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Bag over Head? by Eugene Cerrybanks - Mon, 13 Nov 2017 14:33:00 EST ID:JsQi4/8G No.519991 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1510601580168.jpg -(17792B / 17.38KB, 570x570) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 17792
Hey guys,

I've always been into older men, the whole underage and adult roleplay really turns me on. However, I don't the whole voice changing thing or start acting like a child.

I recently found out it has as a term for it. Daddy/Little Girl, but not a lot of people that I've met or been with are truly into this.

I recently met this 43 year old guy, I'm 25 and he is really into it, we have mostly talked about it and been on 2 dates. I thought we would fuck on the first date, but he told me he really likes me and wants to move slow. That turn me on even more, shows like the caring side of the whole thing.

Anyways.. The only issue I find is that I'm not 100% physically attracted to him, but I dont know if to just go for it, to play out my fantasy or wait. Have you guys ever push asides good looks for a good fuck?

Sorry if this is not the right space for this matter...
Isabella Hamblefield - Mon, 13 Nov 2017 14:40:43 EST ID:0PJ7z1R+ No.519992 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You give me hope for when I get old.
Clara Sittingstone - Mon, 13 Nov 2017 14:45:21 EST ID:F6BBbLXR No.519993 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1510602321538.jpg -(11883B / 11.60KB, 227x272) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why can't you fuck a 28-year-old.
Hamilton Bangerpog - Mon, 13 Nov 2017 15:22:24 EST ID:jPpWgI0N No.519995 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Because wait your turn and quit bitching that's why.

OP, I'd date someone if their personality suited mine and their beliefs as well. If they weren't my ideal, but were still able to get me hard, I'd be willing to overlook some small imperfections (for example I hate moles, but would overlook it if a very great partner happened to have a small mole.).
Fucking Clorrywill - Mon, 13 Nov 2017 17:04:40 EST ID:kAEKpfyQ No.519997 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Go with a guy you're fully attracted to. It's not like you should have a hard time finding a guy in his 40's who wants to fuck you. You will enjoy it more that way.
Nicholas Boddlemot - Mon, 13 Nov 2017 17:14:10 EST ID:AkBTpOns No.519998 Ignore Report Quick Reply
far too many pre-30's i meet are total children and man-boys. They dont carry themselves with any authority, they dont have a modicum of emotional stability, theyre irresponsible, and their interests are outright feeble

not all, but most. Most i know of and encounter. I dont know if its a modern-day age thing or what but males seem to take fucking half their lives to mature. hell, its actually the same with females, now that i think about it, i just dont have to care about/notice them.

theres a kind of helpless, dependent clingyness which is just so unappealing. like when you make someone else your entire life, as opposed to forging a part of yourself into a deep and meaningful connection with them, whilst at the same time keeping other aspects of your life and hobbies in their equilibrium.
Edward Sadgefit - Tue, 14 Nov 2017 06:44:02 EST ID:JI9kO00V No.520010 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I mean, I don't know about the other stuff. But if you won't sleep with someone simply because you aren't 100% attracted to them, you're kinda cheating yourself by forgoing something good because it isn'the perfect. Kind of like seeing this lady on Dr. Phill (all my grandmother watches when I visit). This lady was talking about the stress of going from an annual salary of 1 million to 100k. To the point she has attempted suicide, and sees her life as nothing but awful in her "tiny 3 bedroom house". And people sympathized with her.
Despite 100k still being a great income, she denied herself anything good about it simply because it wasn't her ideal setting.
Life seldom will be, or ever is ideal. Most you can do is weigh the pros and cons, and pick the side that makes you happiest. Otherwise everything is shit despite the fact.

Tl;dr: hey, if he isn't disease ridden or a fucking asshole, go for it op. You'really both adults.
Oliver Drendertodge - Tue, 14 Nov 2017 10:15:25 EST ID:KbKvqV7e No.520011 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>100% attracted to them
Depends what 100% means. If you mean 100% of the maximum possible attraction you can feel then yeah that shit doesn't matter. If you mean 100% as in 100% enough that's different. If someone isn't attractive enough you're not going to want to look at them, kiss them, fuck them spend time with them. They don't have to be perfect, just enough that you're not going to have to make extra effort to be turned on enough to fuck them. So what if OP's problem is a 3 bedroom house but rather going from independence to being a lodger in someone else's house.
Edward Sadgefit - Tue, 14 Nov 2017 11:49:27 EST ID:JI9kO00V No.520013 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My point was more, don't pass something up simply if it isn't perfect. Not sure what else is really playing into it for OP outside of sexual desire. Obviously have standards. But realistic ones.
Ernest Bropperbury - Tue, 14 Nov 2017 12:51:27 EST ID:4uGF5XEv No.520014 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you sound so vapid
so yeah, go for it
Beatrice Pemblekire - Tue, 14 Nov 2017 19:33:29 EST ID:JsQi4/8G No.520021 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1510706009397.jpg -(1081707B / 1.03MB, 2000x1125) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Pff.. did u not read what I said? lol..lame ass...


Yea, this guy and I have really good chemistry, he is sort of a nerd, which I enjoy at times, I've dated many assholes. He does biology research for autism kids - which is pretty awesome..not so much the fantasy of getting fucked by a business man lol jk.

But yea.. we laugh, we flirt, he is sort of creepy in a horny way, but it turns me on a lot. I'm weird af, and I think he could satisfy that side of me. I have thought that maybe that's why I cant sleep with him, because he is sort of weird and creepy and I like it, but cant act upon it. If that makes sense.

I might just go on 2 more dates and see how everything unfolds, and see if its worth staying. Thanks :)


Oh no, not hard at all to find guys in their 40 to fuck, buttt not all are into the same things you are and please you in the way you are looking for.


I like your message. Thanks, true! :)


Its not that exaggerated, but he is not the type I usually go for. Picture if you are not into redheads, and then one comes along and you dont know if to go for it or not.

He has charisma, more than looks which is a good thing, but he does have that blonde, blue eyes nerdy look, not my type. He looks sort of like jason bateman, but 2 levels down lol and blonde hair.

Aside from that, some of his mannerism are weird.

Damnn I do?..oh well..Fuck it

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