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How to make roommate leave by Priscilla Snodwell - Tue, 18 Apr 2017 21:23:01 EST ID:vKvaev27 No.515577 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1492564981640.jpg -(29131B / 28.45KB, 296x394) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 29131
My roommate is shit. Im not gonna get into it. I've posted about here more than enough times over the past 2 years.

But I can't move out. My lease is up in september...I have 15 grand in collections from school loans and shit, and i have another $4000 i owe because I just got sued. And even though I could still afford a place by myself and be actively paying for my shit, my credit score is 520 and i'm on probation. Nowhere is gonna accept me thats not hood.

I fucking hate my roommate. No one here understands no matter how much I post how much of a pos this kid is. I work 3rd shift and he insists on watching political news for 6-8+ hours a day on 70 volume when I sleep. I offer to buy him a meal and he orders an appetizer and 3 entrees, one of them being steak.

So I was pretty miserable knowing I would have to live with this fuckface again for at least another year, until my lawsuit is paid off and im off papers. Than I heard him talking to his gf the other day, i could hear what she was saying over the phone and she was asking if he had talked to me about him leaving my apartment yet. He said no and that he still "had to think about it"

My entire mood changed after that. I lit up like a christmas tree. Finally-an opportunity to get this fucker to leave, and have this apartment to myself.

But hes hesitant and I can tell. And I don't blame him. He doesn't make much and hes an entitled college student that thinks the world owes him free school and housing.

How can I make this kids decision for him. I want their to be no questions asked him moving. I need the extra room and the peace of mind I can't stand this motherfucker im gonna go completely berzerk. A few weeks ago I came home drunk and ripped the tv out of the wall and he threatened to call my PO. I haven't drank or talked about drinking or anything with drugs since than, im not going to jail i'm doing this smart.

How do I get this kid to move out? I stopped cleaning months ago and I havent washed my dishes in over a week, and when I do its gonna be in the bath tub. I stopped doing basic chores like washing my sink (we each have our own sink) and taking out the garbage, and I can tell he noticed because it wasnt taken out for a week and he made a big scene when he finally did it. He also asked me to buy some paper towel and I told him no.

Give me some ideas, nothing that involves doing anything relating to drinking or drugs or illegal. I want this kid to not want to live here as much as possible to the point where hes forced to move out.
Phineas Gazzleway - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 21:23:46 EST ID:pCPQRsXK No.515638 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you have to work on communicating outside of favor in the mutual need that you to are actually in.

This is why it annoys you because secretly it's a detail from the beginning that is being neglected.

And anger isn't actually just anger, or hate. It's also a mental note of what needs are not being respected in tototallity.

Notice how often radicals, idealists, pessimists, and eternal optimists when they get upset sound angry.

you have to accept each other sounding angry and still be able to communicate as if you were in a anecdote of an old married couple.

Technically, the boiling in side is liner notes for you to be able to communicate more directly to a person that obviously does communicate more directly.

Honestly the only thing he can then do is storm off in a huff. Which may upset you more but leaves you time to sleep.

I secretly went through something like this a year ago and it revolves around every body else's schedule and arrangements working out, and you being a patient person who is indiscrete enough to not begrudge them having them, but hope that they would understand that you need the sleep implicitly when it's needed without that being a conversation that broaches the subject of no more television because that's another restriction

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