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I often find massive myself having massive arguments with myself about being gay by Simon Brookhood - Sun, 15 Apr 2018 08:41:34 EST ID:EIEtNyio No.523465 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1523796094626.jpg -(109174B / 106.62KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 109174
Don't know about it. Right?
Jack Mundlehire - Mon, 16 Apr 2018 23:15:05 EST ID:UHbExDLI No.523491 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Jenny Shakewater - Tue, 17 Apr 2018 05:01:50 EST ID:3A/9rSkO No.523503 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Homosexual OCD, look it up.
Charlotte Cremblefene - Thu, 19 Apr 2018 11:52:30 EST ID:yUhAjzvV No.523542 Ignore Report Quick Reply
it ain't gay unless it's gay man. yeah, Ryan Gosling is a good lookin guy, and sometimes you probably want to know what getting fucked by a guy as a girl is a lot more than seems to belong in the realm of normalcy and heterosexuality, doesn't mean you want dick in your pooper or to put your dick in the poopchute of another guy.

...unless you do, when it comes to either of those things. then you're gay. or not, a lot of people have their kink and/or fetish. if yours happens to be a gay fetish, then its like, only gay if it's because you're actually gay nigga. otherwise you're just a fucking confusing degenerate like everybody else because strange shit that doesn't make sense gets your fuckin rocks right the fuck off, you know?
Caroline Gibblewill - Thu, 19 Apr 2018 18:11:34 EST ID:/pl3Lein No.523549 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Here's the thing though. It's completely possible to be gay without having to announce it or make it this landscape of associative ideas that you have to visit in your mind. If you're gay just let it be what it is, it doesn't have to be anyone's business if you don't want it to be (that is to say unless you stick it up their ass).

I know the feeling I think because I am at least a little bisexual and initially I hated the thought of it because there are so many things associated with it, including this godawful idea about "coming out" and "celebrating yourself" and all that fucking crap that cynical reclusive people like me have no interest in.

Really all these terms, gay, bisexual, pansexual etc. etc. I understand that they serve a purpose to inform others on whether or not they can hit on you or if they should shield their butthole around you, but they have become muddied with culture, a culture that many of the people who otherwise would fit these categories don't like. You don't even need to think that you are gay, you are just you. Seriously, fuck these faggy ass homo-words.

tl;dr: It is what it is, and it really isn't much.
Walter Porryham - Fri, 20 Apr 2018 03:08:34 EST ID:42wGzjUi No.523554 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1524208114202.jpg -(233452B / 227.98KB, 1080x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
nigga, you a gay homosexual.

Nicholas Murdford - Sat, 21 Apr 2018 03:20:34 EST ID:wJWwXGAC No.523567 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If you have to argue with yourself about your sexuality, that means you're confused. If a chick with a strapon will do, then you're not gay.
Hedda Durryworth - Sat, 21 Apr 2018 08:50:51 EST ID:yUhAjzvV No.523569 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I agree with what you said, but you almost made it sound as if you've already decided OP is in fact gay since his experience reminds you of your own. I'm not saying you have already decided that, just that what you wrote gives off a vibe that that's the perspective you're coming from. Also, I realize somebody can be in denial about some aspect of themselves and being gay isn't an exception, but at the same time having random and/or intrusive undesirable thoughts that are perceived to be homosexual or meaning one must actually be homosexual simply because they're having them just makes things even more confusing and simply isn't the case.

Experiences like those don't mean you're gay (of course, they don't exclude the possibility either obviously lol). The problem with having intrusive thoughts or feeling like you're really emotionally close or attached to a male friend is that, for better or worse, emotional intimacy (especially with another guy) beyond sexual relations with a woman is foreign to most guys because quite honestly the rest of the world doesn't give a fuck about you and doesn't want to hear you complain all the time and talk about your feelings or deal with somebody they feel reacts to things in an overly sensitive manner. If it weren't ingrained in us to treat women much, much differently than we do other men (mostly better, but that's a pretty big generalization to make I guess) from childhood, and women weren't the major biological barrier for successful reproduction they are, chances are they'd be treated just like men too. When they control whether or not you have any sex at all and you grew up knowing how fucked you'd be with the rest of your family and the whole of society for not treating a woman properly, you just play the game the best way you can--meaning women can afford to be emotionally intimate and complain about their problems, because it just so happens that nature chose them to be the sex with highest demand and lowest supply (of gametes). In other words, men have to be productive and useful to have value, and women that are capable of reproducing are simply inherently valuable because of it.

I know I digressed pretty far there, but it has a point. The social pressure to not say anything about this kind of stuff or any problems you might be having and otherwise just finding a way to deal with it, unless you happen to be like powerful, wealthy, or some kind of authority, leads to a disproportionate level of anxiety over any of it you're really unsure of. Case in point, having any kinds of intrusive thoughts about homosexual stuff in general or finding yourself afraid of how emotionally close or attached you are to a guy you know are things that by themselve by no means even suggest you're gay. The fear that it means you must be, because why else would you have those thoughts or be so close with a guy or whatever, is just an irrational fear and doesn't mean you need to accept yourself as being gay if you truly believe you aren't or can't actually picture being aroused or having sex with a dude despite intrusive thoughts or whatever. The only time you need to wonder if the rejection of being gay is out of denial is if are, have, or wish to actually pursue any kinds of homosexual desires or to recreate any of the thoughts.

I mean, if that's the case, just get over it then, you're gay my nigga. But if you're just stressing because of some random shit you can't actually help and the thought of engaging in sexual activity with a guy just sounds unpleasant, if not flat out gross/repulsive, then chances are more than likely you're not.
Sophie Clozzlelut - Sat, 21 Apr 2018 13:05:34 EST ID:q7NC3IuN No.523571 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Some of that stuff is a reaction to other people's reactions, real, imagined and historic. Which is to say it's sort of tradition. And if you figure out that your sexuality isn't the assumed default that you're just raised as if that's what you got, that's got to be harder than just being straight and everyone assumes you're straight and then the opposite sex do it for you and you never have to think twice. So not only have you done what straight guys like I have never done, but you've done what a lot of gay guys don't do too. Instead they just assume hey I've been told I'm straight, "I just to work hard to get an erection for women and overcome satan giving me boners for 19 (or 17 in some cases) year old boys and be the republican senator for this state so I can fight the people who failed where I did". Not realising they're the failures that straight people don't deal with that etc. Maybe I'm just over stating it because I've not done it and don't know how easy it is but a lot of people fail hard even as they fuck men behind their wife's back.

fuck I'm a brit and there was a big scandal when an MP was found fucking a man behind his wife's back and she was devastated. Except now she's got a girlfriend so I guess they were in a marriage of convenience to help deny their shit and no one complained about the lack of sex as a result.

So I mean if you want to have a big gay celebration you earned it. But if you don't then you've also earned the the right to just get on with doing who or what you want without making a fuss.

But also that some people just become obsessed with the idea of a sexuality because of the stigma, media attention or whatever and it doesn't mean shit. Maybe OP is surrounded by homophobes but spends ages with people acting like it's normal and talking about it constantly and he can't get it off his mind. Maybe OP is struggling with women and hasn't been in that life fire situation. Maybe porn doesn't work too well it's hard to feel that connection to someone going through the motions on a screen and/or fucking someone who clearly is not you
Nicholas Sockleputch - Mon, 23 Apr 2018 22:35:44 EST ID:xWjEIMCw No.523592 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you know the saying:
If in doubt, you're gay
Nell Crebblemet - Tue, 24 Apr 2018 13:19:52 EST ID:8MWQz9ep No.523597 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1524590392486.jpg -(68798B / 67.19KB, 500x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Reality is manifested gayness that is pretending to be straight and is too ashamed to admit itself to itself. Embrace it. Faggotry is woven into the fabric of reality on every level. Are you not lucky for coincidentally possessing a means for becoming closer to it?

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