hasn't changed it. At least yet.

>You sound like you feel deeply unfulfilled.
There is a duality to this. I've always been extremely ambitious and starved for something "more." However I've convinced myself that this or that is the thing to fight for, I've found myself more empty than before after I've obtained it. Goals lead to suicide is about all I've seen. I can't describe it but there is a severe silence and longing for something I can't describe. I guess we could just say better and leave it at that but the clarity when saying that is lost to everyone including myself. There is an emptiness that has consumed me and everything I think about. Maybe what I am seeing as ambition is simply the biological drive to keep living despite whatever condition is at hand. Frustration is the only way I can describe my efforts at life.

>there are ways to do that within society without being miserable, bored and bitter.
I've yet to find them. I've tried a lot of shit as well. I haven't hit the lottery or found Nazi gold but I've done nearly everything else in some form or fashion. Being rich doesn't sound too fun anyways, it just seems like being "neet" but you can just be materialistic while you do it. Art, education, work, hobbies etc have all failed me. I can't tell myself to stop questioning why I'm doing what I'm doing while I do them. Leading to me watching the clock until whatever it is, is over or I stop doing it. I haven't tried drugs. I'm afraid that once I start, I'll end up getting the courage or disassociation to OD and call it quits. Or I'll get addicted and end up dead anyways, just slower.

>Maybe you're not doing what it is you need to do to realise (as in, actualise) the person you truly are.
Not to cast aspersions but unlike many sad-sacks I've seen before, I've actually done hundreds of things to try and turn shit around. None of them have lead anywhere. And don't think that I've done what others have told/expected me to do. I've done what everyone else has said and I've done what I felt I needed to do. Nothing does anything. I'm also not necessarily sad and frumpy. I'm just mostly airing out some toxic sentiments I guess. I'm making an observation rather than really asking for help. If you like, you can consider it me bouncing questions around that I'd never be able to talk about or ask in real life.

>You seem to show a certain disdain for Bill.
Eh, Bill is sort of a vehicle that shows misery of others around me and also of myself. Sort of like how something can seem so different but be so close. I see everyone around mostly in misery for doing everything but they have a way of coping maybe. Such a fine line breaks me and them apart. But it means everything. If you get what I'm saying.

>Except you'll never figure it out, and you'll never be satisfied, but you don't need to be, because if you did that wouldn't make any sense.
Seems sort of like the self-defeating circular logic above. I'll never be okay with life but I should be okay knowing that. I guess from an academia standpoint, you can be fulfilled saying. "Nobody will ever know so I'm right." That just seems good in theory but applied in reality, it all falls apart. Which leads me to:

>Maybe. I dunno. Basically, if you can't find peace in the caress of the summer breeze on you balls as it lifts up your sundress, then... I cannot help you
Guess my goose is cooked, eh? Everyone I've met that has the same sentiment as myself in that understanding is futile, all express that you should just live in the now and be okay with what is and isn't. Just stop worrying or searching and just go with the flow. I've tried in vain to make this happen but I find the more options I exhaust the less hope I have. I have about 4 things I haven't tried in life and am hesitant to try them because when I have absolutely no hope or the inability to say, "I'll do this and make it all resolve in perfect consonance!" I'd imagine that is when a bullet will rip my sore cranium apart. Being rich, sociality, traveling (sort of tried this) and drugs. Drugs is probably a one way street when someone like myself dabbles in them.

Being rich could be attained but it just seems like being a materialistic NEET. Although the image of being this wealthy god amongst slaves does give me more hope than probably any other. Our society builds this massive image so buying into the hype is easier. I could be independent, happy and without a care in the world right? If only I had banks of money. I think this notion is bullshit. Traveling seemed like running away from my problems and just waiting to die. Drifting around slowly from place to place. I did this a very short time and it felt like I was some old hag waiting to die. Sociality I've tried, and tried, and tried and I guess am still trying with mountains of effort but it damn sure isn't going anywhere. Years of homeschooling, being so entrapped in my own mind and tons of weird social cues/mannerisms keeps people at bay. I've completely changed my entire personality probably 3 times in the past 5 years to try and make this work. yet I'm still alone with no friends or life. Those who've seen me change so many times question if I'm a psychopath/sociopath or whatever because I have so convincingly changed my outward perception. I guess people are good at picking up on weirdos and outsiders. Maybe love is what will answer it all. I just need to find someone to connect with to make it work. Romantic fairytale and all. I have a feeling though as well that if this happened, and it all fell apart, I'd be devastated and would start doing drugs. I've narrowed my options down so little that the Sampson Option starts to look legitimate and not just fucking stupid. I'm worried that if I exhaust any of these at this point and write them off as tried and tested, I'll lose just enough of what keeps me going.

The wonders of life. Perhaps this is all a chemical imbalance and I've been fucked up since childhood. Am I god?
David Bubberway - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 03:52:48 EST ID:PiDMdgO6 No.514607 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489909968878.jpg -(165923B / 162.03KB, 1400x1153) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
when you are your only feedback, you never get to escape the sad loop of existential dread. but once you let someone near you, and have them throw a crowbar into the tracks, you end up wondering what you were doing all along.

I would do this: every person you meet, confront them with the things you say here. Obviously it will take a while before you meet someone willing to discuss, since most people really are Bill and really are just afraid to talk this sort of stuff, at least with strangers.

But if you stick to it, and try very very hard not to judge others in the moment since that will be easily read and no one will keep talking to you, then you might meet someone who agrees with you. and then you can look this person deep in the eyes and say, "what now? what do WE do now?"

You've made a friend, and then the world suddenly has purpose. there is great potential in a meaningless friend.

You really need to skip the track, though. I think a mind like yours, competent but looping, could use a dose of mushrooms. Then again, that very suggestion might discredit everything previous to it, so take it with a grain of salt.

You could be more humble, certainly, that never hurt anyone. Don't confuse humble with prostration, don't let the suits walk over you with their money, always remember the strictly defined class system exists and most are deluded into a game of a life, but humility in the face of others' struggles is important. Some people never get the chance to think about these things, and their choice of happiness in family and a structured lifestyle is hardly hedonistic.
Augustus Bardwell - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 07:18:20 EST ID:zyllnRsw No.514608 Ignore Report Quick Reply
what do we do now, friend?
Rebecca Follywater - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:46:44 EST ID:pCPQRsXK No.514649 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Bill is a subject contemplating merits that are now in crisis.

Bill could use his existential crisis to his advantage to feel "billness" better and contribute to society how "bill wants to"

By seeing that if he has doubted one steadfast motivating purpose in his life that has binded him to love, that has been put in crisis by the world but his world kept going.

That he could doubt another he may feel under duress without experiencing more crisis.

Bill could see that while society communicates the pain of labor and work. That often the evocation of such discontent that bills expressive open heart might bleed for is feeding into the wrong part of such a disproportionate equasion.

Bill's obligations are in "weigh-al" here we see a pro and a con. Bill has already in the negative, bill feels conned. It's fine for bill as a subject of will to percieve his own existences in the negative as cons. Or articfices that exist as stakes or constructs in reality.

Thus pros.

Bill does not feed society a promise that chains or in debts the.

Bill sees a project he wants to complete on his own terms, that he has already known and experienced on shaky ground.

Bill's main conundrum now intellectually is his own existential crisis.

Not his indebtedness or society's forecasted futures for him.

Bill's trouble's with these deal with his own ability to decide or maneuver with a compass that comes in with a built in hook to trap bill in obligations he intellectually knows as faux but socially cannot circumvent.

His moral compass's ability to be hooked is also it's ability to function socially as well.

The ability to cause or sell possibility.

If bill is judicious he won't purposefully harm others or get them in situations where they can't explicate themselves.

If he is particularly interested in this predicament in others and there own existential crisis lying contigent to it.

He may subsist of such an interest.

Showing how whims, impulses, interests, and the actual modernist condition of "odd" jobs is a positive.

Such imagine bill as idle long enough to realize the hope of bringing the ghost back in the shell.

Where we once panicked at the notion of the impossibility of explaining are conscioussness in a physical form. Bill is preoccupied with the ability ignite that spark within the vehicle.

Bill is an old auto mechanic.

The weird guy that comes into your work when you are a local youth looking for a purpose, dropped out of college and somehow unable to communicate or hold your boundaries so that your job stays your job to support your life.

The last living totem that can handle are ethical neglects and deconstructs as well as our ideals and dreams.

Bill can appear crazy, "autistic", unstable. But you notice bill is extremely able to move in the world in a variety of situations that others become stuck in.

Including social ones. Bill comes to work with the vehicle of the tried and tried again platform of "i am ready to come to work." But instead of thinking of group etiqutees and where bill stands in his qualifications or how he fits in. Bill fuffills a demonstration of that skill then and there.

With a narrative you would never see as winning over a boss in favor. Bill comes to work that day. And two days later you notice that bill is actually mechanically and in practicality better at this than the boss, and that skill is visible. Bill communicates to the boss about her insecurities within her corporate chain, and then the very next second bill is cleaning things, and pointing out things about this location you never new, while reaching out to you about ways not taxing to improve your job, that he unself conciously expresses you to promote or show for your self recognition.

Bill literally understands this as a skill, and doesn't worry about how this very craft as it exists amongst and inbetween people can be systematized to create division or loss of reward.

At least he doesn't worry and cause himself inhibition in this.

Bill has seemingly has endless anecdotal experience, and notices how people have percieved bill as every offensive alienating identity disruptor that often cripples us, and reminds us of hypocrisy. But Bill somehow is not afraid of this.

Because bill sees the container known as the american dream and the liquids it houses that fuel it.

He doesn't point out holes to sink ones juices or manipulate you through a generational ethic. Even though he can seem old when he is young and young when he is old. He only points them out to make whatever is being set up at that time set up.

he retains success through optimism that has been exploited time and time again, even though he knows when it is being exploited. He often goes the extra limit in situations where one is prevented from operating without accusation, or in the opposite of the benifit of the doubt. To get those people out of that situation.

Bill sees "willingness" and doesn't take advantage of it. In fact he exists in it. He nurtures the most far fetched aspirations, and pipe dreams. But bill's philosophy doesn't wind up getting you involved in pyramid schems.

Inspirations and similes from christian theology and lyricism are applied in judgements of subjects who are "tripping" and "spaced out" bill is a previous or current christian in many hypothesises.

He's not mad when he sees a business inject hope into a town and then leave before time ranges for opportunity have expired. Even though bill knows the businesses and the town rely on that.

Some how bill is comfortable enough to even have dealt with the last man on earth scenarios and i am legend existences that our current generation have gotten to know as rape acusals, and neetism.

In other words bill has already existed, he's been in a marriage, he's been in the same town long enough, to have been known as pedophilic, gay, straight, virginal, strange, smelly, odd, the weird guy who won't stop talking to you.

Bill gets the reputation of someone who is explained as crossing your boundaries and making you uncomfortable. yet when your boundaries are really crossed you notice bill does not really do this.

That somehow bill was already aware of the homophobia, misogyny, racism, lack of business, stigmitization, and other attacks on imagination, human longing, and creativity.

However bill communicates with an express purpose and the way you end up with a life conflict being resolved with bill, leaves you to fill some meaning about life affirmation and what affirmation actually is that lingers on, but has now opened up to a new world with the inclusion of new purpose.

A rearrangement of the tools and the items in the previous onwi.

that helps your net spread a little bit better.
Rebecca Follywater - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:58:35 EST ID:pCPQRsXK No.514650 Ignore Report Quick Reply
When we are young people often say to bill's ethics "NO!"

But bill often says things like "COUNT EM" to ideas where others say don't count your chickens until they hatch.

Bill is often making predictions out of heuristics that you know to be flawed. And you see bill emphasize and position himself in riskiness to capture a goal.

Bill seems to exist in an effusive space, that helps deal with meaning that has been unfinished for a long time, and seems unforgiven in irrational intuitive ways but understood in rational ones.

At times in life when you feel like you are not only being tested in some sort of kobayashi muru but in feelings and matters that deserve distance even in true absurdism. The Bill is when you somehow understand how to go through tests for those things.

Feelings come back to association, traumas are waded through they surface back in the concious mind and take part in activities as they once did.

Bill is kind of like a guy who sees rehabilation without the neccessary apocalypse it always seems to threaten.
Rebecca Follywater - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:12:56 EST ID:pCPQRsXK No.514651 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Bill exists in objects of complettion.

When you see someone fix a table that has been off balance for years by putting a cloth under it that is bill.

Bill is the track you didn't take in highschool, that you are just understanding know.

Bill is like understanding the relation between altered beast and golden axe in your twenties.

He's the realization of the ability to know for free learn seven languages privately, he's the intermediate who helps you realize through the half hammed utterance of the word "excitation" your already apphrending subtext in art, and gives you the liminal concept or playground to make sense of it, or the ancillary night light to keep you secure when the exploration of our perception seems to question reality.

In the shared of experience of that turmoil, bill would utter "life is but a dream" to remind you of children's songs and stories perennial expression of this sentiment and there role in helping us understand our echoing into reality in divergent paths through the way we sing row row row your boat as if to say we are entering reality always already.

Bill might get excited and point out that the stream we go gently down is a stream of conciousness. But then again bill might also be the guy who yells pipe down in a really quiet room.

Bill would never make fun of someone who was afraid to wet their pants, or was afraid of spiders.

Bill wouldn't get the provovative nature of the question, "what if I fucked your sister!?" But he also wouldn't be phased by it.
Isabella Worringson - Tue, 21 Mar 2017 00:52:22 EST ID:Hc3V+acB No.514653 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1490071942742.jpg -(313058B / 305.72KB, 658x658) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just when I thought qq had gone to shit I SEE this post. I see this post.
Cyril Blythewater - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 13:44:04 EST ID:rfuQW1WQ No.514726 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm not sure if im just too dumb to understand whatever you're saying or youre not making a lot of sense

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