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Suddently i feel need of being a girl by Cyril Clonkinbark - Fri, 18 Nov 2016 01:37:52 EST ID:LkrV5Q5H No.98778 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1479451072048.jpg -(74984B / 73.23KB, 1069x673) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 74984
Im 25, today i noticed i woke up with a morning erection (i dont usually experiment this) and been feeling excited all the day, but been thinking in being a girl, or maybe a trans, i feel a need of being with another boy but being treated as i was a girl, having girl sex role...
This happens me like every 4 months and last like 1-2 weeks, suddenly i start feeling like a need of a dick inside me, i tried touching me and using some objects but it doesn't satisfy me completely, sometimes i think i must have sex with another boy to feel satisfied...
Why this can be happening to me? what should i do?
39 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cedric Gumblewill - Sat, 21 Jan 2017 15:17:00 EST ID:lNatqWJD No.99152 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I dont like gay porn also dont see sissyfication tumblrs, i must say all these sissy training things sound stupid for me...
I see straight porn and i feel the need of being the girl
Simon Nizzlemed - Sun, 22 Jan 2017 07:32:43 EST ID:szw3VqiS No.99155 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The gifs with text are usually pretty low quality, but c'mon, the writing in this one is just terrible!
Cornelius Fagglewell - Sat, 28 Jan 2017 02:12:59 EST ID:Hedamlvs No.99167 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485587579364.jpg -(175474B / 171.36KB, 1112x791) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i agree, most of these are bad, it took me like half hour to find one acceptable
Fucking Branningpudge - Tue, 11 Jul 2017 20:22:35 EST ID:7JexBJEd No.99816 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I´ve feeling like this these last days, also i noticed im feeling with bad mood, not sure if that could be caused by an hormonal unbalance
Hugh Sandlehall - Wed, 12 Jul 2017 12:06:27 EST ID:OUfYhufU No.99817 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Usually the sissy thumbs show women getting buttfucked. I like the clips but the words really put me off.

You suck dicks because pussy don't like you by Flaming Bisexual - Mon, 29 May 2017 17:23:10 EST ID:6gvXPTMc No.99702 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1496092990354.jpg -(81446B / 79.54KB, 600x899) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 81446
Some of you are gay. Some of you are bi. Some of you were born that way. Some of you ended up that way because you failed when you tried.

Have any of you poofters fucked a 'queer' or 'bisexual' who was only one because the media deems them ugly? I'm not against gay culture, but I am against heteros using it as an escape haven to feel secure in because the other sex won't fuck them. It's not the type of hatred where I feel like heteros are trying to invade and take over. It's the type of hatred for people acting like something they're not and the types of varying damage it brings.

Anyways. Discuss the morality for all I care. Curious to see other povs on this.
8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cedric Funningkark - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 01:13:12 EST ID:BMvMbQ9g No.99767 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498194792574.gif -(1519654B / 1.45MB, 500x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

forgot to add, take Chris-Chan (Christian Weston Chandler) for example. Remember how much implied or overt expressions of sexual frustration the guy would display? There was little room to interpret any gender dysphoria or homosexuality, everything displayed was pure frustrated-retard heterosexuality. Then ChrisChan decides he is going to transition MtF and does so. This however does not change his sexual preferences she/they now identify as a mtf lesbian.

This isn't to say that all individuals who transition MtF and are attracted to females are experiencing this short circuiting of reproductive psychology, but I would argue that this is an example of such an occurrence.
Clara Buzzlock - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 04:15:30 EST ID:OUfYhufU No.99770 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I like that you are looking at this scientifically. I personally see tranny ops as genital mutilation akin to body integrity identity disorder. Personally I find self mutilation to be a symptom of mental health issues and I dont see a reason to treat trannys as a special case.

I dont have a problem with people wanting to turn their penis inside out, but a if it looks like a fish and smells like a fish such and such.
Emma Bonderfare - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 09:21:56 EST ID:xxvf5oGg No.99794 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Rebecca Clembleridge - Wed, 05 Jul 2017 01:18:41 EST ID:doBPjXGK No.99801 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Everyone has their thing, money and film change it for reasons.
Priscilla Dozzlesere - Tue, 11 Jul 2017 00:20:26 EST ID:wWBBcGWZ No.99810 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1499746826189.jpg -(176970B / 172.82KB, 1024x1157) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>... comes from their failure to be successful with females...
I dont agree with this, when i was a kid (+/-5-6) i was forced to see a friend as "the boy" while they treated me like a girl, by the way he was strong, brave, "manly", while i was the opposite, even one day they made me kiss him...
When i was 12-13 i saw him and i felt a need of being a girl for him, it was like my body wanted him inside me, sadly i never could tell him to fuck me...
I remember watching porn (straight) and felt identified with the girl instead the boy, even knowing i was a boy, i wanted to dress like a girl and be fucked like one...

>Basically I've started wondering if the the brain/subconscious, internalizing its inability to reproduce with a female, starts to see becoming a female as a warped way of achieving the same goal.
I had lots of fantasies with girls too, but curiously with the time (and lots of fails with girls) in my fantasies i turned into the girl, by example one of my first fantasies i had was with a girl of my classroom i loved to imagine fucking her in a couch, grabbing one leg and one breast with my hands while kissing her, but some years later i started feeling a need of being fucked like that (girl)

What i want to say is i think unsuccesful life with girls can increase the feeling of becoming a female, but i dont think that can be the cause

help by Isabella Dummlenodge - Tue, 04 Jul 2017 09:12:15 EST ID:YIgkNT6+ No.99799 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1499173935376.jpg -(55793B / 54.49KB, 714x543) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 55793
Can anyone explain to me why I am into rape porn? It gets me off like nothing else, but I get really sad after I cum, it's terrible. I never asked for this ;-;
Archie Pogglehood - Tue, 04 Jul 2017 18:55:24 EST ID:OUfYhufU No.99800 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Hard to find now, but check out nasty rachel, rachel bruno.

Great girl, supposedly 'raped' on multiple occasions; just looked like an abusive relationship to me. But very hot stuff if you're into that.
Eugene Braddledet - Sun, 09 Jul 2017 07:35:18 EST ID:cov8ojeP No.99806 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Maybe you like the domination and powerlessness factor? Look into BSDM or something of that type of niche perhaps?
Wesley Drengerlurk - Sun, 09 Jul 2017 18:50:32 EST ID:PV4CcNDn No.99807 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I like rape porn too. Sometimes I imagine myself in the attacker's role, other times in the victim's, depending on my mood.

Trans-Surgery (Female to male) by Cornelius Simmleson - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 18:04:03 EST ID:Yk4J+yvM No.99769 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1498341843645.jpg -(46203B / 45.12KB, 634x536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 46203
So, if you get your balls and dick removed (but your prostate intact),
how painfull are the weeks / months before healing completely?

How long does peeig hurt?

Do they leave the prostate connected to your new "clitoris"?
And if so, is it possible to cum with fluid?

Or do they throw the tip of your dick away, so you'll have absolutely no area to stimulate an orgasm?

What about "getting wet" ? Is a lubricant now allways required for the vagina?
Or do they attach some kind of artificial muccus-membrane (how do you keep that lubricated?) ?

Do you have some kind of morning-wood, when your dick got converted to a vagina?
Fanny Ninningnag - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 09:54:34 EST ID:AVkF5SOG No.99772 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm no expert, but from what I understand is that people will always have a way to stimulate orgasm. For example, if you break your spine and no longer have sensation in your genitals, you developed a new exogenous zone just above your break point.

If you break your neck you can be brought to orgasm by having a point along your neck stimulated.
Fanny Ninningnag - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 09:56:53 EST ID:AVkF5SOG No.99773 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Sorry I meant erogenous zone

No bump
Phyllis Gurryfut - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 02:04:47 EST ID:oLyLmrGw No.99792 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Am postop. My experience:

Peeing didn't hurt, but there's plenty of pain early on more generally. They worry more about shitting just after surgery, just because they worry you'll have a hard poop and break a suture from pushing. I was full of painkiller though, early after is hazy.

They reuse as much enervated tissue as possible, they just move it around and turn shit inside out. They don't throw sensitive bits out.

They left my prostate, I cum with a bit of fluid, but not like when I had balls. It's like I just get wetter.

I need lubricant. I had surgery many years ago, maybe they use baboon parts now. At the time, there was some experimental shit where they could move some other tissue in there that always lubricated, but that was its own shitshow.

Shit swells with blood when aroused a bit, there's not really morning wood as such, but sometimes that's happening when I wake up.

Some people report phantom-penises (like phantom-limb), sadly that never happened for me. It'd be hilarious to stick a ghost in something.

Why do I feel bad after sex? by Hannah Pickstock - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 02:26:15 EST ID:2e4tk6iO No.99742 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1496989575221.jpg -(1531236B / 1.46MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1531236
I had sex with a woman, now I feel bad for some reason. What the fuck is up with that?
1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Beatrice Nickleford - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 06:37:12 EST ID:jhvfOtES No.99745 Ignore Report Quick Reply
was she crying and whimpering like they always do in asian porn? that shit would turn me right off and make me feel bad personally
Hannah Pickstock - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 07:52:33 EST ID:2e4tk6iO No.99746 Ignore Report Quick Reply
LOL no
Matilda Pagglefet - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 13:30:32 EST ID:z+LAQEuP No.99747 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Because that you have bad sex. when you have good sex you feel better. Am I right?
Jenny Dupperstidge - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 18:17:54 EST ID:oFzgNchi No.99784 Ignore Report Quick Reply
why would you feel bad?
Jack Mellerstock - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 19:42:39 EST ID:ZaxVHD/v No.99789 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'd say you didn't have a genuine connection with her. It was all just built up juices and sexual tension and then when it's gone you feel empty because there's nothing real and tangible left. If it's someone you love and enjoy spending time with other than sex, it doesn't feel that way. Some men don't care and don't have a problem with being empty because they always are, and they've never had the real thing.

I like women but I feel it difficult to approach attractive women by Advice - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 13:09:24 EST ID:wjSnJdn8 No.99736 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1496941764838.jpg -(17777B / 17.36KB, 347x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 17777
First of all I am a college going teen, and from my school days I've had very less exposure to the other sex, so I don't know what to talk with the girls or how to approach attractive women when I see them, even when they pass by me I just act like I don't see them automatically, I just turn my head or look away for just simply walk away from them, it has become like a reflex action, I dont know what to do... There is something wrong with me. What should I do? Please help this problem has become like inferiority complex which KS pushing me down hard even when I try to stand up, it makes me feel isolated and jealous of others... I feel so bad about my self... Please help.
(p. S fuckin clickbait)
Betsy Pittwater - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 02:37:34 EST ID:lBQZzj1F No.99743 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Nothing is wrong with you. Look up RSD on youtube. It might help. Main thing is to FUCKING LAUGH AT YOURSELF FOR BEING SO RIDICULOUS (it worked for me) and then to also stop making it about you. Make it about adding value to these bitches lives. Not about how you feel.
Lydia Hunkinfuck - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 06:28:31 EST ID:Vm7TGN8R No.99752 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You gotta remember women are just human beings like me and you, like your mother and sister (if applicable). Don't put women or attractive women onto this pedestal, as this object that requires a specific way of approaching or interacting with. Just be yourself. If you happen to be a kind of quite guy, that's ok, I can be too, yet I live a pretty good sex life with attractive women. It's all about being comfortable and confident with yourself.

Why do you feel bad about yourself? Identify this and try to rationalize and confront it. Becoming more socially competent is a process that spans out over a long time. I was a weird teen who had difficulty talking to people (guys and girls), and was often really quiet. But after a while I kind of just said fuck it and stopped caring about what people thought of me and just did and acted in whatever way I wanted to. When you stop caring about what people think of you, you can be more comfortable being yourself and don't need feel the need to put some charade or presentation of yourself. Drinking and taking lots of drugs helped me too, I met a lot of people that way, and it definitely helped me conversation skills...
Cedric Cracklekork - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 17:13:05 EST ID:vcXjNBNw No.99763 Ignore Report Quick Reply

woman is decoration around pussy
Molly Fuckingfuck - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 10:26:51 EST ID:F8QGgPpV No.99788 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you just gotta get black guy swag

gay niggas by Fanny Blatherforth - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 03:47:51 EST ID:o9J4g1lu No.99785 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1498636071358.gif -(1631870B / 1.56MB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1631870
for all LGBT niggas !! erotic roleplay encouraged

discord gg/txBTjzt

physically-impaired-porn? by General Zord - Sat, 27 May 2017 03:41:13 EST ID:gBlL8812 No.99696 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1495870873668.jpg -(138909B / 135.65KB, 640x853) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 138909
I am more than curious about disability-porn.

Can't take my mind of it.
Not found any, though but I am fantasizing about this every day!

Not affected by any disability myself, but I am horny af when imagining some things!

Is it really rare?
Could there be any explaination for this?
John Claygold - Sat, 27 May 2017 08:06:25 EST ID:rV+Y96/e No.99697 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1495886785999.jpg -(18519B / 18.08KB, 485x303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There's at least amputee porn in pornhub, if that counts. Haven't found any full quad amputees where the chick is just a torso but there are some with no legs, missing one leg, missing legs below knee and both hands and stuff like that.

Great faps.
Phoebe Pockforth - Mon, 29 May 2017 12:11:34 EST ID://y3luFY No.99699 Ignore Report Quick Reply
There's a charity called hand angels who give out wanks to the disabled
Olmtar Refidr - Tue, 30 May 2017 07:49:15 EST ID:ZCFkCU+F No.99706 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496144955040.gif -(1931906B / 1.84MB, 500x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I want video-proof.

For research-reasons.
Bender Offender - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 08:20:40 EST ID:YaM59C5Z No.99778 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1498479640388.jpg -(118354B / 115.58KB, 666x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anyone knows boards or forums with videos or more pics?

Do girl like their asses smelt? by Archie Tootville - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 01:06:23 EST ID:Omz8XrMS No.99760 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1497503183961.jpg -(529401B / 516.99KB, 900x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 529401
I have this fetish since teenager, i see some girls and i wish i coul smell their asses, imagining a facesit turn me on a lot... but does that turn on girls also?
Betsy Bovingville - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 16:11:59 EST ID:Tg2Mtxgc No.99764 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1497989519311.gif -(2060775B / 1.97MB, 400x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This is a big fetish for me also, if you can help the girl feel confident about her ass it can be a turn on for them too if you are sweet with them, letting them know you appreciate and admire their entire body. Start off by just complementing their butt, see if they will shake it for you or twerk. If you like eating pussy girls love that. If they like that ask if they are comfortable with sitting on your face, while you lick them. Tell them the pussy tastes and smell good that everything about them is nice and sweet. They may ask if you want to smell their ass too. Just communicate with your partner(s). If they are understanding express to them why you want to smell their ass.
Augustus Bucklesetch - Sat, 24 Jun 2017 15:38:28 EST ID:RQ1yKxt/ No.99768 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Guy who loves sniffing girl's asses here. Definitely what
>>99764 said, start off slow. Don't just pitch sniffing a girl's ass right off the bat, it's a hard sell especially if they aren't very kinky. Face sitting is ultimately pretty degrading for whoever is getting sat on and a lot of women don't typically take the dominant role very often in my experience. I wouldn't even say, "Hey can I sniff your butthole?", just get them comfortable enough with you to sit on your face and then sniff away.

hanginnnnnnnnn by Betsy Fammleson - Fri, 19 May 2017 00:40:00 EST ID:Ibbb5WMa No.99678 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1495168800747.jpg -(61126B / 59.69KB, 533x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 61126
anyone else hang weights off their dick

i used to do it for insecurity reasons, wanting a bigger penis, now I do it as a fetish thing.

Pic related guy with the biggest dick in the world hung weights off his.

I don't want that size though fuck no too big
Phoebe Pockforth - Mon, 29 May 2017 12:17:49 EST ID://y3luFY No.99700 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Looks painful and damaging
Fanny Smallworth - Tue, 30 May 2017 08:49:32 EST ID:SKT+/C0Z No.99707 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>biggest dick
>no joy in eyes
Jack Worthingdale - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 22:42:29 EST ID:B4Cgz8Jj No.99740 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1496976149223.jpg -(101665B / 99.28KB, 477x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
this shit cracks me up so bad. most women who've ended up chatting with about this have said they really don't want a huge dick since its super intense to get inside or just plain painful. yet there are dudes out there stretching their dicks with weights. there def are size queens out there, but I think they are rarer than one might assume.
James Gurrysit - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 22:59:45 EST ID:hXGXnLjt No.99741 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This is not true, those are bandages and not weights. 90% of his dick is foreskin. It's technically penile tissue so he wins the biggest penis contest, but he can't get hard and can't have sex. There is a good bit of info out there about him.
Martha Bricklestuck - Fri, 16 Jun 2017 19:42:15 EST ID:HmkqDsTu No.99762 Ignore Report Quick Reply

OP here. My Catholic parents stole my foreskin. That is interesting though.

I'm part of a community of dickweight hangers and we keep logs of gains. Some of us practice foreskin restoration but I personally don't care about that at the moment.


Yea maybe I am kind of fucked up and want to hurt women with my dick. A mild form of sexual sadism. Luckily there are plenty of women out there who are sexual masochists who want to get a hurtin big dick. Consent is key.

Or not so luckily as I'm not really at my xboxhueg goals yet. I want to find that sweet spot in between dropping my drawers and a girl laughing vs saying nope that is not going in me. I mean I'm already there and it depends on the woman but hhhhhhhhhhh u kno


I have actually turned on to the pain of hanging as a kink. I have a fantasy of a dominatrix tying me up and hanging weights off my dick for longer than I can normally stand it on my own
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Am I above average? by Emma Gattingwell - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 16:21:21 EST ID:U93qRzO1 No.99729 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1496866881912.jpg -(169362B / 165.39KB, 761x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 169362
I can probably masturbate like 5x a day, dry.

I can have sex with my girlfriend more than her vagina can take.

Whenever I cum, I stay hard for a solid (hehe) hour. both with masturbation and sex.

Whenever I fuck, I either last 30 minutes, or 30 seconds. If I last 30 seconds, I can usually keep going and cum again in 30 minutes.

Am I just good at fucking or what?

for the med fags, I do have a test level of 750ng/ml
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eliza Worthinggold - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 22:22:54 EST ID:oT8eUILc No.99754 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I can masturbate a single time, dry, and last longer than it takes for you to fuck your girlfriend, masturbate 5x, then fuck your girlfriend seven more times, then masturbate 5x again, then post this thread.

Also, my dick is sore.
Shit Binkinwedge - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 03:04:38 EST ID:UGUXoW8U No.99755 Ignore Report Quick Reply
dude pre sure anyone can jerk off dry for as long as they want lol wut
Ebenezer Fanbanks - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 13:23:15 EST ID:Ig6LryHD No.99756 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I have an average or slightly below-average dick when erect, when flaccid it's downright tiny. Also, I have low libido, I used to masturbate once in 2 or 3 weeks before I got a girlfriend.

Despite that, yesterday I got called a beast in bed.

I'm not even very aggressive, but I am extremely patient and care to give her pleasure. I can finger or eat her out for an hour or more, and I take every chance I get to develop my technique. Low libido also helps not to cum quickly, and I've been building up my stamina so I can pound her hard and fast for as long as possible.

We can usually get each other off, even multiple times a session. Not bad for an ex-38-year-old-virgin, eh?
Wesley Gishfuck - Fri, 16 Jun 2017 00:14:46 EST ID:hXGXnLjt No.99761 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I am usually some shade of depressed, I am not on meds. They all make me feel worse. Serotonergics turns me into a bitchy lump, dopaminergics turn me into a twitchy anxious mess. Honestly I get better antidepressant effects vaping about 10mg of DMT once a day than I ever have from a prescription medicine.

I eat well, sleep a ton and exercise as much as my body lets me (I tucker out easily and stay sore for a long time. Just another piece of the mystery). I sometimes wonder if I have underlying thyroid issues (my bloodwork says no) or CFS.
Ernest Manningdock - Sat, 15 Jul 2017 07:06:43 EST ID:oT8eUILc No.99826 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1500116803375.png -(27531B / 26.89KB, 269x268) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Virgin scared to have sex when the opportunity arrives by Sophie Bricklested - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 00:03:57 EST ID:S+AqeTnV No.99733 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1496894637184.png -(400600B / 391.21KB, 805x642) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 400600
I feel like maybe this is a good place to talk about this. Essentially I am a 27 year old virgin guy and have over the course of the last month, met a girl on a dating site and things have been going well.

Too well in fact you could almost say. Now, even though I'm as old as I am I have pretty much zero experience in dating women and only very recently reached a level of comfort in myself where such a thing is even possible. Our second time meeting in person I slept at her place and we did some lewd thing and she was acting like she wanted to have sex.

Third time we meet I stay over there again, same kinda thing progresses only this time she straight up is telling me she wants to have sex, no just hinting or anything about it. I nervously respond that I like to really get to know someone before I have sex with them. She asked how long and I said until I know them really well. Maybe such behavior gave away that I was a virgin on its own but I did not tell her I was. I am nervous to do so as I feel it's a little embarrassing at my age. I am getting ok with myself that I am quiet to other people about it because it feels like such a mark of my social ineptness.

I guess where I'm going with this is after thinking for way too long, I realize the actual act of sex itself scares me. The chance of getting an STD or a pregnancy happening being two of the main factors. I'm still not sure if I even really want to date this girl either and I feel so indecisive about my feelings for her but that's more a story for qq I suppose. Maybe even this story is.

I know this is a fear most people would have gotten over as teenagers if they even had I'm just now getting to a place where having sex is even something that is really possible. I have also kinda wondered about how soon is it expected if I really do want to follow thru in dating this girl.

Is there any other people who may have felt this way or do feel this way that have any advice? Is it just because I'm not with the right girl possibly?
Alice Mengerpock - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 19:27:36 EST ID:UgaZyXgx No.99738 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i would just say something along the lines of "fyi i haven't done this since i was in my teens and i'm nervous as hell, but let's go." with any luck she'll take the lead a bit, after all you both want to have fun here.

  1. foreplay. important.
  2. awkward happens. don't get hung up on it.
  3. use a condom.
  4. communicate.

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