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Alex Jones is a shill by Fuck Cannerwell - Wed, 18 Jan 2017 23:42:37 EST ID:QVAKfneW No.84274 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1484800957078.jpg -(16754B / 16.36KB, 336x188) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 16754

So Alex Jones is basically a sellout who still hasn't admitted that Trump's Goldman Sachs candidates are suspicious.
Betsy Hemmlestock - Thu, 19 Jan 2017 00:46:18 EST ID:Kfm7mgYP No.84277 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Care to elaborate further on your donald trump goldman sachs ideas OP?
Shit Cengercocke - Thu, 19 Jan 2017 04:43:47 EST ID:k3u81Noj No.84278 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Alex jones has been suspicious for a long time. If you go looking for it the guys tied to a few cia people. I get the feeling that alex jones might just be the puppet/mouth piece for the people around him. I get the feeling that he genuinely belives the things that he talks about. But I feel like the information is getting fed to him.

It's the perfect con really. If you can cajole someone into willingly spouting off everything you want them to, its way better than any crisis actor. I mean, what else would make sense? The guy only seems to follow certain stories/ideas.
Polly Brongerham - Fri, 20 Jan 2017 23:27:10 EST ID:QDPZjUx9 No.84288 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Jones never mention the elephant in the room
He rater rant about demons jesuits and the pope running the show anything else but the elephant.

If a caller mention the elephant - OUPS going to commercial thank you very much caller x.
Angus Gezzlehood - Sun, 22 Jan 2017 05:44:26 EST ID:BI7tgHPs No.84292 Report Quick Reply

"buy my water filters cause theyre spraying cancer chemtrails" alex was much more entertaining than the current iteration. 9/11 inside job alex was pretty good too. dude's a fuckin hack who yells into a microphone. always has been.
Shitting Blackwill - Sun, 22 Jan 2017 05:56:30 EST ID:Kfm7mgYP No.84293 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I was watching waking life yesterday, I miss THAT alex jones, that movie is the whole reason i began looking at alex jones.



Ahh well, he needs to do what he needs to do to survive. Have you seen him with joe rogan? thats a pretty cool alex. I think hes kind of gone fox news.


Ahh well, the illuminati gets everyone in the end dont they. either by the gun or by the dollar.
The Boat - Mon, 23 Jan 2017 14:03:48 EST ID:sW72PFys No.84308 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1485198228809.jpg -(43544B / 42.52KB, 460x276) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This post looks like a /pol/ post

Boo! Boo!
Frederick Hillerfotch - Tue, 24 Jan 2017 03:35:48 EST ID:Kfm7mgYP No.84315 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Pfft, well when i was in high school all the other kids used to make fun of because of my buoyancy which later qualified me to be a /pol/ dancer.

xD get it? because /pol/ sounds like pole?
Martha Pockbanks - Tue, 24 Jan 2017 14:11:36 EST ID:2t4PEv3h No.84322 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Nathaniel Chorringman - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 04:15:17 EST ID:s48H+9aL No.84334 Ignore Report Quick Reply
No /pol/ sounds like Paul.
Cedric Fannerwill - Sun, 05 Feb 2017 11:30:03 EST ID:COlkmSDs No.84393 Ignore Report Quick Reply

You need some GS insiders to defeat GS. People who have the knowledge of how corrupt the US govt is. Trump is already targeting the Federal Reserve and killed TPP. Certainly less globalist Illuminati than Hillary Clinton. I think Alex is hopeful and willing to give Trump a chance. Did you watch the interview Trump did with Alex?
Charles Nollychon - Sun, 05 Feb 2017 19:58:27 EST ID:Kfm7mgYP No.84403 Ignore Report Quick Reply

no it doesnt, it sounds like pole.
Ernest Blettingchirk - Mon, 06 Feb 2017 10:43:50 EST ID:B0UwK5Ey No.84413 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Okay well you can discuss poleitics. I will discuss paulitics.
Fanny Wublingson - Thu, 09 Feb 2017 20:12:37 EST ID:FdU3uDIo No.84448 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>You need some GS insiders to defeat GS. People who have the knowledge of how corrupt the US govt is.
Lol that was basically Hillary's whole sales pitch.

I thought the whole point of Trump was supposed to be to kick the corporate Wall Street elites out? Now apparently the plan is to let them guard the henhouse?
Archie Gombledale - Fri, 10 Feb 2017 07:42:43 EST ID:bnj+QdQO No.84451 Report Quick Reply

This. Trump's whole "drain the swamp" line has been proven to be a lie told to gullible, useful idiots. You're all getting played for suckers and you're all too eager to just eat that bullshit up by the shovelful.

Let's drain the swamp by putting billionaires in charge of regulating the industries they profit from, WHAT COULD GO WRONG. Except that was the plan the entire time. All the people he's appointed have ties to Russia as well, Trump is handing America over to the Kremlin. How does it feel to have been played?
The Boat - Fri, 10 Feb 2017 16:55:58 EST ID:AC6dXX1t No.84452 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Go to /pol/ with your bad vibes one way or another, this board is only about FACTS and conthiracy speorys ;)
The Boat - Fri, 10 Feb 2017 16:56:47 EST ID:AC6dXX1t No.84453 Ignore Report Quick Reply
With Vessy Jentura! Think again!
Emma Bozzlestore - Fri, 10 Feb 2017 19:19:30 EST ID:tXTfJaLg No.84454 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>this board is only about FACTS

Alternative Facts? Either way your post made lol.
Nigel Hankinstone - Sat, 11 Feb 2017 01:34:06 EST ID:Kfm7mgYP No.84455 Ignore Report Quick Reply

you're an alternative fact!! dont talk to the boat like that! the boat is a /tinfoil/ treasure!!

but no, yeah, it was a pretty good post, i enjoyed conthiracy quite a lot, because it sounds like a lithp.
Priscilla Claywill - Tue, 14 Feb 2017 06:59:40 EST ID:1mxvkh25 No.84461 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1487073580042.gif -(2896122B / 2.76MB, 399x429) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
you guys forgot, didnt you?
Hedda Dondernut - Tue, 14 Feb 2017 07:43:50 EST ID:Kfm7mgYP No.84462 Ignore Report Quick Reply

wait, how can bill hicks be sam kinnison and alex jones at the same toime?!
Fanny Briffinggold - Tue, 14 Feb 2017 10:53:18 EST ID:/Ak1hYBD No.84463 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1487087598943.jpg -(6742B / 6.58KB, 198x201) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dont bother trying again. See me after class.
Simon Pemmerstid - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 20:22:12 EST ID:PrzCgJbu No.84464 Ignore Report Quick Reply
love him or hate him he's been right on several occasions. i looks at his support for trump and having high hopes. sad thing is the president is the closest thing we've had to a libertarian in a long time. (and i say that lightly)
The Boat - Thu, 16 Feb 2017 20:53:48 EST ID:X9noGdhK No.84465 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1487296428955.jpg -(43074B / 42.06KB, 620x332) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Kind of like how I was right when I totally called that the goddamn coast guard would accidentally throw rotten food at me instead of those conch shell republic fuckernuggets...
Ebenezer Blandershit - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 05:33:48 EST ID:Kfm7mgYP No.84466 Ignore Report Quick Reply

yeah very true! i was watching a thing on the youtube today and some expert guy was like "Trump isnt acting like a president at ALL, he is yelling at the media he is being unprofessional and he fired one of his key staffers! he didnt need to fire flynn, he couldve just said "he will do better next time" but instead he fired him, its almost like donald trump is just a regular person who has been elected president based on his actions" and what shocked me is he inferred via his tone, that, that is a bad thing, i was like wtf is this guy smoking?????
Eliza Nunderspear - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 08:17:31 EST ID:M/HCSfF7 No.84467 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The fuck are you smoking?
Ebenezer Blandershit - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 08:58:17 EST ID:Kfm7mgYP No.84468 Ignore Report Quick Reply

:( whats that supposed to mean?
James Picklock - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 11:54:28 EST ID:7ofEI2wX No.84469 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It's not fair to criticize someone's choice of incinerated material on a web page dedicated to narcotics...

For example say I place an advert in the local papers declaring my abode as a "Palace of Pleasure", in no way am I stating what pleasure will be received. Perhaps you are pleasured from planting a sapling in Mother Earth or the person in question finds completing puzzles very pleasurable, just because I'm in my underwear in no way guarantees my Palace was designed for illicit sexual activities, that's just my prerogative. You don't know me, you can't judge me. Just because my girlfriend happens to be a sex doll doesn't give restaurants the right to not sing her happy birthday, that's not how America works.
Archie Bellerforth - Fri, 17 Feb 2017 14:06:44 EST ID:y0xMZJ85 No.84473 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>The Boat thinks /tinfoil/ is for SLAYER

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