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I got ditched by a girl that was attracted to me by Sophie Blythedock - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 22:58:38 EST ID:LP7sXigx No.514615 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1489978718923.jpg -(50139B / 48.96KB, 445x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 50139
Woe is me. I feel bad for anybody that has been ditched by a girl that was clearly attracted to you. I don't understand women anymore. There is attraction there but she clearly ditched my ass. It's all good. I actually would have gave her a chance to get together with her but she didn't want to not because she said no because she wanted to ditch my ass. I say hello but she acts like she didnt hear me that's all good. forget about 'em. Damn chicks cant make up their damn minds. You are either attracted or you are not. Fuck it if things don't work out we could always be buddies.
Archie Sinkincocke - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 23:16:40 EST ID:FujZA4zq No.514617 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Fuck it if things don't work out we could always be buddies.

do you really want the shame of friendzoning yourself? come on now, forget about the cunt and find a new vagina to chase
Sophie Blythedock - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 23:17:38 EST ID:LP7sXigx No.514618 Ignore Report Quick Reply
actually i have no friends left anymore. the loneliness consumes me.
Shitting Sogglemud - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 23:23:16 EST ID:Hc3V+acB No.514619 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I haven't had any friendship last with a girl I slept with.

Usually starts out ok and it seems like we get along fine. They end up leaving, and the ones that said they wanted a friendship usually didn't stick to their word. Just how it works man. I feel it's damn near impossible to be friends with someone I am attracted to but that's me. I'm sure if I had multiple women it would be different.
Sophie Blythedock - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 23:25:31 EST ID:LP7sXigx No.514620 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489980331923.gif -(534955B / 522.42KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sounds like my dating life. I am an easy to get along with person I can be friends to my exs but they always wanna act high and mighty and leave me in dirt yet they are friends with there other exs its like what the fuck? I mean damn. it's whatever. life fucking sucks.
Shitting Sogglemud - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 23:37:42 EST ID:Hc3V+acB No.514621 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Haha I thought I was the only one. If they keep you around as a fried after you've dated it probably means they'd still consider being with you again.

Let me ask you a question and try to answer honestly. When it comes to the end did the girls personality switch up and she was saying hateful shit? What was your reaction if so?

I have a theory a lot of the guys they choose to be friends with are the ones that they broke up with and the guy is probably too much of a passive beta that he let's her walk all over him.

Just recounting most of those women they did or said something shitty to me. I'd say something back and that's when I became an asshole.
Sophie Blythedock - Sun, 19 Mar 2017 23:59:18 EST ID:LP7sXigx No.514622 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1489982358923.jpg -(55986B / 54.67KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well things either don't work out and end in good terms. yet the girl starts making up stuff and I know for a fact I didn't do any shit to them. whether I end relationship or they end it. They always have the bullshit excuses: "we will still be friends." It's always bullshit. and I always catch them hanging out with their exs in public. I wasn't following them. I happen to shop at same grocery store they shop at and it's ironic. it does piss me off because I know them better than those suckers. I could be a good friend if I couldn't be a good boyfriend. I could be a good friend to them strictly platonic. I am too adult for this bullshit. And other girls had love for me but couldn't act out on it because they felt they were trash compared to me. I hate that shit. I am not on a higher pedestal. I am not trash either. But what can you do? I feel so alone. I mean shit I don't let chicks walk over me. but I am willing to be on same level in a relationship as in like decisions can be fair. I find that forcing shit isn't good nobody wants to be forced to-do stuff they don't wanna do. But at same time some people need a little guidance. Anyways moving on. They have said shitty things behind my back in end. All of them. regardless if they broke up with me or I broke up with them. So it pisses me off because I never talked shit on them. And they lied about being down to be friends regardless of whatever fucking liars all of them. I am tired of fake bitches too. These girls want to jump on my nuts but act shitty and put me through little games. I mean fuck I wish I could have a serious relationship. if it's just a one night stand I might consider it given that I cannot find love / true relationships. But hey we cannot always live by one night stands. But it's whatever. I just feel so damn alone. And people are like "you will find the one" fucking lies. I will find somebody compatible but in the end they will find somebody "better". It always happens. Or the girl isn't happy in relationship and is kind of bitching to her friends and they tell me what she said. And sure enough shit was true than girl is like "I just don't want to be in this relationship or I am not ready for a serious relationship." So i agree we should call shit off and just be close friends but than later they backstab my ass and talk a bunch of shit and even her friends are apalled by her bullshit actions that they lost all respect for her sorry ass for doing dirty to me. even her friends at first didnt like me but they seen I wa sa decent guy that made her happy but she decided to fuck me over and they didnt like taht shit cause they heard her bitch but it was all her fucking fault. I cared a fuck about that damn girl and she totally destroyed everything our relationship. even after the friendship. she was a backstabbing bitch. and her own friends disowned her for real. it was a shock. I knew those two from way back they were best friends for life type of relationship. So it was a shock to see them diss her for doing that fucked up shit I felt kind of appreciative that people recognize it was fucked up of her and she shouldnt keep talking shit on me when I did the right fucking thing for her. it was all for her damn ass. I don't hate her... I still care about her but more like a friend that is lost forever. She did hurt me by doing all that bullshit to me. but its over I moved on. I just wish her well and shit but she is one fucked up vindictive bitch. anyways enough of her. Yeah I did get fucking "left behind" by this new chick I met she was cool she was attractive and attracted to me I was attracted to her but she did everything in her power to stop the attraction that she has for me because she is afraid of dating me or some shit which is find. but I still wanna be her god damn friend. i mean she is an awesome person but for her doing this shit she is a damn bitch. kind of ironic ey? oh well. its hard to explain... she isnt a bad person but she is a bad person. I think she isn't used to a genuine guy she is used to those fake thug bad boys who end up breaking her damn heart. i am tired of these fools they fuck up these girls so bad that they cant trust the opposite gender.
George Wuzzlefuck - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 00:10:38 EST ID:rBfIrlAT No.514623 Ignore Report Quick Reply

You do realize that there is such a thing as a space bar right? Jesus no way am I reading that
Shitting Sogglemud - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 00:11:10 EST ID:Hc3V+acB No.514624 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Whoa you sound like me dude.

I know how you feel. I like you. I want to ralk more but I am going to be busy so I'll reply later on because there's some stuff I'd like to say. Take care man.
Edwin Moshbidging - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 13:02:17 EST ID:yUhAjzvV No.514641 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You mean Enter key, right?
Fanny Semmlehall - Tue, 21 Mar 2017 21:01:20 EST ID:ou8RtxFT No.514674 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Cyril Hinkinstock - Mon, 03 Apr 2017 22:17:13 EST ID:zflyT5fB No.515105 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1491272233274.jpg -(67698B / 66.11KB, 1242x1114) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
story up.

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