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dealing with vape residue by Sophie Smallcocke - Mon, 29 Jan 2018 03:25:38 EST ID:AJXQwxD4 No.3806 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1517214338792.jpg -(108689B / 106.14KB, 1052x1052) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 108689
since PG and VG are both effectively non-volatile, for every mL you vape, a mL of juice is deposited on your walls, ceiling, floor, windows, etc.

if it were water, it would evaporate, but PG and VG don't evaporate. what is a good solution to this problem? how do you prevent a fine layer of residue from accumulating on every surface around where you vape?

I am especially concerned about being near a computer, because the residue will attract dust easily, as well as water because PG and VG are hygroscopic.

An obvious solution is to vape outside, or through a window, but that's sometimes impractical. Could you construct some sort of device, some filter to absorb most of the vapor you breathe out?
Esther Clezzleline - Tue, 30 Jan 2018 04:36:46 EST ID:sXMMt45J No.3807 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Well. i largely gave up sub-ohm vaping and producing large clouds of vapour. I almost exclusively use mtl devices like kayfun clones. I go through about 2ml of juice per day....which means its cheaper than chasing clouds and that I fart more residue in a 24hr period than i vape
Hamilton Brallyshit - Sat, 24 Feb 2018 13:03:22 EST ID:jCT3p6oj No.3834 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1519495402499.jpg -(132863B / 129.75KB, 640x933) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This has become a serious problem for me. I used to notice the residue collecting on my walls, windows, etc. and I really didn't give a fuck. HOWEVER, over the last year I have realized this shit is collecting inside my PC.

It gets really bad. Its the exact same residue that is on my windows. Here's a picture of my case fans after not being cleaned for a month or two. So much collected on my case panels and dust shields that it was dripping down and pooling at the bottom of my case. This stuff isn't conductive itself but it attracts water so this is a huge concern for me. I'm not really sure what to do other than crack my window and keep air circulating (and regularly clean my rig) because I vape all day while I sit here doing homework and whatnot.

My friends who constantly vape around their PC's have had similar issues. Just something to be aware of, especially for anybody that doesn't have a clear side panel. Crack your case open once in a while and wipe it down if you see this shit inside.
Augustus Greenfuck - Sun, 25 Feb 2018 01:47:55 EST ID:I4mH91Ao No.3836 Ignore Report Quick Reply
i was thinking of making (or buying) some sort of filter device to blow through. simplest form would be tubing with a filter that you blow through but a cooler version would be using a fan on one side that would draw the vape through. I just can't think of what kind of filtration would be effective
Sidney Pinkinwater - Tue, 27 Feb 2018 01:51:26 EST ID:pXEXq4fa No.3839 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1519714286309.jpg -(78079B / 76.25KB, 530x651) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Holy shit I never considered this, just came back to this website for the first time in 5 years, and was about to leave when I checked this board.

I have 3 1070tis in an open air rack for mining.

God fucking bless you, Sophie Smallcocke. Absolutely going to stop vaping near my hardware.

You just saved me literal thousands of dollars down the line.
Sidney Pinkinwater - Tue, 27 Feb 2018 01:53:46 EST ID:pXEXq4fa No.3840 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1519714426309.png -(92094B / 89.94KB, 395x213) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
And you too, Hamilton Brallyshit.

Absolute legends you two
Eliza Sittingman - Tue, 06 Mar 2018 13:32:26 EST ID:GNLHQmhE No.3853 Ignore Report Quick Reply
for weed people use smoke buddies/sploofys, it's basically a tube with activated carbon inside, and the air you blow through it is scrubbed clean more or less.

you can make yourself one with activated carbon from a pet store and a toilet roll or pvc piping or something
Nigel Denkinshaw - Sat, 10 Mar 2018 04:40:33 EST ID:ZusEOh6V No.3857 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Just blow though a t-shirt anon
Works for me
Frederick Cruffingson - Thu, 15 Mar 2018 23:40:13 EST ID:3jTaq6ga No.3870 Ignore Report Quick Reply
get a dehumidifier and turn it on. it'll collect it and put it somewhere
Basil Smallwill - Sat, 05 May 2018 18:59:31 EST ID:9E01WrUk No.3957 Ignore Report Quick Reply
honestly get a fucking tshirt.

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