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So...... by Basil Boshnone - Fri, 04 Nov 2016 20:41:26 EST ID:pfnHOp1Y No.83422 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1478306486836.jpg -(127194B / 124.21KB, 600x801) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 127194
When did /retard/ become /tinfoil/?

A bald Eagle cried on that day.

And Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the Gipper himself died again... in heaven.
David Sattinglock - Fri, 04 Nov 2016 20:48:42 EST ID:5k3TKAbO No.83425 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Everything is /pureshit/ everywhere
Lillian Sirryhit - Sun, 13 Nov 2016 22:47:43 EST ID:WAa5IVwi No.83496 Ignore Report Quick Reply
let the shit flow, I mean spice.... errrr well spice is shit... worm shit, OH my GAWD it all makes so much sense now when that guy I was fighting with over the fax machine at work told me to "eat shit and die" he was really saying "live long and prosper" and my neighbors last name is Long.... so I don't think I can be any clearer.
Basil Pockman - Thu, 17 Nov 2016 13:51:52 EST ID:ssAqzCX3 No.83556 Ignore Report Quick Reply
A reyard cried that day
The Boat - Thu, 17 Nov 2016 13:52:30 EST ID:ssAqzCX3 No.83557 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm The Boat!!!
Fucking Fimmlefield - Wed, 06 Sep 2017 22:08:55 EST ID:LfbAiRTi No.86202 Ignore Report Quick Reply
/tinfoil/ has been /retard/ed for evar
DAYMAN !!6N4WUaSg - Tue, 12 Sep 2017 14:59:26 EST ID:FfoOeyf3 No.86254 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You took a minor conflict over office equipment and exploded it into physical violence

And for that we thank you

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