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economic class and outlook by Cyril Giblingchin - Mon, 11 Sep 2017 10:26:43 EST ID:NTyXE6+F No.518728 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1505140003762.jpg -(311330B / 304.03KB, 1024x658) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 311330
How do you think your economic class growing up affected your outlook on life?

Growing up, my family swung from working poor to upper middle class. I think this affected the way I view things in ways I'm only beginning to understand.

I spent most of my childhood in a dirt poor suburb of a rich city. I spent my early childhood between a mobile home and my now-step father's house, were we lived for free. By the time I graduated from high school, we had a huge house.

As a kid, maybe the majority of my friends came from broken homes, with parents who were absentee, alcoholic, mentally ill, selfish, or other issues. My parents were never around, but I respected (and still respect) them as people. I think I may have been bullied by my less noble "friends" for this - I never understood why some of them treated me badly, until one said that when we were kids, he thought I thought I was better than him because my family had more money. This wasn't true - I had no notion that my family had more money. But this explains a lot about some of the treatment I got.

I went to the university in my hometown to save money. It just happened to be one of the best colleges in my state. There was a clear division between my college friends and the ones I grew up with, in their ambitions. My college friends are now working for government or companies, or are in grad or law school. The high school friends who are doing well are a bartender (he's doing great, helps run a fancy cocktail bar), a baker, a grocery store clerk, a teacher, and an engineer. The ones who aren't are growing weed, or a couple who are bumming around China, one of whom's an ex-con now.

After college, I was in the Peace Corps, and the people I know from that are mostly in grad school, or have government jobs.

Now I'm in grad school at a somewhat prestigious private university (on scholarship). For the future, I honestly don't have the professional mindset of many of my peers. My grades are good and the professors seem to like me, but it seems like my peers can sense that I just didn't grow up with their professional (officious, really) mindset. I grew up working labor and retail. I'm honestly terrified of going back to that and will fight to have a good career. However, I feel like a loser when I interact with my more pretentious peers in grad school, even though I'm clearly a big (class) step up from how my childhood friends are doing.
Hugh Gugglewudging - Mon, 11 Sep 2017 12:55:07 EST ID:WV91K+Uu No.518734 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I was the poor guy among the rich but I was actually poor, I lived in one of the least deprived areas in the country and went to a good school because the requirements were you passed a "top 25%" exam and I'm bright enough that I could pass it. I went to an average school before that and did okay but for a short while I went to a really rubbish one. The difference was palpable, I went from clever to the smartest kid in class barring one girl who had been there a few weeks longer than me. We stood out like a sore thumb. Everyone was defeated and the classes were lackluster, they didn't push me particularly hard while at my previous school my teacher had given me special exercises to work on my (abysmal for a 10 year old) handwriting. And this was just average and poor. The new school I went to was really good and I never felt ashamed of my intelligence, I felt encouraged to make the most of it and got good chances. It wasn't anything compared to the likes of Eton but 90% of my peers went to university.

I think you have to realise that rich poor divide shit is the biggest divide of all and you've seen it. In a sense you had some of your life hamstrung by your upbringing and have caught up with your peers. You probably realise how many other people would do as well as them given the same upbringing and the difference it makes and so you can see that yes many of them have done well, but they got opportunities others didn't. The people who win out overall aren't just good players they got a top hand and don't realise that this is what truly elevates them to their elite status. The P word. They don't understand the difference but you do, so they can't see through themselves but you can. Reach for the sky, do well but don't forget the truth. When you're pulling in 6 figures or running the country or both that you didn't just do it yourself, no one does. That's okay, but just don't forget it.
James Lightway - Mon, 11 Sep 2017 15:29:24 EST ID:/cRcaVbG No.518738 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Thanks for the reply, and well said.
> "You probably realise how many other people would do as well as them given the same upbringing"
Definitely. It's a little disconcerting, seeing how the smartest working class people I know are way smarter and more admirable than a lot of the wealthier ones, but the mediocre wealthier ones will make a lot more money at mediocre white collar jobs than some of the smartest, best working class people, who will keep working the coolest, most interesting blue collar ones.
Nathaniel Suppernitch - Tue, 12 Sep 2017 11:57:51 EST ID:twMAaV8o No.518746 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I was just as upper-lower-class as everyone else but because my parents were from the countryside and not the city or suberbs and I watched a lot of TV I had a completely different accent and everyone mocked me for being posh, so I grew up despising the posh and the rich

I feel like you are automatically an asshole if you are rich, because if you weren't you'd have given away most of your money by now.
Nathaniel Suppernitch - Tue, 12 Sep 2017 11:58:40 EST ID:twMAaV8o No.518747 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Nigel Hivingsare - Tue, 12 Sep 2017 13:18:08 EST ID:WV91K+Uu No.518751 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>I feel like you are automatically an asshole if you are rich, because if you weren't you'd have given away most of your money by now.
I don't think this is entirely true, because if you've been rich all your life like OPs peers you simply don't know how it is.

The sad thing is that these people don't realise why they're so successful and so end up in power because of the opportunities they have, then they judge everyone else by unrealistic standards because they confuse their opportunities with talent they think they know best.

The two smartest people I have ever met are night and day. One grew up in a posh part of North London in a rich family, after getting a masters in maths at Cambridge he went to MIT and got a PHD. He's doing great. he's a cool guy honestly. He is genuinely a polymath genius though. The other has two parents with schitzophrenia and fell through the cracks. He could make it out of shit in a cave but he'll never do more than scrounge benefits because he never got the support he needed to even be average after his fucked up upbringing. He's probably got undiagnosed aspergers and other shit and doesn't handle a lot of things very rationally but if he'd got help for any of this shit he'd probably be a lead engineer in ARM, he did make a self upgrading 3D printer once though out of bits of conventional printers.
Nicholas Brirringfuck - Thu, 14 Sep 2017 04:30:47 EST ID:lPxkOvyG No.518776 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Eh, I have a weirder upbringing than the other posters.

Started out as a nerdy suburban kid. Can't remember much of childhood other than it was rather pleasant overall. Just a middle class suburban kid to relatively normal parents. The school was decent, everything was pretty mild but comfortable. Most of my mental illnesses that are still undiagnosed were only just starting to fester by age 5-7 but again; memory is turribul. Around 6-8 I was well aware of sexuality though and started experimenting with a couple people my age. All of it gay despite homosexuality never even really being a topic ever until I was at least 11-12. Some early levels of schizophrenia develop with an obsession with "creating" people to interact with. Lots of anxiety and low self-esteem really start to manifest around 2nd and 3rd grade as I recall. The first time I start noticing people are different from myself. More than the mean at least. Also really started to get into fights and shit.

Then we moved to the country side from suburbs. Still okay until I was like 11 or 12. Whenever you go into middle school. Once I was in middle school I got "integrated" into the ghetto middle school. Teachers didn't give a fuck, every 12 year old black or hispanic thought they were in a gang, all the decent people got shat on, and poor white people were all trailer trash trying to sell marijuana in 7th and 8th grade. Somewhere during this time I get dumped into the rich kids classes which are sorta like advanced placement but is mostly for keeping the 2-3 neighborhoods of rich well to do whites away from the riff-raff. I did not get along well at all with the posh. Nor the trashier types. I just started fighting a lot and eventually got kicked out of middle school basically. It was that or go to the disciplinary school system which was basically prison training grounds. By this point, after knuckling up on anyone in sight and being near universally hated, I was suicidal by 8th grade, depression had really sunk its' teeth in and the road to being permanently mentally unwell had been laid. This was also the time my parents came into far more money. Moving into the upper middle class. We became very distant from all our relatives and basically just lived in ex-farm fields doing nothing but attending the place we were each needed, or rather required.

I get some Jesus program home schooling. Which is a complete joke. I just cheat and fake my way through literally everything. Being too dumb and depressed, I didn't exactly realize what effect this would have. I sorta knew I should actually try to do good in school but again, 14 year old kids don't know shite. Plus the paranoia, depression, suicide, schizophrenia, and an obsession with an alternate reality completely in my head took away most of my academic performance. I also got into lucid dreaming here. (Bad fucking idea.) My parents slowly inched up the social ladder. For our area, we were definitely well off with fancy cars, toys, big house, and no real worries about money or shit. It really got pushed on me that I had "nothing to complain about" and that I "had it made like hardly any other kids." So I just suffered in mental anguish from near birth essentially. Relationships soured between myself and my parents as I was some weird ass shut in atheist without morals who just rambled about inane drivel. And my parents had this grandiose vision of me being some MIT grad with a trophy wife, tons of friends and a BMW or something. I graduated the Jesus program of high school and basically just floated around as I had for the previous 10 fuckin years. No social skills, experience, and a mountain of weird mannerisms developed in solitude really fucked my future shit. I basically only knew how to cheat on tests and skim read text books. Even to this day I can't divide without a calculator or do the most basic of an algebra problem. Yet because of my social silence and parents most people think I'm smart.
Nicholas Brirringfuck - Thu, 14 Sep 2017 04:35:04 EST ID:lPxkOvyG No.518777 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Nicholas Brirringfuck - Thu, 14 Sep 2017 04:37:23 EST ID:lPxkOvyG No.518778 Ignore Report Quick Reply
After being done with "high school" for a while and doing nothing for a couple years I tried to go to community college. Somehow I managed to get a decent enough ACT to get into college. Still being a stupid fuck I picked a random number generator and decided that was my program of study from the school catalogue. It didn't turn out well because after a year of drowning in shit that was all over my head and trying to cheat in a real school setting and passing I dropped out. To do yet again, nothing because my parents could afford it. Thankfully my mental health improved some. Most of the anxiety and paranoia left. But I just felt so damn tired of existence by age 20-21 that it felt like I was a sword being sharpened on a stone yet all the metal ground away. Having no friends, no real family, money, life, hobbies, or anything even remotely enjoyable I just gave up and figured I'd get a job. So being a dumbass that cheated all through his teens to just make it and not having the social connections most rich retards have, I was just fucked. Eventually I got a shitty job that injured me only 4 months into it and got fired because I missed too much time from work. Didn't do anything with the money really. Just stuck it in a bank. (Try getting a bank account without raising a mountain of suspicion when you don't even know your own Social Number or what the fuck a check even does or how to make one.) Which after 4 months it was only like 4k dollars. So then I was laid up at home again with an injury for a number of months as it healed. It isn't 100% and still hurts daily but I can manage without meds. I found another job that paid slightly better and was full time but still hard work and clearly not sustainable and everyone hates me working there. And I don't really care for them either but I can't just start swinging on people like in school as a kid so I just cope by disillusioning myself from my existence and go into a weird autonomous mode to function without emotion. I moved out and my parents are just sorta there on their own wondering where they went wrong with me and depressed they won't get kids. (They don't know anything about my sexuality. Sex was a forbidden topic in the house until I was 15 when they wondered if I was gay given I showed no interest in women.) I lived in a relatively shitty setting in the middle of nowhere basically waiting to die. I'm probably close to poverty but I don't really know what it is to live anyways so what does it matter? At least now I am relatively complacent and with some age I've slowed down and stop fighting life so much. I can't die happy here but I can at least just mind my own business now which is an absolute massive reprieve.

>And to the self-help crowd or the pick yourself up by the bootstraps people, save me your shtick. I spent the time at my first job trying to change myself and make friends and "live" but that went nowhere. People don't like borderline insane people who can't make eye contact, can't speak fluently, can't hold a train of thought, who show no emotions, who don't what what friends are, who can't basically function in society. Or at least I haven't found anybody who wants that to be their company. And I'm not immune to my *autism,* I am sentient of it but when 1000 things get to flowing in real time, I just come to a complete loss. People interact so gracefully it is astonishing to me, simply amazing, I try and respond to a question someone asked and all things in my head just freeze and melt repeatedly.

Well, there is literally my life story. I had basically every card stacked in my favor. A cute kid from wealthier parents who was likely gay and ready to conquer the world. Then at some point it just kept crumbling into an empire of dust where the grit is made of confusion and sorrow. And yes I have gotten copious amounts of shit from others who said I fucked it all up and I'm a worthless piece of shit that didn't deserve their place in life and that others will be millionaires given my circumstances. Not to make this any more of a sob story but I'm so used to being hated that I almost feel a bond towards it now. I've received compliments before from strangers and it in all honestly takes me aback and is like a stun. All my anger as a child made me feel stronger when someone chided me for a reason and I retaliated. As if their hatred gave me a strength and let me know I was still in society and not some void to ever be forgotten and left aside of life. Life as I know doesn't seem to be a reality without being at odds with the world. I guess there is some magical science reason that deals with the brain and repetition.

>Or maybe I got the autism vaccine instead of the rabies vaccine.

In my own experience, most social classes don't move around much. The rich kids in my classes in middle school all went to the fanciest college in the state and all the others I occasionally recognize by name only working in low rent retail jobs smoking shitty cigarettes and talking about their numerous children. I'm sure my case is somewhat of an anomaly. Perhaps not in the fact that I was one who fell from the top to the bottom as that is common but rather my means of descent.

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