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Baldness gave me severe BDD, impotence and ruined my looks by Cornelius Goodwell - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 11:46:09 EST ID:5+Jc91Dl No.528649 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1547052369531.jpg -(30872B / 30.15KB, 546x364) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 30872
I am 28, started losing hair early in life, hopped on finasteride for four years and was so happy for a second chance.

Then bam side effects kick in, I lose my libido and solid errections. Now, 9 months later still no recovery.

Lose hair in a norwood 7 pattern almost slick bald. Am afraid of facial changes to add to the shitty look. Month long insomnia and compulsive mirror checking (40 times a day or so) did the trick.

Now I look maybe 15 years older with deep wrinkles and eye bags, a look in the mirror literally turns my stomach. I lost all my friends and suffer from severe social phobia, since I can see the disapproval of strangers interacting with me.

Soon I will do rehab but I am not optimistic that it will help me to cope.

Every day is a fucking torture with no joy, anxiety and deep depression. Any idea apart from lift and get a tan? I am already doing that and it's not fixing my face.
Cornelius Goodwell - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 11:47:35 EST ID:5+Jc91Dl No.528650 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I might try opioids to take the edge off and give me a reason to live.
Hugh Tillingstock - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:53:02 EST ID:yDKihQN5 No.528652 Ignore Report Quick Reply

If I were in your shoes, I would do the following.

Shave all remaining hair off - rock the bold look. Grow facial hair and maintain it. Get some tattoos to offset the old man vibes. Get rid of all mirrors except one for the bathroom.

Spend time outdoors, exercise and immerse myself in podcasts, lectures and books which can assist me in shining light on psychological blindspots and help with bug fixing my broken psychological coding.

There is a whole industry built around wrinkles and eye bags, just because the products are for women, doesn't mean you can't use them as a man. Go for ones which are designed to be applied overnight. Nothing like makeup though. Improve general skin hygiene in general if it's not on point.

You should certainly consider a therapist if you can afford it. Otherwise, sustained, repeated, small interactions which force you to confront your social phobia are the preferred approach and probably what the shrink would suggest anyways. Walk around your town, go into shops, whatever. Confidence building through small steps.

Strangers don't give a fuck about your truly buddy, you might be projecting a lot of narrative onto them. Even the weirdest looking people, I won't remember 20 seconds later whilst working my high volume bar shift.

Would absolutely recommend attempted to rekindle any friendships you can, however you can. Start small though, don't you dare dive right in as most people simply won't extend the bridge. Little messages, memes, hey mans hows it goings - but don't just invite yourself over or ask them round. There's a longer term to trajectory to this stuff and if you start slow and allow the good kudos to build up, it can quite authentically rekindle if you strike whilst the iron is hot.

If not, obviously begin seeking alternatives through hobby/interest groups. Getting a female should be a longer term goal as this may well alleviate a lot of internal pressure. I suspect a lot of this will be entirely psychological.

You gotta begin building a jacuzzi in your mind bro. Kick back in it and relax from time to time. Train your mind to appreciate the little things like the smell of fresh air, the shape of clouds and the nuanced variances of leaves. Figure out little things you can do to bump up your lifestyle appreciation points.

For instance, I light incense in my room. I also enjoy leaving the window open and getting a cool breeze after a warm bath. Infact it's probably when I'm most blissed out. Starting some type of meditation ritual would help too - half an hour with some binaural beats, whilst focusing on the intention to relax.

Sober up, if you are doing drugs.

Less screen time if you are overkilling it on the computers.

Truthfully, there comes a point where you can't do much about eye bags and it may well be genetic. I've had eye bags since I was 13 and it's down to the way my face is shaped.

If your style is wack, get it sorted. Best play if you have zero style, is to go for the most normative uniform possible. Simple, basic, well fitted clothing that makes you look like a mature, well rounded adult.

There's a lot of well documented science out there supporting the notion of placebo power. So perhaps begin constructing your own total bullshit reality rules to see if they help at all. "Drinking water makes me happier" is a fairly fun example.

I can't help with your boners. If your libido is gone, you are gonna have to try respark that magic somehow. Probably with some confidence building to the point where your self esteem acknowledges your own potential to get your fuck on and from there, the will will probably follow.
Phyllis Crodgefig - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 14:46:19 EST ID:rTQzzI7S No.528656 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I think your real problems are psychological. You're so worried about your hairline and what people will think it's destroyed you. Drugs didn't help so more drugs wont' work.

Address that you are insane. I bet you're not half as ugly as you look and if you slept properly and weren't perpetually on the verge of an anxiety attack you'd probably look a lot less grim.

I suspect 50-150% of the ugliness is in your head.
Basil Meggleson - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 15:00:28 EST ID:2I3LHtGv No.528657 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You should try to stop caring what you look like or what other's think about your appearance or your interests, beliefs, and opinions. Why bother? Most people aren't going to like you by default. Until you show them some respect or kindness, they're not going to really give a fuck about you, your life, or your problems. I mean, do you?

If you answered yes to that question, maybe consider not being such a shallow fuck that's so judgmental or concerned with others. Often our anxieties about what others think about or how they'll react to us exist because we're guilty of doing exactly that ourselves. The people worried about things like that are worried precisely because they're guilty of thinking or behaving that way themselves.

If you aren't a judgmental shallow fuck, then why are you worried about how you look so much? The only people judging you like that are judgmental shallow fucks themselves, which pretty much negates all the value their opinions about anything, especially concerning their opinions and judgments about you, could possibly have. Why would you care if a piece of shit thinks and acts like a piece of shit? It's just in their nature to be that way, and it means they're not worth worrying about, period.
Cornelius Goodwell - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 16:14:35 EST ID:5+Jc91Dl No.528662 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Shades of gray. I don't judge people solely on their looks, but I noticed that there are people who look very unapproachable, ugly and have this aura of brokennes to them and I think I have become one of them.
And of course looks make a huge difference in how you can present yourself.

Some solid advice in there, thanks.
Nicholas Brookshit - Wed, 09 Jan 2019 19:12:02 EST ID:vthZxwjg No.528677 Ignore Report Quick Reply
lol, im balding fast at 22, wake up everyday with hair on my pillow. cant wait for the endless bald jokes for the rest of my life. it could always be worse, being a balding woman or becoming disabled, count your blessings.

SLAYER in this thread, i'd just add that it makes you look more mature. it actually looks good if you can keep it short and fully shave the sparse areas.

being self conscious 247 sucks. your obsessive mirror checking is burning you out emotionally. that obsession will spiral into crippling social anxiety, so keep it in check by achieving meaningful goals in your life. complete that project, hit a new max for a lift, organize your room, go for that extra mile hike, and have good interactions with new genuine people to get your confidence back. break that cycle.

why the fuck are you taking drugs for something as trivial as hair loss man. it's too much of a health risk, you're probably feeling numerous intangible undocumented side effects right now. if you were dying and badly needed drugs, take em -- otherwise, no.

>Get some tattoos to offset the old man vibes.
bad idea
Nigel Nickleshaw - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 04:36:04 EST ID:LUMBEv8P No.528684 Ignore Report Quick Reply
grow a beard
Lillian Duckgold - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 05:24:25 EST ID:F6BBbLXR No.528687 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1547115865112.gif -(1600110B / 1.53MB, 498x210) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Shitting Wanningwell - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 09:19:28 EST ID:q3oxJ8fG No.528692 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hmm. Sucks you feel that way about yourself.

What I'd have to ask next is why you care if people see you as having the aura of brokenness, ugly, or not very approachable? What benefit has this decision to continue caring about that kind of thing been to you? What do you lose by not caring anymore?

There are over 7 billion people alive on this Earth, and 99.9% aren't aware of you and even if they were they wouldn't give a fuck about you or any of your life issues, your accomplishments, your opinions/beliefs, or your failures. They don't care about yur family or any of their lives either. Why on earth would you value their opinion if they are negative and about such a pathetically shallow issue? What kind of person would they have to be to see you that way? Why would that kind of person be anybody you would want to associate with, or seriously consider the opinions of?

What does it even matter if you ARE broken, ugly, and unapproachable? People are what they are. Unless what they are is evil or shitty, then it's pretty honestly ridiculous to treat somebody as lesser for both what they can't help as being beneath or any worse than anybody else, or in particular, one's self. People that can't help but see others that way aren't doing you any good for caring about their opinions on this matter, and is in fact doing bad.

I'm a fairly ugly dude myself who happens to be fairly broken, although I'm pretty approachable though. I don't just not care about if others see me that way, but I don't even think to address the fact that they see me that way. I assume most people are capable of seeing reality, and therefore assume anybody I talk to is also of the opinion that I'm ugly, and if they got to know me more personally, "broken". Sometimes rarely I'm surprised and a random girl finds me to be a solid 8/10, but most others probably see me as a 3, or maybe, optimistically, a 4. I've got chronic symptoms from 2 concussions that pretty much all but have me be emotionless beyond anger or irritation and heavily depersonalized. I'm not capable of experiencing the feeling of grief anymore. As a result, it's extremely easy for me to come off as being nearly sociopathically cold. I'm also a drug addict. So most people would call that being broken.

I can't help my looks and I can't help my past. They are factors beyond my control, so I don't care about and simply accept the opinions people have about these characteristics of mine. They're allowed to see me as being ugly or broken, it's not against the rules or a bad thing that they do. As that point, they also have become a factor beyond your control that you shuold just accept the existence of. You're powerless to their formation of any opinions about you, so their opinions ought to be considered in a light as though they are actually having an opinion on somebody other than yourself and viewing the statements as a disinterested third party.
Nathaniel Turveybury - Sat, 12 Jan 2019 16:06:06 EST ID:THNi/hHd No.528736 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i worked with a guy like this, if anyone in the office said the word bald he used to blush. he was really smart and funny and laughed easily and he was nice and read good books and i had a massive crush on him and he had nothing to be insecure about

Or like famous bisexual christopher hitchens said once "I was so ugly at this point that only women would sleep with me anymore"* seriously, women want someone who can make them laugh and talk to them about their interests, we do.not.give.a.shit.about.hair. And I bet you look better than Hitch anyway

*can't remember exact words

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