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Kirtaner & Spardot's 420chan Wedding

To all guests, live viewers, and our Internet family, THANK YOU.
VODs will be edited soon, we are all so tired.
Wedding Gifts
Lets talk Borderline Personality Disorder by Hedda Dartforth - Thu, 17 May 2018 12:21:54 EST ID:Dj4iKd1w No.524125 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1526574114687.jpg -(47814B / 46.69KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 47814
So, I've been dating this girl for a year. She just started using IV drugs( H and coke) and so I try to avoid her since I'm not into that shit anymore but I still love her and we're currently not living together like how we used to. She constantly lies, constantly makes me feel good and builds me and takes it back the next day. Whenever I try to say I cannot put up with the heartache she gives me anymore and I try to breakup she threatens to kill herself. 2 days ago she said she was shutting her phone off to fucking slam a big ass shot and purposely OD and sent a pic of the syringe. I called the cops so they'd hospitalize her because I didnt want that shit on my hands but yeah. It's like constant flip flopping between love for eachother and hate for eachother and I just can't do this shit anymore. BPD bitches are fucking crazy and I'd be long gone if she wasn't so good looking(so good looking infact that her shooting up is the saddest shit).
Betsy Hangerlare - Thu, 17 May 2018 12:34:23 EST ID:+Za00QQ9 No.524126 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Also: textbook abusive relationship.

Tell your friends what's up. Leave her, suggest she get CBT to minimise her habits. Let her be her own problem. If you continue to see her she will never improve and she will drag you down. If you leave her it might straighten her out, it might shove her again (though if she's already threatening suicide then she's passed the point already so fuck it) or most likely she'll continue as before but at least you can live a better life

Then focus on what you can do to improve your life. Even if she hasn't damaged it (she will have) you will have made quite reasonable compromises that don't need to be made. And you should try to make your life more awesome. You will hurt over her for a while, accept that but accept it will get better and just keep busy in the mean time.
Dickhead Mcgee - Thu, 17 May 2018 12:39:48 EST ID:Dj4iKd1w No.524128 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I lost all my friends due to her. We were so all over eachother in the beginning we never left eachother's sides. Since I've been dating her I got a DUI, became homeless(with her), Lost my car on an auto title loan, went to the hospital, almost lost my family etc. And I even have reason to believe she sleeps around on me. I literally lost it all due to this girl and I don't no why I still and go see her once a week. :(
Simon Chillychire - Thu, 17 May 2018 12:48:32 EST ID:cBYQH4Mo No.524129 Ignore Report Quick Reply
YO nigga I'm here to drop you some wisdom. Guess who should be the #1 priority in your life? YOU, NIGGA! You don't want some love hate bullshit drama slut who IV's fucking drugs bro. All you need is to slide up in another pussy, give it 2-3 weeks, and you'll be over it. Get the fuck out, save yourself before you are full of regret. Relationships are the worst man just fuck girls.
Dickhead Mcgee - Thu, 17 May 2018 13:30:09 EST ID:Dj4iKd1w No.524135 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Best advice. I been trying to find another girl but I'm like all fucked in the head that I forgot how to get bitches on even tinder. WTF am I doing wrong?
Betsy Hangerlare - Thu, 17 May 2018 14:41:00 EST ID:+Za00QQ9 No.524138 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>Even if she hasn't damaged it (she will have)
Yeah I'm not even surprised by your response. You go see her once a week because in the short term its easier. That's pretty much the root of every self destructive decision we make that makes our life worse overall.

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